Democrats Heckle Children And Tell Kids They Will ‘Burn In Hell’ For Singing ‘God Bless The USA’

Get lower than this.

At the 1:48 mark the black liberal repeatedly says to the children, “You’re going to burn in hell for this.  You’re going to burn in hell.”

This apparently took place at an event set up by a Republican Senate candidate in New York who was outraged over a school’s banning the singing of “God Bless the USA” by children.

Nothing makes a Democrat’s skin crawl like children singing about God when they should be shouting chants about corporations killing the earth or celebrating homosexuality.

These children should be singing about Obama.  HE’S the “messiah.”  Why don’t these children realize that Obama has replaced God?  Like these kids:

That little girl “gets it.” She’s got an altar set up right next to her and she’s singing her songs of praise and adoration in worship.

In both cases above – and in many, many other documented cases – children were indoctrinated to worship their messiah Obama BY NAME.

What were those kids singing at the event that makes the liberals come so completely unglued?  Were they singing songs adoring a man?  Nope.  Just God.  Just asking God – you know, GOD, not the deceitful weasel otherwise known as Obama – to bless their country.

To be a liberal is to be guilty of such stunning abject personal hypocrisy it is utterly beyond belief.

To be a liberal is to go so far over the top it is utterly unreal and then amazingly demonize conservatives for taking even the tiniest steps in the direction they themselves had already gone MILES.

This is why I long since concluded that you can’t “be reasonable” with Democrats; you simply have to defeat them.  Because they are pathologically incapable of not being stark raving HYPOCRITES.  And there is no possible way to have any kind of a reasonable discussion with fundamentally dishonest people.

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