The Voters Are Sick Of Obama Blaming His Mess On Bush

And they actually sound pretty good doing it, too:

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2 Responses to “The Voters Are Sick Of Obama Blaming His Mess On Bush”

  1. FMC Says:

    It should come as no surprise, as many libs to this day are still blaming Reagan and citing his trickle-down economics for the economic problems we face. Naturally, blaming Reagan fits right in with their little class warfare jibberish. They somehow maintain that the evil 1% got that way because of Reagan.

    As usual, with the demonic liberal agenda, always blame others for what you are really intent on doing. In this case, liberal democrats make it seem like they are attacking the 1% for the sake of the middle class. In reality, they are destroying the middle class in order to make more slaves, meanwhile blaming and demonizing conservatives for what they are really themselves doing.

    Liberals exhibit the lying, deceitful characteristics of their master satan and his demonic horde. They are very good at making wrong seem right and darkness appear as light, just like the devil himself.

    If I hear one more lib blaming Bush or even Reagan, I think my head will explode. Sometimes I can’t wait for the tribulation, so we can just get this over with.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    According to largest polling organization Gallup, Ronald Reagan is THE greatest president according to the American people.

    I can with great confidence assure you that Barack Obama will not be knocking Reagan out of his “greatest president in American history” niche. In fact, if Obama IS re-elected, by the time he’s out, he will be even WORSE than he is right now.

    That said, liberals have an easy way to go after Reagan, because it’s what they ALWAYS do: the simply lie. They create straw men and then attack things that aren’t even true.

    To put it in the childish “slogan” terms that most liberals think in, Reagan RULES, liberals drool.

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