Obama Needs To Run Anti-Bain Ads At HIMSELF: The Man In In Charge of Bain During The Layoffs And Outsourcing Was Obama’s Top Bundler Jonathan Lavine

If you believe one word of any Obama attack ad (‘hope and change’ was utterly bogus but at least it sounded nice), you are a dumbass.

The thing is, this isn’t even new news.  The mainstream media has absolutely no excuse; they are biased, dishonest propagandists:

Oops!… Obama’s Top Bundler Jonathan Lavine Was In Charge of Bain During GST Steel Layoffs
Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, July 18, 2012, 5:43 AM

Obama and top campaign bundler Jonathan Lavine from Bain Capital.

The Obama campaign blamed Governor Mitt Romney for the demise of GST Steel company in a video they released in May. The plant closed in 2001. Mitt left Bain in 1999.

For some reason the Obama camp forgot to mention this
Obama’s top bundler Jonathan Lavine was in charge of Bain during the GST layoffs.
Chuck Slowe reported:

Blaming Governor Romney for any issues surrounding the failure of GST is wrong and it is a blatant lie. Mitt Romney had been long gone when the company started to fail and subsequently closed it doors. When are the President and his campaign hacks going to get the story correct? When are they going to get back to their economy and its dreadful condition? Mr. President, you can run but you cannot hide.

It turns out that Jonathan Lavine, current Obama bundler, was actually in charge, at Bain, during that period, when the layoffs occurred. Oops, that isn’t right, is it? Yes, that story is the one that needs to be reported on. Sorry Mr. President, your lies are just getting to be more than many of us are able to handle.

And, Jonathan Lavine is not your average Obama Bain donor. Lavine is one of Barack Obama’s top bundlers.
ABC reported:

While Democrats assail presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital business practices, Republicans note that President Obama has not been bashful about accepting cash from Bain executives or other high-profile figures in the corporate buyout business…

…One of Obama’s top campaign financiers – Jonathan Lavine – is also managing director at Bain, bundling between $100,000 and $200,000 in contributions for the 2012 Obama Victory Fund, according to estimates released by the Obama campaign. The president has also relied on other leading figures in the private equity sector as hosts for high-dollar fundraisers and as members of his Jobs Council.

Maybe someday the liberal media will report on this.

Barack Obama – as I have frequently said – is a Marxist.  And he is as usual following the marching orders of Karl Marx to a ‘T’:

“Accuse others of what you do.” – Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin

Just to add a little more to the pile of hypocrisy that Obama is dredging, we find that a full ONE-THIRD of ALL Obama’s income came from foreign sources.  Which puts the worst demagogic anti-Romney attack rhetoric to shame.

The phrase, “You miserable cockroach” comes to mind.

Some day when it no longer matters, of course.  Until then you can count on the mainstream media to keep pumping out propaganda.  And you can count on dumbass liberals to take it as their cue for their Orwellian Two Minutes Hate sessions.

As for everyone else…

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