Photos Of Gas Lines Stretching For Miles And Miles. I Was A Kid When This Last Happened – And Jimmy Carter Was America’s Failed President.

Ah, the magic policies of Barack Hussein Obama that he promised would pave the streets with gold:

“… under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket”

Instead of course we got dozens if not hundreds of Solyndras where Obama-connected crony capitalists got filthy rich and then walked away while their stimulus-dollar-fed solar energy firms went out of business.

The pictures of the 2012 Obama gas lines are simply  amazing.  Want a little gasoline for transportation and warmth?  Well, you have to go through Obama’s “hope and change,” first.

Let me warm you up with a picture of the Carter gas lines in the 1970s:

Ah, those were the good days.  Nothin’ to do but wait in line.  Nothin’ to be afraid of but not having gas and being stranded somewhere because your president was a worthless turd.

And here’s the Obama gas line to wait at the end of:

It’s too bad none of these people realizes that their messiah told them all they need to do is inflate their tires and they don’t need gas.

Instead, they are waiting FOUR FREAKING HOURS to get gasoline in Obamanation.  People are showing up at the pump late in the middle of the night or first thing early in the morning to get a jump on that four hour wait only to find cars already lined up as far as the horizon.

People are already getting pissed at the total lack of leadership.

As we speak, the city of New York is erupting in outrage because the idiot Mayor Bloomberg (who endorsed Obama because Bloomberg still thinks Obama is the messiah who will lower the levels of the oceans and heal the planet) is determined to have a parade also called the New York Marathon.  New Yorkers who just went through hell are outraged that their mayor wants to divert massive resources when many who live in the city still don’t have any power or warmth or transportation.  Instead of bringing in generators and police to ward off looters, Mayor Bloomberg says New York should instead use those resources for a damn parade of scrawny jogging idiots.  And the hotels that are stuffed full of New Yorkers who can’t return to their homes because their damn homes washed away in a hurricane are being asked by foreign tourists who want to watch those scrawny idiots jog to vacate their only shelter now because those rooms were booked for the marathon.  It’s quite amazing in the rigid bureaucratic idiocy.

Well, one more picture to sum up the current state of the union:

Thank God we never had to learn what a SECOND Carter term would look like.  And for God’s sake, let’s not find out NOW.

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2 Responses to “Photos Of Gas Lines Stretching For Miles And Miles. I Was A Kid When This Last Happened – And Jimmy Carter Was America’s Failed President.”

  1. jtnewsom Says:

    It was OPEC not carter, though, carter was a crappy president. And it was Nixon the first time in 1973 when America had the blackest Christmas in history. BTW, the Nixon lines were the gas lines from hell.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    A few things.

    First of all, my purpose for writing this particular article was to expose something that your insights fail to comprehend: unrelenting liberal bias from the media class and their tendency to blame ONLY Republican presidents for any energy crisis rather than ever allowing blame to fall upon a Democrat president no matter how personally responsible that Democrat president applying failed Democrat policies is.

    Second, I actually disagree with one of your premise statements: we do not now and never had to be prisoners to OPEC. That was bad policy to EVER allow that to happen. Had we as a well-led nation made the policy decisions to open up our own oil reserves for harvesting, we would have never seen many of the economic and political crises we otherwise have faced due to being hostage to OPEC.

    Third, one of the interesting things about Richard Nixon is that the man was never actually anything even CLOSE to a conservative president. Aside from imposing socialist wage and price controls, aside from taking our currency off the gold standard allowing out-of-control government spending, Nixon also was the man who created the Department of Energy. Nixon was NEVER a conservative, but ran as one on the theory that since he was the Attorney General of California who prosecuted Algier Hiss, why, obviously he HAD to be a conservative. Not. And his presidency proved it. And of course the fact that the man was personally a rat bastard proved it as well, but that’s just me. That said, Nixon’s were just more failed socialist policies.

    We have our own oil. We actually have more oil than anyone else, especially now that fracking has enabled us to harvest oil that was previously worthless to us because we didn’t have the technology to obtain it. We have had our own oil the whole time OPEC has been punching us in the face. Intelligent policy says we should use our natural resources unless and until foreign competition is fair and reasonable. A necessary condition for us to buy from “OPEC” ought to be that the cartel collusion that is the heart of the OPEC system be declared illegal and we have the right to prosecute and put in prison any official from any OPEC country caught colluding with another official from another OPEC country, for instance. We don’t allow Exxon and Mobil to collude and it ought to be illegal for OPEC to even exist as it is. And until then we use our own oil.

    So I simply disagree that “it was OPEC not Carter.” OPEC is not our friend, and a decent leader will realize that and have a wise strategy to deal with them so our people can’t ever suffer “the blackest Christmas in history.”

    Thanks for your comment. Let’s not have another 1973 or another 1979.

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