China’s State-Controlled Media Lashes Out At Romney (Communists Want Fellow Marxist To Finish Destroying Hated America)

Who can name a single important issue in which China is cooperating with the U.S. rather than doing what they can to screw us?

This is one of those things: if China hates Romney and wants Obama to win, that ought to make you want Romney to win.

I mean, Do you like China’s increasing ownership of America?  Because the Chinese sure do – and that’s why they want Obama to stay in office:

Chinese media slams Romney as convention begins
Posted By Josh RoginTuesday, August 28, 2012 – 1:08 PM

TAMPA – China’s state-controlled media lashed out at GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney Monday, warning that his policies would poison U.S.-China relations.

“By any standard, the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s China policy, as outlined on his official campaign website, is an outdated manifestation of a Cold War mentality,” read a commentary in Monday’s China Daily. “It endorses the ‘China threat’ theory and focuses on containing China’s rise in the Asia-Pacific through bolstering the robust U.S. military presence in the region.”

The Chinese state-owned outlet said that Romney was “provoking” China by promising to supply Taiwan with aircraft and other military platforms and called his China approach “pugnacious.”

“[H]is China policy, if implemented, would cause a retrogression in bilateral ties and turn the region into a venue for open confrontation between China and the U.S.,” the commentary stated.

China Daily also compared Romney’sapproach with President Barack Obama‘s “pivot” toward Asia. The current administration is adding “fuel to the fire” in the South China Sea by involving itself in regional disputes, the commentary argued, but Romney’s China policies would sour relations even further.

“It requires political vision as well as profound knowledge of Sino-U.S. relations as a whole, to make sensible policy recommendations about what are widely recognized as the most important bilateral ties in the world,” the commentary states. “Romney apparently lacks both.”

The China-East Asia page of the Romney campaign website promises that a Romney administration would increase U.S. naval presence in the Pacific and increase military assistance to regional allies “to discourage any aggressive or coercive behavior by China against its neighbors.”

The Romney campaign is also vowing to shine a brighter light on China’s human rights abuses.

“Any serious U.S. policy toward China must confront the fact that China’s regime continues to deny its people basic political freedoms and human rights. A nation that represses its own people cannot be a trusted partner in an international system based on economic and political freedom,” the website reads.

But as the China Daily commentary notes, campaign rhetoric and government policy aren’t always the same thing. U.S. presidential candidates of both parties have long taken a more strident tone toward China on the campaign trail, only to dial back their rhetoric while in office.

Nor is the Romney team’s position on China clear, as top campaign advisors disagree on how to deal with the Middle Kingdom’s rise as a world power.

The two co-chairs of Romney’s Asia-Pacific policy team, former State Department official Evan Feigenbaum, a moderate realist, and Aaron Friedberg, a hawkish scholar, evince sharply different views on China.

At the top of the Romney advisory structure, generalists like former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton are much more wary of a rising China than realists such as former World Bank President Bob Zoellick, who as a top State Department official urged China to become a “responsible stakeholder” in world affairs.

As for Romney, he has promised to brand China a currency manipulator on day one of his presidency and the RNC draft platform posted by Politico calls on China to move toward democracy and condemns its South China Sea claims.

“We will welcome the emergence of a peaceful and prosperous China, and we will welcome even more the development of a democratic China,” the draft platform reads. “Its rulers have discovered that economic freedom leads to national wealth. The next lesson is that political and religious freedom lead to national greatness. The exposure of the Chinese people to our way of lifecan be the greatest force for change in their country.”

You really can’t blame China.  I mean, if I was the enemy of America, I’d sure as hell want Obama to remain in office so he could finish the job selling the Great Satan out, too.

The Chinese are happy with a weak America that is $16 – and really make that $222 trillion – in debt.

For the official record, I would say that China has “poisoned” relations over and over again – such as the fact that they routinely sell us poisoned dog food and poisonous childrens’ toys.  You know, when they’re not being the world’s worst currency manipulator to undermine our exports or illegally dumping their products to undermine our domestic production.  By the way, as to that last one – get ready for a huge glut of cheap Chinese products being dumped on the U.S. market and further undermining American jobs.

So, yeah, you can understand why the Chinese don’t want a man who actually has a freaking clue about business in the White House when they’re about to screw us like we’ve never been screwed before.

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