Nebraska Lesbian ‘Fundamentally Transforms’ Herself Into A Victim By Carving Swastikas Onto Her OWN Body And Falsely Claiming A Hate Crime Attack

In light of all the things the left has done against the right in terms of hate crimes (e.g., the mass murder attempt by a liberal at the conservative Family Research Council, the hate-based graffiti left at Chick-Fil-A, the lefty slimebag who filmed himself being a creep to a nice Chick-Fil-A employee at the drive-through window), it was interesting to see how liberals become victims:

Lesbian who alleged Nebraska hate crime charged with lying about attack
By Andrew Mach, NBC News

A Nebraska woman who claimed she was the victim of a horrific hate crime in July and subsequently charged with making false claims to police pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge Tuesday.

Police in Lincoln, Neb., who spent weeks investigating the case, arrested Charlie Rogers Tuesday for making a false report. Lancaster County Attorney Joe Kelly said a judge issued the warrant for her arrest earlier Tuesday.

Rogers, 33, of Lincoln, pleaded not guilty to the charge and was released on a personal recognizance bond after a brief court appearance Tuesday afternoon.

Rogers told police three men wearing black ski masks broke into her home during the early morning hours on July 22, bound her wrists and ankles with zip ties, beat her and carved anti-gay slurs into her arms and abdomen.

Rogers also alleged the men spray painted slurs inside the home and poured gasoline around the house before lighting it on fire.

Rogers said she was bound and naked when she escaped and managed to knock on a neighbor’s door at about 4 a.m. July 22.

Police said they interviewed Rogers on four separate occasions. Now, because of inconsistencies in her various accounts of the attack and forensic DNA evidence, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

“A great deal of time and resources were spent investigating Charlie Rogers’ claims in hopes of identifying and arresting the three suspects in this case,” Lincoln Police said in a statement. “As the investigation progressed and additional interviews were completed, the department received results from forensic analysts and experts making it apparent that the physical evidence conflicted with Charlie Rogers’ version of events.”

There was no apparent struggle in the room where Rogers said she was attacked on her bed, the warrant for her arrest says, which also described the bedspread as appearing “neat” and “evenly placed on the bed.”

“There was no apparent blood on the bedspread; even though Ms. Rogers reported she was rolled on to her stomach after she had been cut on her arms, abdomen, chest and front legs while being held down.”

Forensic tests of Rogers’ bedding at the University of Nebraska Medical Center found no traces of blood.

Additionally, the FBI sent photos of the cuts on Rogers to a coroner’s physician for Lancaster County, who consulted with Dr. Michelle Elieff, a forensic pathologist. According to the warrant, Elieff said Rogers’ cuts appeared to be self-inflicted.

“This opinion is based partially on the fact that the cuts appeared to be superficial and symmetrical, avoided sensitive areas of the body, appear that they would have taken considerable time to do and are accessible to the victim and follow the victim’s frame of reference for reading and writing.”

Elieff also noted Rogers had no bruising, even though she alleged the men beat her.

Police also found a pile of clothes, a pair of white knit gloves and a red box cutter on the living room floor. Rogers said the gloves did not belong to her, but DNA testing determined she was the “major contributor” of DNA inside of them, according to the warrant.

Investigators discovered that the gloves, zip ties, blades and a red utility knife were purchased five days before the alleged attack at a hardware store in Lincoln. During an interview, Rogers told police she shops at that store.

Police showed a clerk from the store a photo lineup and the clerk identified Rogers as the person who bought the items, the arrest warrant says.

Police said that they also discovered graffiti spray painted on the basement walls after Rogers told the initial responding officer about it the morning of her alleged attack. But in a subsequent interview with Rogers, police said she did not know anything about the graffiti because she left her house immediately after the attack, the arrest warrant said.


Rogers gave an interview shortly after her alleged attack, saying she wanted to counter those who doubted that the attack ever happened.

News of the alleged attack sparked multiple vigils attended by thousands of gay-rights supporters who donated money in support of Rogers in cities throughout Nebraska.

At the time, Rogers said she would not attend the vigils because she was in hiding and wouldn’t speak publicly about the details of her attack for fear of influencing the police investigation.

But after a week, police said they had found no suspects, leading some to question whether Rogers made it all up.

On July 27, Rogers gave an interview to KETV in Omaha, saying she decided to make her name and face public to counter those skeptical that the attack ever happened.

“I understand that people sort of have a hard time wrapping their heads around the things that have happened, as do I,” Rogers said. “But I’m a person with feelings, with concerns. For people to think that this doesn’t happen here, it does. It did.”

If convicted, Rogers could face up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine, the Lancaster County Attorney’s office said.

It’s funny.  Conservatives will grow to great lengths to – sorry, Obama – BUILD businesses and become personally successful.  Liberals will go to even more radical lengths to “fundamentally transform” themselves into victims so people will feel sorry for them and validate their being pathetic people.

Which are you?

Personally, I believe that those who make false reports ought to be punished according to the degree that the REAL victim – the person arrested for “committing” that crime – would have faced.

As a P.S., here is an article by a mainstream media “news” outlet describing how Charlie Rogers was a victim of this terrible crime:

Victim of Horrific Hate Crime Speaks Out After People Doubt Her Story
by Sarah Vrba
July 30, 2012

The victim of an LGBT hate crime in Lincoln, Nebraska has decided to come forward and make a public statement about her attack on local television. Charlie Rogers was attacked in her home when three masked men broke into her house, bound her wrists and carved offensive anti-gay words into her abdomen. The attackers also attempted to set her house on fire and painted more slurs on her wall before leaving.

The community of Lincoln, Nebraska has stood by Rogers during the entire week, holding a vigil to support her. The police confirmed that the attack was a hate crime directed at the LGBT community after they discovered the nature of the words in her home but many doubters have surfaced, suggesting that Rogers made up the whole event simply because no suspects have been unearthed yet.

Rogers came forward in a moving interview, speaking clearly and tearfully about the attack. She reaffirmed her humanity, her integrity and her support of victims of violence around the world in the statement.

She said regarding those who do not believe she was attacked:

Being a victim in a situation like this, or survivor, and then having your integrity questioned I guess… It feels very victimizing again. It feels very saddening. It makes an already difficult situation more difficult because my world has been changed forever by these events.

Rogers’ statement points out that those who don’t believe she was attacked are playing a game and injecting an essentially anti-LGBT agenda into an already traumatic situation. By claiming that Rogers is lying about her experience, doubters are belittling simultaneously Rogers (most likely because of her identity as a lesbian woman) and the serious nature of LGBT hate crimes. She continued in her statement:

I’m a person, you know, with feelings, with concerns and it’s just so…. It feels like a punch in the stomach, like a betrayal…

Instead of the focus being on safety and healing and the investigation, the whole thing turns into a defense, essentially. You know, it starts to feel like, you know, it doesn’t even become about the situation it becomes about something altogether different and then I start to feel like a pawn in a game.

People are people. Agendas are agendas. And I think it’s really important that we distinguish between those two things.

Rogers concluded her statement by thanking those that have stood beside her during this most difficult time and reaffirming the importance of awareness and compassion. “Everyone is worthy of safety, and justice, and fairness.”

Sarah Vrba ought to have her ideologue ass kicked right to the curb and anybody who continues to watch channel 2 in that area ought to be institutionalized as threats to themselves and others.

Note the self-righteous, sanctimonious tone: if you don’t believe this psychotic lesbian’s story, it is only because you are a bad person.

And who do the bad people turn out to be?  Sarah Vrba and Charlie Rogers.

For the record, had Charlie Rogers actually been attacked the way she described, it would have been a truly hateful thing and the people who did it should have been hunted down like rabid dogs.  But the very condemnation that those attackers – had they actually existed – truly deserves ITSELF screams an indictment at just what a truly wretched and vile human being Charlie Rogers and “journalists” like Sarah Vrba truly are.  Because they participated in a demonic lie that truly trivializes the hate of such an event.  And to add icing to just how truly despicable this fabrication is, the next time a homosexual person is TRULY victimized, there will be legitimate reason to doubt what happened BECAUSE OF THIS LIE.  And the fact of the matter is that if people like me don’t believe that attack happened, it won’t be because WE’RE the bad people, but rather it will be because bad people like Charlie Rogers have falsified such attacks in the past and propagandists like Sarah Vrba have exploited those false accounts.


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