(Women Are That Stupid Alert): Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Says ‘Women Are Not Really Concerned About What’s Happened Over The Last Four Years’

I thought the piece on Michelle Malkin’s blog spiked this laugher best:

Stephanie Cutter: Women aren’t concerned what’s happened over the last 4 years, only what’s going to happen in the next 4 years
By Doug Powers  •  September 24, 2012 10:32 PM

Guys, test the theory of Obama’s deputy campaign manager this week. Come home at three o’clock in the morning, broke and looking rough after being gone for a full day, and when your wife asks what you’ve been up to in the last 24 hours, reply “you’re not concerned about that honey — you only want to know what’s going to happen in the next 24 hours.” Good luck.

Transcript from Real Clear Politics (audio below):

“We’ll continue doing what we have been doing, trying to get the president’s message out on the ground. Whether it’s in the suburban areas of Northern Virginia, or Denver, Ohio, to talk about what the president wants to do in the future. That’s the other thing that you find most often with women. They’re not really concerned about what’s happened over the last four years, they really want to know what’s going to happen in the next four years,” Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said to guest host Susan Page on the Diane Rehm Show today.

Cutter has gone out of her way to prove her point that women aren’t worried about the recent past, especially as it concerns remembering what happened on conference calls:

(h/t Freedom’s Lighthouse)

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Obama thinks women are that idiotic.  Women can’t comprehend things like “history” and “cause and effect.”  They’re just not intelligent enough to be able to consider that the last four years of Obama might somehow inform them on the next four years of Obama.

The thing is, many women ARE this stupid.  As the example provided by Doug Powers indicates, there are a plenty of single women out there who float from abusive cheating loser to abusive cheating loser because they simply cannot understand that if you ignore the lessons of history you are doomed to repeat them.

And the polls are very clearly showing that it is precisely those women who are supporting Obama: the single psycho women with dysfunctional lives who constantly look to find somebody or something to parasitically leech off of.

Middle class women don’t vote for Obama, the polls show; married women don’t vote for Obama, the polls show.

It’s the psycho dysfunctional idiotic bimbos who vote for Obama because they can’t fathom this whole “last four years” thing.

“Women” aren’t stupid; only liberal women are stupid.  But that said, liberal women are the truly stupidest people of all.

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