Small Business Owner Jack Gilchrist Responds To Obama’s Idiotic ‘If You’ve Got A Business, You Didn’t Build That’ Rhetoric

It finally occurred to Homer Simpson:

How about you?

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33 Responses to “Small Business Owner Jack Gilchrist Responds To Obama’s Idiotic ‘If You’ve Got A Business, You Didn’t Build That’ Rhetoric”

  1. Dan Spain Says:

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Dan Spain,

    Every time I think liberals have finally plumbed the bottom of sheer stupidity, somebody like you comes along and points out, “We can go DEEPER into stupid. To quote our messiah Obama, ‘Yes we can!'”

    This idiot article you link to literally says that Mitt Romney completely agrees with Obama that nobody built their own damn business, because, after all, Mitt Romney said something good about a teacher once. And if you are a retard jackass dumbass you know that that means that the government did everything and business owners have nothing to do whatsoever with building their businesses.

    I actually saw the Cavuto interview on Fox. Not the 20 seconds your communist Lawrence O’Donnell played, but the whole damn thing.

    Yes, Jack Gilchrist admits that in fact at some point in his life he did in fact have a good teacher. And yes, he does acknowledge that there is something called the “Interstate freeway system” that you utterly brain-dead cockroaches apparently believe conservatives don’t believe exists. But here’s the thing, Dumbass Dan: the welfare punk sitting on his couch who is too damn lazy to ever bother to get off his ass long enough to work one honest day in his life ALSO HAD ACCESS TO THE SAME DAMN TEACHERS AND CAN DRIVE ON THE SAME DAMN ROADS. The difference between the welfare punk and the business owner isn’t that the business owner got to go to a public school and was able to drive on roads. They BOTH had that. No, you idiot, the difference between the business owner and the welfare punk is that contrary to your buttwipe president the business owner BUILT A BUSINESS AND THE WELFARE PUNK DIDN’T BUILD A BUSINESS.

    To wit, when Barack Hussein Obama says to the business owner, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that,” he is a liar and an obvious fool.

    I’ll tell you what, you turd. We shouldn’t be worshiping Obama like you want; we ought to be worshiping the SUN. After all, if the SUN didn’t shine on small businesses, they couldn’t have their businesses. The sun gives us more than Obama does. So “if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.” Because the SUN built it. And nobody can take credit for what they do to make the most of their little piece of sun, can they? No, we all have to be communists because the sun shines on everybody and therefore it shouldn’t matter that I work fifty times harder than you do.

    How is it that Jack Gilcrhist’s dad – who literally put his house at risk by putting a second mortgage on it to take out the loan by which he bought the business – didn’t start/create his own business? Are you saying that Obama cosigned that loan and if the business had gone belly up Obama would have paid it off? Dumbass? How is it that Jack Gilchrist had to scramble every month to meet payroll? Are you truly so deluded that you believe that Obama met his payroll for him? Whenever Jack Gilcrhist had an important decision to make for his business, did he call Obama? Do ya really think so?

    I’ve got two contractors working in my house right now doing a bathroom remodel. One is a master plumber and the other is a tile installer. Both have employees. AND BOTH ARE PISSED OFF BY THAT EVIL REMARK OBAMA MADE THAT YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO EVER COMPREHEND.

    Again: yes, there are schools. Yes, there are roads. But people who not only never owned their own business in their life, but people who never even worked an honest day in their life, got those things too. And so to say that because of schools and roads “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that” – as Obama said – is the statement of a demon-possessed Marxist who refuses to believe that there is such a thing as individual initiative or personal responsibility. Such that no matter how hard somebody worked, no matter how much they risked or invested, no matter how much time and talent and energy they put into their business, they deserve no more credit for their business than a cockroach liberal Marxist turd like you who had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with that guy’s business regardless of anything that your communist-in-chief tells you.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    For you sheep on the right why dont you stop getting led around by others and start thinking for yourselfs. If you see the unedited remarks the president made and not the edited version Faux news showed you will see what the president was talking about and it was not building your buisiness it was the infrastructure to get your buisiness going like the roads which someone else built, the internet, schools etc. Stop being led around and check the facts yourself. Just go see the unedited version and then realise you are being played by liars and crooks who think you are sheep and at their disposal.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    That’s pretty funny. Because, you see, I already had an article published three days before this one that not only directly quoted several paragraphs of Obama’s speech at length and without any kind of “editing” whatsoever. Oh, and that article also linked to a transcript of the ENTIRE Obama speech.

    I quoted SIX PARAGRAPHS of Obama without any editing or ellipses whatsoever. And you accuse me of “editing,” you liar????

    So, um, you idiot liberal sheep who get led around by others because you listen to leftwing talking points and refuse to think for yourself, you’re kind of just full of crap here.

    You assert:

    “what the president was talking about and it was not building your buisiness…”

    Again, just to document that you are a liar who is trying to reinterpret Obama’s words:

    “if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own… If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help… If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

    In other words, bullcrap, you liar.

    Obama’s fellow liberal Democrat Elizabeth Warren makes it crystal clear exactly what your messiah meant:

    “I hear all this, you know, ‘Well, this is class warfare, this is whatever,’” Warren said. “No. There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody.

    “You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear: you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did.”

    I recently responded to a link by a liberal citing an article by a liberal that will help anyone trying to understand the gulf between Democrats and Republicans. Mind you, I’m pretty pissed off when I say it.

    There is absolutely no question and any honest person knows there is no question that what Obama and Warren are saying is that all people who build businesses are doing is pirating off government infrastructure, such that they have no right to take any meaningful credit for the success of their businesses. And therefore business owners ought to be willing to pay their real god the Government what it is due. And as I pointed out in the comment above, that is simply bullcrap because: 1) Given that both successful people and unsuccessful people alike benefited equally from schools and roads, how can the schools and roads possibly be the cause of the successful people’s success? It was their hard work, risk, more hard work and good decisions that made them successful, not the public schools and roads that welfare queens get just as much of. And 2) Given that these business owners were already forced to pay for this stuff by their already too-high taxes, and it is frankly evil for Obama to suck out business owners’ tax money for services, and then turn around and argue that because the government provided the services that they forced the business owners to pay for it meant that the business owners who were forced to pay for those services aren’t responsible for all the hard work and risks that they took that had nothing to do with the government.

    As an example, I went to a public school when I was a kid. Do you know why I went to a public school? Because liberals forced my parents to pay property taxes that went into public schools and ONLY into public schools. My parents wanted us to go to Christian schools, but at that time they couldn’t pay the taxes that funded the government schools and at the same time pay to send us to a Christian school. If my parents had been allowed to use their property tax money to instead send us to Christian schools, then THAT’S where we would have gone. If you had any decency at all you liberals would be for VOUCHERS that let parents choose which schools to send their kids to; instead you condemn millions of children to failing government schools and it is EVIL.

    So what you are in fact doing is 1) forcing us to contribute to a government system and then 2) saying that since we benefited from the system that you forced us to contribute to, we are therefore not allowed to take any credit for our success that was based on our risks, our initiative, our investments and our time and our work. Instead Government should get all the credit and liberals can then justify their forcing people to pay higher taxes on the basis of the taxes that they have already been forced to pay.

    The “unedited version actually makes it even MORE clear what Obama meant, which is why I quoted several paragraphs of his sewage.

    The only crook and liar around here is you. But I can fix that.

  5. Susan Kempher Says:

    You can twist words any way you want to. I was a small business owner and until you’ve walked in my shoes, I really don’t want to hear your rhetoric.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Susan Kempher,

    I’m not sure who you’re even accusing of “twisting words.” Obama sure as hell has twisted words.

    I also don’t know whether you “was” a small business owner or not, or how successful you were (again, other than the “was” part being an indication). I’ve caught so many liberals in documented lies that I wrote up an article including that as part of “liberal schtick” for liberals to make false claims about themselves in order to attain status (such as “political independent”) that they clearly do not possess in real life.

    There’s another psychological malady that’s pretty typical of the liberals who comment on my site: a bizarre identity disorder which results in liberals being unable to simply admit what they are. All the time I get people who are very clearly committed leftists/Democrats trying to pass themselves off as “moderates” or “independents.” Because, you see, if they’re “moderate,” then they represent the giant voice of the middle. And how on earth can I debate someone who is the living embodiment of The Middle.

    So I get liberals all the time who will post comment after comment – with every single ONE of those comments arguing for liberal/Democrat positions – and then they’ll tell me that they’re most certainly NOT liberals or Democrats.

    Often I catch them red-handed being deceitful, such as a guy who started calling himself “Moderate Conservative” to try to fool me shortly after introducing himself as “Moderate Liberal.” He lacked any shame for his deceit in attempting to pass himself off as something he was not, but at least I got him to acknowledge what he was doing. And this same guy was posting to the “Who Spent More” article, fwiw. He was lecturing me on being more civil while dissociating himself from the vileness of his own side. Because the Democrat Party – at the highest national levels – call conservatives “terrorists” and “racists” and “anti-immigrant” and every hateful pejorative they can think up. We want dirtier air and dirtier water and we want children to suffer from Down Syndrome and autism – and those last according to the guy who is calling himself “the President of the United States” as though he represented the entire country rather than just the radical left.

    Notice everything I’m linking to is recent. I don’t have to dredge stuff up from 16 months ago; I get this crap ALL THE TIME from liberals.

    So if you’re trying to lecture ME about “twisting words,” well, I have a very strong suspicion that you are just another utterly failed liberal liar who understands that you can make up damn near ANY story about yourself on the internet just as many of you already have.

    I do know this: true small business owners are truly suffering under the Obama regime.

    I do know that nearly 80% of small business owners are stating that Obama is HURTING them.

    I do know that both major small business organizations – the Chamber of Commerce and the NFIB (National Federaltion of Independent Businesses) both decried the “twisted words” of Obama and his ongoing attack of small businesses.

    I do know that only 1 in 5 small businesses plan to hire any workers under Obama; and I know that nearly 80% of small businesses want Obama to get his government the hell out of their way; and I know that 90% of them are concerned about Obama’s massive social spending and their being demonized to pay for it all.

    I do know this: Jack Gilcrhist is a small business owner who is hurting Obama because he has untwisted what Obama twisted.

    I also know that as I write this, I’ve got a major bathroom remodel going. And I know that I have a master plumber and a tile installer in here. And I know that I had Fox News on and I know they were both just livid when they heard Obama’s “twisted words.”

    I may be misconstruing you, and your rant – along with the overwhelming majority of small business owners – is aimed right at Obama’s giant-eared head. But if you’re attacking me for “twisting words,” you are so in the tiny minority when it comes to business owners being oppressed by Obama that it isn’t even funny. Which is another way of saying it is YOUR words that are horrifyingly twisted.

  7. Former Independent Says:

    So you heard the entire video of Obama’s speech, and yet you still choose to misinterpret it? It’s sad that hatred has rendered you unable to accept the facts. Not only did Obama say that businesses had help from many along the way, and that they didn’t build the roads and bridges, etc. that businesses need in order to function, but Romney agreed with him. Yet Romney still chose to edit Obama’s remarks to make it look as though a business owner didn’t build his own business. And as it turns out, Jack Gilchrist most definitely benefited from government help, receiving millions in government loans and contracts. Obama has also lowered taxes 25 times for the middle class and small businesses. Your hatred is making you irrational, and it isn’t healthy, either for you or for the country.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Former Independent, Current Dumbass,

    Dang, you are stupid.

    Yes, you sub-retard, I actually AM aware that government has built most of the freaking roads and bridges in this country. Yes, idiot, I am aware that Mitt Romney is similarly aware of this fact that government actually accomplished SOMETHING.

    Given that public roads and bridges are every bit as available to idiots like you who never accomplished one damn worthwhile thing in your entire pointless lives, how is it that the existence of government-built roads and bridges somehow means that business owners did not build their own businesses or are somehow more obligated to pay for them than useless people like YOU? How is it – since every American benefits equally from government roads and bridges – that EVERY American isn’t a successful business owner? How is it that some businesses succeed and others fail given that the government built roads and bridges for the businesses that failed too? How is it that there are useless nincompoops like you even though the government built roads and bridges?

    Obama has given “tax credits” and NOT “tax cuts.” I won’t even try to explain that to you, given the idiocy you have already documented.

    My “hatred” is for idiocy such as you walk around in. And my “hatred” is for lying weasels who assert a load of crap without ever bothering to document anything they say.

    P.S. James Holmes had a government grant to pursue his Ph.D. studies. I hope you stupid liberals are as willing to take credit for his psychpathic murder spree as you are to take credit for Jack Gilchrist’s business success. But I’m guessing you won’t do that, because you liberal cockroaches are just like the psychos in the fact that just like the psychos never say they are insane for doing a GOOD thing, so also liberal psychos never blame the government for a BAD thing unless “Bush did it.”

  9. Samantha Says:

    Michael Eden do you have anything better to do then spuw hateful words?

  10. Andrew E. Says:

    It’s so telling that the people countering your rhetoric do so without name-calling but you can’t go one sentence without spewing your bitterness and hatred, Michael. What an ugly person you come off as. I find it ironic you head your blog with a quote from the Bible as you seem about as far removed from the teachings of Jesus as you can get.

  11. Michael Eden Says:


    Who are YOU to ask. You clearly don’t.

    This is yet another of a thousand cases in which I write an article that interacts with facts, and some liberal hater comes along – has NOTHING to offer but demonizing – and personally attacks me while deceitfully pretending that the guy who interacted with the facts is the hater and the liberal who did nothing but personally attack me is NOT the hater.

    Liberalism = hypocrisy. And the more of a liberal you are, the bigger of a hypocrite you are.

    Thank you for continuing to prove that.

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    Andrew E.,

    Well, let’s see. You accuse me of bitterness and hatred, which is both bitter and hateful. You call me an “ugly person,” which is incredibly ugly of you. And then like sugar on top you attack me for my religion. And all the while, you deceitful little worm, you posture yourself as “the tolerant one.”

    You just personally attacked me with four vile names and accusations. And I had never said so much as a single impolite word to you prior to your assault on me.

    I don’t and frankly have NEVER gone to liberal blogs and attacked those people the way you liberal hypocrites attack me every single day.

    You are a poster boy with your talking points. In your attack on my religion, you take your cue from a Marxist named Saul Alinsky who dedicated his book to Lucifer:

    “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more live up to their own rules than the Christian Church can live up to Christianity.”

    You are somebody who literally follows a demon worshiper in attacking me for my religion “and making me as your enemy live up to their own book of rules” that YOU you never bother to live up to. You are an abject hypocrite who self-righteously and falsely claims to hate “rhetoric” when you call me things every iota as ugly as I call you people out for. I’m a guy who says let’s either all be nice or let’s realize that this is a war for our children and FIGHT no holds barred as if we’re fighting for our survival. YOU, Andrew, are a guy who hypocritically says one thing while you’re doing another. You are a guy who says liberals are so damn nice when in fact the record here and everywhere else proves just the opposite.

    Heck, it was just a few days ago that a liberal physcially threatened me TWICE on this blog (here and here). Yeah, “It’s so telling that the people countering your rhetoric do so without name-calling,” Mister Damn Name Caller.

    And here’s the other thing: neither you nor 95% of the OTHER liberals I deal with offer ANY “countering” at all. Where is YOUR “countering”, you liar? Where do you interact with all the facts and all the arguments I present??? All you do is whine about my name-calling while calling me a half-dozen names. That’s ALL you do.

    I’ve written about you: I’ve received so many of your hypocritical self-righteous talking points from you mindless drones that I just wrote it up in an article. I’m talking about YOU here, Andrew:

    So I’m fighting as best I know how. And I often must fight against a pseudo-righteousness from a side that calls me all kinds of terrible names and labels even as it hypocritically demands I refrain from doing the same thing they’re doing to me.

    In any event, I’ve recently gotten a larger dose in a shorter period of time crap from liberals that I’ve basically been experiencing since the day I got my “very first comment” and it turned out to be from a liberal hater. I’m getting my fill of liberal avoidance and victimism and projection and other disorders.

    “Victimism” in this context is when a liberal practices a particularly bizarre form of psychological jujitsu in order to make themselves the victim in an argument or debate. You see, in their warped little minds, if they can manage to make themselves the victim, they win. It doesn’t matter how strong your case is or how weak theirs is otherwise; in liberalism the victim always wins. Period. And look; they’re the victim!

    So, of course, if I say something mean – (regardless of anything vile they previously said to me) – they become the victim and therefore they win the debate. Because that’s the way their world works.

    You can, of course, translate this into the larger socio-economic-and-political issues: victimhood means everything to the left. It is a cherished status to be sought above everything else – especially above facts.

    I would rather have someone sitting right next to me raking her fingernails over a chalkboard than be involved in such a “debate.” But as a conservative blogger I am nevertheless forced to endure it most every day.

    There’s a flip side to the victimism, and that is avoidance.

    Liberals do not like things called “facts” or “arguments.” They are too constraining and isn’t “liberalism” all about feeling free from such constraints?

    So I write an article on the issue of abortion and as a result I get called a “KKK racist.” I get a very similar accusation of being a racist if I talk about government spending. Because, as we all know, being pro-life or anti-reckless government spending is very clearly “racist.” I mean, what liberal doesn’t know that?

    Why talk about the facts when you can talk about something else instead?

    So all the time I respond to liberals, carefully try to interact with and refute their arguments, and it’s like I haven’t said anything, or maybe like I’m writing in a different, incomprehensible language.

    I get very bored very quickly arguing with somebody who doesn’t bother to even acknowledge anything I say. I start thinking about all the things I could be doing that would be far more productive usages of my time.

    Again, that’s pretty much just par for the course of being a conservative blogger.

    Just what is it about you liberal turds that you think you are entitled to come on my blog and dump your hate on me and call me out while if I do anything similar to you it’s wrong??? Why do you pretend that you’re “countering my rhetoric” while NEVER bothering to actually respond to any of my facts or arguments??? How does your head not explode from trying to hold on to all the contradictions???

    Now get lost. I won’t waste any more time on a guy who accuses me of things that he’s literally doing while he accuses me of doing them and has nothing more to offer besides personal attacks.

  13. Alabama Says:

    Hahaha.. I love the comments.

    So I’m going to “guess” a couple of things:

    1. This blog belongs to Michael Eden
    2. Michael Eden hates President Obama

    But I’m going to see what Michael says to this (I’m sure he’ll call me a “lib-tard” “current dumbass” or some other insult thats suppose to make me curl up in a corner and announce how “much wiser Rightwing blowhards” are because they apparently spend a lot of time thinking of 20 year old insults). Anyhoo my points.

    1. YOUR parents sent you to public school. If you have a problem with that blame YOUR PARENTS.

    2. The fact remains that unless you are independentely weathly like say,.. Mitt Romney you will at some point need help opening your business. Loans from the bank are guaranteed by…(shocker I know) THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

    Jack Gilchrists dad may have put taken out a second mortagage on his house, but that doesn’t change the fact that he may have ALSO gotten a loan from the government.

    3. I am a small business owner in a town called Stoughton, and since MA does have statewide healthcare, I was able to offer medical benefits to my 4 employees. Thanks Romney, and the State of MA, and President Obama.

    Let me tell you a story about a man named Willard Romney. He started a business called Bain Capital and he said, the only way I”ll start this business is if you guarantee that when/if it fails, I get to come back to the job I left, and get all the perks I may have missed. And they said okay okay, we’ll give you back your old office, and any missing raises or wages..

    And this is the problem with “conservatives” – because they are slightly dishonest about the small stuff, like Jack Gilchrist (and the loans he took out), and Mitt Romney (and the risk he never had to take to open Bain), and Michael Eden(who appears to hate President Obama so much he is hanging from his nutz) it makes it harder to listen to ANY OF YOUR STUPID AZZ RANTING POINTS. TAKE A DEEP BREATHE AND READ A NEWSPAPER THAT YOU HAVENT PULLED OUTTA YOUR AZZ

    Has anyone noticed – not even other conservatives can agree with him (and Michaels head should explode in 1, 2, 3…….

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m going to see what Michael says to this (I’m sure he’ll call me a “lib-tard” “current dumbass” …


    Your wish is my command: POOF, you’re a libturd dumbass. And since I normally grant three wishes, POOF, you’re a cockroach, too.

    My parents sent me to public school, libturd cocrkoach dumbass. Is it your contention that poor people and people who do not own successful small businesses were NOT allowed to go to public school? Do you have any evidence that poor people and people who aren’t successful small business owners are not being or were not allowed to go to public school?

    Given that you DON’T have such evidence, I continue to repeat the thing that not ONE of you libturd dumbass cockroaches have even taken a SWIPE at in spite of the fact that I have pointed it out every single time to your ilk in my comments: how is it that successful business people owe going to public school for their success when EVERYBODY gets to go to public school??? If going to government-funded public school makes you a success, then everybody ought to be a success. Clearly what you keep trying to argue is simply NOT TRUE. There are all kinds of personal factors such as hard work, personal responsibility, personal creativity, willingness to assume risk, etc. that are the actual cause of successful business people’s success. You are simply a liar for trying to claim otherwise.

    I have now made the same argument SEVEN TIMES to SEVEN LIBERALS. And not one of you has enough of a brain in your head to think for one nanosecond beyond your stupid talking points and actually deal with a FACT. NOT ONE OF YOU!!!

    I keep expecting you libturd dumbass cockroaches to be mindless drones and you never cease to surpass my expectation of stupidity. You are pathologically incapable of dealing with any fact that isn’t programmed into your talking points for you.

    I’ve pointed out that James Holmes had a government grant to pursue his education: since the government is responsible for Jack Gilchrist’s business success because he got a government education loan, will you finally be consistent for once in your lives and affirm that the same government that is responsible for Jack Gilchrist’s success in business is therefore also equally responsible for James Holme’s murder spree because James Holmes got a government eduation GRANT?

    Will you now apply your idiot “logic” to it’s logical conclusion and blame Obama for every single murderer, rapist, gang banger, drug addict, homeless person, etc. etc. etc. who attended public school? And oh, my God, it gets even worse for Obammunist: because all the aforementioned slimebags probably got to drive on public roads. And damn I’ll bet they could have even used the internet!!! Holy crap: government is responsible for murder! Government is responsible for rape! Government is responsible for every evil thing. I KNEW Obama was a vicious evil rat bastard from hell! Because as a clear and obvious logical necessity, if the government is responsible for Jack Gilchrist’s success, it is responsible for all the above too.

    Every single thing you say is utter and unadulterated bullcrap because every single thing you cite: public schools, roads and bridges, government education loans, etc. ARE AVAILABLE AND ARE USED ALL THE DAMN TIME BY FAILURES.

    Again – and damn I hate to explain simple things over and over again to moral retards – you simply cannot credit these things that every total loser and failure has just as much of as successful business people as the reason for the success of the successful business people.

    The things that allowed the successful business people to succeed are: hard work, person risk, personal responsibility, individual initiative, and all the other things that you libturd dumbass cockroaches are trying to remove from the American sould while you create a State in which none of us is responsible for ourselves and therefore not responsible for our personal achievements. You want to punish success and you want to subsidize failure.

    A few more things, given that you cite RomneyCare as wonderful and you want even more of it with ObamaCare:

    RomneyCare destroyed nearly 20 thousand jobs in a tiny state. Let’s do the math: 18,000 jobs in the state of Massachusetts that has 6,587,536 people in a nation of 311,591,917. Divide the two and you get 47.3. Multiply that by the 18,000 jobs that RomneyCare killed and you get 851,404 jobs that will be destroyed by ObamaCare. Only ObamaCare will be FAR worse than RomneyCare ever was and so we’re probably talking about at least a couple of million jobs destroyed.

    And you want that, you libturd dumbass cockroach. You WANT to destroy jobs.

    Second, RomneyCare has been a total financial bust for the state of Massachusetts:

    State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill wrote: “The universal insurance coverage we adopted in 2006 was projected to cost taxpayers $88 million a year. However, since this program was adopted in 2006, our health-care costs have in total exceeded $4 billion. The cost of Massachusetts’ plan has blown a hole in the Commonwealth’s budget.”

    State finances have not collapsed only because RomneyCare spread the costs widely, forcing virtually everyone in and out of the state to share the pain. Cahill cited federal subsidies as keeping the state afloat financially. Indeed, a June study from the Beacon Hill Institute concluded that “The state has been able to shift the majority of the costs to the federal government.” The Institute pointed to higher costs of $8.6 billion since the law was implemented. Just $414 million was paid by Massachusetts. Medicaid (federal payments) covered $2.4 billion. Medicare took care of $1.4 billion.

    But even more costs, $4.3 billion, have been imposed on the private sector — employers, insurers, and residents. This estimate is in line with an earlier study by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, which figured that 60% of the new costs fell on individuals and businesses.

    As expenses have risen, so have premiums. Noted Kuttner, “because serious cost containment was not part of the original package, premium costs in the commonwealth have risen far faster than nationally — by 10.3%, the most recent year available.” Economists John F. Cogan, Glenn Hubbard, and Daniel Kessler figured that RomneyCare inflated premiums by 6% from 2006 to 2008. This at a time where the state-subsidized Commonwealth Care was displacing private insurance for many people, thereby reducing demand, which should have reduced cost pressures.

    Unfortunately, noted the Beacon Hill Institute, “private companies have no choice but to pass the higher costs onto the insured. Some of these costs fall in the double-digit range.” That naturally displeased public officials, since it undercut their claim to have solved Massachusetts’ health care problems.

    $88 million to $4 billion. And really to $8.6 billion plus another $4.3 billion for a total actual cost of $12.9 billion. Versus that projected cost of $88 million. Even at the lowest number, that’s a 389 percent increase above projected cost, you libturd dumbass cockroach. And the real figure if we’re going to be honest is an increase of 1,366 percent over what the RomneyCare turd was billed as expected to cost.

    And because of RomneyCare premiums have risen 10.3% above the already stratospheric rise of health care in general. Because neither RomneyCare nor ObamaCare contained costs and in fact exploded them.

    Just imagine those kinds of bombs blowing up our federal government, where there’s nowhere you can run and nowhere you can hide from The State. And there is no question that The State you are trying to create is going to necessarily go bankrupt and kill MILLIONS of people as the system falls apart while you use the crisis to create the next failed communist Utopia you have always dreamed of in “the People’s Socialist Republic of America.”

    So you as a typical libturd dumbass cockroach want to destroy millions of jobs, collapse the healthcare system and bankrupt families.

  15. Ben Dover Says:

    @Michael Eden……God, I never believed there coould be so much
    vileness ad stupidity on the GOP side, bu the past 4 years proved I was wrong! You and imbeciles like you proves that everyday! Not only you insult everybody that has the right argumnet and facts, like the vile,undeucated, low–life republican you are, but you are also the stupidest man alive, just like Romney, to keep insulting the decent , honest, LUCID American people that saw hat VIDEO with Obama speach 100 times and WE know that he meant THE INFRASTRUCTURE, THE ROADS AND BRIDGES, you scumbag and lying garbage of a human being! Are you really that stupid and vile anmd dont get it , or you dnt care, all you care about clicks or how many people visits your crrapy blog? In regards to ‘comunist’ Obama , all the vile billionaires that are talking bad about Obama, got richer thantunder any other president before!
    Stop talking about crap you dont know, dimwitt, you dont know what commuism is if it falls on your stupid head! Obamai Mother Teresa compared to you racist, lying , greedy, vile assholes!!
    Go back under your rock, you dumb piece of shiiiittt, we go by VIDEO EVIDENCE, not by making it up as you go, GOP trade mark!

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    I just got through pointing out that I had provided the same argument over and over again to the last seven liberals who were utterly incapable of responding to a single fact.

    Make that eight for eight.

    The same crap, over and over from the same rabid little roaches: a liberal accuses me of “vileness and stupidity” only to immediately thereafter 1) call me an “imbecile”; 2) call me a “vile,undeucated, low–life republican”; 3) call me “the stupidest man alive”; 4) call me a “scumbag and lying garbage of a human being”; 5) call me “stupid and vile”; refer to me as belonging to the class of “racist, lying , greedy, vile assholes”; and 6) call me a “dumb piece of shiiiittt.”

    Our creatively named “Ben Dover” says:

    “Not only you insult everybody that has the right argumnet and facts…”

    This is like “Where’s Waldo”: can you spot a single time when Mr. “Dover” bothers to provide ANY kind of argument or ANY “facts”???

    This is what I get over and over and over again. It is why I have a very short temper.

  17. flicka47licka47 Says:

    Well, the liberals are too stupid to read what you wrote in very plain English, but I want to thank you for taking them on with facts!

    Unfortunately your typical libturd dumbass cockroach doesn’t see their own evil with their give me, give me thieving attitude. Most of them are morally corrupt to the core, and have no shame. It almost makes you wish they could be made to suffer what they wish for, maybe then they’d wake up.

    Thanks again for taking them on, I wish I was half as elegant about it as you. They just leave me sputtering in disbelief most of the time at how selfish and dumb they are, being lead to the slaughter by a party that truly doesn’t care that they would be the ones to be left to starve or die while those party grandees live the good life.

    Liberals are death worshippers…

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Michael, so what do you have to say now that it’s been shown he DIDN’T do it on his own but with some government loans? Hypocrite is as hypocrite does.

  19. Michael Eden Says:



    Make that nine for nine. When I say that liberals are butt-head stupid, I don’t state that as anything less than a scientifically proven fact.

    I’ve got an article tomorrow that will make the point that mass murdering psychopath James Holmes:

    1) Attended public schools
    2) Used public roads – and in fact used a public road as his route to mass homicide
    3) used the internet and
    4) used his government GRANT (not just loan!) to buy his thousands of rounds of ammunition and his “murder suit.”

    These were the four things that Obama cited in his defense that “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.” And all FOUR of them apply to James Holmes.

    “If you’re a mass murdering pscyho demon, you didn’t get there on your own. I, messiah Obama, helped you get to where you are.”

    Anonymous, will you please – PLEASE – affirm that the Government and Obama are murderers. Because if the Government should receive credit for Jack Gilchris’s success in business because he got a government loan then it SURELY IS TO BLAME FOR JAMES HOLMES’ MASS MURDERS BECAUSE HE GOT A HUGE GOVERNMENT GRANT.

    You damn hypocrite slimebag.

  20. Michael Eden Says:


    I’ve said this before: if America became a liberal Utopia (i.e., if it became a communist dictatorship), liberals would continue to happily support Obama as the nation degenerated into a place like North Korea where the whole country was dark as night (because liberals practically took us back the stone age with their policies) and the people were required to dig up so much of their own fecal matter to use as fuel.

    Both of those things are true of North Korea – and the North Korean people are so happy they weep with joy for their Dear Leader.

    It is a mental disorder that emanates from their root moral disorder. Liberals are bad people who fundamentally can’t understand right and wrong.

    Common sense is akin to rocket science to your garden variety liberal; they have never understood either one and never will understand either one.

    Ultimately, of course, liberalism is an evil that hurts EVERYONE. It would be nice if we could simply divide the country in half and let the liberals destroy themselves while we conservatives were finally free of their dumbass evil to finally flourish. But it will never work that way. Obama is a cancer that makes the whole body of America sick and weak.

    As terrible as Obama has been for our utterly insane spending that will NECESSARILY bankrupt America, he is just the worse of a century of truly evil Democrats who have had truly evil policies. What is our true debt? It isn’t the $15.9 trillion that our debt clock says; it is now well over $211 TRILLION. And 99.999 percent of that debt was saddled on the American people by DEMOCRATS in the form of unfunded liabilities generated by Democrat Social Security and Democrat Medicare and Democrat Medicaid and now Democrat ObamaCare.

    Medicare WILL go bankrupt by 2016 if not sooner. It was ALWAYS unsustainable. And Democrats have screamed in rage every time Republicans like Paul Ryan have tried to keep the program going by making the necessary changes.

    One of the things that is going to kill us is the 54 million babies – i.e. future workers – that Democrats have murdered in America. In 1965, the median age in America was 28.4 years old; now thanks to a generation of murdered babies it is 37.2. Social Security used to be supported by something like 16 workers for every retiree. But we have murdered one sixth of our current population – and now it’s getting to an unsustainable 3 workers for every retiree.

    America is going to implode soon. The Antichrist will come soon. And the Democrats who were 100 percent responsible for the collapse of America will worship the beast and joyfully take his mark.

    Your last words reminded me of my “liberal Bible verses”:

    “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the LORD? Because of this, wrath has gone out against you from the LORD” – 2 Chronicles 19:2

    A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left. — Ecclesiastes 10:2

    You love evil more than good, Falsehood more than speaking what is right. — Psalm 52:3

    But he who sins against Me injures himself; all those who hate Me love death — Proverbs 8:36

    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! — Isaiah 5:20

    You who hate good and love evil, Who tear off their skin from them And their flesh from their bones — Micah 3:2

    Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools – Romans 1:22

    For God’s wrath is being revealed from heaven against all the ungodliness and wickedness of those who in their wickedness suppress the truth – Romans 1:18

    In their case, the god of this world has blinded the minds of those who do not believe to keep them from seeing the light of the glorious gospel of the Messiah, who is the image of God. — 2 Corinthians 4:4

    Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron — 1 Timothy 4:2

    For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. — 2 Tim 4:3-4

  21. Scooter Liberal Says:

    In a Mitt Romney ad last week, a stern Jack Gilchrist of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating tells President Obama that his family — and not the government — built his company. In 1999, Gilchrist Metal received $800,000 in tax-exempt revenue bonds issued by the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority “to set up a second manufacturing plant and purchase equipment to produce high definition television broadcasting equipment,” according to a New Hampshire Union Leader report at the time. The federal government allocates to each state a certain amount of tax-exempt bonding capacity each year for business and housing loans. Because the bond buyers do not pay federal taxes on the interest, the interest rate for the borrower is typically lower than that of standard bank financing. Last year, Gilchrist Metal also received two U.S. Navy sub-contracts totaling about $83,000 and a smaller, $5,600 Coast Guard contract in 2008, according to a government web site that tracks spending. END…OF…STORY!

  22. Marko Says:


    And, as it turns out, Jack Gilchrist is no different. The New Hampshire Union Leader reports today that Gilchrist benefited from millions of dollars of government loans and contracts to get his business on its feet:

    In 1999, Gilchrist Metal received $800,000 in tax-exempt revenue bonds issued by the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority “to set up a second manufacturing plant and purchase equipment to produce high definition television broadcasting equipment,” according to a New Hampshire Union Leader report at the time…

    Last year, Gilchrist Metal also received two U.S. Navy sub-contracts totaling about $83,000 and a smaller $5,600 Coast Guard contract in 2008, according to a government web site that tracks spending.

  23. Marko Says:

    Obama is correct. They couldn’t find a single poster child for their attack.

  24. Michael Eden Says:

    Scooter Liberal,

    Liberals are now nine for nine in documenting that they are stupid people who simply aren’t decent enough or smart enough to get off their damn talking point and actually interact with FACTS.

  25. Michael Eden Says:


    And here we are: ten for ten. That’s a milestone of real pathetic gutless cowardice, lefties.

    Not one of you has bothered to so much as try to deal with the argument I presented in this article and have repeated over and over to the first eight roaches.

    I document it HERE.

    YOU LIBERALS are responsible for mass murdering psychos, for rapists, for child molestors, for gang bangers, for drug dealers, for every form of vermin. Because YOU’RE vermin.

    Jack Gilchrist received government loands, so government should be given credit for his successs. That’s what you mindless drones have told me over and over.

    James Holmes, mass murderer, received government GRANTS, so government chould be given credit for his murder spree and for every murderer who ever got so much as one penny from the government.

    James Holmes also drove to the theater to murder people on PUBLIC ROADS. James Holmes used Obama’s INTERNET to purchase his arsenal. The government is responsible for the “success” of every predator on society who uses public roads, because after all, Obama claimed that government is responsible for every good thing that happened on roads and bridges.

    Oh, and btw, James Holmes used his government grant money to PAY for his arsenal. So there is little question from your own reasoning that Obama is a murderer.

    So, you idiot demon possessed cockroaches want to claim that you’re responsible for Jack Gilchrist? Fine. But you are murderers and rapists and pedophiles by the same damn reason.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    You supporters of the hypocrite Jack Gilchrist have missed the central point which is that Obama was talking about roads and bridges, not the business itself and all Romney can do is lie, lie, lie when he intentionally takes it out of context to mean something else. Engage your brain and look at the truth or risk becoming irrelevant to those of us trying to build a better America.

  27. Michael Eden Says:

    Obama was talking about roads and bridges, not the business itself

    Anonymous dumbass,

    Too bad you can’t comprehend the English language. And too bad the only “ground” you’ve got to stand on is your talking point ideologue outrage

    Obama’s words examined:

    “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet. The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.”

    The Team then explains: “The President’s full remarks show that the ‘that’ in ‘you didn’t build that’ clearly refers to roads and bridges–public infrastructure we count on the government to build and maintain.”

    That’s bunk, and not only because “business” is more proximate to the pronoun “that” and therefore its more likely antecedent. The Truth Team’s interpretation is ungrammatical. “Roads and bridges” is plural; “that” is singular. If the Team is right about Obama’s meaning, he should have said, “You didn’t build those.”

    Barack Obama is supposed to be the World’s Greatest Orator, the smartest man in the world. Yet his campaign asks us to believe he is not even competent to construct a sentence.

    Hence, you abject dumbass:

    “If you’ve got a business (singular), you didn’t build THAT (singular).”

    Which of course is what Obama very clearly said. Because yes, you turd, he WAS referring to business.

    Whereas if Obama had intended to refer to roads and bridges and ignore the general antecedent rule with pronouns he would have said:

    “Somebody invested in roads and bridges (plural). If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build THOSE. Somebody else made THOSE happen.”

    Which he didn’t say. Because he’s a communist among other reasons.

    I understand, anonymous dumbass. You’re just a cockroach. How can you know stuff that only English-speaking humans should know? You’ve got to worry about those humans swatting you all the time, you can’t figure out the intracies of our language.

    I also keep pointing out – and this is now what the TWELTH DAMN TIME YOU LIBERALS HAVE FAILED TO INTERACT WITH WHAT I HAVE NOW REPEATEDLY SAID? – That mass murdering psyco James Holmes USED OBAMA’S ROADS to drive to the theater and murder people.

    I have pointed out that James Holmes went to a public school with public school teachers. I have pointed out that James Holmes used public roads. I have pointed out that James Holmes got a government grant. I have pointed out that James Holmes used the Internet. I have pointed out that James Holmes used his government grant to buy his arsenal on the Internet.

    So if the government is responsible for Jack Gilcrhrist’s success, you lying demon possessed roach, then the government is responsible for James Holmes and virtually every criminal and every crime in America.

    What you are doing is pure evil to credit government with the success of individual hard-working business owners.

  28. Jack Smothers Says:

    What a shitty right-wing wacko site this is. LOL

  29. Michael Eden Says:

    Jack Smothers,

    And we are now at thirteen consecutive liberals who have now pretty much proven that liberals are categorically too stupid and too evil to respond to a single fact or argument.

    The idiocy of the left is an amazing thing, when you think about it.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Michael Eden upholds the sterotype of all rightwing fringe lunatics I have had the unfortunate time on this earth to have known. He is a rabid Fox News watcher, name caller of people he’s nevr met,, and hater of anyone who isn’t the Koolade drinker he is. Eden is one of the many reasons the once GOP continues to shrink in numbers. Congrats Mikee….you contributed to the dumbing down of America.

  31. Michael Eden Says:

    you contributed to the dumbing down of America


    You toxic, rabid hypocrite fool.

    I simply cannot believe you people. You call me a:

    name caller of people he’s nevr met

    Hey, buttwipe, what was that you called me just BEFORE you said that? A “sterotype of all rightwing fringe lunatics” wasn’t it? “Rabid” wasn’t it? Then immediately after you call me a buch of names in spite of the fact THAT YOU’VE NEVER MET ME, YOU HYPOCRITE, only then do you demonize me for being a “name caller.” And then right after you say name calling is bad, you immediately proceed to call me more names, such as a “hater” and a “Koolade drinker.”

    I keep asking you people this: how does your skull not explode from all the contradictions. Why do you literally do – both before and after – the very thing you demonize me for doing??? Your soul is completely filled with lies.

    I contribute to the dumbing down of America, do I? And you’ve made it brilliant again? Other than your personal attacks against me, show me ONE THING in your “comment” that was a fact. What did you document to prove what I was arguing was wrong? What argument did you provide? Just ONE damn thing. The ONLY thing you offer is name-calling and hate; and you’ve got the balls to tell me that my being a “name caller of people I’ve never met” and that “I’m contributing to the dumbing down of America ” as the reason why your messiah is such a complete failure????

    You think you’ve been unfortunate to have met rightwingers, do you? The EARTH itself says its unfortunate to have known YOU.

    You tell me that “the GOP continues to shrink in numbers.” You stupid dumbass, you were saying that in 2010 too just before the GOP kicked your ass up one side and down the other in the most historic sweep in over seventy freaking years. Not that factual reality matters to you or anything.

    Nobody who has so much as a single shred of self-respect would do what you just did, you documented hypocrite without shame.

  32. Mike Says:

    MichaeEden, what services should government provide?

  33. Michael Eden Says:


    You could start by being specific: what services should WHAT LEVEL of government provide? Or should I assume you are a true fascist who believes that the nationalist socialist government should provide ALL services and that states, counties, cities and local jurisdictions should do whatever the Führer dictates down to them?

    The founding fathers described the states as “laboratories for democracy”: if a state went too far – as states like New York and California very clearly have – then people could prove them wrong by moving to another state and taking their money with them. Today, there is increasingly nowhere to go but to disavow one’s citizenship and flee the country. We cannot flee a totalitarian federal government that has gone WAY too far. Do you agree or disagree that the federal government should be strictly limited in its power?

    Here’s a fun question for you: do you believe that Obama should be able to force the Catholic Church to fund abortions? Do you believe that the federal government should have the right to literally force the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations out of the hospital care and care for the poor that they provide by imposing godless federal mandates upon them? Did you know that Christian sects built nearly ALL of the hospitals and schools prior to the 1900s when they turned many of these services over to the government with the promise from the government that it would never do what it is very clearly doing now and banning religion? Do you approve or disapprove of the government using lies to seize control of institutions? Do you approve or disapprove of the federal government being rewarded for lying?

    My next question – since you are clearly question-begging and trying to force me into a box – would be to force YOU into a box and ask: is it seriously your contention that every single service your messiah’s all-powerful statist government proves are necessary? Are you here to argue that Obama should be funding studies to study the penis size of gay men?

    How about this question: how do you feel about a large liberal Democrat city like Stockton taking out a huge bond to fund union pensions and then going bankrupt? Do you likey?

    How do you feel about Obama racking up over $6 trillion in debt in just four years? Is that a good thing? You approve of that, do you? How do you feel about the fact that the size of our actual total debt is now well over $225 TRILLION? Do you believe that was wise and nothing more than the result of the federal government limiting itself to necessary services???

    Are you still there, Mike, or does your question seem pretty damn stupid now? Government should be providing a hell of a lot FEWER services than we are and return to the historic tradition of allowing Christians and other religious groups and generous Americans to help people rather than subsidize their broken lives for generation after generation. Nobody starved in this country prior to FDR’s takeover of government.

    You seem to think that conservatives are nihilists who want to destroy all government and return to the state of raw animal nature. And you are a dumbass who isn’t worth talking to if that is your view.

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