Mike Kelly Speech: The Cost Of Obama Is The Cost Of Red Tape Is The Cost Of A $1.75 Trillion Boot On The Throat Of American Businesses

Rep. Mike Kelly (Republican from Pennsylvania) got a standing ovation and cheers of USA! USA to this short speech:

You can see the video of this speech here.

What’s the cost of red tape?  Obama adds “layer after layer after layer of costs” to American businesses which get passed on to American consumers and kill jobs and economic growth.

Obama is a liar who claims he has cut the taxes of most Americans.  Excuse my language, but that is BULLSHIT and ObamaCare ALONE proves it’s bullshit.  But consider that even the enormous taxation on the middle class of ObamaCare is NOTHING compared to the taxes this failed president has imposed on the American people.  In fact the government regulation that Obama champions have created a $1.75 TRILLION cost to Americans – which is more than TWICE the amount of all the federal income taxes that the US government collects.

Youtube link:

Is regulation a hidden tax on all Americans?

The costs of regulation are inevitably passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices and limited product choices. Basic items, such as toilets, showerheads, light bulbs, mattresses, washing machines, dryers, cars, ovens, refrigerators, television sets, and bicycles all cost significantly more because of government decrees on energy use, product labeling, and performance standards that go well beyond safety—as well as hundreds of millions of hours of testing and paperwork to document compliance.

The annual cost of regulation—$1.75 trillion by one frequently cited estimate—represents twice the amount of individual income taxes collected last year. Overall, from the beginning of the Obama Administration to mid-fiscal year (FY) 2011, regulators have imposed $38 billion in new costs on the American people, more than any comparable period on record. Consider Washington’s red tape to be a hidden tax.

Obama isn’t the first president who ever regulated anything, but his policies have created FAR more regulations and FAR more bureaucracies than any other American president in history.

59% of business owners understand that Barack Obama is a clear and present threat to them and to your job – if you even have one under this failed president and his failed policies.  And 200,000 businesses have folded since Obama got elected.  But Obama and Democrats just keep piling on and on and on ad nauseum.

Fools (Proverbs 26:11) and wicked people (Proverbs 11:5, 16:4) sow the seeds that create their own destruction.  That’s pretty much all your Democrats in those two categories.

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