Obama Vs. Bush On Gas Prices: It Is A FACT Obama Costs You At LEAST 85 Cents A Gallon More Than Bush Cost You – And Gas Is Going UP Under Obama

I’ve written a few articles comparing gasoline prices between Bush and Obama.  Frankly, it is amazing how much bogus quibbling I’ve received in my comments from liberals.

What liberals ultimately want to do is take the very worst of Bush’s second term gas prices (which occurred while and BECAUSE Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate and refused to allow Bush to enact the policies that he ultimately pursued by executive order which LOWERED gas prices) and then compare them to some arbitrary Obama period.

We can’t compare Obama’s second term to Bush’s second term because Obama hasn’t HAD a second term yet.  And I guarantee you that if Obama GETS a second term, gas prices will be SKY HIGH.  Why do I say that?  Two reasons.  One,  Barack Obama is the “Under my plan, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket” president. Barack Obama is the president who has literally said he WANTED gas prices to go up as long as the increase was gradual so he wouldn’t get blamed. Barack Obama is the president who appointed an Energy Secretary who is literally on the record saying he wanted to see U.S. gas prices at $9-$10 a gallon.  Which is to say that Obama is a radical environmentalist ideologue who believes gasoline is evil and wants to force Americans to use a more expensive “green” alternative.  And two, because Iran is by all accounts at the threshold of attaining nuclear weapons because Obama has abjectly failed to deal with this crisis that the Democrats once blatantly mocked Bush for warning us about. That means that either we (and Israel) do nothing and Iran becomes a nuclear weaponized power and is free to shut down the Strait of Hormuz and drive up international oil prices at will with impunity, or else Israel – hopefully with the aid of the United States – will attack Iran to destroy its nuclear capability. Either way, I guarantee you we will be seeing gas prices skyrocketing during what would be an Obama second term.

I believe that if Obama is reelected, we will see gas prices go up to the $9 to $10 a gallon that Obama’s handpicked energy secretary is on the record desiring.  Obama’s philosophy (with its expression borrowed from his former chief of staff) is “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”   Which is to say that in a second Obama term when he is not burdened by an election and “has more flexibility” and is free to follow his heart, his heart will lead him to “motivate” you to buy green energy vehicles no matter how much more they cost and no matter how much the government has to subsidize said green energy because he will make it too painful for you to keep pumping gas in your car.

We can’t know how much gas will cost during a second term, but we CAN look at how much it has cost his FIRST term.  And it’s been a pretty penny.

Democrats want to demonize gas prices under Bush.  Well, let’s look at gas prices under Bush and then compare them to gas prices under Obama.  Let’s compare all eight years of Bush to Obama’s first four years.

With the aid of the following two official government sites: one which provides a yearly average gas price up to the year 2010 and the other which provides monthly gas prices by which one can calculate a similar average annual price for 2011 and 2012, I came up with the following chart:

George Bush’s average annual gas prices

2001 – $1.61
2002 – $1.47
2003 – $1.69
2004 – $1.94
2005 – $2.30
2006 – $2.51
2007 – $2.64
2008 – $3.01

Average price for gas over Bush’s eight years = $2.14/gal

And now:

Barack Obama’s average annual gas prices

2009 – $2.14
2010 – $2.52
2011 – $3.57
2012 – $3.72 (through August)

Average price for gas over Obama’s four years to date = $2.99/gal

And there you have it.  Barack Obama costs you at least 85 cents a gallon more than Bush did.  If you only consider Bush’s first four years of gasoline prices the way we’re only calculating Obama’s first four years, Bush’s average gas price was$1.68 a gallon – which is a $1.31 more per gallon that the $2.99 Obama has averaged so far his first term compared to Bush’s first term.  And you aint seen nothing yet until you are fool enough to reelect him so he can go wild on your gas (that was a deliberate pun, btw).

Notice that in Obama’s first year the price averaged what Bush averaged throughout his entire presidency.  And then it went up, UP, UP.  That is because George Bush brought gasoline prices down to $1.85 a gallon the day that Barack Obama took office.

When liberals demonize Bush for high gas prices, they attack him for the prices that went nuts in July of 2008.  George Bush finally had enough of the hard-core Democrat obstructionism which they had used since taking over both the House and the Senate in 2006 and finally issued an executive order.  As I document, oil prices dropped by $9.26 cents AS BUSH WAS SPEAKING when he issued that order ending the federal moratorium on offshore drilling.  From that day on, gas prices took a precipitous plunge for the rest of his presidency and did not go up again until Obama began undermining Bush’s policies.

If you want to blame somebody for why we’re not lowering our gas prices by expanding our massive oil resources or building new refineries to expand our capacity (we haven’t been able to build one for 35 years due to massively expensive EPA restrictions and regulatory hurdles!!!), find a Democrat and punch him in the nose.

Obama made the American people a promise. He said he would not increase taxes on the middle class.  What Obama has done with gasoline is a huge tax on the American middle class.  And ObamaCare will be a giant tax on the middle class, that is now a confirmed fact by the Supreme Court ruling which justified ObamaCare ONLY if it was a “TAX.”  Unless we vote his ass out this November.

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17 Responses to “Obama Vs. Bush On Gas Prices: It Is A FACT Obama Costs You At LEAST 85 Cents A Gallon More Than Bush Cost You – And Gas Is Going UP Under Obama”

  1. William Walter Says:

    The Democrats,Environmentalists,Natural Gas Industries,Wall street speculators,People who are willing to charge high prices because they can, are responsible for the high price energy costs America is experiencing! These prices lead to increased costs for almost every possible product,& service offered to the American people! The Progressive Politicians(Communist&Socialist cousins) are smirking at America! They delight in any tactic that will lead to twisting America towards Totalitarianism! The Muslim Brotherhood, The New Black Panthers are actively engaged in tactics taunting Americans in General! The Goal is to make people fall in line with their dictates, or get hurt! Capitalism has it’s own greedy culprits who say one thing, & do something else! People will tell any lie, if it enables them to get something that isn’t theirs! The Heartbeat of America, is being taken over by: The Human Slaughter House Dogs! wallyworkswell@yahoo.com

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    William Walter,

    Agree with you.

    High gas prices are just another tax from liberals.

    People don’t understand that state and federal taxes DWARF the profits that “big oil” make on gasoline. We could have reasonably-priced gas tomorrow if the government bureaucrat liberals got their hands out of our wallets every fill-up.

  3. FMC Says:

    I left the house yesterday, and, while driving down the street, noticed gas had finally reached the 4$ per gallon plateau -this in northwest Ohio. Although I can see what the elevated gas prices are doing to the local economy around here, for obvious reasons, I hope they stay this high and higher up into the election.

    One must not forget the main reason why gas and oil prices are so high right now is the Federal Reserve policies. The massive money printing from the easing since the crash of 08′ has artificially inflated all commodity prices, especially oil. Not only do we have to get Obama out, but helicopter Ben Bernanke needs ousted, also. He is a madman who is hell bent on destroying the dollar. Here shortly, the Fed will more than likely reveal their intentions regarding QE3, which democrats are screaming for.
    I don’t know if they will implement QE3 before the election, but you can bet, at some point in the near future, they will.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    My main ride takes premium, which in California costs over $4.30 a gallon now. So I don’t follow regular unleaded every day. But I’m pretty sure that regular unleaded is over $4 a gallon in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Californiastan.

    You are of course spot-on. Gas prices are essentially a tax. We could have low gas prices with sound fiscal policies, or we can have high gas prices with unsound fiscal policies.

    I wrote a response to a turd who tried to blame Bush for Obama’s massive 2009 spending. You can see just a few of the spending bills that Obama passed just in that year here.

    We are now facing QE THREE. That’s because QE1 and QE2 failed and the Fed is desperate to do what little it can to try to dig America out of the deep, DEEP hole Obama has dug America into. When they print money (they don’t even do that; actually they just add zeros to the Fed computers to “create” more money) to buy bonds that no one else will buy at current interest rates, they artificially reduce interest rates at the expense of inflation of real goods like gasoline and food. These things are SKYROCKETING and they are doing so BECAUSE of Obama’s failed policies.

    Yes, you can argue that the Fed policies are wrong, but the Fed’s policies are 1) a result of Obama’s policies; and 2) Obama appointed the key people who are making the key decisions at the Fed.

    Ben Bernanke’s problem is that he’s an “expert” on FDR’s New Deal. Only he profoundly misunderstands the ramifications and disastrous costs of the New Deal and fails to understand that it was a disaster that prolonged the Great Depression by seven full years as recent scholarship is finally concluding. So Bernanke is “brilliantly” trying to purse failed policies as the answer to our current problems and is only helping to dig us into a hole too deep to crawl out of.

  5. Mac Says:

    I’m going to start this off by saying I think all politicians lie, left/right or whoever. It’s a disease.

    But if you look at the numbers, the percent of change for Bush was about 87% in his 8 year term.

    So far, the percent of change for Obama is about 74%. Not saying it’s good, but overall hasn’t changed as high as Bush.

    The real problem is not with the President (Bush/Obama). The real problem is with Congress. A president can not pass a bill by himself, it requires Congress to pass a bill and the president to sign it.

    Therefore Congress as a whole (Dems and Repubs) have failed us.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    You are not only wrong, you are a liar. And I block liars.

    I provided the numbers that DOCUMENT the price of gas right here. You provide a completely dishonest assertion that flies in the face of the facts. Your “87%” and your “74%” are outright fabrications. The very article you are commenting upon PROVE they are outright fabrications. Because the numbers I cite are official U.S. government figures. Versus your dishonest lies.

    I provide the average price of a gallon of gas during both president’s first terms as well as compare Bush’s entire 8-yr presidency with Obama’s first term to date. I prove you are a liar.

    When George W. Bush took office on January 20, 2001, a gallon of unleaded gas cost $1.47 a gallon. When George W. Bush left office, a gallon of unleaded gas cost $1.85 a gallon. I’ve documented those numbers before. That is a 25.85% “percent of change” increase under Bush, you liar.

    If you take that same $1.85 price that Bush handed Obama, and realize that gas this week is $3.84, the percent increase of change is 107.57% so far under Obama, you wretched liar.

    Notice how both here and in my article, I provide something called “facts.” I document what I am saying. You provide snivelling lies.

    Get lost and take your dishonesty elsewhere.

    Btw, whenever I see somebody try to say, “It’s not Obama’s fault” and blame anybody or anything else, I realize I am talking to a liberal who is too damn dishonest to hold Obama and Democrats to their own demagogic standard:

    Which is just all the more reason to tell you to get lost, liar.

    P.S. What I do in this article is provide the annual figure for each year of the average price of gas over that year AS GIVEN BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. I do that for all eight years of Bush, and I do that for the first three years of Obama. That data was not available as an “annual” figure for 2012, but again, I use federal government figures to calcuate the annual rate so far. And what I provide is the average price that you paid during the entire Bush presidency as well as the first four years of the Bush presidency versus what you have paid under Obama’s presidency so far. There is simply no better measurement. And by that measurement, you are paying dramatically more under Obama than you did under Bush. And if Obama is reelected, you aint seen NOTHING yet. You will see shocking increases in the price of gasoline under a second Obama term particularly due to the terrible failures we are seen in the Obama policy in the Middle East as I write this.

  7. Mac Says:

    The funny part is I was using the numbers LISTED above, that is it. 2001 – $1.61
    2002 – $1.47
    2003 – $1.69
    2004 – $1.94
    2005 – $2.30
    2006 – $2.51
    2007 – $2.64
    2008 – $3.01

    I was not doing any in depth analysis. Just looking at the numbers you posted.

    I never said it wasn’t Obama’s fault. If you noticed what I did say was it’s not the president that failed. I INCLUDED BUSH on that too.

    Where I did put the blame was on CONGRESS!!!

    See Congress. Perhaps you should understand what I meant before blasting me.

    If you block people for having a different view that’s your right, but I didn’t attack you. I was having a conversation.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    OK, I’ll bite.

    Give the numbers I posted – which again are OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT NUMBERS –

    George Bush’s average annual gas prices

    2001 – $1.61
    2002 – $1.47
    2003 – $1.69
    2004 – $1.94
    Average price for gas over Bush’s first four years = $1.68/gal
    2005 – $2.30
    2006 – $2.51
    2007 – $2.64
    2008 – $3.01

    Average price for gas over Bush’s eight years = $2.14/gal

    Barack Obama’s average annual gas prices

    2009 – $2.14
    2010 – $2.52
    2011 – $3.57
    2012 – $3.72 (through August)

    Average price for gas over Obama’s first four years to date = $2.99/gal

    How the hell do you “look at the numbers” and get your conclusion:

    But if you look at the numbers, the percent of change for Bush was about 87% in his 8 year term.

    So far, the percent of change for Obama is about 74%. Not saying it’s good, but overall hasn’t changed as high as Bush.

    I can at least now see how you arrived at your numbers (you took the starting value of $1.61 and the ending value of $3.01 for Bush and the starting value of $2.14 and the ending value of $3.72 for Obama). But that is NOT HONEST. Because gasoline WAS NOT $2.14 a gallon when Obama took office – it was $1.85 when he took office. And gas was very definitely not “$3.01” when Bush left office. So your “math” simply artificially reduces Obama’s price and illegitimately and underhandedly gives it to Bush.

    Nobody in the history of the planet ever calcuated “the average price of a gallon of gas over a president’s first year in office” and “the average price of a gallon of gas over a president’s last year in office” to calcuate a “percent of change”. You are welcome to show me where ANY OFFICAL STATISTIC has EVER done that ANYWHERE. I just did a search to see if anybody else ever came up with an “87% percent of change” for George Bush’s gas prices and do you know who I found doing that? You and only you and nobody BUT you. That is why I didn’t recognize your “percent of change” garbage; because it is entirely contrived and arbitrary and meaningless.

    The statistic that I produce is far more accurate and far more realistic because it takes into account every single month of every single year for each year of both president’s terms. Because, you know what? I don’t know about you (maybe you were in prison between 2002 and 2007 and then again between 2010 and 2011 because you’re just a really nasty piece of trash), but I actually put gas into my vehicles every year and every month in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. And it would be nice if your “percent of change” bothered to reflect that fact.

    Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that Israel attacks Iran and gas prices go up to $14 a gallon for a week. Would you say it would be right for me to look at the $1.85 a gallon he started with and compare it to that very highest point of $14 a gallon and say that Obama’s price increase percentage was 657% What the hell would that even mean? Especially if the following week the situation was resolved and gas prices returned to their (still very high) level of $3.87. That’s a relevant question because 1) that’s EXCACTLY what the left did to Bush and 2) it is actually very possible if not probable that Israel may very WELL attack Iran before Obama’s term is done which WOULD drive up gas prices.

    That “87%” and “74%” crap is every bit as arbitary and unfair and illegitimate as demonizing Bush for a “275% increase” as that turd I link to did.

    The other bone that I’ve got against you is the fact that – as I document with Obama on video – Obama became president by demonizing Bush for gas prices. What exactly is your argument that Obama ought to be able to demagogue gasoline prices to get into office but that it would now be wrong to demagogue Obama for his gas prices the same way he demagogued Bush??? You know, apart from a completely arbitary and hypocritical double-standard???

  9. Michael Eden Says:


    I should have pointed this out AGAIN but forgot to do so last night. From my remark to you September 10, I provide the REAL “percent of change” of the two presidents based on the price of gas when they took office to the last price of gas as they left office (or in the case of Obama, to the current price). And I pointed out (with my harsh speech edited out):

    When George W. Bush took office on January 20, 2001, a gallon of unleaded gas cost $1.47 a gallon. When George W. Bush left office, a gallon of unleaded gas cost $1.85 a gallon. I’ve documented those numbers before. That is a 25.85% “percent of change” increase under Bush..

    If you take that same $1.85 price that Bush handed Obama, and realize that gas this week is $3.84, the percent increase of change is 107.57% so far under Obama.

    But Obama’s first term isn’t over yet, and prices are going UP. So I looked again at the national average price of gas for 9/15/12, and it is $3.89. So I was wrong saying it was 107%; it’s 110%.

    That is a far better measure than the one you created. If you want a “percent of change,” look at what the president in question inherited and what he ended up with.

    I used the official average annual numbers to calcuate the average price per gallon during each president’s entire presidency. And if you look at Bush’s entire presidency, you’ll see his average gas price was $2.14 a gallon. If you do a more apples-to-apples comparison to Obama and only consider Bush’s first term, you’ll see his average price was $1.68 a gallon.

    Compare that to Obama’s average price thus far in his first term of $2.99 a gallon. Bush wins again.

    In 2007 and 2008, when Obama was demonizing and demagoguing his way to the presidency, he COULDN’T BLAME CONGRESS BECAUSE DEMOCRATS OWNED BOTH THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE. Obama blamed Bush and ONLY Bush. I am doing nothing beyond holding Obama accountable to the very same standard he insist Bush and Republicans be held to. And I rather wonder if you were blaming the Democrat-controlled Congress in 2007 and 2008 when gas prices were at their highest of Bush’s presidency. I rather doubt it.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Are you going to blame Obama for the low gas prices (currently under $2/gallon in many places) too? Just curious.

  11. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m curious myself.

    One of your fellow whackjobs thought he’d take me on and my last point was this:

    Now lastly, here’s one more thing. Under which president have gas prices averaged higher?

    I’ve got two charts that together cover both presidencies to this point:


    Both use the same EIA figures for their data.

    So based on those charts, do the math. Bush’s price averaged about $2.18 and Obama has averaged $3.15 through 2013. I found a 2014 average thru AAA at $3.253 (http://www.fuelgaugereport.com/). Which would place Obama’s average over six years at $3.16. But all I can say is that Obama has averaged FAR HIGHER at the pump and you have grown accustomed to SKY HIGH PRICES and Obama worship. So you are actually fool enough and frankly demon-possessed enough to insanely believe that Obama has been better at gas prices when reality screams in your fool face to the contrary.

    Does it bother you to be such a lying weasel and pretend that Obama has somehow been better on gas prices when the FACT is that Obama has averaged nearly a buck more a gallon over Bush??? Does it bother you that you have to be a pathological liar when you deny the FACT that up to this point we are paying 45% MORE for a gallon of gas than we did during the 8 years when Bush was president???

    Does it bother you that you have no virtue or integrity whatsoever???

    Just curios.

  12. John Says:

    You seem a little sensitive on this issue. Thanks for the laugh.

    Ignoring the ad hominems in your reply, thanks for citing your sources. Your facts there are correct.

    But you didn’t answer the question. Are you going to blame Obama for the low gas prices as well as the high?

    Thanks! :)

  13. Michael Eden Says:


    I appreciate that you acknowledge the fact that Obama has been a solid dollar over Bush on average gas prices.

    As to your question, when Obama actually brings down the price of gas to the level that Bush did, I suppose maybe THEN your question would have merit. As it now is, you are operating under the tacit assumption that Obama has good oil prices, when on average he has NOT had good oil prices. As I documented.

    Low gas prices are good for Americans and good for the US economy which floats on oil. Right now, there are both good and bad reasons for low oil: the good is the oil companies’ development and use of fracking technology that Obama has done everything he can do to block and which he has banned on all federal lands that he has any control over. On this good reason for lower oil prices (due to increased supply according to the economic law of supply and demand), Obama deserves NO credit for low oil prices. The bad reason for low oil price is that the world is anticipating a global recession. Which is hardly a good reason that anyone who is not insane or evil would take credit for.

    Obama has been and continues to irrationally claim that he has created a strong and stable economy. Which the overwhelming majority of Americans according to poll after poll know is a lie. In fact the economy is quite bad under Obama.

    But the world economy is even worse. Because socialists are largely running the world (In China, in Russia, in Europe, etc.).

    So I certainly blame leftist socialism for the global recession that everyone sees – well, everyone but Obama – sees coming. But I don’t believe that Obama made former KGB thug Putin a socialist. Nor do I think Obama made China socialist. Nor do I think Obama made Europe socialist.

    He DID make America socialist, though. And I blame him very rightly and very legitimately for that.

  14. Frank Says:

    Hey lets go back and look and see now what the average gas prices are. And that $9 to $10 a gallon, doesn’t seem like that happened, you were just so smart. I love how wrong people are and after he is out people will see he actually spent money where we needed to and not where he wanted. I know that’s a crazy thought for some republicans, but it is true.

  15. Frank Says:

    look back since Reagan, Gas goes up every year with inflation… just like milk and eggs and bread

  16. Michael Eden Says:


    What a true turd you are. You DO remember when gas prices temporarily spiked in 2008 when Democrats were running the House and Senate and all the hell they unleashed on Bush blaming him???

    You DO remember what YOUR SIDE did and said, don’t you, you hypocrite?

    Allow me to refresh your memory:

    And what did gas prices do by the time Bush left office? They were under $2 a gallon.

    In other words, thank you very much for pointing out what a true hypocrite you are as you hang YOURSELF by the very standard that you will hang on me.

    Everything I wrote was true: even the $9-$10 a gallon figure comes out of Obama’s own damn Energy Secretary at the time. YOU PEOPLE TRIED to raise gas prices because of your idiotic environ-MENTAL whackjob religion. Fracking made Obama fail. And now the depressed global economy has brought prices down further.

  17. Michael Eden Says:

    Um, Frank,

    Unfortunately you aren’t quite smart enough to understand either history OR the law of supply and demand.

    Some things get more expensive, some things actually get cheaper. That’s called a “fact.”

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