Charlie Rangle’s Suppression Of Hispanic Vote Proves, As Usual, That DEMOCRAT Party Is the REAL Party Of Racism

Given the constant sea of assertions and demagogic accusations coming from Democrats that Republicans are “racists” who are “trying to suppress” minorities votes by requiring ANY form of ID whatsoever, this is rather priceless:

Rangel’s primary victory in question as vote count narrows lead
Published July 02, 2012

New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel’s primary win last week is being challenged amid allegations of voter suppression and an ongoing ballot count that over the weekend trimmed his margin to roughly 800 votes.
A court hearing is scheduled Monday afternoon in New York on the matter.
The 82-year-old Rangel was declared the victor Tuesday night in his quest for a 22nd term after he led his closest challenger, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, by roughly 2,300 votes — or 44-42 percent.
However, the New York City Board of Elections said Saturday night the margin had been trimmed to 802 votes as officials continue to count roughly 3,200 additional absentee ballots and affidavits – paper ballots cast by residents whose names did not appear on voter rolls and were not allowed to use the electronic voting machines.
“Four days after polls closed, we finally have a preliminary vote count, excluding thousands of paper ballots,” said Espaillat spokesman Ibrahim Khan. “With each new tally, Senator Espaillat’s vote total increases.”
The final tally is expected before the end of the week.
The Rangel campaign could not be reached for comment Monday.
Two years ago, a House panel convicted the 82-year-old lawmaker on multiple ethics violations, from failing to pay taxes on rental income from his Dominican Republic villa to accepting a rent-stabilized apartment from a New York City developer.
Rangel’s newly drawn district now stretches from Harlem to the Bronx and includes more Hispanic residents.
The hearing scheduled before the state Supreme Court on Monday was filed by the Espaillat campaign. It alleges ballots are not being counted and some voting machines were broken.
The campaign said some of the affidavits are from Hispanic voters for Espaillat who were forced to cast them in an effort to suppress their votes.
In addition, Hispanic leaders are calling for federal oversight of the vote count. 
“We have witnessed disturbing allegations of voter suppression and lack of transparency in the 13th Congressional District election,” said Maria Teresa Montilla, president of the Dominican American National Roundtable. “We are calling on the United States Department of Justice to take immediate action to monitor the Board of Elections’ proceedings.”
The group also has established a hotline for voters encountered barriers to the ballot box, including misinformation and lack of interpretation services.
Fox News’ Eric Shawn contributed to this report.

We are being told that Hispanic voters were denied the use of the voting machines and were forced to cast their votes on paper affidavits – said votes being easier to destroy without a trace:

One of the Espaillat supporters who joined Mr. Rodriguez at the press conference was Ruben Dario Vargas, who briefly entered the race against Mr. Rangel in April. After less than 24 hours, as a candidate, Mr. Vargas dropped out and began supporting Mr. Espaillat. Mr. Vargas, who said he was “supervising ten polling places” on election day, claimed he saw widespread instances of Dominican voters being forced to use affidavit ballots. Mr. Espaillat would be the first congressman of Dominican descent and his base of support is within the Dominican community.

“It was a common factor when a person with a Spanish accent–a Dominican Spanish accent, went to vote they were saying, ‘You’re not on the list.’ They were not finding them,” Mr. Vargas said. “Then, they were telling them ‘OK, you want to vote? Affidavit.”

Mr. Vargas also claimed some of the affidavit ballots were being tampered with by poll workers.

“I had a tremendous problem with Cynthia Doty, who is a district leader in that area,” Mr. Vargas said. “She was going around with other people cutting the seal on the affidavit ballots and replacing the seal on the affidavit ballots.”

We are being told that a number of polling places in heavily Hispanic districts literally ended up having a zero tally.  Where did those votes go???

We’re being told that Democrats who run the district machine and the Board of Elections aren’t bothering to count districts that are heavily Hispanic.

Ah, Democrat Party, the party of the fugitive slave act and the party of the Ku Klux Klan and the partyof resegregation and the Klanbake and the party of New Deal labor union segregation, please don’t tell me that you’re at it again.

Democrats have falsely demonized Republicans for decades, ignoring the fact that it was REPUBLICANS who voted for the Civil Rights act by far larger percentages than Democrats.

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