Allen West, Willie Horton, And Demonic Liberal Hypocrisy

Let’s simply begin with a tale of two ads:

The ad used against Republican Representative Allen West:

The “infamous” ad used against Democrat presidential candidate Dukakis:

Factually, absolutely EVERY single claim that George H.W. Bush made about Michael Dukakis was 100 percent correct. And yes, Dukakis DID let out convicted murderer Willie Horton and in fact it was on one of those weekend passes that Willie Horton terrorized that couple and raped the wife over and over again.

It didn’t matter if it was completely factually true: you see, Bush was “racist” because on the liberal view he incited people to hate and fear the black man, etc.  It was a “racist ad.”

And then the same damn party that made that argument depicts a black man repeatedly punching defenseless elderly white women in the face.

And of course it doesn’t matter that, unlike Willie Horton, Allen West never came CLOSE to ever actually doing what he is repeatedly depicted as doing in this vicious ad.

The ad comes from Patrick Murphy.  Would it surprise you that this Democrat who depicts a black man beating a white woman is even more lilly white than George H.W. Bush?

Liberals and Democrats CONTINUE to demagogue the Willie Horton ad as a “proof” of “Republican racism.”  Here’s Rachel Maddow literally citing Willie Horton just a couple of days ago:

The modern Republican Party is built on a bedrock of racism. Most political observers know about the Southern Strategy. In 1964, Barry Goldwater and the Republican Party began using “states’ rights” as a code word for their anti-black and anti-voting rights strategy to win the Southern states away from the Democratic Party. Nearly 50 years later, the Republican Party is still attacking voter rights in their attempts to suppress minority voting.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan kick-started his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, with a speech about states’ rights. Philadelphia is where Civil Rights activists Schwerner, Chaney, and Goodman were killed in 1964. Reagan also created imaginary Welfare Queens to infuriate white voters with this idea of black women somehow getting a free ride in this country. In 1988, the infamous Willie Horton ad made fear of black criminals a mainstay of George Herbert Walker Bush’s presidential campaign.

Now Mitt Romney is using “obvious dog whistle racism” to attack Barack Obama, lying that Obama is dismantling Welfare to Work, and we should not be surprised. Melissa Harris-Perry joins Rachel Maddow to discuss this and rightfully includes Bill Clinton in the history of this Republican-created racist strategy. For the Republicans, racism has been a mainstay of their presidential campaigns for the past half century. When might it ever stop?

How the hell is it that these hypocrites are so enraged over a completely factually true ad and so completely oblivious of an unhinged racial attack against a black man???

Democrats aren’t just “hypocrites.”  They have degenerated far too low for that.  They are DEMONIC hypocrites.  They are dishonest liars without shame or decency.

The fact of the matter is that Allen West represents the political party that fought a war to end slavery and Allen West’s opponents represent the political party that fought a war to KEEP slavery.  The fact of the matter is that Allen West represents the party that was attacked by the Ku Klux Klan and Allen West’s opponents represent the party that the Ku Klux Klan CAME from.  The fact of the matter is that Woodrow Wilson was the Democrat President who RE-segregated the military and the government after REPUBLICANS had de-segregated them and allowed blacks to serve.  The fact of the matter is that it was the DEMOCRAT Party that was so dominated by the Ku Klux Klan that the 1924 Democratic National Convention was literally called “Klanbake.”  The fact of the matter is that FDR’s New Deal was rife with racism and unions and Democrats used it to prevent blacks from getting jobs.  As we enter the 1960s do you recall the infamous Klan murders depicted in the movie “Mississippi Burning“?  Yeah, the corrupt state that looked the other way was OWNED by Democrats from the Governor right on down.  And the FBI had to come in because there was no way in hell the corrupt and racist Democrat machine in Mississippi was going to genuinely investigate those Klan murders.  In fact, the state Democrat Party in Mississippi was limited to whites only.  And the fact is that a FAR higher percentage of Republican Congressmen and Senators voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act than Democrats.

And yet somehow with ALL this history to the contrary, the Democrat Party is somehow universally viewed by the mainstream media as the party that fights for black people and the Republican Party that has stood for black people for 150 years is just as universally viewed as the party of racism.

You simply have to be demon-possessed to believe that.  You have to be demon-possessed to think that it’s not only appropriate but even PRAISEWORTHY for a party to viciously tee-off on a black man who is a decorated military veteran merely because he’s a conservative.

Allen West has described the modern Democrat Party as a “plantation.”  Blacks in the Democrat Party are fine as long as they know their place and think and believe the way they’re told to think and believe.  Allen West is a black man who doesn’t want to be told what to think and believe.  Somehow that uppity black man started thinking that he had the right to think for himself.  How damn DARE a black man believe he has the right to be a Republican?  And the problem is that Allen West is the kind of “negro” who will NEVER say his name is “Toby” no matter how savagely the Democrat machine tries to whip him or whip people up against him.  The Democrat machine says, “Black people have to all think like THIS, Toby!”  And as they whip and whip and whip on Allen West, they point to all the black people who are happy on the Democrat plantation in spite of the fact that they are now serving the party that put them in chains and the party that has tried to keep them under bondage and then under control for the next 150 years.  And you’ll simply have to kill Allen West first.

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8 Responses to “Allen West, Willie Horton, And Demonic Liberal Hypocrisy”

  1. HL Says:

    Allen West is a PATRIOTIC HERO! I have the greatest respect for this brave, God fearing, America loving man.
    Of course the Demonic Liberal/Democrats MUST destroy him. He is a threat to everything they stand for. They are EVIL EVIL EVIL!

    Did I mention Allen West is also FEARLESS, runs to the battle and gives it right back to these wicked people?

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I agree that there are demagogues in the Republican Party just as there are in the Democrat Party (of course there are a whole lot MORE in the Democrat Party!).

    By “demagogue” I mean an opportunist who cynically incites issues to exploit political opportunities.

    Allen West is a man who believes. He is a genuine conservative who has seen the enemy and understands the damage that the Democrat Party is doing. And he stands against that damgage to America as one who sees clearly the danger and what must be done.

    I, too, admire Allen West.

  3. sklcolorado Says:

    Really, you summed up the problem with the Democrat Party when you said degenerated. I have observed that they are a party of degenerates – a person(s) who has declined, as in morals or character, from standards considered normal.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    JFK was the last decent Democrat. By the time you get to the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the cockroaches win. And there are more and more cockroaches who have done more and more to destroy America since then.

    Think about it: what did JFK stand for? 1) A strong military that was capable of confronting evil; and 2) lower taxes to increase the economic base.

    Now we’ve got Obama, the most degenerate and despicable Democrat who ever lived.

  5. Free Market Capitalist Says:

    JFK was also not fond of the federal reserve, also. In 1963, JFK signed executive order 11110, which basically stripped the central bank of its power to loan money to the Federal Government at interest. Executive Order 11110 also returned the power to issue currency back to the United States Treasury. Some believe this is what got JFK assassinated. Although Executive Order died with JFK, it is technically still valid, since it was never repealed. Since JFK’s death, the central bank’s power has only grown and it is this evil entity that is behind our weakening dollar and bubble economy. Also, it is because of the central bank that our Federal Government has been able to grow as large as it is and the national debt to become as high as it is. Politicians, especially liberal democrats post 1963, love the central bank because of this.

    I haven’t watched much television or seen many of the attack ads, but Romney needs to get his butt in gear. He needs to not so much attack Obama’s policies but his ideology. Obama is truly evil incarnate and a despicable liar who will stop at nothing to destroy the America that our founding fathers created. I cannot understand how anyone in their right mind (I think I answered my own question) could vote for this clown. Romney should win in a landslide if he only new how to attack Obama and it isn’t that hard.

    Oh, and liberals really, really hate West because he is a black conservative.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Free Market Capitalist,

    All I know is that it was an uber-liberal communist who assasinated JFK.

    In many ways its a shame: any politician who tries to raise alarm about federal reserve policies is going to go the way of the dodo bird – not because federal reserve policies aren’t poisoning America and the world but because the people are too ignorant to have a clue about what you’re talking about.

    Most Americans are rather like bacteria under a microscope that simply have no idea what is going on in that world where that giant lens is.

    I haven’t seen any of the ads either; but then again I live in California which is rabid liberal. We’re the only state that actually INCREASED Democrat control in 2010 when the rest of the nation was massively rejecting virtually every Democrat they could at virtually every level they could reject them.

    There’s a good solid third of “Americans” who would continue to enthusiastically worship their Democrats even if those Democrats gave us a North Korean-style economy where the whole country was dark at night because we’d destroyed all our energy and liberal policies called for all Americans to shovel so much of their feces out of the ground so they’d have fuel to burn (but thank God it wouldn’t be that nasty oil!). California has a whopping load of these Kim Jong Il “Dear-leader-worshiping” liberals.

    Liberals love blacks who know their place. They hate those who think there’s a better place than liberals want to give them in exchange for voting Democrat.

  7. Free Market Capitalist Says:

    Sorry that the beautiful state of California is going to totally self implode. California is truly the greatest example in the U.S. as to what liberalism will do, as I am sure you know much better than I, considering you live there.

    Hopefully, Obama doesn’t win in November. However, if he does, you might have to give up the political blogging and go head first starting an end-time blog, because time will quickly be running out. No doubt the idiot Obama will hasten this process of bringing in the beast.

    Have a nice weekend, Michael!

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Free Market Capitalist,

    As for California, you’re right: California has more natural resources than ANY state in the union. Three of the largest and most major ports on the planet are here. We’re the nexus between China and the rest of the country. The San Joaquin valley was – until liberalism and their idiotic environmentalist policies took over – THE most fertile farmland on earth. And of course California has continued to be the film/television capital of the world and one of the biggest tourist draws in the world.

    You can’t destroy a golden goose like that very easily. It takes the stupidest people who ever lived to do that. It takes liberals to do that.

    As for your advice about my blogging after November, we’re on the same page. But even if Romney wins, I’m going to transition out of political blogging and into Christian blogging which will very much focus on the “last days.”

    I kind of figure it this way: if Obama wins, I did the best I could to warn as many people as would listen to me. If these fools want Obama and the implosion he will guarantee, my writing about it won’t help any. And like you said, if Obama wins, it’s America rolling out the welcome mat for the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast. On the other hand, if Romney wins, I’ll be thrilled as an American. But he’s hardly a Reagan and I can’t imagine myself wanting to spend the next four years carrying his water given that for the most part, he’ll probably govern as he’s always governed – as a moderate RINO.

    It’s hard to imagine that a “moderate RINO” could be a thousand times better than Obama, but that’s how truly godawful Obama has been.

    We’re now facing a fiscal gap of $222 trillion. We are GOING to implode, even if Romney wins. It will just take several years longer if we don’t have a reckless Marxist fool rushing us into destruction. Could we solve our problems? Of course we could: but we won’t do it. We won’t do what it will take to save ourselves.

    That’s what makes me angry: the sheer gutless, pathetic stupidity of America in the last days.

    There was a time when I could not understand how the Antichrist could have dominion over the entire world simply because I couldn’t understand how AMERICA could accept him. But after watching these last four years, I now know that America will be one of the leaders in worshiping the beast when he comes. And I know the beast is right around the corner just waiting for Obama to implode the American and global economy so he can come riding in on that white horse of his to save the day as Revelation 6 tells us will happen.

    You have a great weekend too, FMC!!!

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