Obama’s ‘Major Policy’ Speech Last Thursday Documents He Is A Failure. His Abrogation Of The Rule Of Law On Friday Documents He Is A Fascist.

I thought this blog article which cites USA Today hit part of Obama’s trouble right in the testicles:

“Major economic speech” by Obama planned for Thursday
Posted by: ST on June 13, 2012 at 9:20 am

Via The USA Today:

President Obama will seek to draw economic contrasts with Republican opponent Mitt Romney in what campaign aides are billing as a major speech on Thursday.

In announcing the address at a community college in Cleveland, the Obama campaign said the president will describe his vision as “ensuring that our economy is built to last and restoring economic security for the middle class.”

Obama also plans to condemn Romney’s vision, which the campaign said is “based on the same failed economic policies that brought on the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

“Romney Economics is familiar and troubling,” said the Obama campaign. “More budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy; fewer rules for Wall Street — the same formula that benefited a few, but that crashed our economy and devastated the middle class.”

Obama is not expected to unveil any new policy proposals of his own; the president is still trying to persuade Congress to adopt elements of a jobs bill he proposed last year.

(Bolded emphasis added by me)

Translation: there’s nothing new here. It’ll just more of the same old song and dance we’ve been hearing for the last three and a half years, jacked up on spinsanity with a generous helping of predictable Democrat class warfare and demagoguery – given in front of (presumably) a captive audience of college students (shocking).

In other news, dog bites man.

BTW, here’s Obama’s fundraising schedule for this week, in the event you actually thought his “presidential responsibilities” excuse for not campaigning for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin recall election was legitimate. Just sayin’ …

Obama’s major speech is a giant bag of wind from the most prolific windbag who ever lived.  Check.

Obama is completely out of ideas.  Check check.

Ninety percent of Obama’s speech was just a slightly different way for Obama to demonize Mitt Romney.  And in what had been built up as a major policy speech at that.  Only ten percent of this speech Obama gave in Ohio on Thursday, April 14 AT BEST discussed what Obama would do if re-elected – which frankly amounted to a steadfast refusal to own up to ANY kind of responsibility for his last four years and a doubling down on what has already been demonstrated to have failed.  The bottom line is that we are currently cursed with a president who doesn’t want to talk about the past but doesn’t have any ideas about the future.

It’s not just me claiming Obama’s “major speech” was a major failure.

Consider leftist Jonathon Alter from MSNBC who said it was “one of the worst speeches I’ve ever heard Barack Obama make.”  And that was actually KIND, given the fact that “Before the speech was over, MSNBC’s Mike O’Brien begged the president to stop.”  While conservatives, of course, are saying, “Don’t you let them interrupt you, Barry Hussein.  By all means, please continue.  You were saying the private sector’s doing fine, right?”

That’s from MSNBC, which without any question is THE most überbiased überObama propaganda out there (see here and here for a couple quick examples).

The reliably leftist Washington Post’s leftist writer Dana Milbank – and this woman is a raving leftie – said that “instead of going to Ohio on Thursday with a compelling plan. for the future, the president gave Americans a falsehood wrapped in a fallacy.”  This in an article titled, “Skip the falsehoods, Mr. President, and give us a plan.”

I mean, thanks for confirming what I’ve been saying all along that Obama is a complete liar without a clue or a plan, but I can’t help but admit my surprise, Dana.  I mean, coming from a woman who once argued that if Obama comes across as stupid, it’s only because he’s just so incredibly brilliant that we frankly don’t deserve his greatness.  Which of course followed the liberal script.

It’s not adequate to say that Barack Obama is a failure; because Barack Obama is an epic failure.

Essentially, Obama’s campaign is about trying to recreate his now thoroughly disillusioned 2008 base.  And the only way that he can do that – because he is a completely failed leader who cannot legislate or compromise – is to issue a “jump the shark” series of executive orders that frankly abrogate the Constitution and the rule of law in America and set a terrifying precedent.  So he demonized his rhetoric of a bogus “war on women” (see here and here and here and here for how that’s working out for him) and then jumped that shark to “come out” in favor of gay marriage in blatant contradiction of his previous posture (see here and here for how that’s working out for him) – and then he just jumped that shark on Friday to abrogate the Constitution in order to recklessly pander to Hispanics.

And what Obama did on Friday was directly related to the colossal turd he laid on Thursday.  Obama HAS to keep jumping the shark because this complete failure SOMEHOW has to keep the support of a base that would otherwise abandon him like a liberal mommy having her baby aborted.

Consider what Obama himself said in the exact context of what he proceeded to do on Friday:

“The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.”


“I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books. That doesn’t mean I don’t know very well the real pain and heartbreak that deportations cause. I share your concerns and I understand them,” he said Monday. “We work every day to make sure we are enforcing flawed laws in the most humane possible way.”


America is a nation of laws, which means I, as the president, am obligated to enforce the law. I don’t have a choice about that. That’s part of my job,” Obama said in March 2011 at a town hall event hosted by the Spanish-language television network Univision. […]

Congress passes the law. The executive branch’s job is to enforce and implement those laws. And then the judiciary has to interpret the laws,” he said. […]

There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president.”

Apparently, Obama has limited powers unless he a) gives a crappy speech and b) is losing an election.  Then there is no law, no Constitution, and no democracy.

Which all goes to say that what Obama did was a) un-American (“not the way our system works“); b) anti-democratic (“That’s not the way our democracy functions“); and c) unconstitutional (“That’s not how our Constitution is written“).

When I say Obama is a fascist – and I’ve said it before at length – I mean it as a highly accurate descriptive term rather than merely as a rhetorical ad hominem.  And Barack Obama is a fascist BY OBAMA’S OWN PREVIOUS ADMISSIONS ABOUT WHAT HIS ACT ON FRIDAY CONSTITUTED when he set aside the separation of powers and imposed by “Führer-fiat” what the Congress had explicitly refused.

Liberal progressive legal expert Jonathan Turley (along with a number of other constitutional experts) had this to say about Obama’s action in setting aside the rule of law for his political expedience:

“The president is using executive power to do things Congress has refused to do, and that does fit a disturbing pattern of expansion of executive power under President Obama. In many ways, President Obama has fulfilled the dream of an imperial presidency that Richard Nixon strived for. On everything from (the Defense of Marriage Act) to the gaming laws, this is a president who is now functioning as a super legislator. He is effectively negating parts of the criminal code because he disagrees with them. That does go beyond the pale.”

Obama’s strategy is to set aside and flatly ignore the law for his own political benefit.  Every American who is not deeply troubled by that – troubled enough to not vote for this fascist – is UN-American.

What Obama has done is provide an example of out-and-out lawlessness on the part of the president of the United States.  And when we get a hard-core right wing president the way Obama has been a hard-core left wing president, Obama and the Democrat Party and all of those who voted for Obama and the Democrat Party will be entirely to blame for that president and his extremist actions.  You mark my words.  Because what goes around comes around, and if a Democrat can set aside the law the way Obama has now repeatedly done, well, guess who’s going to be stomping on your necks under your own president’s prior justification???  Conservatives are rising up in a spirit of righteous outrage.  You have repeatedly slapped us in the face through your messiah Obama, and the time is coming when we’re going to punch you hard in the nose and then keep on punching.  And when that day comes, liberals, look to yourselves for blame.

We are watching the unravelling of America as Obama that if his presidency doesn’t succeed, America won’t succeed.

America is losing steam on all economic fronts as we speak.  Europe is falling apart at the seams.  The Middle East is going to hell.  Scandal after scandal is erupting that directly involved the White House.  And Barack Obama is doing more fundraisers than the last five presidents COMBINED.

America doesn’t matter to this Turd-in-Chief.  He’s willing to sell out American foreign policy to the Russians as long as they’ll help him win in November.  And given that we already can see right in front of our faces that Obama is a fascist dictator in his first term, there’s no telling what will happen if he gets a second term and is answerable to nobody and to nothing.

There is absolutely no question that the constant stream of top secret leaks are coming directly out of the White House and that vital secrets are being revealed as a means to create propaganda depicting Obama as a “tough” leader.  General Jack Keane said that the only times that America had ever suffered this much damage to its security was when traitors were selling secrets to our adversaries.  We are literally talking about treason.  

It is VERY possible and even probable that Obama as president declassified vital secrets such as the existence of SEAL Team 6, such as the details of the bin Laden raid and precisely what America found in the compound, such as the top secret operation known as Olympic Games and the computer virus known as Stuxnet, such as the drone missions, such as his use of a “kill list.”  Why would he do something that depraved?  Why, in order to sell long-term American security in exchange for short-term votes, that’s why.  Even Diane Feinstein has publicly stated that no nation will trust America for years to come as a result of these leaks, and it is a fact that intelligence operatives who have cooperated with America have been captured and killed or imprisoned, with far more of that to come.  If Obama declassified these and other secrets that have been leaked in an avalanche unlike anything the American intelligence community has ever seen, Obama will have legalized treason.  As commander-in-chief, a president has the right to declassify secrets.  But no president in American history until Obama will have so despised America that he would see this nation burn if he doesn’t win his election.

Even the very left-leaning Daily Beast is outraged at our Traitor-in-Chief:

Last week, the Times ran two sensational front-page articles, one detailing the president’s personally administered list of terror suspects targeted for assassination—the so-called “kill list,”—the other a book excerpt about the origins of the cyberwarfare program, codenamed Olympic Games, out of which came the Stuxnet virus. Both pieces were widely seen as boosting the president’s credibility on national security just as the 2012 presidential race kicked into high gear. Both pieces cite anonymous current and former high-level officials in the administration. The White House has denied that the leaks were authorized, calling the suggestion “grossly irresponsible.” […]

This is the nugget of the problem. If information is too dangerous to be public, it’s supposed to be classified. If it isn’t, then it isn’t—full stop. Information isn’t classified—at least it isn’t supposed to be—for political gain or to cover up wrongdoing, or so high-level government officials can unilaterally dole out secrets to their favorite reporters at elite media organizations, or so well-connected politicians can manage the news cycle, undermine enemies, or win allies.

Officially, there is no middle ground. Sadly, leaks out of the Obama administration are beginning to look like official policy. Days before the Stuxnet and kill-list stories in the Times, columnist Glen Greenwald highlighted administration leaks to Hollywood filmmakers for an upcoming production about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. This, amid the harshest crackdown on unauthorized leaks by any president ever—the Obama administration’s docket of six leak prosecutions under the Espionage Act dwarfs any previous administration’s persecution of loose-lipped officials.

One thing is obvious: Obama only goes after leakers who don’t politically benefit him.

Obama has a long history of personally demonizing people while doing the exact same thing that he demonized them for.  Think of Gitmo, when Obama demonized George Bush – only to keep Gitmo open himself in direct repudiation of his entire presidency by his very own rhetoric.  The same goes for the Patriot Act, for rendition, for military commissions, for domestic eavesdropping and for a long list of other issues.  The liberal New York Times literally accused Bush of “shredding the Constitution.”  Who is shredding it now by the very rhetoric of the left???  In the same way, it is none other than Barack Obama who has violated civil liberties in a manner that goes so far beyond anything that Bush ever did it is almost funny.  The very few liberals who are not abject moral hypocrites (eg., here and here) have pointed this fact out, but the vast majority of liberals who rabidly demonized Bush with froth drooling out of their mouths are nowhere to be seen now that the fascist in the Oval Office is the man they put in there.

Think of Obama’s demonization of Republicans being in the pockets of lobbyists and his lying promises that he would put an end to it.  In fact it’s worse under Obama than it has EVER been, and that according to the liberal Washington Post.  Obama demonized George Bush over the national debt and lied to the American people that he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term.  Instead the disgrace has given us more debt than all the previous presidents in history COMBINEDObama demonized Bush as irresponsible and even unpatriotic for his debt; now Obama’s debt dwarfs Bush’s.  Obama demonized George Bush as a failed leader for needing to raise the debt ceiling and voting against that debt ceiling himself; now Obama has THREE TIMES raised the debt ceiling to levels never seen in the history of the human race and demonizing Republicans who didn’t want to vote for it.

All again pointing out the fact that Obama leaking secrets that politically benefit him while at the same time attacking anybody who leaks secrets that doesn’t politically benefit him is par for the course.  Which reminds me of the fact that this man who is supposed to be working so hard to get America back on track recently completely his 100th round of golf – equivalent to taking four months off his job.

Barack Obama is a cynical liar and hypocrite without shame, without honor and without decency.  And that is simply a fact of history.  And so are his followers who will vote for him no matter what he does no matter how offended they were when the other side did a small fraction of what Obama has done.

That’s actually a big part of the reason Obama is pushing all of these leaks as a means of “boosting the president’s credibility on national security.”  He KNOWS that liberals are abject moral hypocrites who will vote for him even if he is murdering American citizens without any kind of trial with predator drones and even if he is personally selecting which terrorists live and which ones die with his political adviser David Axelrod sitting with him.  Obama knows that the left will vote for him no matter what he does because he knows that they are as much fascist hypocrites as he is.  It’s the independents he wants – and these people WANT the president to be like Bush and be tough on terrorist murderers.

And if Obama has to betray America to sell himself to these independents, what is that to him???  Obama is a man who never saw himself as an American to begin with.

Barack Obama is THE most evil man who has ever contaminated the White House.  I saw that in what might even be called a vision the moment I first saw those Jeremiah Wright tapes and realized that Obama had sat for twenty-plus years under the “spiritual leader” and “mentor” Jeremiah Wright and remained for sermon after sermon of this anti-American and racist Marxist.  In my very first political article ever, I betrayed both my naivety and understanding all at once.  I predicted that Democrats would rightly reject Barack Obama in favor of Hillary Clinton due to the Jeremiah Wright revelations; I was wrong because I simply failed to understand how truly depraved Democrats and the Democrat Party had become.  But I also rightly perceived the evil of Obama.  My last words in that very first article of mine were:

If Senator Barack Obama’s presidential aspirations aren’t done for now, they should be. If he wins the nomination, I have every confidence that he will be destroyed in the general election when the Wright issue comes back with a vengeance. Until this week, I believed Senator Hillary Clinton was a far more beatable candidate than Senator Barack Obama. I was wrong.

Barack Obama is far more wrong for sitting under the teaching of such a hateful man for so many years. In doing so, the most liberal Senator in the nation underscores just how extreme his views actually are, and just how dangerous a Barack Obama presidency would be for this country.

Republicans would have had to nominate David Duke for president to even BEGIN to come close to what Democrats did in nominating Barack Obama.  And this nation was asking for it and has dearly paid for it ever since that evil day on June 3, 2008 when he received enough delegates to win the Democrat nomination prior to the economic crash. 

This is God damned America until Obama is thrown out of office.  Now that we’ve seen this failure in action for four years, America has no excuse.  The soul of this nation is at stake in November, and America needs God far, far more than God needs America.

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12 Responses to “Obama’s ‘Major Policy’ Speech Last Thursday Documents He Is A Failure. His Abrogation Of The Rule Of Law On Friday Documents He Is A Fascist.”

  1. DBRandall Says:

    I find it ironic Obama is sending drones to spy on us in the privacy of our own homes but we can’t even see his school records. That doesn’t sound fair.
    He wants to exclude corporate donations from campaigns? He must be bundling because the ‘big guys’ have funnelled money to him for 6 years.
    Solar? $1.4 billion to prologis in 2009, a ‘solar co., global distribution center and industrial real estate trust. Yes I can see how the latter is ‘green’…for their pockets.
    We want Obama’s records and we want them now. We also want a computer program to recount the votes to find dead, fake, duplicate and illegal votes.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Great points. We are finding out that Obama is PERFECTLY willing to attack any source of money that doesn’t directly benefit himself (his sources are off limits); we are finding that Obama is PERFECTLY willing to go after any leak that doesn’t benefit his political self-interests (his administration leaks as a matter of Obama policy, and that is what the LEFT says); we are finding that Obama attacks “fat cats” who give to his opposition but uses the power of government to give huge public money to his own campaign supporters. And Obama is the worst civil liberties violator in the history of the republic, with his use of military predator drones flying over civilian citizens’ homes just the latest outrage.

    And yeah, it’s kind of funny that the most “transparent” president in history refused to produce so much as his birth certificate and we have no idea about his entire college history. That even as he employs Nixonian tactics to publicize the identities of those who give to Republicans so his cockroach army can find out every detail in their lives.

  3. Questionman Says:

    It’s oiffical. You are a racist!
    It’s obvious you are sick in the head!
    The right clan worst congress ever mouth breathers are a disgrace.

    This is further proof ANYONE who hates Barack Obama is a racist! They hate having black people in the white house!
    Barack Obama is not a secret Marxist class warrior who wants to redistribute wealth in America.
    No. Why bother, even if you think Obama “hates America” (only nutbags ever think this of Obama, Bush or any President); from a practical standpoint he can just fire and perhaps prosecute the leaker if they are discovered.

    Besides, its not like he’s trying to get a loyal CIA operative killed or anything. Let’s keep it in perspective.

    Thus, President Obama is not a criminal, nor even an evil man for doing what he did. He is doing his job just like so many Presidents before him and the political process is playing out, just as it has over the last two centuries plus. If he declined to do what he felt necessary in the process of running the government, that to me would be a larger offense. What if, for example, the President decided to shut down the government because Congress failed to agree on a budget (which it has)? No national defense, no Social Security checks, no VA hospitals, no nothing. Now that would be criminal. We need to remember that the Executive branch of government is co-equal with the other two, and no less vital.

    Also GOP Attacks Obama More Than Any Other President In History. i was right. this country has gottern racist. Obama’s four years have not been an abject failure. You’re drinking too much ale and spending time smearing to you racist base! OK what part of repealing DADT and passing HCR is miserable abject failure? Dont you think our country progressed quite a bit since Bush years in these two regards? Although he has other major accomplishments that deserve unilateral respect such as Bin Laden kill order, those two accomplishments should suffice.

    oh, and this little gem:
    Obama Didn’t create more debt than any other President!
    I’m conviced that ANYONE who hates Barack Obama, not his policies, is in fact a racist that hates having black people in thw White House. What other explaination can there be?

    Besides being ignorant, perhaps before you show your complete stupidity you should use spell check: countrys? destrustion? Really? Perhaps the latter is a typo but the former is definitely a lack of spelling ability. Oh. I’m sorry. You probably do not understand the difference between latter and former. Try spelling correctly: countries and destruction before criticizing our President. I have tried to listen to him and understand the hatred and vitriol of the right-wing, and finally just cannot accept any explanation of the hatred of the man except the fact that he is biracial. We are in SERIOUS trouble if Romney is elected. All of you out there – if you’re not very wealthy, as in the $250,000+ range, watch out. Things will get really bad under Romney. I have a feeling you’re going to get your wish and get Obama booted out. Bye-Bye, Middle Class.

  4. DB Randall Says:

    Disagreeing with Obama’s policies doesn’t mean you’re a racist. It means you’re practicing freedom of speech and independent thought. Like New Black Panther’s, Shabazz telling ‘blacks’ to kill ‘whites and whites babies’.

    I was there in the 60’s. We fought for civil rights and we won. Now 50 years later we’re fighting the very people we fought for. Who are the racists? Who are the ones using ‘black’ and ‘white’? While there is nothing wrong with being albino, we are not. We are not ‘black’. We are brown, fair, medium and dark. What does that mean? Nothing, because we don’t ‘judge people by the color of their skin, but by the quality of their character.

    If those racists continue to lump us into a mass group of ‘whites’ and blame us for all that’s wrong in their lives, while believing they are somehow better than us… that is their right. It’s my right to love my country and all of it’s hardworking, law abiding, taxpaying citizens, regardless of color.
    Do you know how many executive orders Obama has written? How much have they cost and who gained the most benefit?

    ps. Mr. Obama, before we convert the entire planet to solar and wind, shouldn’t we be sure we have the ‘precious metals’ to sustain them? I hear china has the monopoly, Buffet has the train and Soros has a plan. GBA

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    I thought you were blocked, and I would have simply corrected my error and blocked you again except someone already responded to your latest tirade. I always try to give a full-length response to those I’m going to block. So in responding to you before going through the process of blocking you again, allow me to replay part of my last comment before blocking you just to document that all you talk about and all you have EVER talked about is your racism:


    I’ve blocked you before for your racist tirades. The opening line of your last comment, for example:

    Rick Santorum, the bigot, Attacks President Obama’s faith. And unfortunately, it kind of has some relevance on this election. As I kept saying over and over, it’s 2012 and racism is on the rise. The racist right has a chance to get rid of President Barack Obama; they no longer hide their racism anymore. It’s there for all to see.

    Your opening line in your comment before that one:

    Just when I thought the racist right couldn’t get any sick and disgusting, they keep proving my both right and wrong! Especially (excluding Matt) all of these pukes swallow the words of these scumbag Neo-Nazi Racists like Mark Levin and his fellow Neo-Nazi racists at the 2012 CPAC! I said last year that crap like this was gonna happen!

    The opening words of your comment before that one:

    Just when I thought the racist right couldn’t sink any low, I both get proven wrong and right! I’ve read enough digusting, anti-human trash from the right that could without a dobut give the Ku Klux Klan a run for their money. Hell! Tje Right-Wing ARE the KKK of Today, even though they were the KKK of Yesterday!

    And your opening words in your comment before that one:

    You are a sick, demented racist, bigoted Un-American scum! Judging by your sick, demented rant you don’t know hoe the housing market works.

    And your opening words in your comment before that one:

    Of course I know that it was merely because Mr. Obama was a Democrat that you didn’t think that he should be the President of the United States of America. If he had been a white Republican then you would have been heartily in favour of him being elected.

    And your opening words in your comment before that one:

    Racism is winning! America is becoming racist against! Thanks to the right! They hate having a black president, they won’t deny that!

    You’ve got racism and race-hatred on the brain, and it has rotted both your brain and your soul. That’s why you are such an utterly boring one-trick pony. You can’t help yourself because racism dominates absolutely every single fiber of your being.

    You’re like Gollum; you’ve been completely consumed by your hate.

    So it doesn’t surprise me one bit that you would immediately jump to racism again. Because being that you are such a crystalized, distilled racist, and since racism dominates every aspect of your entire being and there is no room in either your heart or your mind for anything BUT racism, what more should I expect from you?

    You are a one-trick pony, Questionman. You are a Gollum utterly consumed by racism and hatred and bigotry and intolerance for absolutely ANYBODY and ANYTHING that doesn’t agree with your ideology.

    On your warped, demented, perverted, bitter and hateful view, if Barack Obama was a “whitey,” I’d love him. I have absolutely zero policy, political, or worldview disagreements with Obama at all; I just look at the color of his skin and that’s all it is.

    I was helping an elderly widow out once with a yard sale. No one was showing up. So I went to the main drag with a sign to attract more attention (it worked, too!). Most boring hour of my life. Anyway, while I was out there a schizophrenic woman approached me and just started yelling at me for about five minutes. She saw my sign and said, “Yard sale? YARD SALE?!?! And just went off on me. I just looked at her and let her yell until she finally stormed off.

    That’s YOU, Questionman. That’s all you are. A raving lunatic nutjob that no one can possibly have any kind of rational discussion with.

    I couldn’t block that schizophrenic woman. Fortunately, I have a little more control over YOU storming over.

    I don’t care if Obama is black, white, or whatever. I’m not like you, utterly consumed by the color of people’s skin. I call Obama a socialist because his policies are socialist, just like the white socialist in France.

    I came across the following today that your messiah has provided America:

    America’s poor: The grim statistics
    ● U.S. population: 313.7 million (June 2012)

    ● U.S. poverty rate: 15.1% (2010), up from 14.3% in 2009

    ● U.S. unemployment rate: 8.2% (May 2012)

    ● Real median household income: $49,445 (2010), down 2.3% from 2009

    ● [A Child poverty rate of 23.1%, which is higher than latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Czcech Republic, Lithuania and Slovenia.]

    One in six Americans are in poverty under this president. Poverty has SKYROCKETED under this president. And all you do is offer racist tirades for anybody who doesn’t like poverty in America.

    What has Obama done? He’s campaigned and fundraised – attended more fundraisers than the last FIVE presidents COMBINED. While scandals and failure erupt all around him. Meanwhile, our debt is making us look more and more and more like Greece while liberals keep demanding we be just like the Europe that is going down the toilet as we speak.

    Obama has given America a staggering debt burden that is simply beyond comprehension. Obama promised the American people he would cut the deficit in HALF by now; instead, he has given us more debt than any other leader in the history of the entire planet. Obama demonized George Bush for $4 trillion of debt in eight years of office; Obama has now racked up $6 trillion in less than FOUR years in office!!! And it is actually even WORSE, according to USA Today: instead of talking about the $1.3 trillion deficits Obama has given us every single year of his presidency, the REAL picture is more like $5.6 TRILLION. Obama has now offered two consecutive budgets that were such sick jokes that not even ONE Democrat in either the House or the Senate would vote for it.

    Meanwhile, it is the 1,150th day since Democrats actually passed ANY budget at all in open defiance of their most basic duty and the rule of law. The Democrat Party is an abject DISGRACE.

    Just ONE MONTH of Obama/Democrat budget deficits are now worse than the ENTIRE YEAR of the last Bush/Republican Congress in fiscal year 2007.

    America is in a state of shambles under the leadership of your messiah. We are going in the tank. And your messiah has this to offer: “Don’t blame me for my entire presidency. Don’t blame me for the last four years of failure from my policies. Ignore the fact that the other side was right in predicting that every single thing I would do is fail. I cannot be held accountable for ANYTHING. And his cockroach minions such as yourself hastily add, “And ANYONE who says ANYTHING negative is a racist. Because in the racist fascist state we have created, there is ONLY one thought that shall be tolerated and any OTHER thought shall be demonized. And we won’t demonize by attacking the merit of the idea; rather, we shall drag racism in to absolutely every discussion no matter what!”

    Now, you then drag in the Valerie Plame fiasco and say:

    Besides, its not like he’s trying to get a loyal CIA operative killed or anything. Let’s keep it in perspective

    You sick fool. First of all, Valerie Plame had not been a covert operative for very nearly five years and her status was about to expire when Democrats blew that case up. She was NEVER in any kind of jeopardy and you are a liar for saying otherwise. Second of all, neither Bush nor anybody in the Bush White House leaked Valerie Plame’s identity in the first place: it was Richard Armitage, a former State Department official who served under both Republicans AND Democrats, who did the leaking about the identity of FORMER covert operative Valerie Plame. Scooter Libby had nothing to do with leaking Valerie Plame’s identiy and basically was conviceted in the most liberal region in the entire nation for being a Republican. So the least you could do is get your basic facts right.

    In demanding an investigation up the Bush administration anus, DEMOCRATS NOW DESERVE THE SAME HELL THEY ADMINISTERED TO COME BACK UP THEIR REAR ENDS. And the only reason you don’t think so is because you are a rabidly partisan hypocrite who says, “How DARE you treat us the same way we treated you?!?!”

    The series of leaks that has come out of the White House – and I mean even by Diane Feinstein’s account – are so damaging to American foreign policy and national security it is beyond unreal. We haven’t suffered this much damage since the worst spies in American history betrayed secrets to our worst enemies.

    And you have the unmitigated, discraceful, frankly psychotic GALL to claim that the Valerie Plame witch hunt was fully justified even though the Bush White House had NEVER actually been involved and even though NO SECRETS were actually revealed, but the worst betrayal of secrets in American history should be ignored.

    Lastly, your whining about Obama being the most attacked president in history is just pathetic. You forgot your eight years of Bush derangement syndrome that literally began the night he was elected. You forget all the damn times you people called Bush a Nazi only to whine and whine because we did unto you what you’d spent 8 years doing unto Bush. It was all you did for eight years.

    Finally, Questionman, you have a warped, sick, and frankly EVIL view that white people are all these terrible things and black people can be racist to the CORE without being racist. When the black person in question is a conservative, you viciously pour hate on black people in a matter that makes me want to vomit. If you want to see what racists look like, look to the Democrat Party.

    I’ll end by pasting something I’ve ranted before:

    I am beyond sick of this crap. Where’s the CONGRESSIONAL WHITE CAUCUS that dedicates itself to securing political benefits for white people, and blacks be damned??? Where’s the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF WHITE PEOPLE that is operating with prestige and acclaim??? Where are the HISTORICALLY WHITE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES that exist to educate white students rather than black students??? Where’s the UNITED CAUCASIAN COLLEGE FUND that exists to give scholarships to white students for the sake of being white??? Where’s the NATIONAL WHITE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE to secure business opportunities for white people against black people???

    Hey, let me ask a more compelling question, given the occupant of the White House: where’s the national major white politician who spent 20-odd years in a “church” that espoused a commitment to the white value system, which entails a commitment to the white community, a commitment to white self-determination, a commitment to the white family, a commitment to white education, a commitment to the white workforce, a commitment to the white ethic, a commitment to white progress, a commitment to support white institutions, and a commitment to pledge allegiance to all white leadership?

    Raise your hand if you plan to vote for that white guy and his commitment to all those white values.

    Raise your hand if you intend to vote for the white man who went to a white church with a commitment to the white value system whose preacher – whom he described as his spiritual mentor – shrieked out a sermon about black folks’ greed driving socialist screed. How about if that white politician wrote a book using the title of that sermon???

    And, by the way, if you’re a black person, and you DON’T vote for my white values candidate, YOU ARE A RACIST!!! And you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    Just who the hell are these people to lecture anybody about racism???

    Your radical ideology has defined racism so that it is a sin that everybody but <strong>YOU can be guilty of while demonizing people who have NEVER BEEN as racist as you are. LOOK AT THE LOG IN YOUR OWN EYE, YOU HYPOCRITE.

    Now you just get lost, you waste of time.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    DB Randall,

    What is the breakdown by party of who voted for and against the Civil Rights act of 1964?


    Subject: Re: Voting record for the Civil Rights Act
    Answered By: sldreamer-ga on 30 Mar 2003 16:10 PST
    Hi david2626,

    Here is the answer to your question:

    House of Representatives:
    Democrats for: 152
    Democrats against: 96
    Republicans for: 138
    Republicans against: 34

    Democrats for: 46
    Democrats against: 21
    Republicans for: 27
    Republicans against: 6

    Many sources cite numbers provided by an issue of Congressional Quarterly. For example, on the web site of the 5th Legislative District Republican Party for the State of Washington, they state:

    “The Congressional Quarterly of June 26, 1964 recorded that in the Senate, only 69 percent of Democrats (46 for, 21 against) voted for the Civil Rights Act as compared to 82 percent of Republicans (27 for, 6 against). All southern Democratic senators voted against the act. […] In the House of Representatives, 61 percent of Democrats (152 for, 96 against) voted for the Civil Rights Act; 92 of the 103 Southern Democrats voted against it. Among Republicans, 80 percent (138 for, 34 against) voted for it.”

    Here is a link to the page on their web site: http://www.5ldgop.org/new_page_3.htm

    Also, an article on Salon.com states: “According to Congressional Quarterly, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed the House 290-130, and Republican support for the bill was much stronger than Democratic: 61 percent (152-96) of the Democrats supported the legislation while 80 percent (138-34) of the Republicans backed it. These numbers were similar in the Senate — 69 percent of Democrats (46-21), backed the bill along with 82 percent of Republicans (27-6).”

    Here is the Salon.com article: “Democratic bigots” by Jake Tapper, July 17, 2000.

    An excellent article on the CongressLink web site provides a history of the drafting of the bill and the debates within the two houses of
    Congress. According to the article, this is how the House of Representatives voted: “Of the 420 members who voted, 290 supported the civil rights bill and
    130 opposed it. Republicans favored the bill 138 to 34; Democrats supported it 152-96. It is interesting to note that Democrats from northern states voted overwhelmingly for the bill, 141 to 4, while Democrats from southern states voted overwhelmingly against the bill, 92 to 11.”

    The article later states how the Senate voted: “[…] the Senate passed the bill by a 73 to 27 roll call vote. Six Republicans and 21 Democrats held firm and voted against passage.”

    Here is the CongressLink article:
    “Major Features of the Civil Rights Act of 1964”

    I didn’t write that up; I merely copied and pasted it. But it provides the facts that if ANY Party should get credit for being pro-Civil Rights, it is the REPUBLICAN Party.

    Meanwhile, the Democrat Party fought a vicious Civil War to keep slavery. Republicans defeated them and freed the slaves. Following that, the Ku Klux Klan – the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party created to attack black AND white Republicans, began its reign of terror to force states to remain Democrat. We get into the 20th century when Woodrow Wilson, the father of the progressive movement, was an open racist who RE-segregated the military and the government. The 1924 Democrat National Convention was so completely dominated by the Ku Klux Klan that it was called “Klanbake.” And, until last year, it was the Democrat Party who had as their honored elder statesman a former Exalted Cyclops and Kleagle of the Klan in the person of Sen. Robert Byrd.

    Thanks for standing up for the truth, DB.

    As to your P.S., there is a giant solar plant being put up in California – and there are ALL KINDS of environmental issues being raised. In addition to being a) incredibly expensive relative to fossil fuels which will drive up our energy to ridiculous levels and b) making America dependent on foreign sources when we ought to be using our own oil and coal resources, well, it is going to c) poison the planet.

  7. DB Randall Says:

    Thank you for backing me up. That was excellent, factual information. Just goes to show the truth can be found if we don’t accept things like ‘lemmings’ and seek it long enough.
    Solar itself is not so bad, but we have learned we can’t trust a lot of people when it comes to our government, money and freedom.

    I am wondering how ‘Prologis’ Solar, is also global distribution and industrial real estate trust. Land is being bought and sold globally and few are ‘minding the mint’. How do tax dollars for solar energy end up in foreign real estate?

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    DB Randall,

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw your initial comment: thank you for backing ME up.

    Republicans have always stood up for good principles wherever we have found them. It is frankly amazing and wicked to the extent that Republicans have come to be demonized over racism when it has been the party of individual freedom since the days of Lincoln.

    I completely agree with you about solar energy – and have a feeling you know a fair bit more about it than I do. There’s nothing wrong with solar energy – especially when you live in a sunny climate. There’s something wrong with heavily SUBSIZED solar energy. When you take something that is too inefficient to compete with other energy industries and then punish the successful/viable energies and subsidize the inefficient/expensive energies, you are guaranteed to be doing the wrong thing. And of course you invite corruption. Corrupt people invariably are attracted to subsized boondoggles. And they invariably game the system. And of course when you have corrupt politicians writing the laws to favor corrupt campaign donors to get millions or even billions in government money, it gets crazy quick.

    If liberals love solar energy so much, let THEM fund it. But that simply doesn’t seem to be the way they think. Rather they think, “This is a good idea. It would be a stupid idea with MY money, but if I could just force OTHER people to pay for it, why, it would be wonderful!”

    What is particularly funny is that most of the solar energy hardware is made cheaply in China. When we invest in solar, we are largely investing in Chinese jobs. Obama is angry at China over subsidizing solar energy panel production to the extent that he is literally threatening a trade war with China. And yet what does has Obama been doing? Trying to subsidize AMERICAN solar energy production. Which is to say how DARE China do what Obama is trying to do but do it better than Obama can do it???

  9. DBRandall Says:

    It’s nice to have common sense conversation. As far as Obama being angry with China, my ancestors would say, “He speaks with forked tongue.” It is difficult to find the true numbers on prologis because I am not a wall street whiz. I do know China works through prologis and owns many shares. $1.4 billion given by taxpayers.
    I knew the EPA was mindless and corrupt in ‘Ghostbusers’. The fools get these great ideas with no knowlege of the subject and no forethought to the consequences.
    So right about alternative energy. Not just the lawmakers but the fat cats who want the monopoly. I read the oil industries are frustrated from fed regulations requiring they mix oil with some ‘cellulose ethanol’ which doesn’t exist, isn’t being made and no one knows how to make it. The EPA says it’s willing to drop the regulations by 98%. (?!) I just keep praying and believe in the end, we can clean house and start over. DB

  10. Michael Eden Says:


    Well, I think Obama’s policy has more to do with “workers of the world unite!” more than anything else. He’s trying to kill American oil drilling on the one hand, but Obama certainly didn’t mind giving big money to help Brazil drill for IT’S oil (not that the idiot didn’t do it in anything other than an incompetent manner). Great deal for America: we’ll pay full price for Brazilian oil after we give them $2 billion to drill it while killing jobs in America. Obama gave huge money – over half a BILLION – to Finnish workers.

    So why shouldn’t Obama kill American jobs to give billions to China? Or to Russia and France? These are countries where “workers of the world unite!” is taken truly seriously (which is why France just elected an openly socialist leader).

    Obama really is more of a “president of the world” than of America, anyway. Obama is just so wonderful America really just isn’t important enough to be trusted to worship him alone.

    Obama liberals constantly blather about Obama lowering taxes. Of course it’s a load of crap. That’s because: 1) Regulations – which Obama is piling on us – constitute a nearly $2 trillion a year hidden tax on Amerians. Which dwarfs the actual income taxes, btw. 2) Obama thinks that “tax credits” (redistributed handouts that are taken from tax payers and given to those who largely DON’T pay income taxes) are the same thing as “tax cuts” (which cut the taxes of actual “tax payers”). And that said there’s 3) that Obama has been trying to hike tax rates on us since he got into office.

    Your point about cellulose ethanol is, of course, just amazing. Obama’s EPA is literally issuing huge fines because oil companies are refusing to use this product – WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN PRODUCED AND DOESN’T EXIST.

    But the workers in the Brazilian oil fields don’t mind; Obama is giving them all sorts of money and he’s not regulating them at all.

    It’s not that Obama hates oil. He just hates American oil. And the American workers who bring it to us.

  11. Rwolf Says:

    Are You Scheduled for—Indefinite Detention?

    Journalists have not zeroed in on NDAA’s vague wording (Belligerent) U.S. Government can use to hold non-terrorists, anyone in Indefinite Detention.

    The Obama administration has not defined what they consider militant, or what is against the good of U.S. Government; or what constitutes a belligerent being directly aligned with militants to indefinitely detain Americans without charges. U.S. Government can claim any lawful communication with any person or group the government deems militant is directly aligned e.g. demonstrators. Even writers that exercise the 1st Amendment writing article(s) that disagree with or question U.S. Government or its allies could potentially be subject to indefinite detention on basis there writings were “against the good of America.”

    Current NDAA provisions would allow U.S. Government to arbitrarily round up large numbers of Americans, anyone U.S. Government deems a belligerent or threat to National Security. The Obama Government wants the power to incarcerate in indefinite detention any American it alleges a “Belligerent” without probable cause, charges, no right to an attorney or habeas corpus. Some observers believe NDAA included the vague term “Belligerent” so U.S. Government would have authority granted by Congress to—Indefinitely Detain Americans not involved in terrorism who participate in lawful 1st Amendment activities U.S. Government allege—appeared intended or used to support or provoke—hostilities, combatants, terrorism or belligerents; and or threaten National Security.

    NDAA 2012 opened the door for corrupt U.S. police; government agents and provocateurs which there are many, to file false reports and statements to target any American for arrest or disappearance. It is apparent some Members in Congress don’t represent the Constitution; otherwise they would not have voted down introduced amendments to the 2013 Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that would have protected Americans’ right to due process of law under NDAA. Sections of NDAA 2012 are so broadly written U.S. Government or the President may be able to (retroactively) deem any American or group’s prior 1st Amendment behavior as supporting hostilities, terrorism or (Belligerent) to order Indefinite Detention. Historical Note: the Nazi Government used similar laws to NDAA to arrest, indefinitely detain, disappear and execute without probable cause—their political opposition and confiscate the property of those arrested.

    It should be expected that indefinitely detained U.S. Citizens not involved in terrorism or hostile activities, not given Miranda Warnings when interrogated, not allowed legal counsel or habeas corpus may be prosecuted for non-terrorist (ordinary crimes) because of their (alleged admissions) while held in Indefinite Detention.

  12. Michael Eden Says:


    What you are saying is particularly interesting given this (go to the site to see the supporting links):

    Large Scale DHS Ammo Purchases
    Last week we ran an article outlining The Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to prepare for large scale civil unrest around election time. As fears grow over what may happen, we have learned that the Department of Homeland Security may be heavily arming themselves for a possible confrontation.

    News broke late last night, that DHS has placed a purchase order for 750 million rounds of high-power ammunition. This newest purchase order comes on the heels of another large scale procurement of ammunition, from March of 2012, where DHS purchased 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo from Alliant Techsystems. To put these numbers into perspective, the war in Afghanistan has used an estimated 21 million rounds of ammunition to date.

    NOAA Purchasing Ammo?

    To add to the weirdness, earlier this morning it was reported that the National Weather Service (NWS) also placed a purchase order for ammunition. The Purchase order indicated that NWS needed 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition. NWS quickly denied the report to the Washington Post, and described the purchase order as a clerical error. They claim that the Ammo was actually intended for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

    Preparing for Civil Uprising or Collapse?

    Over the last year, we have outlined numerous examples of how the federal government seems to be preparing for a civil uprising or full blown collapse scenario. In fact, last week we reported on the publication of a military article that describes a theoretical situation where the U.S. Army would go to war with the American People (specifically tea party groups and “extremist right wingers”). The report described how future warfare could be conducted on American soil, and depicted scenarios where the U.S. Military would have to use its power against the American public.

    The Federal Government, who is actively looking for ways to restrict your right to own firearms, is now stocking up on huge amounts of Ammo and studying theoretical situation where they could use military force on the American Public. The only question is why?

    It is fascinating that the very government department you are referring to has now purchased OVER 100 million rounds of ammunition!!!

    I don’t find the question you asked – “Are You Scheduled for—Indefinite Detention?” – the least bit funny and I have no doubt that you didn’t intend it to BE funny (which is to say that isn’t a criticism of you, but rather an acknowledgement). We can look around TODAY at Syria and see a government that literally used fighter jets to bomb one of its own cities. The Syrian government has now murdered over 20,000 of its own citizens.

    I have several times considered the fact that my being a blogger could VERY WELL ultimately get me scheduled for “indefinite detention” in these darkening days.

    Frankly, if they come for Christians and conservatives and those who support Israel, I hope they come for me in the very first wave. Because otherwise I would either have to be incredibly courageous knowing that I would be next, or do what most people do and stop standing up for what I believe in.

    I wear a Star of David every time I go in public (on close inspection, it is designed to be formed out of the nails of the Cross). It occurs to me every time I put that on that there have been many times in history when that symbol has been very dangerous indeed to wear. If they come after the Jews, though, I hope they grab me right along with the Jews. Because I want to stand with them, and I can only think how truly ashamed I would be of myself if they came for the Jews and I took my Star of David off.

    I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one. — Ezekiel 22:30

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