Let’s Not Forget Who’s Most Important: No Marines for (Now) Murdered Ambassador In Hell Hole Libya, But A Full Security Detail for Valerie Jarrett Vacation

Puke alert time, better put on your raincoats:

No Marines for Libyan Ambassador, Full Security Detail for Valerie Jarrett Vacation
by Ben Shapiro
14 Sep 2012

Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have a Marine detail in Benghazi, Libya. But White House Senior Advisor and Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett has a full Secret Service detail on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, according to Democratic pollster Pat Caddell.

That’s the pathetic foreign policy of the Obama administration, says Caddell today in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News. “Jarrett seems to have a 24 hour, around the clock detail, with five or six agents full time,” Caddell explains. “The media has been completely uninterested. We don’t provide security for our ambassador in Libya, but she needs a full Secret Service security detail. And nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with this. And nobody in the press will ask. What kind of slavish stoogery are they perpetrating here?

“This country has reached the point of absurdity. There are people dead because we don’t have security details for them. But she’s privileged to have a full Secret Service detail on vacation?”

Caddell points out that Americans are already unhappy with President Obama on foreign policy aside from the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Caddell, along with Republican pollster John McLaughlin, runs Secure America, a nonpartisan advocacy group. “We’ve just finished two polls coming out in the field today,” says Caddell, “but we already know that people feel strongly about Iran; they feel strongly about the administration’s policy with regard to Islamic extremists. They don’t like the Obama administration’s handling of these issues. And this election won’t only be about the economy. The American people aren’t stupid. They can walk and chew gum at the same time.” 

Caddell does reserve heavy criticism for the Republican establishment, which he believes has ignored foreign policy issues for far too long. “When three quarters of the American people believe Iran will give nuclear weapons to terrorists, you can see that Americans care about this issue. And people overwhelmingly believe that Obama’s sanctions policies will not work. The pronounced minority who disagree with those positions seem to be centered in the mainstream media – and ground zero seems to be at NBC and MSNBC.”

This is particularly obscene because even the evil and wasteful devil Bush did not give his Great Satan adviser Karl Rove a Secret Service detail:

President Obama has expanded the very small group of top aides who are given the privilege of taxpayer-funded personal drivers — who take them from their house to work and back home again each day — to include two top political advisers.

The Bush White House did not give the same privileges to any of its political advisers, according to former Bush administration officials. There is a record of the Clinton White House doing so once for two months, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller.

Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, both senior advisers to the president, have been given the luxurious and prestigious perk of being picked up at their homes and driven to work or around town throughout the day in government vehicles chauffeured by military drivers, according to a list of those given the benefit provided to The Daily Caller by the White House.

In addition, Jarrett has been made a “protectee” of the Secret Service, a spokesman for the agency said. It is not clear to what extent Jarrett receives protection. Neither the White House or Secret Service would comment on the matter.

“We don’t discuss the scope or nature of protection for any Secret Service protectee due to operational security concerns,” said Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan.

But except for a few weeks after 9/11, political advisers to Bush such as Karl Rove did not have Secret Service details with them except for the rare occasion where they gave a speech where protesters were expected.

Axelrod was given protectee status in the late summer of 2009, according to a blog written by a former Washington Post national security reporter. It is unclear whether he retains that status. Donovan declined to comment on Axelrod’s status.

Regardless, one knowledgeable source indicated that Jarrett has regular or semi-regular detail protection, which has left some questioning whether the close friend of the president’s, whose portfolio involves mostly outreach to the business sector and domestic policy, really needs the high level of security.

Okay, I’m going to quiz you now, and I’m warning you, it’s a tough question.  I say that because even our president wasn’t smart enough to answer it and he’s the most smartest man who ever lived.  Are you ready?

Which one of these people needed to have a security detail more:

Valerie Jarrett:

Or Ambassador Christopher Stevens:

Take your time now.  Like I said, this one COMPLETELY fooled your president.  Mind you, it might have been due to the fact that he’s skipped 62 percent of his daily intelligence briefings and just franklydoesn’t have a damn clue how to do his job.  They seem to have quit counting back in June after Obama had reached his 100th round of golf milestone, but do you have any idea how hard it is to keep your golf game sharp while endlessly campaigning?  Something damn well had to give.

And that’s why Obama was warned about this attack on the US Consulate in Libya a full 48 hours before it happened and did NOTHING:

According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and “lockdown”, under which movement is severely restricted.

And it is why Obama also skipped the daily intelligence briefing the next day after the United States Consulate in Libya was destroyed and Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were murdered, you see.  Stuff like that just isn’t that important to Obama as compared to his campaigning and his golfing.

Oh, oh: 

There goes Mr. Creosote…

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6 Responses to “Let’s Not Forget Who’s Most Important: No Marines for (Now) Murdered Ambassador In Hell Hole Libya, But A Full Security Detail for Valerie Jarrett Vacation”

  1. Penumbra Says:

    Jesus Christ, Michael, this is really disgusting. I think I will write something about it in my blog. I didn’t know there was a picture of the ambassador. Nobody has shown it in Europe as far as I know, certainly not in Sweden. Where does it come from? Have you got any reference?

    P.S. I’m glad to see that you are still going strong here.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Blessing to you; glad to see YOU’RE still working away for the truth.

    The Los Angeles Times is now such a crappy biased liberal paper that they practically give it away. Besides the coupons the paper includes (I’m a “clipper”), I got a gift card to Target (a retail chain) that actually EXCEEDED the sale price of the subscription. Which means they were literally giving the LA Times away.

    I wish the Wall Street Journal was like that. But the difference is that the WSJ is actually a paper that prints the NEWS rather than the biased slant of liberal propagandists. So it’s expensive.

    It was in the print version of the LA Times that I came across the picture. Here is a link to where you can find it. I’ll add the link to the article as well.

    I hesitated to run the picture. But two things led to my doing so: 1) the fact that it was already in the media; and 2) the fact that it is an OUTRAGE that an American ambassador was murdered in a dangerous country without having had any significant security detail. Especially when you realize that not only was the flash-point of the 9/11 anniversary coming up, but that the United States government was warned a full 48 hours before the attack that one was coming and Obama did NOTHING. And people should see an American ambassador and by all accounts a good man MURDERED and be outraged.

  3. Penumbra Says:

    Thank you Michael. Blessings to you too!

    I plan to write about Obama’s inaction on the Iran issue, which inevitably leads to Iran getting the nuclear bomb. Obama seems to postpone the problem to future U.S. presidents, but then it maybe too late. U.S. is the only country that has the military resources to effectively knock out Iran’s nuclear weapons production with cruise missiles, stealth bombers and deep-penetrating bombs. This is further evidence of how passive and uninterested Obama is in foreign policy realities.

    Bill Clinton was the same. If I remember correctly, he was equally unwilling to take part in the intelligence briefings. He didn’t like the CIA and he didn’t trust them. I believe that the September 11 attacks were a consequence of that because the Clinton administration didn’t take the obvious warnings seriously. And now we see the same passivity but with even greater consequences.

    In the long term, I do not think the United States, with Britain as its main ally, will be able to keep reasonable peace and order in the world on its own. Other strong nations must become more active, such as Japan, Germany, France, etc. But right now, all seams to be thinking about how to continue to live the good lazy life on new loans and money they do not have. It is an excellent opportunity for evil forces to gain new strength.

    I am saddened to see how weak today’s politicians are in our democracies, but they are chosen by people who want to continue living in their liberal dreams, and have not woken up to the reality, not yet. Perhaps it has never been as important as now to putting a conservative realist in the White House. I hope Mitt Romney is capable of that task.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    I’ve pointed what you are rightly declaring many times to many different liberals before:

    Why did we get attacked on 9/11? Let’s find out in the words of the man who attacked us after Bill Clinton’s abject fiasco commonly known as Black Hawk Down in Somalia:

    “Our boys no longer viewed America as a superpower. So, when they left Afghanistan, they went to Somalia and prepared themselves carefully for a long war. They had thought that the Americans were like the Russians, so they trained and prepared. They were stunned when they discovered how low was the morale of the American soldier. America had entered with 30,000 soldiers in addition to thousands of soldiers from different countries in the world. … As I said, our boys were shocked by the low morale of the American soldier and they realized that the American soldier was just a paper tiger. He was unable to endure the strikes that were dealt to his army, so he fled, and America had to stop all its bragging and all that noise it was making in the press…” — Osama bin Laden

    Our military was weak as a result of Clinton’s cuts. How about our intelligence that is tasked with seeing an attack coming??? Clinton gutted that too:

    Author James Risen won the Pulitzer Prize on Tuesday for his much ballyhooed New York Times report last December that revealed President Bush’s previously secret terrorist surveillance program – a revelation he uncovered while researching his book “State of War.”

    In the same book, however, Risen makes an equally explosive claim about President Clinton’s relationship with the CIA – which his editors at the Times have so far declined to cover.

    Upon taking power in 1993, Risen reports, the Clinton administration “began slashing the intelligence budget in search of a peace dividend, and Bill Clinton showed almost no interest in intelligence matters.”
    The agency cutbacks combined with presidential disinterest took their toll almost immediately.

    “Over a three-or-four-year period in the early-to-mid 1990s,” reports Risen, “virtually an entire generation of CIA officers – the people who had won the Cold War – quit or retired. One CIA veteran compared the agency to an airline that had lost all of is senior pilots . . . “
    After Clinton CIA Director John Deutch cashiered several senior officers over a scandal in Guatamala, the situation got even worse.

    “Morale [at the CIA] plunged to new lows, and the agency became paralyzed by an aversion to high-risk espionage operations for fear they would lead to political flaps. Less willing to take big risks, the CIA was less able to recruit spies in dangerous places such as Iraq.”

    The 9/11 attack was the result of the joke that the military had become as a result of a Bill Clinton who gutted the military budget. Bush I took Reagan’s mantle and won the Cold War and defeated the Soviet-armed Iraqi regime; Bill Clinton tore that great, powerful military apart. And we paid dearly for it. And every single penny that Clinton saved by dismantling our military and our intelligence Bush had to pay a thousandfold.

    So right from the start, if a Democrat wants to say Clinton had a surplus, YOU SHOVE THAT SURPLUS UP THEIR BUTTS BY POINTING OUT WHERE IT CAME FROM AND WHAT IT RESULTED IN. It came from weakening the military and our intelligence apparatus and it resulted in the horror of 9/11 and the wars that necessarily followed.>/blockquote>

    Thanks to Bill Clinton, all of the terrorists who attacked America on 9/11 were in the country and received their financing before Bush took office. Thanks to Bill Clinton, America was weak and blind and ripe for attack. Thanks to Bill Clinton, Osama bin Laden decided America was an easy target.

    But hey, he saved us a lot of money by gutting the military and the intelligence establishments, right? It’s like saving your familiy a ton of money by cancelling all of the insurance for everything.

    Clinton’s “savings” cost us TRILLIONS of dollars and thousands of lives. But people like you will never hold him to account for it.

    Let’s see. Bill Clinton created the fiasco in Somalia by which America’s future enemy on 9/11 declared America as a weak paper tiger and emboldened him to begin his plan to strike us seven years later. Bill Clinton gutted the military and gutted our intelligence gathering capability so that we were literally both weak and blind. Bill Clinton allowed all of the terrorists who would attack us on 9/11 into the country and largely allowed them to receive all of their operational training here so that they could attack us.

    Other than that, Bill Clinton isn’t to blame for 9/11 at all…

    America used to live by the adage: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

    Now we live by the mantra: “Speak politically correctly by apologizing to our enemies and backstabbing our friends and throw down that big, mean, nasty stick.”

  5. Nancy Moore Says:

    If you read The Amateur and Leading from Behind you will read about v. Jarrett. She should be fired. From what i’ve read, she is making the decisions for Obama. She does not like America. Hr position is suspicious.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Nancy Moore,

    My view of their relationship is that Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s Svengali. Obama was a nobody community organizer when he met her. She helped him to become a state senator and then a US Senator and then president. She can probably point to a number of times when she convinced him to do something that turned out to advance Obama’s political career. And now he trusts her judgment more than he trusts his own.

    He certainly ought to trust somebody else’s judgment more than his own, because he is a fool.

    But unfortunately for America, he trusts Valerie Jarrett’s judgment the most.

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