The Stupidest Liberals Of All Are The Really ‘Smart’ Ones

George Orwell once said that “There are some ideas so absurd that only an ‘intellectual’ could believe them,” because no ordinary man was capable of being such a fool.

The man who warned us about “Big Brother” couldn’t have hit the pinhead any more on the head.

Fellow economist and Keynes biographer Roy Harrod said of famous liberal economist John Maynard Keynes:

“He held forth on a great range of topics, on some of which he was thoroughly expert, but on others of which he may have derived his views from the few pages of a book at which he happened to glance.  The air of authority was the same in both cases” [The Life of John Maynard Keynes, by Roy Harrod, 1969, p. 468].

Those who worship their own opinions have a stark raving fool for a god.

And of course Keynes’ theories that WERE “expert” have been proven utterly wrong – most recently by the spectacular failure of the Obama stimulus that was billed as costing $862 billion but which in reality will cost the American taxpayers at least $3.27 TRILLION and which accomplished NOTHING that was predicted.

Thomas Sowell is on liberal intellectuals like a pit bull is on meat delivery man in his book Intellectuals and Society.

He records that:

Visiting the United States in 1933 [the year Hitler came to power], George Bernard Shaw said, “You Americans are so fearful of dictators.  Dictatorship is the only way in which government can accomplish anything.  See what a mess democracy has led to.  Why are you afraid of dictatorship?”  Leaving London for a vacation in South Africa in 1935, Shaw declared, “It is nice to go for a holiday and know that Hitler has settled everything so well in Europe.”

But of course that wasn’t the end of Shaw’s abject idiocy on the subject of politics.  Because:

In 1939, after the Nazi-Soviet pact, Shaw said: “Herr Hitler is under the powerful thumb of Stalin, whose interest in peace is overwhelming.  And every one expect myself is frightened out of his or her wits!”  A week later, the Second World War began, with Hitler invading Poland from the west, followed by Stalin invading from the east.

For the record, Shaw’s 1933 stupidity was recorded in the New York Times on March 25, 1933 (p. 17) in an article entitled, “Shaw Bests Army of Interviewers.”  His 1935 idiocy was likewise recorded in the New York Times on March 22, 1935 (p. 21) in an article entitled, “G.B. Shaw ‘Praises’ Hitler.”  And the 1939 statement of pure moronic imbecility was recorded in a Letter to The Times of London, dated August 28, 1939 on page 11.

You’d think the man would have the common sense to shut up.  But for liberals common sense is as rare as Mars rocks on this earth.

Socialist George Bernard Shaw also infamously said:

“I don’t want to punish anybody. But there are an extraordinary number of people whom I want to kill… but it must be evident to all of you… you must all know half a dozen people at least who are of no use in this world… who are more trouble than they are worth.”

This foolish “intellectual” sentiment was echoed by Clinton Labor Secretary and Obama advisor Robert “Third” Reich:

“Thank you so much for coming this afternoon. I’m so glad to see you and I would like to be president. Let me tell you a few things on health care. Look, we have the only health care system in the world that is designed to avoid sick people. And that’s true and what I’m going to do is that I am going try to reorganize it to be more amenable to treating sick people but that means you, particularly you young people, particularly you young healthy people…you’re going to have to pay more.

“Thank you. And by the way, we’re going to have to, if you’re very old, we’re not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It’s too expensive…so we’re going to let you die.”

For the official record, I’m sure that Third Reich Rob doesn’t want to punish anybody, either.


Liberalism equals fascism.  The ONLY difference between liberalism and fascism is the fact that fascists were able to carry their ideas to their logical conclusion and liberals have to keep grinding their way through the barrier of a democratic republic.

Over the weekend Barack Obama’s senior campaign strategist David Axelrod claimed that the Republican Party was operating under a “reign of terror.”  What makes that beyond laughable and approaching insane is the fact that “the Reign of Terror” was the brainchild of the very left-wing Maximilien Robespierre to implement his überleftwing utopian state by means of fear and force.  And it is simply morally sick that a liberal like David Axelrod would take a phrase that belongs in the left-wing’s hall of fame and use it to deceitfully demonize the conservatives who if anything were the VICTIMS of “the Reign of Terror.”

It has ALWAYS been the tactic of the fascist to demonize its opposition as “extreme” and thus justify the most extreme actions imaginable.  And it is no surprise that such is precisely what the Democrat Party has been trying to argue this campaign.

As we speak, we have fascist Obama out demonizing the United States Supreme Court after he just got done demonizing the United States Congress.  Which is to say that we’re blowing the last necessary puffs of air on the house of cards we call democracy in America.

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2 Responses to “The Stupidest Liberals Of All Are The Really ‘Smart’ Ones”

  1. Jojo Says:

    Fun fact: John Maynard Keynes wrote FDR during the Great Depression to tell him his policies were more about the existence of the polices themselves than the people they were established to help.

    Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it? The key difference between them and us is we know government is a tool of the people and they feel that people are the tools of the government.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I didn’t know that.

    Amity Schlaes wrote a great book – The Forgotten Man– which detailed how the ordinary people suffered year after year under FDR’s stupid and immoral policies.

    The facts are now out: FDR prolonged the Great Depression by seven years with his government-by-socialist-regulation approach.

    And what I keep trying to argue is that Democrats are NOT about helping the poor; they couldn’t give less of a damn about the poor. And the fact that CONSERVATIVES ARE FAR MORE GENEROUS WITH THEIR CHARITABLE GIVING PROVES THAT. Especially when you consider how LITTLE liberals like Obama gave to charity when they thought no one was looking. And there are a LOT of liberals just like him – but it doesn’t stop them from demagoguing taxes to confiscate hard-worked-for money that liberals have determined we don’t need.

    The point is that these hypocrites want POWER AND CONTROL over American society. They don’t give a damn about the poor; they simply want the power to decide who wins and who loses so they can exploit that power to naked political advantage – just like FDR did with his New Deal by doling it out to Democrat districts and to Democrats who helped him get re-elected.

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