Congratulations, America, You Got What You Voted For: Soaring Unemployment, A Crashing DOW. Next Comes The Beast (You’ll Be Worshiping Him Soon)

As I noted, the day following the re-coronation of Obama as the Pharaoh in Chief saw the DOW plunge to historically high levels as investors and businesses pretty much said, “To hell with it.”

The 313 point plunge in the DOW on November 7, 2012 was the second worst point-drop in history following a presidential election and tied for fourth in American history in terms of overall drop in value.  Obama actually set the record for both categories when he was elected in 2008: the day of November 5, 2008 that followed the news that Obama would have his first four years to destroy the American economy was greeted with an almost 500-point drop or a 5% decrease in the value of the DOW.  And November 7th’s DOW drop puts the kibosh on any assertion that November 5 of 2008 was somehow a fluke.  So let’s say it with enthusiasm: “you’re #1, Obama!  No one but no one can destroy an economy like you!”

In both cases, it was the economy saying that a president like Barack Obama who would declare war on jobs, on productivity, and pretty much on anything that makes America great, is akin to a judgment of doom for this nation.

Since Obama was reelected, investors and business have decided that the economy and job-creation will take a four-year vacation.  The DOW has taken a nearly 700-point plunge since Obama was reelected as of today.

I know, I know, liberal.  Those vile rich people should all die and their flesh should be ground up for food after all the wealth they worked so hard to build for themselves and for their children has been confiscated and redistributed.

Here’s the thing: jobs are going the way of the Dodo bird and rich people in America.  Because people who voted for Obama don’t want jobs; they want socialism and communist redistribution of other people’s money.

The Lonely Conservative – and dang, I’m feeling kind of lonely since last week too, I’ve got to admit – posted these little factoids about Obama and the job boom that will now clearly never happen:

Initial Jobless Claims Soar To 439,000 – Updated
November 15, 2012
By Lonely Conservative

Isn’t it interesting that the jobless claims reported in the weeks leading up to the election were so low, and now that the election is behind us we get a report like this one? Of course, it was all unexpected to economists, who didn’t see the whopping 439,000 coming. Naturally, MarketWatch is doing their duty and blaming it on Sandy. You know, because it couldn’t have anything to do with the massive layoffs due to Obamacare.

The damage caused by Hurricane Sandy sent U.S. jobless claims soaring by 78,000 in the week ended Nov. 10 to an 18-month high of 439,000, according to the latest government figures. A Labor Department official on Thursday said claims surged in the eastern parts of the country that laid in the path of the storm. The destruction of job sites, closure of government offices and widespread power outages caused more people to file claims after an initial delay. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had expected claims to climb to 380,000 on a seasonally adjusted basis. Initial claims from two weeks ago were revised up to 361,000 from an original reading of 355,000, based on more complete data collected at the state level. (Read More)

Good grief, when they revise this number what will it go up to?

If that’s not bad enough, have you seen how the stock market has been doing since the election?

Ever since Obama won eight days ago, stock prices are down about 4% as this is being recorded. So stocks peaked September 14—two months before the election—when the Federal Reserve announced the current version of quantitative easing, and stocks held up pretty much right through an election day rally.

But now that the election is over stocks are dropping with no bottom in sight. This is no accident given investors’ fears of higher taxes and continued big spending, including higher taxes on capital gains, which inevitably will tank the economy. In fact, I believe we are headed for a recession. (Read More)

Well, it’s not like people weren’t warned. If you’re an Obama voter and having second thoughts, you might want to re-think where you get your news in the future.

Update: Zero Hedge is a good place to get economic news, like this:

The latest initial claims data posted a multi-year high 104,548 surge in weekly NSA claims from 361,800 to 466,348, and even the Seasonally adjusted number soaring from 361K to 439K on expectations of a 375K print. In other words, a complete disaster for any economic data bulls. What is truly amusing is that the same Wall Street “experts” who set expectations were unable to foresee the Sandy effect that every “macrotourist” on Twitter apparently is so very aware of. Also, it is apparently also “Sandy’s fault” (now that the Bush excuse is back in retirement) that the prior week’s claims were revised from 355K to 361K. Basically, just as we said 3 weeks ago, ignore every negative data point: it is Sandy’s fault. However, for the snapback, when there actually is good news to be had, well, “four more years.” Finally, to all the Sandy apologists: is the logic here that: if Hurricane, then Fire everyone? Because that is what is implied… (Read More)

Update 2: Oh look – The Euro Zone is in another recession, so jobless claims can be blamed on that!

Update 3: The states with the highest number of new jobless claims were Ohio and Pennsylvania. Go figure.

That 439,000 new jobless filing is the worst since April of 2011.

“Forward” is a great slogan and everything, but the only way Obama is going to take America “forward” is to drive us off the fiscal cliff that was his bright idea to create in the first place (and see here for more because Obama set this disaster up from the very start).  The fact of the matter is that it is a documented fact by one of the great journalists in American history that the idea for sequestration – i.e. the “fiscal cliff” or “taxmageddon” – came from Obama’s chief of staff Jack Lew and Rob Nabors (Obama’s White House Assistant to the President and head of the White House’s Office of Legislative Affairs).  The money quote:

At 2:30 p.m. Lew and Nabors went to the Senate to meet with Reid and his chief of staff, David Krone. ‘We have an idea for the trigger,’ Lew said. ‘What’s the idea?’ Reid asked skeptically. ‘Sequestration.’ Reid bent down and put his head between his knees, almost as if he were going to throw up or was having a heart attack. He sat back up and looked at the ceiling. ‘A couple of weeks ago,’ he said, ‘my staff said to me that there is one more possible’ enforcement mechanism: sequestration. He said he told them, ‘Get the hell out of here. That’s insane. The White House surely will come up with a plan that will save the day. And you come to me with sequestration?’ Well, it could work, Lew and Nabors explained. What would the impact be? They would design it so that half the threatened cuts would be from the Defense Department. ‘I like that,’ Reid said. ‘That’s good. It doesn’t touch Medicaid or Medicare, does it?’ It actually does touch Medicare, they replied. ‘How does it touch Medicare?’ It depends, they said. There’s versions with 2 percent cuts, and there’s versions with 4 percent cuts.” (Bob Woodward, The Price Of Politics, 2012, pp. 326)

So anybody who wants to assert that sequestration originated ANYWHERE other than the Obama White House is a documented liar.  Not that liberals care about being documented liars.

Let me explain to you how Obama will use the sequestration monster that he created in terms of a cartoon analogy: the mad scientist builds a giant indestructible killer robot that he threatens to turn loose on America unless the nation bow down before him and do whatever he wants.  Unfortunately, in the cartoons super heroes show up to defeat the giant killer robot and save the day, and all we’ve got as heroes now is a House filled with mostly shocked and awed Republicans.

Obama is threatening to use the vicious, economy murdering monster that he built (without ever actually bothering to acknowledge that HE was the one who built it, fwiw) to bring down America unless he gets the war on the rich that he so desperately wants as a true ideological Marxist.

It doesn’t matter to the American people that Obama invented sequestration.  It doesn’t matter that sequestration will result in shockingly high unemployment and recession.  It doesn’t matter that Obama is and has been saying all along he would plunge America into joblessness and serious recession unless his demands to directly attack job creators and investors are not met.  It doesn’t matter that when America needed to be saved from sequestration, Obama was swearing he would veto any bill that tried to save the nation from his monster.  All that matter is that Obama will be depicted by the mainstream media as the good guy and the hero and that the Republicans will be portrayed as the villains who somehow caused all this mess (because we’re not going to remember that Obama actually caused it).

This is a country that just boldly declared that it truly deserves to suffer.  And it is going to get the true suffering that it so boldly deserves.

If you believe that businesses and investors think that Obama will be anything other than an unmitigated disaster for America, and that in cutting their own losses they will cut the thread that our economy is hanging upon, you are insane.  There is absolutely no question that Obama-believers are morally insane, but you can add clinically “disassociated from reality” to the list.

Under Obama, America dropped from first place to seventh place after losing ground every single year of his presidency.  Not that that matters one wit to liberals, of course.

The Obama presidency will leave an America that is “worse tasting, smaller-sized and higher priced.”

We’ve already seen unparalleled “messiah-worship” of an American president in Obama: we’ve seen the man literally place his image on the flag because he thinks HE is America and the only thing that America should love.  We’ve seen the Obama campaign team refer to Obama as “Black Jesus” to kick out Christ and replace the King of kings and Lord of lords with Obama.  And yes, we’ve seen the enthusiastic determination of Democrats to replace Jesus with their REAL messiah, Obama.

Obama is Just Like Jesus, says his wife.  There’s no such thing as “us and them”.  Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in Obama’s sight.  The sheer worship is absolutely astonishing.

The Democrat Party under Obama is the Party that kicked God out of its platform before hastily deciding to put Him back in to a loud chorus of boos from the Party that Shakes Its Fist At God (see also here).

The Democrat Party under Obama or pretty damn much everybody else is the Party of Holocaust with 55 million innocent human beings butchered in a manner that I would not want to put an insect through.  One day every single Democrat will stand before the Father while flames of wrath billow out from His Throne and give an answer for why they supported the ugliest mass murder of human life in all of history.

The Democrat Party under Obama is a Party that worships homosexuality and sodomy.  And as much as they worship sodomy and homosexuality, they hate God, they hate the Bible, they hate Judeo-Christianity, they hate Western Civilization, and they viscerally hate and despise the name of Jesus.

And America has been paying for its support of this party for the past six years.  Because when America decided that demagogic Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should run the House and the Senate back in 2006, unemployment was 4.4%.

And of course Democrats were bitching up a storm at that unemployment rate and swearing up and down that they could do better.  And instead they led America “forward.”

“Forward” to the Antichrist and the mark of the beast.

According to the Bible, the coming Antichrist will be worshiped as God.  Let me ask you, how does that happen?

Prior to the coming of the Antichrist, America and the rest of the world will experience a financial collapse the likes of which the world has never before seen.  The world will suddenly find itself awash in wars and famines and mass deaths.  Things will be looking grim beyond belief.

And then suddenly, as if riding in on a white horse to save the day, will come the figure that the Bible has described as “the beast.”

We are watching that collapse building and growing and metastasizing.  And when we voted for Obama, we voted for the collapse and for the beast who would come because of that collapse.

And the same people who voted for Obama are the same sorry already-doomed fools who will worship the beast and enthusiastically take his mark on their right hands or on their foreheads.  Because the mark of the beast will be nothing more than the ultimate, big government, liberal economic plan.  It will represent everything that the Democrat Party – and for that matter the Communist Party – has been building toward for the last eighty years.

It wasn’t merely Obama who will have murdered America – although Obama will ultimately be the poster boy for the murder and downfall and collapse of America.  No, this was a process began by Democrats and initiated and implemented under FDR in 1932 with Social Security.

The real “national debt” that will bankrupt America isn’t the $16 trillion that Obama is responsible for 60% of in only four misbegotten years as our Pharaoh; it’s $222 trillion, and in fact $224.75 trillion given the fact that that report of $222 trillion is a few months old now.

You need to understand that the Obama regime is “the Cloward and Piven presidency.”  And you need to understand why Democrats are so relentlessly pushing for a complete collapse of the United States of America.  As I wrote back in 2009:

The only question, given the massive debts Obama has already accumulated – deficits that literally are more than every president has accumulated from George Washington to George W. Bush, combined – is whether the Cloward-Piven strategy will yet have its chance to work.  It might already be too late.  When you look at our real national debt of more than $100 TRILLION and realize that we cannot possibly repay it, if you have any sense you should get more than a little bit concerned that our leaders simply WILL NOT control their spending.

The Democrats have an endgame: when the system collapses, the panicked people will turn to the very government that created the calamity and demand that it take care of them.  And that is precisely what big government liberals have always preached.

Notice that we went from talking about debt of “more than $100 trillion” to “more than $222 trillion” since then.  But also notice that there’s an endgame in mind: when America collapses, a desperate people who already demonstrated to all time and eternity that they are a) stupid and b) depraved will demand that the government step in to help them.  And bingo, you’ve got the communist state that Democrats have dreamed of since liberals forced LBJ to quit trying to fight communism so they could join the communists.

Democrats like Obama are hoping for a complete American collapse because they believe they can steer it in the direction they desire.  And of course, under the leadership of the Antichrist, that question will be answered with the words, “Yes we can!”

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10 Responses to “Congratulations, America, You Got What You Voted For: Soaring Unemployment, A Crashing DOW. Next Comes The Beast (You’ll Be Worshiping Him Soon)”

  1. Dog Walker Says:

    If you got time on your hands this will make you smarter. History by a conservative.

  2. gds44 Says:

    Reblogged this on Gds44's Blog.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m not much of a podcast person (I’m one of those guys who wonder what the hell everyone else is listening to while they tune out the actual world), but if I am ever going to listen to something through earphones, this is something I’d want to listen to.

    I hike out in the desert every day. I’ve tried to tell two guys out there, “Dude, there are RATTLESNAKES out here and you’ve got to have your ears clear to hear them rattle their warning!” The idiots ought to be safe soon as the snakes go into hibernation. In the winter, I’ve got to keep alert for coyotes going after my dog while she chases everything that will run away from her while. She used to run away from everything that would chase her, but she’s gotten bolder (and dumber) with coyotes.

    I’m more of a reader, and would heartily recommend Burton Folsom’s “New Deal or Raw Deal?: How FDR’s Economic Legacy Has Damaged America.” You can’t read that book and not be truly and deeply enraged at how cynically FDR exploited the New Deal for his political benefit. Which is exactly what Obama just did, of course.

    P.S. I’m not mocking people who listen to podcasts or anything. But I mostly ride a motorcycle (and can’t listen while riding), for example, and just don’t have a “pod-capable lifestyle.”

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks, gds44.

  5. FMC Says:

    Although I’ve never read Folsom’s book, I am familiar with the truth you just described regarding FDR and the New Deal. What Obama just did was really nothing new, with the exception that the American Public is much more dependent on government than that of FDR’s time. I vaguely remember, I think it was Time magazine that came out early on in Obama’s first term, that had him looking like FDR on the cover.

    The thing that gets me is that Obama basically just did what FDR did. The Republicans had Obama’s playbook and plenty of time to prepare to take him down but couldn’t. The media portrays Obama as some kind of genius, almost god like, but he really isn’t. He is just good at taking someone else’s ideas and then brainwashing the public with them.

    I thing I will get that book….

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    If you get Folsom’s book, just be prepared to get angry quickly and then stay that way. Because you will find out that FDR was one of the worst, most cynical, most vile demagogues that this country has ever been cursed with. And it will be proven page after page and program after program and abuse of power after abuse of power.

    Obama loaded his own “New Deal” overwhelmingly to his supporters and to the swing states. And that was particularly true of the “green” stimulus money.

    When you realize that food stamp users make up 75% of Obama’s vote, you realize it’s over for America. Because from now on, the parasites will vote Democrat in exchange for welfare. Until America collapses just a few years from now.

    And when America collapses, Democrats will blame Republicans. And the media will be all over the place reporting how Republicans were responsible for the collapse.

    And then we’ll get the Marxism that Obama always dreamed of “fundamentally transforming” America to.

  7. Dog Walker Says:

    I ran over a rattlesnake riding my mountainbike once. Wasn’t wearing my ipod buds. I like having my earbuds in even when ipod is off. When my buds are in I can ignore people. I am somewhat anti social. One phrase I can relate to from the Bible “generation of vipers.” I live in a blue state. I generally don’t give a friendly greeting. I don’t like shaking hands with strangers. Sometimes I think I might be Christian cuz I talk to Jesus in my head and I been known to talk to Jesus publicly before a meal.

    But I definitely fail the “love thy neighbor” test.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    But I definitely fail the “love thy neighbor” test.

    Dog Walker,

    To be brief, suffice it to say that I hardly always pass it, either.

    Sometimes you don’t realize how FAR you come from that test until you encounter Jesus on the cross, the only truly innocent man who EVER lived, who is dying in the place of sinners while saying to those who are torturing Him to death, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    Oh, yeah, Dog Walker, I fail the “love thy neighbor” test, too. Most of the time, in fact.

    As a Christian, though, I can tell you that there is that little voice inside me that tells me – sometimes only after the dust of my outburst has settled – of how I ought to behave (or ought to have behaved) with people. Frankly, if I’m defending my home and family from human predators, I truly don’t think I would hear that voice say, “Let them rape and torture your family!” At the same time, I’ve often reacted abruptly and angrily with people and later realized that my behavior was not in accord with the way Jesus would have me live my life.

    Realize that I’m not trying to tell you that you shouldn’t work hard on changing in an area in which you yourself realize the whole “anti-social” thing. But let me also say this: we’ve ALL got various issues in our lives that are the hardest for us to change. And one man’s often isn’t the same as another man’s. To that, the great Christian thinker C.S. Lewis once said:

    “Ever since I served as an infantryman in the first world war I have had a great dislike of people who, themselves in ease and safety, issue exhortations to men in the front line. As a result I have a reluctance to say much about temptations to which I myself am not exposed. No man, I suppose, is tempted to every sin. It so happens that the impulse which makes men gamble has been left out of my make-up; and no doubt, I pay for this by lacking some good impulse of which it is the excess or perversion. I therefore did not feel myself qualified to give advice about permissable and impermissable gambling: if there is any permissable, for I do not claim to know that.”

    He continues on that vein, but you get the point. It’s not that doing “X” isn’t wrong; it’s that we humans are often more inclined to judge and condemn and criticize on areas that we ourselves don’t struggle in.

    God says that we shouldn’t be taking vengeance; that vengeance belongs to He alone. I’ve learned a lot about trusting God with that: because there is a heaven and a hell, where every single human being will one day be repaid according to their deeds. And in this sense forgiveness is saying, “Lord, I renounce the right to take revenge. I trust YOU to take care of this.”

    In my life, I’ve been a soldier, I’ve been a cop. I’ve even been a bouncer in a couple of pretty tough bars. And in none of those lines of work was “turn the other cheek” a virtue. Jesus didn’t teach us to fight, but that was only because human beings have a tendency to be able to do that pretty well on their own. And I have spent my Christian life trying to better understand when to turn that cheek and when to fight. Because Ecclesiastes 3 tells us, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” And yes, there’s “a time to kill” and there’s “a time to heal.” And I very much want to do the right one at the right time. I want to place my life under God and His ways, rather than be my own master.

    As a man who reguarly works out in a gym, I can appreciate the concept of having ear buds and be appearing to listen to something so I can be tuned in on my own frequency.

    That talking to Jesus thing is good. When I go on my daily walk I feel completely free to do it out loud – but I’ve often got a running conversation going on with Him in my own head.

  9. El Exigente Says:

    Hey freak, it’s seven months later, the DOW is at an all-time high, unemployment is down, and the Beast (aw lawdy lawdy, it’s da beast!) is still only a figment of your tired mind. Why don’t ya address that? I’ll tell you why. Because you’d have to face the facts, and you aren’t much good at that.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    El Exigente,

    I won’t call you names, because if I do, well, another hypocrite liberal will come along employing Saul Alinsky’s “make the enemy live according to his own book of rules” strategy and demonize me as hateful. And of course it won’t matter that I’d be responding to the hate of a fellow liberal; the liberal would declare the conservative hateful and that would be that irregardless of the hate of the liberal.

    Because liberalism is entirely and purely hypocritical, and is as dishonest as the devil.

    So case in point: YOU. When the DOW was at an all-time high under George W. Bush – and it was for most of his presidency – did you honor him as a great leader and hail his policies as great for the economy? And you’re saying unemployment is “down,” are you? Are you aware that the unemployment rate has been higher VIRTUALLY EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY THAN IT EVER WAS UNDER GEORGE W. BUSH???

    I’m just wondering what appalling lack of integrity, honesty and decency you were raised with that you would actually have the whale-sized balls to come at me with the “argument” you are approaching me with here.

    If you had so much as a scintilla of honesty, you would have told me that George W. Bush was the greatest president America ever had under the argument you are so dishonestly using now. But you’d have to not be a quintessential hypocrite to do that. So of course that’s out of the question, isn’t it???

    Did you demonize Bill Clinton for the huge recession he handed George W. Bush when the DotCom bubble Clinton created collapsed??? That Clinton recession vaporized $7.1 TRILLION in American wealth – which was about the same as the recession that you and Obama whine about. That recession was so severe that it wiped out 78% of the Nasdaq stock index (it fell from 5046.86 to 1114.11). But do you herald Bush’s genius for leading America to recovery??? No freaking way, because you are a hypocrite. Do you praise Bush for the 5.26% unemployment rate he presided over during his presidency (the same as Clinton’s whom we’re told paved the streets with gold)???

    Our economy is in shambles. But the DOW is up because of the insane Fed policies that have been employed to pay off Obama’s massive spending. QE1, QE2, Operation Twist, and QE Forever. Even the Occupy communists understand that, so why don’t YOU??? That free money at the expense of our senior citizens whose savings have been robbed and at the expense of our children, that’s what has fueled our stock market. That’s why Obama has presided over such a massive income disparity as the haves who invest do better and the poor and increasingly everyone else are losing their homes and frankly their shirts faster than ever. Our unemployment rate – as high as it is under ANY measurement – is a joke masquerading under the worst labor participation rate in generations under Obama. And that joke is magnified by the fact that employeres are now gutting 40 hour a week full-time labor to provide less than thirty hours to workers who already had a hard time making it in order to deal with the abomination called ObamaCare. If the labor participation rate were the same that Bush handed Obama, the official unemployment rate would be over 11 percent. Which is Great Depression unemployment.

    There were 162,000 new jobs added this last month. That may sound great, but we need at LEAST 190,000 jobs a month just to keep up with population growth. And what REALLY doesn’t sound so good is the fact that 240,000 people simply gave up on finding a job and abandoned the job market. Which meant they weren’t counted, which meant Obama’s unemployment rate went down. I wrote about this phenomena quite a while back. Virtually every single month that the unemployment rate “went down,” it “went down” because more people abandoned the work force in utter despair than actually got jobs. And this is just another of the same thing under Obama. Another frightening fact in our latest jobs report is that 77% of all the jobs this year have been PART TIME jobs of less than thirty hours a week as a result of what even Democrats agree is the “train wreck” that is ObamaCare.

    That you cheer these “facts” as good is simply evil.

    The labor participation rate has plummeted to 63.4%. That’s the worst now going back to World War II levels and it’s just got worse and worse under this failed president. Fewer people of working age are working than EVER BEFORE in modern America in this failed economy. A record number of young adults are living at home because they can’t get decent jobs. But it gets worse: four out of five adults are living on the very edge in this failed economy. The AP reports that 80% of U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives under Obama. That AP story is titled “Signs of Declining Economic Security.”

    You’re praising Obama for his wonderfulness while he has the worst record for reducing people to food stamp dependency like EVER. What if Bush had a godawful statistics like that??? Man, you’d be so frothing rabid it would be unreal. But it’s Obama, so it’s all good. Because you are a hypocrite without any shame or honesty whatsoever.

    But those are facts. And I face them well. It’s YOU who refuse to. Because you are a naked ideologue as well as a hypocrite. And you won’t even CONSIDER any actual “fact.” All you see when you look at anything is your rabid ideology.

    Now get lost. I’m not going to match your “freak” garbage with my own insults. But I’m not going to waste my time putting up with your garbage, either.

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