My Final Say On Why Barack Obama Does NOT Deserve Reelection

Obama has added a fourth dimension to dishonesty.  They used to say, “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.”  Now it’s “There are lies, damn lies, statistics and Obamanomics.”  Because Obama’s entire economic policy is a giant turd.  And while it looks like a turd, smells like a turd, and feels like a turd if you’re idiot enough to touch it, Obama tells you it’s actually gold-plated.

The unemployment rate is HIGHER than it was when Obama took office.  It is HIGHER than it EVER WAS under George W. Bush.  But in spite of that reality, it somehow never stopped Obama from just demonizing Bush.  Obama has never taken personally responsibility for anything.

George Bush’s unemployment rate was 5.26% over eight years.  At this point near the very end of Obama’s failed first (and hopefully ONLY term), Obama has given us an average unemployment rate of over 9 percent (9.03%).

You’d think that a man who never came CLOSE to George Bush’s unemployment rate – and frankly a man who never WILL come close to Bush’s unemployment rate – wouldn’t talk so much smack about George Bush.  BUT THAT’S ALL OBAMA DOES.  And the reason that’s all he does is simply because it’s all he has: demagoguery and demonization and blame and Marxist class warfare.

I suppose I can understand why those monthly unemployment rates under Bush looked bad to Democrats.  Because people would expect them to get off their lazy little roach asses and get a damn job back then instead of Obama giving them food stamps for life.  Obama has increased food stamps by 53 percent under his presidency; and what the hell, if you go back to when Nancy Pelosi took over the House of Representatives and Harry Reid took over the US Senate in 2007, Democrats have increased food stamps by 70 percent.  And all you welfare parasites ought to really like that trend – at least until you’ve sucked more blood out of the increasingly few Americans who are actually producing anything and the country implodes and you starve because Obama trained you to be completely dependent sponges.  It will be bad for you then, but then again none of you have EVER been capable of thinking about tomorrow and actually taking steps to avoid catastrophe before, so why start now?  You don’t need a damn job; YOU’VE GOT OBAMA.

You also need to understand that Barack Obama has in no way, shape or form lowered the unemployment rate.  What he has done is massively increase the number of discouraged workers – who don’t count in the official unemployment rate calculations.

There’s a vital statistic called the “labor force participation rate.”  What is it?  It is the percentage of working-age Americans who actually have a job.  And that rate has plunged and plunged and plunged every single year of Obama’s presidency.  I’ve written about this: if you look at November of 2010, the labor participation rate under Obama was at a 25-year low (i.e., worse than it EVER was under Bush) at 64.5%.   The next year, 2011, the participation rate was at a 27-year low at 63.9%.  In May of this year, the participation rate was at 63.6% and was the worst in thirty years.  And at that point just a few months ago the labor participation rate for men was the lowest it had EVER been since they started keeping records in 1948.  By August of this year it declined yet again to 63.5% to the lowest level in thirty-one years.

When our unemployment rate drops precipitously because four discouraged workers give up ever getting a job under this failed presidency for every one who actually gets a job, you need a new president.

If we applied the labor force participation rate that George Bush handed off to Obama, the unemployment rate would be well over 10 percent.

And what about the businesses that would be creating jobs if it weren’t for the fact that a turd is sitting in the White House where a president ought to be?

What is true of the labor force participation is also true of business start ups in America under Obama.  Two years ago – and this being during the so-called Obama “recovery,” the number of U.S. business start-ups and dropped 24% – and how the hell does that happen in a “recovery” when you’re supposedly coming out of a recession that you blame Bush for?  Last year the number of business start-ups had plunged to a 25 year low which was THE LOWEST level ever measured since the statistic began to be tracked in 1986.  Now under Obama’s utterly failed leadership and under his Marxist class warfare, the number of business start-ups is at a 30 year low.

Obama isn’t adding anywhere NEAR enough jobs to keep up with the 10 million people who have joined the workforce by virtue of becoming adults during his presidency.

I don’t understand.  Why do so many Democrats want America to weaken, to fail and to implode?  What is it about this country that so many people call “The Great Satan” that you Democrats despise so much?

You can look at America’s global competitiveness under Obama and see the same failure.  Last year, America dropped to fifth place.  This year, thanks to Obama’s leadership, America has plunged to seventh place in global competitiveness.  And in fact we have dropped down the ladder under Obama every single year of his failed presidency in global competitiveness.

And wait, I’m not done, because the United States has now also plunged in a manner described as “unprecedented” to TWELFTH place in prosperity under Obama.

We were #1 in the world in global competitiveness when George Bush handed the presidency to Barack Obama.

If you vote Democrat, I guess you think our decline is good.  You clearly do, because you thought that our being number one in the world under George W. Bush was somehow bad.  You want America to drop to twelfth place, to twentieth place, to fiftieth place.  Why?  What is morally and psychologically wrong with you?

And don’t think for a second that Democrats want more money in the pockets of working people.  Because the median household income has dropped $4,520 since that evil day that President Obama took officeBetting on Obama cost you 8.2% of the average American’s income.  That’s how much the average American has basically lost every year as a result of their lousy bet on Obama.  I don’t understand: why on earth do you want more of that?  Or maybe I should be asking you why on earth you want less and less money and freedom as long as you can have more Obama?

Democrats are NOT people who want more money in working people’s’ pockets; they’re bitter, hateful people who want LESS money in other people’s’ pockets; they’re Marxists who want more and more and more money in the government’s pocket instead.

Obama is spending this country into bankruptcy.  You first need to understand that Obama has added $6 trillion to the debt in only four years after demonizing George Bush for adding over $4 trillion over eight years.  If Obama is reelected, he is on pace to TRIPLE the George Bush debt that he demagogued.  And this from a president who promised he’d cut spending and would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term but was upbraided by Tom Brokaw who said Obama would have to answer for his “out of control” $1.1 trillion deficit “that happened on his watch.”  And let’s not even think about the fact that our REAL debt that will ultimately bankrupt us all is the $222 trillion we owe when we consider the unsustainable Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid debt that we have to pay.

On the foreign policy front, let me just sum it up this way: our Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force have massively lost confidence in Obama as commander-in-chief.  Obama paraded himself around as the president who got bin Laden (never mind that he depended enormously on the waterboarding-obtained intelligence that he demonized).  And Obama claimed that in getting bin Laden he had fatally wounded al Qaeda and that the war on terrorism was basically over.  And as a result Ambassador Chris Stevens was completely safe in Benghazi, Libya, and Obama could therefore cut his security even though the ambassador who was just about to be murdered in an al Qaeda terrorist attack was begging for MORE security.  The fact that Obama was utterly and completely wrong about his core foreign policy ought to matter.  But instead Obama has lied and then lied again when confronted with past lies such that the drip, drip, drip of Benghazi won’t hurt him until after the election is already over.  Which is exactly how a profoundly unworthy commander-in-chief would think.

Meanwhile, Obama’s cockroach media is working overtime to censor the news about this story so that Obama’s gamble will work.

Speaking of war zones, how about that Hurricane Sandy devastation?  Much of the country is lining up in gas lines that are taking as long as seven hours to get through.  Whole regions are devastated and thousands of victims have received absolutely no help at ALLAnger is beginning to increasingly erupt over the disastrous relief effortIt’s always amazing to watch as the same media that pounded George Bush day after day over Katrina refuse to cover the suffering Obama is responsible for after Hurricane Sandy.  Obama got his photo op pretending to be “commander-in-chief” and now he can leave victims out in the cold.  Literally.

Oh, did I mention “gas”?  How about them prices?  Obama has made gasoline TWICE as expensive as it was when he took office.

Obama summed it up pretty well: Democrats are people who vote with a heart full of revenge; Mitt Romney is a man who says that Republicans vote because of love of country.

And that bit of deceit is frankly stunning: why the hell is Obama demanding that people take revenge on Mitt Romney WHEN IT WAS INSTEAD BARACK OBAMA WHO HAS IMPLODED AMERICA YEAR AFTER YEAR OVER THE LAST FOUR YEARS???  Just what did Mitt Romney do that Obama thinks people should take revenge on him for???  Why the hell doesn’t Obama realize that HE’S the man the American people need to take their revenge on, if they take revenge out on anyone at all???  Why is it that Barack Obama is that pathologically incapable of accepting any kind of responsibility at all???

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19 Responses to “My Final Say On Why Barack Obama Does NOT Deserve Reelection”

  1. rantsofasmallbusinessman Says:

    Excellent my man! Could not have said it better myself.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Thanks. I’ve said it until I turned blue in the face. I figured saying it one more time with a blue face couldn’t hurt.

  3. Dog Walker Says:

    Ugh, the moment of truth (sic) is upon us. I don’t watch much tv. So I am a bit disconnected. I was over at friends house on friday. I seen ol’ Colin Powell in like a commercial only it was like a news blurb posing as a commercial. Anyway, it was all about C. Powell saying how he was a Republican and he supported Obama. Then it showed ol’ Obama prancing around on the floor of some factory, presumably GM.

    So ol’ Obama saved all of them cool union jobs at GM. Wasn’t that cool. He back stabbed the investors in order to do it. But that is all good. Those are just nasty Wall St aristocrats. Wait a minute. Wall St is where private sector retirements live! Now what the hell kind of investor is going to risk any capital in the face of Obama’s style of predation.

    Save jobs did he?

    Now we got the weasels whining that the banks (investors) have plenty of cash but they won’t loan, invest or otherwise spend it. Go figure.

    Colin Powell. The tacit message there is that the Republicans have devolved to something that not even ol’ Colin can stomach any longer. Reality check. Colin was never anything more than a “token” Republican.

    If I remember correctly, Colin was on board with all of the cause or necessity for the invasion of Iraq. Then the winds changed and according to my liberal acquaintences Colin was forced to lie. He had to lie you know.

    A weird and corrupt line of reasoning. I have to do something immoral in order to keep my job, you know, to get money.

    Everyone of course understands when something like that happens it is reasonable that someone made you do it.

    In Colin’s case of course he was a moral guy because he is black. And of course he was forced to lie because he was a token in the company of whites.

    But I only can ask, when is he lying and when is he not lying… and which are the ones he gets paid for?

  4. FMC Says:

    Yeah, I was going to say something about your blue face which was giving you the complexion of a smurf. I really don’t know how your head hasn’t exploded after manning this blog for the past several years! These past four years have been brutal.

    I take it from the title of this blog post, that this is your last…. well, last as far as warning America about Obama and the liberals. From recent conversations, I assume your next blog will be warning about the coming of the antichrist and that of our dear Lord, instead. Hopefully, the former will be put off a little with a positive outcome in the election. I just want to thank you for your efforts, they have been superb, Michael. Thanks….

  5. Penumbra Says:

    Hello Michael!

    I’m here just to give you my moral support for the upcoming election. As Swedish national, that is all I can do.

    I hope that you and your Republican friends get to see Mitt Romney as the new president in the White House. USA and the world really need a change – this time in the right direction (“right” in the dual meaning of the word).

    I keep my fingers crossed and I pray for you!

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    It sucks being a punching bags. Punching bags are pretty much united about that.

    I might write one called, “My Final Say on Why Mitt Romney Should Be Our Next President” and surprise you. I was actually thinking about doing that.

    Heck, I suppose I could go crazy and write 5,000 articles with “My Final Say On …” and you fill in the blank.

    I hope to avoid that last scenario that involves insanity, but I don’t intend to stop talking about politics cold turkey; rather I’m just going to shift away from being a political blog that talks about religion to more like a religion blog and doesn’t much shy away from politics. And, yeah, I’m very interested in last days prophecy.

    Here’s the funny thing: If Obama wins, my religion blog that is geared toward prophecy will be a MUCH bigger deal because you’re going to see a lot more Christians getting concerned if Obama gets another four years to finish imploding America and causing a global depression that will result in the coming of the beast.

    If Romney wins, I still think America is in big trouble and that ultimately its citizens will end up joyfully worship the future ultimate “Dear Leader” and taking his mark. But we’ll have a few more years before we go completely toxic. And of course a lot of evangelicals who rightly see Obama as leading us to hell would calm down a little or maybe even more than a little.

    So Obama winning would be good for my “hits.”

    That said, I hope my blog suffers the doldrums of a Mitt Romney presidency.

    I appreciate your thanks and would like to offer my own back to you. When I first started blogging the ONLY people who EVER commented were LIBERALS. I wasn’t trying to write for liberals, dang it. And it was very frustrating to have a pack of lefties jump me every time I wrote an article. And that said, having good solid conservative friends like you post comments has always been a refreshing thing to see. People like you really did help keep me going.

    So thank YOU.

  7. Michael Eden Says:


    Needing your prayers for America having some shred of wisdom left in her heart over there is Sweden, my friend.

    Thank you for your taking the time to send that note of encouragement; it is appreciated, as you also are appreciated.

    God is in charge. My prayer has been that the Lord would give America at least one more chance to get its act together, that He would give the American people the wisdom they need to choose wisely, that He would put in the Romney campaign a spirit of wisdom, discernment, and timing, and that He would expose Obama.

    But of course we know that the beast is coming. And the people who choose the beast are already among us and voting, I think.

    I have a sense of supernatural peace about this election that is part faith, part confidence, part political fatigue and part just wanting it to be finally over.

    Mitt Romney would be a better president, but he is NOT my Savior. And ultimately only Jesus Christ will be able to rule over this world and produce peace and righteousness and human flourishing.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    You expose the underbelly of why socialism will never work.

    There are three forms of socialism: communism, fascism and European-style “soft” socialism.

    There’s a reason Europe has never been the powerhouse that those who united the continent believed it would be – and that is the soft socialism they have employed.

    The presupposition of such socialism is that business is basically evil, government is basically good, and if government “steers” business by providing a framework of regulation and oversight, business will do the right thing under the watchful eye of “good” government.

    It simply isn’t true. If in fact business really IS evil, it will constantly look for new aveneus to profit – including co-opting the politicians who run “good government” knowing that these “good, pure, decent politians” are easily corrupted by money.

    There are two ways to get business to invest and grow: 1) realize that laissez faire free market economics has been historical and emperically proven over and over again to flourish. The free market system was created by Christians who realized that human beings ARE EVIL, but that if the business/merchant has an incentive to better serve his/her customers, he can earn more profit, that business would tend to be good to their customers.

    The other way is pure, totalitarian, dictatorial governance over business (the means of production). You can nationalize business outright (communism) with the state literally owning everything, or you can have a fascist regime that forces business to do as the regime wants by sheer government power (laws, regulation, prison, death, that sort of thing).

    The thing is that the first way works best every single time it is tried. And liberals have dedicated their lives to destroying any form of human flourishing wherever it might be found on this earth in their rabid belief that “slavery is freedom.”

  9. FMC Says:

    According to Nyquist who quotes Mises,

    The enemies of the market today are not especially knowledgeable about economics. Their business is politics, and their natural tendency is to extend their own power. As Mises tells us, “To control everything, to leave no room for anything to happen of its own accord without the interference of the authorities – this is the goal for which every ruler secretly strives.” [p. 67] In a complex industrial society, adds Mises, “it is quite possible for those in control of the government to take action against private property. In fact, politically there is nothing more advantageous for a government than an attack on property rights, for it IS ALWAYS AN EASY MATTER TO INCITE THE MASSES AGAINST THE OWNERS OF LAND AND CAPITAL.”

    I guess there really is nothing new underneath the sun.

    You mentioned 3 forms of socialism. While I think you are correct in your statement, according to Hayek, they are all forms of collectivism. Also, Hayek was the first to accurately refute the idea of the day that fascism was a capitalist response against socialism. Of course, today’s socialists of the left still argue this point, when Obama is probably the biggest fascist, among other things, this country has ever seen.

    It is close to 3:30 ET and, boy, am I getting nervous with anticipation.

  10. Millie Says:

    Michael, I add my thanks to everyone else’s. I can’t say it better…just…thank you. I hope we can all meet in a day or two and be happy about our new Prez!
    I may watch some of this stuff tonight but have had the tv on Little house at night and lately they have been running the Star Trek movies. :) I sleep much better not getting all riled up before I go to bed and it’s just been CONSTANT on Fox. I couldn’t take it anymore. I am so grateful this miserable election is nearly over. And feeling a peace, myself, which I hope bodes well for the outcome.
    Dog Walker, please tell me you voted? I know you said you weren’t going to, at least I kind of remember that, I think….

  11. Michael Eden Says:


    It’s amazing how liberals can confuse “free market” with “totalitarian dictatorship.” Maybe it’s just me, but they don’t sound very much alike on my view.

    Fascism is “national socialism.” Confusing national socialism with capitalism comes from the same idiot ideologue dumbasses who confuse “free market” with “totalitarian dictatorship.” You’re dealing with people who hate the truth and hate facts, bottom line.

    In very marked contrast with free market capitalism, fascism uses the force of raw government power to dictate what and how much will be produced and what and how much will be produced by what business. Again, if ideology has made somebody a dumbass who is only capable of stating propaganda, I can see how these people confuse “free market capitalism” with “fascism.” Otherwise, socialism is politically leftist, economically leftist, and basically leftist no matter how you slice it.

    I was actually feeling rather at peace until I turned on the TV. That pretty much tightens your chest up pretty quickly.

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    I sleep much better not getting all riled up before I go to bed


    It sounds like you must have a little bit of common sense. Dang that must be nice!

    The rest of us gluttons for punishment keep our TVs on the politics all night and alternate between beating our heads against the wall, cheering, moaning, and then banging our heads against the wall some more.

    I know that God is sovereign over His universe. I know that ultimately the beast is coming and that the world is rushing to prepare itself to worship him. And I know that if Obama wins, God will be telling His people to get ready for the rapture of His Church. So I’m at peace.

    I’m at peace even as Fox News just called Ohio – and therefore basically the election – for Obama.

    I appreciate your words of thanks. People like you encouraged me to keep writing. And to continue to keep writing, albeit with a new emphasis.

  13. FMC Says:

    I definitely had my doubts about Romney taking Ohio. I live in Ohio near, just outside Toledo which is a strong union-town. These people up here are brainwashed, saturated with the union mentality and are strong Democratic supporters regardless of anything. They wouldn’t know the truth or reality if it took a dump right on their face. In the past couple of years, I have considered moving because of the mentality that seems to permeate this region. Don’t get me wrong, there are some decent people around here, but, overall, it sucks. I cannot tell you the amount of people that I have run into and had argued or debated with regarding politics and religion, even. I hear Cleveland is even worse. The majority of these folks are Catholics, the kind that go to Mass on Saturday and then straight to the bar or strip club afterwards. They might be religious, but are really far from God – most have never even read the Bible. Anyway, from the beginning, I did not think Romney could win here, even though it may be close. Unfortunately, I was right.

    It makes me really want to puke knowing that we got another four years of this narcissistic, quivering pile of slime. I can’t hardly stand the sound of his voice or his image. I find it hard to believe that Americans were stupid enough to vote him in again, despite the high unemployment, Benghazi, the super-storm Sandy debacle, the endless failed policies, and all the lies, lies, lies etc…. But it is true! America is not the America that it once was, it is not the nation that our fore fathers created or envisioned. We are being prepared for the slaughter and we justly deserve it so; we deserve everything we got coming and then some. The way is quickly being prepared for the total demise of this nation and the advent of the antichrist. The vast majority of those that voted for Obama and probably many that voted for Romney will accept the man of sin gladly and willingly. Of course, they will get their firey reward which they so deserve.

    Really, this election doesn’t matter. I have been intimate with the financial markets since the mid 90’s and trade futures for a living. I have been through the Asian Crisis (Long Term Capital Management meltdown), the Nasdaq bubble, multiple federal reserve interest cycles and the collapse of 08′. I know for a fact that our financial system is severely flawed -what fiat currency system isn’t – and it is only a matter of time before the entire thing collapses. I seriously doubt if Romney could avert the coming disaster, even though he may of been able to slow it down. At least with Obama in the White House, he and his liberal cronies will take the blame when the sh*t really does hit the fan blade and, trust me, it will. I don’t know if I could tolerate it if Republicans were blamed for another collapse, even though they might still be or they might try. Heck, they might even still try to blame Bush. Let Obama go down with this ship.

    I remember back in college, I did a paper on cults and, primarily, Jim Jones. It amazed me how people could believe such things, even things that were obviously untrue or just plain obsurd. To this day, I am constantly amazed at what people believe to be the truth. I am amazed at those who support Obama. They appear to me as Carville’s cattle or, better yet, sheep grazing in a government pasture. It kind of has that cult feel to it. Just imagine when the antichrist steps on the scene. You thought it was bad when the young ladies met Elvis. These are strange and interesting times; these are the last days. I am looking forward, now, to the End of Days Blog!

  14. Penumbra Says:

    I would say that the Beast is already here and has been here for a long time. It works with ideas. It has not had much success in seducing the humanity and destroying its moral fiber – to the present. It has tried the idea of “communism”, “fascism”, “nazism”, “socialism”, but it has failed each time and it has been defeated each time.

    However, the Evil never gives up so now it has found the idea of a combination of socialism and liberalism, which is winning over human reason and morality, and is corrupting people’s souls. Europe has been infected with it since long. Likewise Canada, Australia and other Western civilizations of the world. And now the U.S.A. It is a tragic fact and it breaks my heart.

    But we find comfort in Jesus’ promise to come back and set things right again, once and for always. We will never give up that hope. We are the ultimate winners. We won already some 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ returned from the dead. No one can take this away from us.

    Thank you Michael and God bless you! I will continue to following your blog.

  15. Dog Walker Says:

    Millie, I voted.

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    I definitely had my doubts about Romney taking Ohio… Anyway, from the beginning, I did not think Romney could win here, even though it may be close. Unfortunately, I was right.


    Yes, you most certainly were. I recall your commenting (said comment still available, of course) expressing your sincere doubt that Romney could win in Ohio. You said:

    I live in Ohio and I am scared because the unions have such a strong presence here and, as you know, nearly all unionized employees vote Democratic. Also, I have met many liberals; it seems that I have met more of them than conservatives. Maybe I am panicking or being irrational, but have you seen anything that seems accurate regarding how Ohio is leaning?

    And, yes, unfortunately you were right – and I was wrong. Because I recall trying to tell you why you should think that Romney was going to win in Ohio.

    I have often been amazed at the things that have come out of the mouths of people who called themselves “Catholics.” I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. And Catholics ought to be beyond ashamed.

    I agree and disagree with you in your statement that “Really, this election doesn’t matter … I seriously doubt if Romney could avert the coming disaster, even though he may of been able to slow it down.” And that is because of the part that we both agree on – namely that Romney likely would have been able to slow it down. If for no other reason he wasn’t Obama and wasn’t demonically bankrupting us at the fastest rate possible.

    If my doctor told me I could choose to die of the fastest and most aggressive and most painful possible form of cancer or die of a slower and less aggressive form, call me a fool but I’d choose the second kind of cancer.

    But, yeah, we’re sick and dying and we’re going to go down hard and fast and it will be a nasty, bloody, violent death as a nation. And America just decided it wanted the ugliest death possible in voting for Obama. And it never even would have occurred to me to believe that Mitt Romney was going to turn that invariable and inevitable end around. We’ve been building to it since we allowed FDR to put a giant bomb in our bowels that will soon be exploding right in the most vital part of our gut.

    As to your last para, I believe that it comes down to being bad people. Because bad people hate the truth and prefer lies – that’s just the bottom line. Good people genuinely and sincerely want to know the truth. And then there are your Democrats.

    The sad thing is that, thanks to Obama’s reelection, my end times blog will be getting a much larger following now. Particularly as Obama leads us to the hell that I believe this nation will experience during Obama’s second term.

    We had a tiny taste of it today as the market let the world know that Obama is a sucky president who is at war with business in that 313 point drop in the DOW today. That happens to be a) the worst market drop in a full calender year and b) the second worse drop in the DOW following a presidential election in American history, surpassed only by Obama’s first election.

    I’m wondering if the Lord put it on my heart to do a Christian blog centering primarily on the end times because of what happened yesterday.

  17. Michael Eden Says:


    We likely come from different interpretive traditions on the Book of Revelation.

    On my view – while your “beast as an evil idea” view is certainly not incorrect – is that the ULTIMATE beast of the Book of Revelation will be a real, flesh-and-blood human being who will emerge in the last days. And I believe that human being is alive and quite possibly preparing to reveal himself as we speak.

    I also agree with your views on socialism and liberalism (often two forms of the exact same thing). In the book of Daniel Daniel recorded a vision of a statue representing the great empires that would rule through the last days. The feet represents the final empire – and it featured iron mixed with clay.

    Quite a few scholars have identified the iron as imperial totalitarianism and the clay as “democracy.” The two don’t mix well together. And of course it isn’t “democracy” that is bad, but rather what wicked people do with it. Our wicked terminal generation has degenerated to the point where they depraved it into socialism. And socialism is the epitome of trying to mix iron with clay in the above sense.

    Btw, I really like Ray Stedmen’s take on the Roman Empire essentially continuing through the present day.

    It is always a privilege to hear from you, Penumbra. May God keep you blessed and safe as you do His work in Sweden as one of His few ministers there.

  18. Penumbra Says:


    Something very evil is on the move, an entity that “whispers” seductively in people’s ears and corrupt their souls. It uses ideas as a tool for its purposes.

    Such an idea is the feministic one of giving women “the power over their own lives” by giving them free choice to keeping their babies or killing them in abortions. At first thought it seems right and rational, and most of the people in the modern world feel that way, but it leads to wicked actions that are corrupting entire communities.

    The question of free abortion right is one important factor why people like Obama are leading our world today, and why Obama got to be the president of the USA for a second term.

    The examples are numerous. Only we, who are protected by our belief in Jesus Christ, our Lord, can identify and resist them. This evil is getting smarter and more efficient for each day. It understands how to manipulate and use the modern educated world for its purposes. We must fight it by the same means. It is our obligation as people of the Lord Jesus. We must never give up hope.

    Eventually, the evil will materialize as the Beast the way you are saying. Then, we shall see. Hopefully enough of our people are left to meet the Lord and contribute to fulfill the prophecy. We must keep His promise in mind and never despair.

    Thanks for the link to Pastor Ray Stedman’s blog. Interesting! I did not know about it.

  19. Michael Eden Says:


    Your example of abortion on demand is one of those that sets the top of my skull off like a steaming teapot, too.

    Feminism and the left that produced it and nurtured it have done one thing: they have killed fatherhood and therefore destroyed the family.

    Did that man just father a child? NO; that is NOT a child; it is merely a lump of goop that is not human and is not a person and most certainly is not a child. That’s what our Democrats say. Which means that fathers have nothing whatsoever to do with “making babies,” because after all “daddy’s” contribution ended nine months prior to any later birth and had nothing whatsoever to do with producing a new human being.

    And he has no right to his child, which of course according to the above logic is NOT a child. He has no say over whether his child lives or dies. He is powerless and useless and completely immaterial and irrelevant.

    And the only time – the ONLY time – the father is to play any role is if “mommy” decides she wants to be a mommy.

    And you wonder what happened to the family and to fathers who have basically taken on just the attitude that the left wants them to take: “Hell with it, I’m out of here.” Which means that liberals got to own these “mommies”, get to indoctrinate however many babies survive the culling process by which 55 million have been murdered in America so far, and even get to demagogue men as the quintessential villains. And Western Civilization is as good as dead as a result.

    And yes, the beast is coming. All of the secular humanism and hostility toward God is “metastasizing” – that’s my one-word summary for the excellent way you presented what is happening – into the cancer of the last days that the Bible assurred the human race would ultimately occur.

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