One Story To Explain Why America Is Doomed And Frankly Deserves To Be

It wasn’t easy to find my eyeballs after they popped out of my head and bounced off the computer screen to land somewhere on the floor behind me when I read this story:

Judge: Massachusetts must pay for murderer’s sex-change surgery
By Michael Muskal
September 4, 2012, 12:47 p.m.

Massachusetts prison officials must provide a publicly funded sex reassignment surgery to an inmate serving a life sentence for killing his wife, a federal judge in Boston ruled Tuesday.

The decision, handed down by U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf, is believed to be the first such order by a judge in the nation, lawyer Frances S. Cohen of Bingham McCutchen LLP of Boston, said by telephone. Cohen is one of the attorneys representing Michelle Kosilek, who lives as a woman in an all-male prison.

State officials were reviewing the 126-page decision and “were exploring our appellate options,” said Diane Wiffin, director of public affairs for the state’s Department of Corrections, by telephone. She said she was barred by state law from discussing any of the specifics of the case.

Kosilek was born a man and, as Robert J. Kosilek, killed his wife in May 1990 and was convicted of murder. While an inmate serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, Kosilek changed his name to Michelle and began legal proceedings against the state. Wolf in the past had ruled that Kosilek was entitled to be treated for gender-identity disorder, but stopped short of ordering surgery. In 2005, Kosilek sued, arguing that surgery was needed.

Wolf ruled that the evidence showed that Kosilek was a “transsexual – a man who truly believes that he is a female cruelly trapped in a male body. This belief has caused Kosilek to suffer intense mental anguish. This anguish has caused Kosilek to attempt to castrate himself and to attempt twice to kill himself while incarcerated, once while he was taking the antidepressant Prozac.”

There is no constitutional guarantee for healthcare, but the 8th Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment for inmates, Wolf noted. Technically, Wolf issued an injunction backing Kosilek’s request for the surgery, arguing that it was “medical care for his serious medical need” — severe gender identity disorder. Further, prison doctors have already decided that the surgery was “the only form of adequate medical care for his condition.”

In opposing the surgery, the state argued that it would create security concerns, but Wolf rejected that argument, saying it was insufficient to reject Kosilek’s position. The security concerns “are either pretextual or can be dealt with by the DOC. The court is allowing the DOC to decide how any real security issues, or other issues, should be addressed.”

Wolf stated that the conditions of the incarceration could come back to court.

“If the DOC decides that Kosilek must be segregated and locked up 23 hours a day to reasonably assure his safety, it is foreseeable that the court may be asked to decide whether that decision is reasonable and made in good faith.”

That’s forty freaking grand down the drain (this site has graphic images but I cite my sources even when I wish I didn’t have to).  Times however many thousand psychopath inmates who will now demand they either get their pee-pees cut off or have pee-pees bolted on, too.

We are doomed as a people and as a nation.  No way we can make it if we are this determined to be this depraved and this utterly insane with taxpayer money.  Hell is opening it’s mouth to swallow us and damn its jaws are sure big.

Just go ahead and send the damn fire and brimstone, God.  Because this is a country that is clearly ready to burn in hell.  I read the Old Testament and see the places where the prophets said that a nation was bringing the wrath of God down upon themselves, but it beats me if I can find anything this nuts.

I looked up the name of the judge and it saddens me to say that I wasn’t overly surprised (after what Chief Justice John Roberts did to justify ObamaCare) that the morally impaired dumbass who actually gets to be called “Your honor” had originally been appointed by none other than Ronald Reagan.

This isn’t the first loser Ronald Reagan misjudged, but if you’re smartass enough to blame this travesty on conservatives, let’s do a poll among liberals and conservatives to find out how many of each group believe we should be giving sex change operations to convicted murderers with taxpayer money.  It won’t just be zero conservatives, it will be ZERO-with-a-bunch-of-decimal-points-after-it conservatives and EVERY SINGLE FOOL WHO SAYS WE SHOULD WILL BE A LIBERAL.

This is just another sick and pathetic case of a judge who was once appointed by a conservative who betrays conservative values while liberals cheer.

What strikes me as bizarre is the fact that these people say they are women trapped in a man’s body and that sort of crap.  Well, given that they are atheist materialists who believe that we don’t have souls and that we are just our bodies, why don’t they do a damn brain surgery and change his “himness” into “herness” that way???

This guy is a damn guy, and he’ll be always be a damn guy. After the surgery he will be a particularly weird and disturbed guy who had a particularly depraved kind of surgery.

I’m guessing that as soon as he gets his sex change surgery, he’ll file a petition with the court stating that he clearly isn’t guilty because it was a man named Robert J. Kosilek who committed the damn murder and that person no longer exists and its wrong to hold poor “Michelle Kosilek” guilty of a crime “she” clearly did not commit.  And some vile a-hole judge is going to say, “She’s right!  We’ve got to let this poor innocent woman go!”  Because these judges are sick enough and stupid enough and depraved enough to fall for pretty much anything.

The next thing you’ll see is an inmate demanding and getting a sex change operation to become a “woman.”  And then just to screw with the system say, “Oops.  It turns out I’m not really a woman after all.  Now spend another forty grand of taxpayer money to change my back!”  And it will be cruel and unusual punishment not to change her back into him or him back into her or whatever the hell the description is supposed to be.

The real problem is that we’re suffering from moral dumbasses trapped inside wise people’s jobs.  And it is cruel and unusual punishment on society to keep letting these judges make complete asses of themselves at our expense.

Liberalism is the most intellectually, morally and emotionally gutless worldview there is or ever will be.  Liberals don’t say, “But if we pay for this murderer’s sex change operation we won’t have the money to feed hungry children”; they say, “We can do both!”  We can just fart money out of our butts!  We don’t have to have any courage to make any hard decisions because we just say pay for everything.

Margaret Thatcher said that the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.  But I doubt if even SHE ever thought that we would run out of money paying for murderer’s sex change operations with tax dollars.

America deserves to go the way of the Dodo bird because if something like this doesn’t make you say, “I’ve had enough and these fools have simply got to go,” then nothing will.

The beast is coming because batpoop crazy fools like Robert J. Kosilek and Judge Mark Wolf are a dime a million these days.  And just please take me now, Jesus.  ‘Cause I am more than ready to go to be with You where evil-crazy-stupid isn’t the coin of the realm.

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2 Responses to “One Story To Explain Why America Is Doomed And Frankly Deserves To Be”

  1. Chris Hicks Says:

    The story was researched but when the author started going off on a tangent about politics he lost me. Regardless of what Judge Wolf’s politics are he made a poor, poor decision. As bad as his decision was almost everyday one political party or another has an idiot do something just as foolish. Great research and article outside of the political craziness.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Chris Hicks,

    That you are not only so naive but so damn ignorant that you don’t understand that THE MOST POWERFUL JUDGES ARE ALL PICKED BY POLITICIANS is laughable.

    Oh, no, can’t mention the damn politics of the damn judges who are put into office for life by the damn politicians.

    “Political craziness” is equal to “understanding reality.” And of course only conservatives are capable of “political craziness” so defined.

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