America Under Obama’s Obamanation: A Nation Of Pathetic, Disabled Cripples As There Are Literally More Disability Claims Than Jobs

A couple of articles that underlie the fact that Social Security disability claims have soared 160 percent since 1990  (that according to the US Social Security Administration’s Office of Policy) and are well on the way to bankrupting the system:

Article One:

CBO: Social Security Disability Insurance spending to jump 71 percent in ten years
Joel Gehrke
July 16, 2012

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., warned that the Social Security Disability Insurance program is on pace to go bankrupt in four years, after the Congressional Budget Office reported that the amount of benefits provided through the program will increase about 70 percent over the next ten years.

“Today’s report from the Congressional Budget Office reveals a dramatic increase in applications and awards for Social Security disability, placing the disability trust fund on a fast-track to insolvency in just four years,” Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, said in a statement on the report.

According to the CBO, the disability trust fund provided $119 billion to 8.3 million workers. CBO expects that number to jump to $204 billion — an increase of 71 percent, approximately — as the number of disabled workers and dependents receiving money increases to 12.3 million by 2022.

Republicans on the budget committee noted that disability claims have increased more quickly than job creation in the last three months.

“It is clear there is a great need to distinguish between proper and improper disability claims, and to better incentivize and find acceptable work for those who are able,” Sessions said. “Today only 1 percent of Social Security disability recipients ever return to work.”

The disability trust find expansion is also driving Medicare expenses because, after two years, disabled workers automatically receive Medicare benefits. In 2011, the disability trust fund caused an additional $80 billion in Medicare spending.

Note: that’s a 71 percent increase from the aforementioned 160 percent increase, of course.

Article Two:

Jeff Sessions: More Americans Are Collecting Disability Than Finding Jobs
Daniel Doherty, Web Editor,

Take a look at these two charts, courtesy of the Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper:



This is an alarming trend. The United States, increasingly, is becoming a nation where more and more Americans are collecting government checks than finding jobs. And, considering only 1 percent of Social Security disability recipients ever return to the workforce (according to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions), this disturbing tendency will have significant and perhaps sweeping implications. These numbers also come on the heels of The One’s decision last week — as Guy explained yesterday — to unilaterally dismantle then-President Clinton’s historic (and successful!) welfare reforms of the 1990s. This, in effect, takes a giant ax to the legislation’s work requirements, creating a disincentive for welfare recipients to seek “real” employment opportunities, and thus fostering more government dependency. Sadly, too, more Americans are on food stamps than ever before (about 45 million), and Congress seems woefully unable – or unwilling — to work across party lines and solve the nation’s fiscal challenges.

This is a crucial time for our country — after all, this year’s presidential contest could be the most important election of our lifetime — and we need a chief executive who espouses policies that will reignite the entrepreneurial spirit of the Americans people, thereby creating economic opportunity in this country for the tens of millions of Americans who are unemployed, underemployed or have stopped looking for work. Indeed, there are stark differences between the two candidates running for president this year — not the least of which is President Obama’s jarring conviction that entrepreneurial success in America derives not from hardworking individuals, but from government institutions. This is a philosophy we simply cannot afford for another four years.

The economy under Obama is rather like the Russian Front under Hitler: it’s come to a point where the only way out of the hellhole is to shoot yourself in the leg to get the hell out of what is very obviously a building disaster under a demonic turd of a leader.  Because that’s exactly what’s going on right now because of this failed presidency.

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