Top Economist Roubini: ‘The London Olympics Are An Economic Failure As London Is Totally Empty’. Boy, That’s DISCONCERTING!

Remember how Mitt Romney offered an honest assessment of the London Olympics based on his expertise and was demonized by both the London and American liberal media?

Revenge is a dish best served to thousands of empty seats:

ROUBINI: ‘The London Olympics Are An Economic Failure As London Is Totally Empty’
Gus Lubin|Aug. 5, 2012, 7:41 AM

Economist Nouriel Roubiniis tweeting doom about the London Olympics this morning.

From @Nouriel:

  • UK policymakers scared so much folks before the Olympic that London is a deserted city: non-olympic tourists are away; londoners are gone!
  • The Olympics are an economic failure as London is totally empty: hotels, restaurants, streets. They scared all off with crowd excess warnings
  • By scaring every1 to stay out of London with warnings about too many people coming here it turns that London is totally empty, a zombie city
  • RT @NotgiamattiThe Yogi Berra effect! Nobody goes there, it’s too crowded.
  • The West End – usually packed on any Saturday night – was an empty waste land last nite: barely a soul to be found in theaters, bars, etc
  • They scared away all non-olympic tourists that pack london all summer;they pushed most londoners to escape;they told 2million to work @ home
  • RT @_garrilla that’s the ‘olympic economy’ – all dispacement & deadweight (oh, and hot air)

Meanwhile London retailers are begging the transport system to stop warning about congestion problems, according to Telegraph‘s Graham Ruddick.

Retail chief Richard Dickenson told Ruddick: “We know there is a displacement effect. Instead of normal tourists you get sports tourists, we knew that. But we didn’t expect the impact on the London catchment and commuters.”

London taxi drivers have reported a 20-to-40 percent drop in income this month, with industry representative Steve McNamara calling the Games “a complete and utter disaster.

Don’t miss: 43 signs that the London Olympics will be a disaster >

Apart from when I was in the Army – and simply unable to watch the Olympic Games – this is the first time in my life that I haven’t watched any of the Olympic Games at all.  In the past I’ve watched as much as I could and even been drawn into the frequently media-generated biographies of the athletes that many sports fans find so useless.  Maybe it’s because my president has convinced me that America is not an exceptional nation and our athletes are no better than the athletes of any other countries; maybe it’s because of the way the press politicized the Games by demonizing Mitt Romney the way they did; maybe it’s simply because I’ve got an awful lot of oars in the water and simply do not have time to watch the Games unless I give up two other things I’m doing that I think are more important.

All I know is that I have no desire to watch the Olympics.  Which means apparently Londoners and I have something in common.

And I know that what Mitt Romney said about the Olympics – which was simply common freaking sense when you examine what he said in light of the problems that London had been having – turned out to be right after all.

Oh!  And I know that Obama didn’t build all those medals that Michael Phelps is now wearing around his neck

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2 Responses to “Top Economist Roubini: ‘The London Olympics Are An Economic Failure As London Is Totally Empty’. Boy, That’s DISCONCERTING!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Quoting Doctor Doom and a guy who favors nationalizing the banks of the US. The “internets” are a great place…ain’t they mikee..

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    a guy who favors nationalizing the banks of the US


    Keep drinking your communism, you loser.

    I can understand why you want to socialize everything. Having been a complete and total failure for your entire life, I’d also want to be a parasitic leech sucking the success of decent people who work hard and live right.

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