What’s Going On In The Flagrently MARXIST Teacher Strike In Chicago. One Video Captures The Nuts In A Nutshell

Just watch the first 30 seconds of this and you’ll find a teacher – a public school teacher – wearing a Che Guevara shirt (red as in “communism”) who refuses to answer questions about why he’s wearing a shirt celebrating a communist terrorist murderer and says he’d rather talk about teacher’s issues – and then refuses to talk about teacher’s issues when the interviewer gives him what he said he wanted.  Then you’ve got a guy waving a flag saying his flag is about “revolutionary unionism.”  That man praises his union – the CTU – and says he really admires the stance they’ve taken towards organizing (a.k.a. communism), towards a social justice movement (a.k.a. MORE communism), and using unions to advance larger social issues (i.e., barf alert levels of communism):

Meanwhile, the United States just dropped to seventh place in global competitiveness (it was #1 when Bush handed the office to Obama) precisely because of these stupid unions.  Meanwhile, these Chicago teachers are on strike because they aren’t getting paid enough even when they are paid nearly twice the median Chicago family’s salary.  They want a 35% increase in their damn pay in spite of the fact that Illinois is already more than $210 billion in deficit hell due to these psycho unions as it is.   Which is why Illinois is the worst deadbeat state in the country as it refuses to pay its debts to ordinary people so it can keep bending over for the labor unions.

What is going on in Chicago is a metaphor for what is going on in America.  We’ve got one last chance to save ourselves as a nation.  And we frankly don’t deserve to be saved.

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