Scott Walker Wins, Communists (A.K.A. Democrats) LOSE HUGE

Democrats are communists, and even the true blue state of Wisconsin has just OVERWHELMINGLY rejected their fascist tactics.

A liberal group used clear voter intimidation tactics to threaten people to vote (Democrat).  “Fascist tactics” is a technically accurate term here.

Democrats do not live in the real world, as what we just saw in Wisconsin proves.  What was the left saying not long ago???

From the überfascist publication The Nation only a couple of months ago:

The Power of Recalls in Wisconsin
John Nichols on March 17, 2012 – 8:31 AM ET

With Wisconsin recall elections looming against four Republican state senators—as well as Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch—the state’s politics was thrown for another loop Friday when a targeted senator up and quit.

State Senator Pam Galloway, a Tea Party favorite and one of Walker’s steadiest backers in the legislature, announced her immediate resignation from the legislature and her decision not to contest the recall election.

The move had dramatic repercussions:

1. Republicans have lost the complete control of state government that allowed the governor to advance an austerity agenda that was defined by attacks on unions and deep cuts in public education and public services funding—along with the harshest voter ID law in the nation, a rigidly partisan redistricting of legislative districts and what critics complain has been a battering of the state’s open-government tradition.

2. State Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald, (brother of Assembly Speaker Jeff) a Walker ally who is targeted for recall, has lost his position as the dominant player in the legislature. He now must enter into a power-sharing agreement with minority leader Mark Miller, a progressive Democrats who led a historic walkout by his caucus during last year’s struggle over Walker’s labor law changes. Committee assignments will be redone to reflect what is now a 16-16 split in the Senate.

3. Governor Walker, who has threatened to call special sessions of the legislature to deal with pet projects, will now only be able to do so if he can work with the Democrats—something he has not done up to this point.

4. If, as expected, the federal courts reject the state’s redistricting plan, it could be sent back to a legislature where Democrats can now play a critical role in drawing the maps. That could result in a significant upturn in their fortunes going into this fall’s elections.

5. Republicans have lost their premier candidate in one of four state Senate recall elections that are now scheduled for May 8 primaries and a June 5 election. Galloway had raised major money and organized a campaign of consequence before announcing that family health concerns had led her to exit the legislature. Now, Democrat Donna Seidel, a popular former county official in the Wausau-area district and the assistant minority leader in the state Assembly, emerges as a clear front-runner for a seat that—if she wins—would tip the Senate to full Democratic control.

All of these changes were made possible by the recall power, which allows citizens to petition for new elections. This old progressive tool of accountability was used last summer to force a number of Republican senators who supported the Walker agenda to defend their seats.

Going into last summer’s recall votes, Republicans held a 19-14 advantage in the Senate. Two Republicans were defeated, leaving the GOP with a narrow 17-16 advantage—and giving moderate Republican Senator Dale Schultz the power to temper his party’s excesses. Now, with Galloway’s exit, the chamber goes to the 16-16 split.

After the next round of recalls, it is possible that Democrats could end up with full control of the Senate, potentially by a margin of up to 19-14—or, if Fitzgerald is defeated by upstart challenger Lori Compas, 20-13.

Additionally, a new Democratic Senate could sit with a new Democratic governor, as Walker’s recall is now all but certain to take place on the same day as the senators.

What has happened is remarkable. What could happen is historic. And the people, using the recall power afforded them by progressive reformers of a century ago, are making it happen.

I wanted to post this example of liberals claiming victory in Wisconsin before it got purged with all the rest of their bogus smack talk.

It’s time to eat your cockroach poison and start flailing around wildly on your backs, Democrats.  You just got sprayed with the nasty crap that you were so damned determined to spray on Walker and every Republican you could smear.  And this is what, the third time you’ve had your asses handed to you after previously trying to recall state senators and a judge???

Even in a blue state like Wisconsin, you just got utterly rejected.

As of my sending this out to the world, Walker is up by a massive 20 points with 40% of the precincts reporting.  And the race was called within what?  About forty minutes of the returns coming in???  In a race all the liberals were saying would go to the wire?  This is a state that Obama won by ffifteen points just a few years ago!!!

I guess voters like the guy who created tens of thousands of jobs while taking a $3.6 billion deficit that his Democrat predecessor left for him and turning it into a $150 million surplus without raising taxes.  And I guess they don’t like Democrat politicians who act like cockroaches when the lights get turned on and flee the state rather than vote.

And where was Obama?  The cowardly little political weasel was flying all over doing fundraiser after fundraiser but you could turn over every rock in Wisconsin and you wouldn’t find him supporting the recall that his cockroach minions started last year.  The Slimebag-in-Chief literally flew over the state while going from Minneapolis (where he did three fundraisers) to Illinois (where he did another three fundraisers) so the man who took more money from Wall Street than ANY POLITICIAN IN HISTORY and the man who has raised more money than any cyncial money-grubbing politician in the entire history of the human race could whore himself for more money.

How did Obama lead?  Well, it’s my understanding he sent a tweet.  I guess I’m glad Obama isn’t supporting me, because this is a guy who only knows how to support himself at other people’s expense.  If you’re a Democrat, you truly ought to be ashamed of the turd you elected.

I’ve got to just laugh my very best mocking laughter as the same Democrats who wildly cheered when Obama was raising and spending more campaign money than anyone in human history are now crying and whining that Republicans are outspending them.  It must truly suck to get hung on your own petard.

Every model that Obama’s campaign had for his path to victory counted on Wisconsin.  And that state is VERY OBVIOUSLY now in play for Mitt Romney.  Which is to say that if Obama has to even defend one of the most reliably Democrat states in the nation, well, he’s just starting to look more and more and more like Jimmy Carter.

Update, June 7: Democrats have been whining about the spending gap between Democrats and Walker, claiming something like a $7-$1 dollar difference because of all the conservative money pouring in from across the nation.  The media has widely reported this Democrat talking point.

It turns out that it’s a lie, like pretty much everything else the left says: the fact is that the same media that reported every dollar coming in from conservatives somehow omitted $21 million coming in from the unions.  Which is to say that liberals are furious that their out-of-state money wasn’t as much as the Republicans’ out-of-state money and therefore out-of-state money is anti-democratic even though they tried to raise as much of it as they could themselves.

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4 Responses to “Scott Walker Wins, Communists (A.K.A. Democrats) LOSE HUGE”

  1. HL Says:

    HALLELUJAH! Great news about Walker’s HUGE win!!

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I’ve been praying about it for days now. The massive margin of victory may be just enough to keep Democrats from “finding more ballots” the way they invariably do in any close election.

  3. Jay Smith Says:

    Your sheer prejudice and venom must be your substitute for intelligence. Too bad.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Jay Smith,

    You quivering pile of slime.

    I wrote an article filled with FACTS. And rather than try to counter ANY of those facts you merely start throwing hate bombs at me.

    You are the very thing you decry: you are “sheer prejudice” and “venom” and “lacking in intelligence” personified.

    Nobody but a truly wretched creature would post a pure ad hominem while incredibly at the same time actually claiming that the person that he’s personally demonizing with ad homimens is somehow guilty of ad hominem.

    Now get lost.

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