It’s Time To Play ‘Who’s The Hater?’ As Liberal Puke Bullies Poor Female Employee At Chick-Fil-A Drive-Through Window

Which of these people is a hater?

I don’t know. It was like a photo finish. I mean, at one point I’d swear that the girl who was being called “hateful” may have stopped smiling.

It turns out this fascist bag of slime is a “one-percenter” named Adam Smith, CFO/Treasurer of a medical company.

Ooh, wait, I should have said “FORMER” CFO/Treasurer.  Vante just canned his pathetic wimp ass after his “watch me bully a girl on Youtube” outing and said “We hope that the general population does not hold Mr. Smith’s actions against Vante and its employees.”

Actually, Vante should get a giant gold medal for crapping out its turd of the year.  If I understand correctly, this fool who acts like a total hater to go label some hapless employee a “hater” also had been on the faculty of the University of Arizona.  Apparently they didn’t like his act, either.  I’m not sure if anyone has asked Smith if he’s stopped digging or if he had another Youtube vid for our viewing pleasure.

Earlier we had the Democrat mayors of Chicago, Boston and San Franscisco – not to mention elected officials in New York – saying that free speech fascism worked for Hitler and it will work for the Democrat Party, too.  You see, if you don’t think sodomy is the most wonderful thing that ever happened in America you should be punished by big government and denied the right to have a business.  I mean, how DARE anybody but Marxists liberals think they’ve got the right to exercise free speech???  Pretty much while that was still going on we had Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tell America that if weasel politicians like him accuse you of anything even when he doesn’t have any evidence for his accusations you should be assumed guilty and the burden of proof should be on you to prove you’re not guilty.  And meanwhile Barack Obama is literally suing to prevent the military who have fought for our freedom to have their right to vote stripped away because too many of them have a nasty habit of voting Republican.

That is one week full of fascism.

Democrats are looking at “fascist” through their rear view mirrors and driving right on to full-fledge Nazis. 

Who’s the hater? Look in the very first mirror you see, Democrats.

It’s the first Jeremiah Wright term, and things are moving along splendidly.

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