When You Hear The Media Assure You That Obama Is Unbeatable, Consider Something Called ‘Reality’

What’s going wrong with the Obama campaign?  I mean, they’ve got a great slogan and everything…

Maybe too many of Obama’s supporters already fell off the cliff following Obama “forward.”  One thing is for certain, at Obama’s opening campaign kick-off event – which you would expect to be enormously attended and which Team Obama boasted beforehand would be standing-room-only – the entire upper deck (i.e., half the venue) was completely vacant:

Trouble already: Why so many no-shows for Obama’s campaign kickoff?
Posted 10:10 AM ET

WANTED: A new presidential campaign advance team that can count. Contact Obama for America headquarters in Chicago.

Of all the times to blow the political optics, it was to be the first “official” campaign event on Barack Obama’s billion-dollar reelection campaign. A huge rally in Columbus, Ohio, capital of such a key state this fall that Republicans have never won the White House without it.

We say “official,” of course, because Obama has never really stopped running for reelection since Aretha Franklin’s last note on the Capitol steps Jan. 20, 2009. Nor has Obama let up campaigning since he announced his reelection bid more than a year ago.

So, Saturday’s kickoff was to begin in Ohio and then take Air Force One to Virginia, another once-red state that Obama would like to re-snatch in 2012.

But, alas, all of the excitement that was being staged for the media was over-shadowed by the 4,000 or so empty seats in Columbus. The obvious lesson in Political Advance 101 is: Always pick a setting that’s too small for the crowd you expect. Better to have some angry people clamoring to get inside from outside than the media snapping photos like the one above that screams ZZZZZZZZ.

Mitt Romney learned this lesson several weeks ago when he assembled a decent dining room crowd for his major economic speech in Detroit. But his team plopped them down in the middle of a football field in a stadium seating 70,000. Obviously, the Obama campaign isn’t reading news coverage of their opponent, hopefully over-confidence.

We were going to publish the complete text of the president’s alleged “opening” remarks, but we changed our minds. Talk about going through the motions. It’s the same yada-yada he’s been peddling at his record-breaking number of fundraisers.

We read it so you don’t have to: 3,930 words recounting how he never said change was easy, he’s already done a lot to fix America, he needs to do more to cement the transformation of this country and this campaign will be harder than the last one.

The most interesting part of the event was actually not Obama’s. It was Michelle Obama’s. She campaigned in 2008. Remember, that was the first time she’d ever been proud of her country. But this time she’s been pushed even more front-and-center. She’s making her own cross-country swings of political fundraisers.

And Saturday she was the poised warm-up act for her husband. Except instead of a couple endearing stories about Barack, she actually gave her own speech. It was about 1,500 words-worth that wandered off into her own childhood and her father’s life of hard work and how he always paid his bills on time and how that’s what’s really at stake this year.

“More than anything else, that is what’s at stake, she said. “It’s that fundamental promise that no matter who you are or how you started out, if you work hard, you can build a decent life for yourself and yes, an even better life for your kids.”

She didn’t have time to explain how her husband’s economic stimulus plan ended up only stimulating the national debt, while the unemployed and under-employed soared into the many millions and the record foreclosures and the lame economic recovery because of financial fears, over-regulation and little Washington leadership.

She didn’t have time to go into the wasted weeks her husband campaigned for the so-called Buffet Rule that he knew full well was doomed in the Senate controlled by his own party. Or the birth control insurance regulation. And the college loan combat he’s trying to generate.

All designed to distract from the doubling of gas prices, the declines in federal drilling and what hasn’t happened under Obama’s so-called presidential leadership.

Michelle Obama’s “warm-up” speech ended up about as long as the prime-time one her husband flew 14,000 miles to and from Afghanistan to be seen reporting back to America last week. She got into Barack’s childhood with a single mom and his grandmother working at a bank and allegedly hitting that glass ceiling that female workers know so well. And how all of the wonderful progress that Barack has made is jeopardized by this reelection business.

She also made a fervent appeal to enlist more members for the army of community organizers the campaign is trying to construct nationally this summer and fall to solicit supporters and track opponents. See our previous story here.

For his part, her husband offered the familiar excuse about the historic economic troubles he inherited, those people who were playing the markets, the people who opposed his expensive automobile bailout and sellout to the automobile unions.

And then came our favorite Obama whopper of the day:

“Now we face a choice,” the president intoned. “For the last few years, the Republicans who run this Congress have insisted that we go right back to the policies that created this mess.”

Wait! What? The Republicans lost control of Congress way back in November, 2006. They won control of the House in an historic electoral blowback against Obama ignoring the economy and his insistence on Obamacare. John Boehner became speaker 16 months ago. The GOP still doesn’t control the Senate.

So, once again the ongoing mess on Obama’s watch is somebody else’s fault. It may actually have been lucky for him that more than 4,000 of the Ohio State seats went empty. Those folks might have gotten the joke and laughed him off the dais.

Say goodnight, Gracie.

The best way for Republicans to feel is energized and expectant of victory IF they work hard to get rid of this socialist turd and actually show up to vote.

Dick Morris is predicting a landslide for Romney and for Republicans in 2012.  Obviously, I hope very much for the sake of my country that Morris is right.  I’ve also got next to zero confidence in the accuracy of Bill Clinton’s former pollster.

Pundits on the Obama side talk about the lack of “enthusiasm” for Mitt Romney.  And all of their polling data that they bother to consider looks at “registered voters” and completely ignores “likely voters.”  They also studiously ignore the fact that Romney has opened up a ten point lead with independent voters who historically decide close elections.

Well, dang, I’M totally unenthusiastic about Mitt Romney.  I will also climb out of my own grave to go vote for him in November.  And that is because my “enthusiasm” doesn’t depend on Mitt Romney, but rather on the Marxist clown who has spent the last four years rotting America from its roots up.

I have a feeling if the pollsters bothered to ask the right question, they would actually get a lot more answers like the one above than they are willing to hear.

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4 Responses to “When You Hear The Media Assure You That Obama Is Unbeatable, Consider Something Called ‘Reality’”

  1. chuck anderson Says:

    IF anyone is in NC they should get into Bank of America stadium put up an empty chair with an Obama sticker and film the DNC convention of the empty chair talking to the empty chairs.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    chuck anderson,

    THAT is priceless. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Dsmith@msn.com Says:

    UPDATE: He’s unbeatable. It’s a fact. Deal with it you looney toones

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    For the record, the Antichrist whom you will soon be worshiping will be even MORE “unbeatable.”

    The Bible records that the beast will lead the world into literal hell on earth.

    Your description of those who document the truth as “looney toones” because the coming beast’s useful idiot is “unbeatable” merely documents how callous to truth and reality you are.

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