Obama Socialist Plans To ‘Make Government Cool Again’ Hits Slight Snag In Wake Of One Giant Pathetic Scandal After Another

Obama in 2008 telling us about the utopia he’s going to create for an America suddenly embracing the mantra “We Are All Socialists Now” to go along with “Yes we can!”

September 11, 2008
Obama plans to ‘make government cool again’
Ben Smith

Barack Obama addressed the wide distaste for government — and the fact that he and John McCain are running against Washington — at the forum on national service at Columbia University.

“Our campaign from the beginning has been about changing government,” he said, recalling some great accomplishments of American government: Civil rights legislation, the interstate highway system, and the National Park system.

Obama would, he said, “transform Washington” and “make government cool again.”

Obama also had some praise for small-town mayors — like, not so long ago, Sarah Palin — who, he said have “some of the toughest jobs in the country. We yak [in the Senate] but they…fill potholes and trim trees and make sure the garbage” is picked up.

Why was had there been such a “wide distaste for government”???  Because government taste like bovine fecal matter in giant quantities shoved down your throat.  And then you’re forced to pay for the meal at about a hundred times the price that the private sector would have charged for the dining privilege.  In a nutshell.

And, hey, Obama, boy have you ever changed government: you’ve made it bigger and more expensive and more “distasteful” than it has EVER BEEN IN THE HISTORY OF THE REPUBLIC.  You set out to “fundamentally transform America,” and you’ve done it.  Good job.  Pat yourself on the back.  Smoke a cigarette.  Your work destroying America is nearly done.

The GSA scandal gives us more than massive waste and fraud; it gives us pictures and videos of big government union workers putting on clown suits and flipping off the taxpayers.  The Secret Service proves that even the most trusted workers in government have totally broken down under the Obama Culture.  And we’re supposed to want to “make government cool again” so we can force the American people to pay for more of the same???

Under Obama, “In Nothing We Trust.”  Under Obama, we’re looking at a scandal of massive green boondoggles of which Solyndra is just the tiny tip of a giant iceberg.  Under Obama, we’re watching the GSA scandal openly mock the taxpayers more and more.  Under Obama, we’re looking at pure evil with the Fast and Furious scandal in which Obama put weapons in the hands of drug cartel murderers and let them murder American citizens with them.  Under Obama, we’ve had example after example of the breakdown of the US military over which Obama is commander-in-chief.  And there are more of them coming out every day now, aren’t there?  Under Obama, things are getting beyond wicked.

But Obama wants more and more and more and bigger and bigger and bigger government that will seize and confiscate more and more and more of the smaller and smaller minority of Americans who actually pay any federal income taxes and pay for this ungodly monster.  Federal workers being paid more than $150,000 a year have DOUBLED under Obama.  And there’s plenty more where that came from.

Obama has massively increased the size of government even as he has gutted military spending:

I just got through writing about just a tiny fraction of all the Obama scandals that are going on right now.  The man is a firehose of pure evil and America is now flooded.

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8 Responses to “Obama Socialist Plans To ‘Make Government Cool Again’ Hits Slight Snag In Wake Of One Giant Pathetic Scandal After Another”

  1. UNeverKnow Says:


  2. UNeverKnow Says:

    They think America is waking up. NO! That is code for America is becoming racist. That is a hard-core fact! They still believe America is a as racist and hateful as them. Maybe it is. I knew America wasn’t ready for a Black President and it shows!

    Obama is Pro-Rich, Pro-Biz presidents pretending to be a socialist.
    I don’t know who died and told you racists Red Sox fans speaks for All of America instead of random polls.
    Obama is not a traitor or a communist, No president is a traitor that hates America. Not only is that charge vulgar and offensive to American democracy, but it’s absurd since wanting America to fail is politically destructive. From every possible angle those claims don’t make sense, and only a true idiot would believe them. Clearly you have no idea what a dictatorship is, granted you should. You believe in right-wing fascism.

    Marxist radical? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Name one marxist policy Obama has even proposed let alone passed.

    You need to do some research on rule of law, appropriate justified punishment and Marxism.

    Bushney,s for years for the sake of keep giving tax cuts to the rich, and importance of education and equal opportunities of education for americans is becoming the main agenda, health care reforms of president Obama are actually working and the dang GOP can not repeal those any way, majority of americans know that GOP must deifnately NOT becoming able to destroy America this early at least, and the days of total power to selfishness represented by the dang GOP seems like being over for now!

    Also I’m not sure the majority of the nation is in favor of citizens applying the death penalty for burglary so I don’t know that I’m in the minority.
    Anyone who calls Obama a hypocrite is right on the money! He IS a politican, after all! But Great Divider? What have you a-holes done to unite this country. All you’ve united are racists, bigots, extremists, homophobicsetc. just because a black man became President!

  3. Free Market Capitalist Says:

    This UNeverKnow liberal has done what most Obama supporters do when they can’t speak facts, and that is to just pull out the race card, stating that anyone who is against Obama must be a racist. I am so sick and tired of this nonsense. The vast majority of conservatives don’t really care that Obama is black. The vast majority of conservatives despise Obama, not because of his skin color, but because of his dispicable policies, plain and simple. By the way, Obama is not really black but only partially black. Maybe he is a white african american, if you want to get technically politically correct?

    In reality, it is you ignorant liberal who is the racist.

    As far as Obamacare, you must be straight-jacket crazy if you think his policies are working. So far all he has managed to do is increase the cost of health care further. The worst is yet to come, if it is not repealed. Most of Obamacare won’t go into effect until after this election year. This was political strategy, as he did not want to hurt his election chances. Just wait and see what Obamacare is really about if he is re-elected and the mask comes off. Wake up!

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I don’t know who died and told you racists Red Sox fans speaks for All of America instead of random polls


    Um, dead people don’t tell me anything. Because they’re dead and dead people don’t talk to mentally stable people. How long have you been having conversations with dead people whose vocal cords have decomposed? And how many other complete departures from reality do you believe???

    Understanding that you have very little to do with reality due to your unfortunate mental state, I’ll just give you a mild scolding about the obvious crap you believe about Marxism.

    Marxism is a system by which a group of left wing big government thugs take over the state in the name of “the people” and then live like kings while “the people” live like slaves.

    Your idiotic point about Obama not being a Marxist because he is “pro-rich” is just a laugher. That couldn’t be much dumber.

    Take Chairman Mao:

    As part of his twisted version of Marxism-Leninism, Mao extolled the hard life and ordered the nation to embrace it. But there was nothing hard about his own life. He loved comfort. He disliked new shoes because he found old ones to be more comfortable; his bodyguards wore in new shoes for him. The patches on his robe were no ordinary ones; the robe had been flown to Shanghai and mended by the best craftsman, costing far more than a new garment. Far from indicating asceticism, these were the quirks of a hedonistic megalomanic. Mao had no taste for opulence, but he never stinted on anything he enjoyed. […]

    And while, according to the regime’s own statistics, the average daily caloric intake in China was little more than 1,500per day, Mao was a gourmet. His favorite foods were flown to Beijing from all over the country, including a special kind of fish from Wuhan, more than 600 miles from the capital, kept alive in a plastic bag filled with water and accompanied by a servant responsible for administering oxygen. For ordinary Chinese, fish was a rarity; at better times, the monthly ration of meat per person in privileged urban areas was about half a pound. Although Mao announced that he would “share weal and woe” during the Great Famine and give up eating meat, he developed a taste for meat-rich European dishes and had a menu designed with seafood, chicken, duck, pork, lamb and beef.

    During Mao’s reign, virtually no housing was built for the average urban population. Families of three generations were often crammed into one small room. And yet Mao had more than 50 estates, including no less than five in Beijing. These villas monopolized many places of great beauty. Whole mountains and long stretches of lakes were cordoned off for the chairman’s exclusive use.

    His regime nailed everyone down to a place of residence, making it impossible for most people to move. Tens of millions of married couples posted to different parts of China couldn’t live together. Given 12 days a year to visit each other, they were condemned to almost year-round sexual abstinence. While his people endured such constraints, Mao indulged his every sexual caprice. The Communist Party and army procured young girls for him. These girls staffed his villas and served as dancing companions at leaders’ exclusive parties when such dancing was banned for ordinary Chinese.

    Take “Marxist god” Kim Jong Ill:

    Marxists spend $720,000 a year on their favorite brand of cognac while their people slowly starve to death. Marxists have incredibly warped food predilections while their people starve to death. Marxists import luxury cars for themselves while their people stagger around. Marxists dine on fine caviar, you know, while their people starve. Marxists import pretty blond prostitutes from Sweden, again while “the people” they always talk about starve.

    I think these and all the other most renowned Marxists in the world pretty conclusively documented that Marxism is as “pro-rich” as it gets. AS LONG AS GOVERNMENT DICTATORSHIP GETS TO DECIDE WHO IS ALLOWED TO BECOME RICH.

    AS WE SPEAK, there is a major case in China ABOUT COMMUNISTS USING THEIR POSITIONS OF GOVERNMENT TO AMASS POWER AND WEALTH. The title and subtitle in the print edition of the LA Times (which I have in my hand) reads, “Chinese couple amassed power, wealth: Before his downfall, Bo Xilai rose in politics as his wife and her family prospered from government ties.”

    So you come to me with this idiotic, infantile notion that Obama isn’t a “socialist” because after all he’s pro-business and pro-rich people and you just look like a fool. Because the ESSENCE OF ACTUAL SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM AND FASCISM is “crony capitalism,” of the powerful elites favoring themselves while their people suffer under their totalitarian policies.

    Fascism is left-wing because it is SOCIALISM. Fascism is the big government state takeover of the means of production by regulation; fascist governments use government power to force business to produce what and how much the liberal fascists in power dictate that they produce. You DO know that “USSR” stood for “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics” and “NAZI” stood for “National SOCIALIST Workers Party,” don’t you???

    Adolf Hitler put it pretty well:

    We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” — Adolf Hitler, from speech delivered on May 1, 1927

    Just like YOU, UNeverKnow. And, yes, just like Obama. So fascism isn’t my stuff, stupid. It’s yours and it’s Obama’s stuff. You and Adolf and Joey Stalin and Kim Jong Il and Chairman Mao and Obama are out to destroy the same capitalism. It’s you fascists and Marxists that are all on one side, and conservatives like myself have fought you every step of the way.

    If you want to see what a true fascist looks like look at the left. Or just look in a mirror.

    For the record, it isn’t exactly hard to find a Marxist policy that Obama has passed (see also here). You DO know that it is widely believed even by the left that ObamaCare is going to be declared unconstitutional and thrown out, right? Haven’t your dead people told you that??? What about Obama’s spending, which utterly DWARFS anything the United States has ever seen before after Obama self-righteously and hypocritically demonized George Bush for his spending??? Take Obama’s flagrently Marxist power-grabs that he’s pursuing after ramming through his Stalinist Dodd Frank bill. That damned Marxist monstrosity simply grabbed power with the regulations to be written later. Then there’s Obama demonizing and deligitimizing first the Congress and then the Supreme Court – which is a frankly Stalinist dismissal of the American separation of powers. I remember when Obama told the ultra-racist group La Raza (which literally means, “The Race,” mind you), “The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.” And then did EXACTLY what he said was un-American, undemocratic and unconstitutional with his executive order to create backdoor amnesty. Yeah, that was Stalinist, too.

    Oh, and in the news is the fact that Obama is actually likely to get smacked down UNANIMOUSLY by the Supreme Court after Obama tried to usurp constitutional power from the state of Arizona. The same Marxist dictator who has ignored the equal power of Congress and the equal power of the Surpeme Court recently has also flagrently ignored the constitutional rights of the states on multiple occassions. But what is possibly even MORE troubling is what even the left expects Obama to do: the man who just got proven to be on the WRONG side of the US Constitution is expected to racially demagogue the Supreme Court’s Arizona law (SB 1070) and in effect say, “Remember I’m the one who wanted to rip up the Constitution to undermine America in exhange for your vote. If you want to live in America without bothering to seek citizenship or follow the law, VOTE FOR ME.”

    Here’s another example of Obama pursuing the same sort of “between-you-me” agreement to betray America for the sake of his own Marxist regime.

    And so, yes, surprise, surprise, I’m calling this guy out for being a totalitarian dictator communist thug.

    But on a more macro level, I challenge you to take the uber-defining statement of Marxism –

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” – Karl Marx

    – and refute it by Barack Obama’s policies. Because I think you will be forced to ultimately realize that “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is pretty much Obama’s economic philosophy as much as it was Marx’s.

    Finally, I would ask what would have happened had Joseph Stalin been the president of the United States? Would America have become a tyranny overnight, or would Stalin had been forced by the American constitutional system to merely be as “Stalinist” as he could because our system – until people like YOU helped him dispose of it – wouldn’t allow him to become a true Marxist dictator in America. Which is to say that Obama has been as Marxist as he could be within the American poltical systemm – and Obama can’t be any more “Marxist” than he has been and have any chance of remaining president. Obama has already crossed ALL KINDS of lines as it is.

    P.S. as per your previous comment at 4:36 pm, yes it was – and you flunk big time.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    You must be straight-jacket crazy

    Free Market Capitalist,

    Well, the guy DOES talk with dead people and assumes that others therefore must, too.

    Good point on the “racist” thing.

    Oh, for the record, UNeverKnow does a very good job exemplifying Nazi and Marxist racism, doesn’t he??? Marxist regimes have murdered MILLIONS in racial genocides. Just take the ethnic Ukranians alone and it’s beyond shocking. And that’s only ONE ethnic group the Soviets murdered (plenty of others to choose from, like the Poles).

    I head a quip that skin heads and liberals are more fixated on race than anybody else in the world.

  6. Jojo Says:

    Liberals love to put people in boxes and label them. They do whatever it takes to make their agenda palatable enough to swallow. It’s through that type of mental acrobatics they are able to make statements without the need of facts. If liberalism was so infallible, as perfect as they believe it wouldn’t have any opposition.

  7. Michael Eden Says:


    Hey, thanks for your great comment.

    I already put what you said to good use responding to a bigot.

    Liberals do two things – and only two things – well: they lie and they demonize their opposition.

    Over the weekend David Axelrod said that Republicans were under a “reign of terror” – a reference to the VERY LEFTIST FRENCH REVOLUTION. And Debbie Wasserman Schultz – who has a long history of falsely demonizing Republicans – was just spouting pure lies in her most recent demon-possessed unhinged attack. Do you literally think this demoniac can document that Republicans have a bill to pay 50% more for health care just because they’re women? Decent people would be morally sickened by such lies.

  8. Mike Says:

    George Soros I hate you but I respect you ! You know your shit ! You knew that blacks believe what ever they are told by their leaders who are told what to do by the likes of you !! Acorn , MTV you hit all the right spots for the dumbass votes , then you fire up the a holes how hate being white for no other reason but they heard some guy on MTV say it ! Then the real bosses pull the strings the Jew !! I also respect them because they are trying to even up the score for Ww2 but they have been killing stealing back standings since Cain and Able!!! One more thing for you lazy stupid, disgusting parasites ! Take responsibility for your self ! If you don’t want to work I don’t care but don’t expect the white American to support your life style ! If it wasn’t for working people you scum would have no food , no home nothing ! Fucking virus ! That is the real problem ! World wide whites have to feed and clothes the dark races ! You can’t even hunt in Africa because you killed animals for ivory or to make some idiotic witch doctor potion !! You hate whites free yourselves totally and don’t take are handouts !!! I don’t care what any says about my opinion ! Stop with excuses carry your own weight and be self reliable !

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