Seven Ways Abortion Holocaust Has Made America A Much Worse Place (54 Million Americans Have Been Murdered By Democrats In Abortion Mills)

Fifty-four million human beings are dead.  And the Democrat Party is the party of Holocaust in America.  Period.

Nancy Flanders examined the now-proven utterly bogus claims of abortion proponents at the time they legalized baby-killing in 1973 versus the tragic record of reality:

Seven Ways Abortion has Changed the U.S.
by Nancy Flanders
April 27, 2012

Abortion in the United States has claimed the lives of over 54 million babies since its legalization in 1973 – this we know. It has stolen grandchildren; future friends; future spouses; and future doctors, humanitarians, and congresswomen. It’s an American tragedy, and we are witnessing the beginning stages of its long-awaited demise. Unfortunately, in addition to stealing the lives of innocent children, abortion has caused a great deal of damage to American culture.

1. Children Became a Curse

If there is anything that population control committees and pro-aborts have succeeded at, it is convincing most of America that children are expensive, messy, freedom-stealing dream-squashers. The pro-abortion movement has helped to create a societal shift in our view of children. It took the joy of parenting and turned it into a tedious burden. Pro-aborts and population-control cohorts convinced women that in order to have a life of any value, they must have a career. As a result, children became an afterthought to many women. For example, often, if a woman in college finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, she is convinced she has no choice but to have an abortion because she’s been told that having a baby means she is guaranteed to be unsuccessful in college or stalled in her career. In addition, it seems that more children equals less success, less money, less possessions, and less free time, making children the apparent and ironic ultimate killers of fun.

2. Increased Child Abuse

Despite claims from early and current supporters of abortion that abortion availability leads to less child abuse because unwanted children are not born, the opposite has happened. Abortion has led to the devaluation of human life, especially of children, and therefore children are seen as expendable, undeserving creatures. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, sexual abuse of children rose 83% between 1986 and 1993. In addition, physical neglect of children rose 102%, and physical abuse of children rose 42%. Those numbers are staggering and, as reported by, Dr. Philip G. Ney of the Department of Psychiatry at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Canada states that abortion is clearly a contributing factor to the rise in abuse because it creates guilt, frustration, and hostility as well as diminishes the significance of the once-unthinkable act of harming the defenseless.

3. Increased Crime Rate

Pro-abortionists have long claimed that access to abortion would lead to a decrease in crime because fewer children would be born to single mothers. But according to a 2007 study by John R. Lott, Jr. of the University of Maryland and John E. Whitley of the Institute for Defense and Analyses, there has actually been an increase in out-of-wedlock births in the U.S. since abortion became legal. In addition, there has been a decrease in the number of children given up for adoption and, therefore, an increase in the number of children being parented by single mothers. According to the study, this has lead to a 7% increase in murder rates. As reported by, 5% of white children were born out of wedlock from 1965 to 1969, compared to 16% in the 1980s. Black children born out of wedlock increased from 35% to 62% over the same time period. And, unfortunately, due to the struggles of single parenthood, studies show that children of unwed mothers are more likely to become criminals.

4. Increased Discrimination

People with disabilities have been fighting for their rights for decades. They have fought for better access to public buildings, the end of discrimination in the workplace, access to an equal education, and the world’s warped perception that life with a disability is not worth living. Abortion has set the disability civil rights movement back. Even some of those who affiliate themselves with the right to life believe that abortion should be legal when the unborn child is diagnosed with a disability or genetic condition. In fact, 90% of unborn children with Down syndrome are aborted. Children are also being aborted because they have cystic fibrosis, or a cleft palate. It’s discrimination in a society that works to create more accepting, diverse communities. So why are so many of us okay with deciding that a child with a disability would be better off dead?

5. Less Respect for Women

Abortion wasn’t alone on this one; birth control played a huge part as well. Women have become much more sexually aggressive, and it’s touted as a good thing. However, birth control and abortion have helped to create a culture in which women are treated as sex objects. Predators are more likely to get away with sexually abusing their young victims because they can bring them to any abortion clinic with no questions asked. Abortion has opened the door for irresponsible, abusive men to be able to mistreat women more freely.

6. Destruction of the Family

With the lack of respect for women brought on by birth control and abortion comes the destruction of the family. If an unwed couple find themselves pregnant, the man, rather than taking responsibility and marrying his girlfriend, feels that he can just pay for an abortion and be done with “it,” leaving the girlfriend to feel the loss, pain, and guilt. If the woman decides to have and keep the baby, she is now left alone to raise a child and the man is free to live his life as he pleases. In addition, married couples who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant often disagree on how to handle the situation, but the men have no say. If the wife has an abortion, and the husband doesn’t want her to, or vice-versa, the marriage can be destroyed.

7. Opened the Door to Infanticide

In recent news, we have witnessed how abortion has lead to the acceptance of infanticide. Though infanticide in the U.S. is nothing new, the Journal of Medical Ethics recently published an article justifying “after-birth abortion.” The article states that newborn babies and unborn babies are both morally irrelevant and only potential persons; therefore, parents should be allowed to euthanize a newborn baby if they decide they don’t want him. Authors Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva argue that after-birth abortion, or infanticide, should be legal for all of the same situations in which abortion is legal, which is for any reason at any time.

Abortion has been a dark cloud over the U.S. for 39 years. In that time we have become a culture of death, a people who collectively takes pleasure in witnessing the pain of other humans on reality television, who obsesses over celebrities with drug problems, and who chooses to selfishly focus on the material objects of our world. We don’t value each other as much, we don’t value our relationships as deeply, and we have become completely desensitized and unsympathetic. Thanks to abortion and the devaluing of human life, we are able to walk past a person dying in the street without a second thought, which is the same as killing the person ourselves.

Yet another liberal utopian myth blasted to smithereens by the truth.

Abortion was the worst thing that ever happened to women.  And that’s a fact.

Let’s never forget the infamous words of liberal Democrat heroine Margaret Sanger:

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population.”

If you’re a Democrat, I hope you are spending considerable time preparing your defense for the soon-coming day when you will stand before a just and holy God who will demand that you account for why you voted for the murder of fifty-four million of his precious children.

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4 Responses to “Seven Ways Abortion Holocaust Has Made America A Much Worse Place (54 Million Americans Have Been Murdered By Democrats In Abortion Mills)”

  1. V. E. Brown Says:

    This article is awesome. Keep in mind the truth is like kryptonite to a liberal.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    V. E. Brown,

    Thanks much. I can’t take credit for the insightful article I cross-posted on how abortion has made America a weaker and meaner place, of course.

    Liberalism is a culture of death in many, many ways. Abortion is merely the most egregious example of that culture. Today in America a mother who kills her child is more celebrated than a mother who honors life and raises her child. It’s truly sick, when you think about it.

    The Ancients never would have understood the liberal fixation with “rights”; they lived under the idea of commitment to DUTIES. And the pitfall of fixation on “rights” is that rights invariably presuppose a duty on someone else. In the case of abortion, the duty that is forced on someone else is the “duty” of the baby to die for the convenience of his or her “mommy dearest.”

    Abortion doesn’t merely make mothers murderers, of course. Men are just as guilty.

    Abortion is such a twisted mindset: a father is forced to do nothing while his baby is killed by an unspeakably horrifying process. But many “fathers” are even more eager to escape the DUTY of parenting as “mommy dearest.”

    Women often complain about how few decent fathers there are. But think about the “logic” of abortion: a “father” did NOT “father” a child; he did nothing more than have an orgasm which resulted in a non-human lump of goo. If the pregnant sex partner decides to abort that “non-human lump of goo,” he is utterly powerless to stop her because he has absolutely no “rights” whatsover. Rights go to the “woman’s right to choose” and ONLY to the “woman’s right to choose”; the child has the duty to die and the father has the duty to celebrate the destruction of his child.

    And, of course, if mother flips a coin and decides to have that child, the father suddenly BECOMES a father even though society REFUSES to give him that distinction unless and until “mother” forces him to have that distinction. And then, of course, it becomes the father’s duty to support that suddenly human child even if he was quite happy with “it” merely being the “non-human lump of goo” that liberalism says “it” basically is until birth.

    Every mother has the DUTY to allow her child to live, and to nurture and love her child. Every father has the DUTY to provide for his child and participate in his child’s life. But Democrats have pissed all over that for forty years and counting. The ONLY “duty” that liberals acknowledge is the “duty” for rich Americans (arbitrarily defined as those who earn over $250,000 a year) to pay far more than the 62 percent of all federal income taxes that they are already paying.

    Liberalism is morally sick. And one day every single Democrat will stand before a wrathful God and pay for the fifty four MILLION human beings that each and every single one of them are personally responsible for killing. One day every Democrat will pay for the culture of death that they have imposed upon a nation that was “one nation under God” until they perverted it into what Jeremiah Wright labelled “God damn America.”

  3. Daniel McCreedy Says:

    I’m convinced that abortion is single handedly responsible for the decline of America. Responsible for declining collective IQ, decline in competitiveness. and ever increasing failure of our country’s ability to churn out brilliant minds. It is the forty year (and counting) plague on our society. We’ve eliminated 20% of our society and all the good things they might have brought. What a mega-disaster.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Daniel McCreedy,

    I certainly agree. We now have a massive and completely unsustainable social support network that was the result of 1) Democrats making a Ponzi system in which the next generation will be taxed to bear the cost of the irresponsible generation before it and 2) Democrats systematically murdering that next generation (of now exterminated future workers) to the tune of 60 million babies murdered since Roe v. Wade.

    So we go from “Don’t worry, the next generation will take care of you” to “Oops. Sorry about wiping out that generation we promised would take care of you.”

    And, yeah, I don’t doubt that God in His sovereign justice made sure that the children whom we murdered in the abortion mills WOULD HAVE BEEN the brilliant minds who would have saved our nation and our planet had we just not murdered them.

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