More On Liberals Worshiping Their Messiah: David Axelrod Privately Calling Obama ‘Black Jesus’

Here’s yet another take on liberals worshiping their big government Savior (liberals hardly need the real Jesus when they’ve got their skinny fake one sitting in the White House answering liberals’ prayers by giving them more socialism and more “fundamental transformation of America.”

New Book: David Axelrod Privately Calls Obama ‘Black Jesus’
by Charles C. Johnson2 days ago

David Axelrod privately calls Barack Obama “Black Jesus,” according to Edward Klein’s fantastic new book, The Amateur (p. 59).
“[Barack Obama] is the living, breathing apotheosis of the American melting pot,” Klein quotes Axelrod as saying.
Axelrod, as we know, isn’t alone. According to Klein, Micah Tillman, lecturer in philosophy at the Catholic University of America, called Obama “the Platonic philosopher king we’ve been looking for the past 2,400 years.” And no less an authority than Oprah has called him “The One.”
So was he born in a manger, too?

Barack Obama is the living, breathing apotheosis of Marxism.

For the record, an apotheosis is an elevating to divine status.  And since Obama is divine, liberals – blasphemous heretics all – can proceed to refer to him in messianic terms such as “black Jesus.”

Evan Thomas, liberal editor of liberal Newsweek, used the same divine terms of awe in praising his lord and savior, declaring on MSNBC:

“I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

Spike Lee said of his deity:

“It means that this is a whole new world. I think…I’ve been saying this before. You can divide history. BB Before Barack. AB After Barack.”

It’s a BRAVE NEW WORLD.  And the sheeple are in full worship mode of the one they look to for meaning in their pitiful, pathetic lives.

Louis Farrakhan – the hero of the Million Man March that Obama attended rather like unto Jesus seeking John the Baptist for baptism in the Jordan – said of his savior:

“You are the instruments that God is gonna use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth. And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn’t care anything about. That’s a sign. When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking.”

And of course Obama himself believes this worship is properly due him, as one of his campaign tweets serves to show:

America used to be the home of the free and the land of the brave; now it’s just a backdrop for giant sort of like god messiah Obama’s face.

And as Obama puts it:

“… a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany … and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama” – Barack Obama Lebanon, New Hampshire, January 7, 2008


“[G]enerations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.” – Barack Obama, June 4, 2008

Liberals have their lord and savior.  Ultimately they will worship the Antichrist, the beast of Revelation, with even more adoration as they take his mark.

I have the REAL Messiah, the REAL Jesus.  And I’m not trading Him for any pseudo-savior.

Liberals are sick, twisted people.  Please don’t be one.

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