Obama The Narcissist Pseudo-Messiah: Republicans Only Want To Punish Me Because, Really, Everything Is ALL About Me.

I heard Obama say the following and was happy that I always carry my mental barf bucket with me these days when a president who loves the sight of himself on television suddenly pops up and starts blathering:

But you know, the fact of the matter is, is that what — what would violate my commitment to voters is if I ended up agreeing to a plan that put more of the burden on middle-class families and less of a burden on the wealthy in an effort to reduce our deficit. That’s not something I’m going to do. What would violate my commitment to voters would be to put forward a plan that makes it harder for young people to go to college, that makes it harder for a family with a disabled kid to care for that kid.

And there — there’s a threshold where — that you reach where the balance tips, even in making compromises that are required to get something done in this town, where you are hurting people in order to give another advantage to folks who don’t need help. And we had an extensive debate about this for a year. And not only does the majority of the American people agree with me, about half of Republican voters agree with me on this.

So, you know, at some point there’s got to be, I think, a recognition on the part of my — my Republican friends that — you know, take the deal. You know, they will be able to claim that they have worked with me over the last two years to reduce the deficit more than any other deficit reduction package, that we will have stabilized it for 10 years. That is a significant achievement for them. They should be proud of it. But they keep on finding ways to say no, as opposed to finding ways to say yes.

And I don’t know how much of that just has to do with, you know, it is very hard for them to say yes to me. But you know, at some point, you know, they’ve got take me out of it and think about their voters and think about what’s best for the country.

And if — and if — and if they do that, if — if — if they’re not worried about who’s winning and who’s losing, you know, that they score a point on the president, that they extract that last little concession, that they — that they — you know — you know, force him to do something he really doesn’t want to do just for the heck of it, and they focus on actually what’s good for the country, I actually think we can get this done.

Republicans don’t have any values to defend or advance, you see.  Anybody who tells you Republicans believe in lower taxes and less spending are just liars, I guess.  They’ve never had any commitments to voters.  Nope.  Only Obama’s voters matter.  They’re only doing this because of their [racist, of course] hostility to Obama.

Please recall, ye dumbasses, that the Republicans won the election, too.  Nancy Pelosi predicted Democrats would retake the House.  Voters instead re-elected Republicans by a large majority to stand up to Obama.  Republicans made promises to the voters who re-elected them, too.

As I heard Obama wax narcissistic, I couldn’t help but think of the words of Jesus when He told His disciples:

If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you.  If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you.  Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A slave is not greater than his master.’  If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you; if they kept My word, they will keep yours also.  But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake, because they do not know the One who sent Me.” — John 15:18-21

Obama is telling the liberal world, “If the Republicans hate you, you know that it has hated me before it hated you.”  And actually history is rather clear that it was the other way around.  Republicans despised Democrats long before the name “Barack Hussein” meant a damn thing.  Do you remember when the government shut down under Clinton’s war with the Republican House over mostly the same stuff?  Do you think THAT was because Republicans hated Obama, too?  Do you think Republicans were united saying to each other, “Let’s shut down the government because we can’t stand that Barack Obama guy” back in 1995?

You start to see just how truly narcissistic and deluded this guy is to even THINK that kind of crap, let alone actually say it.

You see, when Jesus said “They hate you because they hated Me first” it was because it was true; when Obama says it it’s because he’s a narcissistic pseudo-messiah – and a complete hypocrite, as you’ll see soon.

This reminds me of a line I heard in a debate.  Allow me to paraphrase it for Obama’s sake:

“Obama, I serve Jesus Christ, I know Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is a friend of mine.  Obama, you are no Jesus Christ.”

I know that your campaign guru David Axelrod said you were “Black Jesus.”  I know that you think that there are no red states or blue states, only Obama states.  I know that you literally altered the American flag to impose yourself onto the nation.  I know that you think that the human race will read about your exalted magnificence “generations from now” and marvel about how you lowered the level of the oceans and healed the planet.  I know that your same followers who say that “the white man is the skunk of the planet earth” have called you “the messiah” and have claimed that history will be rewritten so that instead of “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini” the world will be divided into “Before Barack” and “After Barack.”  I know that your followers consider you “prophecy fulfilled.”

Barack Obama, I know that you really, really think you’re the messiah.  I know that you truly believe that the entire world revolves around you.  I know that if you don’t get your way, you believe that it could only be because the people who don’t think just like you do must be out to personally sabotage you.

I know how sick and toxic and delusional and truly demon-possessed you and your followers are.  I also know that you are totally wrong about damn near everything you stand for.  And I know that the Republicans oppose you out of their values and out of the Republican Party Platform that was there long before YOU came along.

Republicans CAN’T “take you out of it,” Obama.  As much as we’d like to do that, YOU’RE the damn president.  We’re painfully aware of that fact.  You’re the man who has presided over the worst economy in my lifetime.  You’re the Slanderer in Chief.  We can’t just “take you out of it.”

But I tell you what, Barry Hussein: prove me wrong.  Because I’m here to promise that if you agree to the Republican demands, you would immediately find that they will agree with you and vote with you and even publicly praise you.

Which is another way of my telling you that I know that you are a liar and a demagogue and a slanderer without shame, honor or decency.  Because for all your rhetoric, you know as well as I do that if you gave the Republicans their way the way you want your way, they would take that deal in a heartbeat.  And I know that because you would be a genuine sociopath NOT to know that.

Your tactic to demonize as the nation slides off a cliff couldn’t be more vile.

Please stop pretending that somehow it’s all about you and that if Republicans oppose you it’s only because they are people with no values and no commitments and that somehow all they want to do is hurt you out of your pseudo-messiah persecution complex.

I’ve got to ask you Democrats: if you really needed to make a deal for your business or for your personal life, why would you viciously attack and slander and demonize the people you needed to deal with you?  How can you possibly think that this is a good negotiating tactic and that Obama is doing anything other than trying to do do anything other than piss into every pot from which a good-faith deal could possibly happen?

People who listen to Obama’s pure, distilled bullcrap ought to learn the truth about Obama as revealed even in the New York Times:


Even by the standards of the political world, Mr. Obama’s obsession with virtuosity and proving himself the best are remarkable, those close to him say. (Critics call it arrogance.) More than a tic, friends and aides say, it is a core part of his worldview, formed as an outsider child who grew up to defy others’ views of the limits of his abilities. When he speaks to students, he almost always emphasizes living up to their potential. […]

But even those loyal to Mr. Obama say that his quest for excellence can bleed into cockiness and that he tends to overestimate his capabilities. The cloistered nature of the White House amplifies those tendencies, said Matthew Dowd, a former adviser to President George W. Bush, adding that the same thing happened to his former boss. “There’s a reinforcing quality,” he said, a tendency for presidents to think, I’m the best at this. […]

For someone dealing with the world’s weightiest matters, Mr. Obama spends surprising energy perfecting even less consequential pursuits. He has played golf 104 times since becoming president, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News, who monitors his outings, and he asks superior players for tips that have helped lower his scores. He decompresses with card games on Air Force One, but players who do not concentrate risk a reprimand (“You’re not playing, you’re just gambling,” he once told Arun Chaudhary, his former videographer).

His idea of birthday relaxation is competing in an Olympic-style athletic tournament with friends, keeping close score. The 2009 version ended with a bowling event. Guess who won, despite his history of embarrassingly low scores? The president, it turned out, had been practicing in the White House alley. […]

Mr. Obama’s fixation on prowess can get him into trouble. Not everyone wants to be graded by him, certainly not Republicans. Mr. Dowd, the former Bush adviser, said he admired Mr. Obama, but added, “Nobody likes to be in the room with someone who thinks they’re the smartest person in the room.”

Even some Democrats in Washington say they have been irritated by his tips on topics ranging from the best way to shake hands on the trail (really look voters in the eye, he has instructed) to writing well (“You have to think three or four sentences ahead,” he told one reluctant pupil).

For another, he may not always be as good at everything as he thinks, including politics. While Mr. Obama has given himself high grades for his tenure in the White House — including a “solid B-plus” for his first year — many voters don’t agree, citing everything from his handling of the economy to his unfulfilled pledge that he would be able to unite Washington to his claim that he would achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Those were not the only times Mr. Obama may have overestimated himself: he has also had a habit of warning new hires that he would be able to do their jobs better than they could.

“I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters,” Mr. Obama told Patrick Gaspard, his political director, at the start of the 2008 campaign, according to The New Yorker. “I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to think I’m a better political director than my political director.”

Though he never ran a large organization before becoming president, he initially dismissed internal concerns about management and ended up with a factionalized White House and a fuzzier decision-making process than many top aides wanted.

Now Mr. Obama is in the climactic contest of his career, about to receive the ultimate judgment on his performance from the American people. It is a moment, aides say, he has been craving: during some of the darker days of his tenure, he told them that he wanted the country to evaluate him not in isolation, but in contrast to the Republican alternative. The tough, often successful attacks from the right have hardened and fueled him, aides say, driving him to prove that “we’re right and we’re better,” as one ally put it. […]

Not only do the White House, the Supreme Court and a budgetary crisis hang in the balance, but so does a national judgment on whether Mr. Obama’s agenda was a good idea in the first place. So perhaps it is not surprising that he cites not just his record, but also every other accomplishment he can think of.

Then again, he is just as competitive in private, when there is little or nothing at stake. At one of his farewell meetings for White House interns, Mr. Obama dispensed some life advice.

THIS is the man demonizing Republicans about worrying over “who’s winning and who’s losing”?  Seriously?  Democrats are that seriously stupid and hypocritical that they buy this guy’s giant load of bovine feces?

Obama wants America to go off the cliff.  That way, he can spend the next four years blaming Republicans for his failure to lead the same way he spent the last four years blaming Bush for his failure to lead.

And while Obama is not the Antichrist, he 1) is one of the false messiahs Jesus warned us would come in the last days before the ultimate Antichrist; and 2) an example of how the true Antichrist to come will deceive with politics, rhetoric and lies with a media machine that is in love with him and literally worshiping him reporting it all in glowing terms.

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  1. bydesign001 Says:

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    Barack “I won” Hussein Obama, the malignant narcissist. What did the more rational minded Americans do to deserve this elitist for another four years?

  2. gds44 Says:

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  3. genomega1 Says:

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    Obama The Narcissist Pseudo-Messiah: Republicans Only Want To Punish Me Because, Really, Everything Is ALL About Me.

  4. Gunny G Says:


  5. Freedom, by the way Says:

    Obama wants us to go off the cliff so he can swoop in and “save” the middle-class taxpayers and fund defense himself. You know he HATES the term “Bush Tax Cuts” and he wants it replaced with “Obama Tax Cuts”.

  6. Penumbra Says:

    Obama’s rhetoric is the same for all left-liberals and socialists. They are all “the messiah”, according to their self-perception.

    They do care about education and health for the children and the poor, yes. All they need is just a “little higher taxes – for the rich, of course – nothing that affects the average hard working citizen”.

    Just wait and see, how the taxes will shoot into the height and the number of poor and needy will get more and more for each tax increase. The new jobs will be jobs in the public sector because no other jobs are created. And when the new tax money is not enough, they will print new money and buy state bonds with them so that the spending can go on – for a while – before the market gets it and the inflation starts.

    I thought that the American people knew better than that. But it is difficult to protect yourself against such a seductive talk, for most people, especially those who are in need. Everybody loves a free lunch.

    Merry Christmas to you, dear friend! We shall rest for a while and rejoice the birth of Jesus. Then we shall take up the fight for a better world, again, with new strength – based on the will of God and not on the the fantasies of liberals and socialists.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    Hi guys!

    Glad there are people like you to help spread the truth wherever you find it.

    God bless you and Merry Christmas!

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Freedom, by the way,

    That’s true. And a great point.

    BUSH gave the middle class those tax cuts. Over Democrats’ screaming about it. And now Obama has – as always – figured out a way to demagogue it such that HE somehow stands for middle class tax cuts when he DIDN’T and that Republicans DON’T stand for middle class tax cuts when it was their idea and when they were the ones who passed it over Democrats’ objections.

    It is utterly amazing how slander and lies pass for “truth” today. If I wasn’t seeing this with my own eyes, I never would have believed that a media and a people could be so deceived or so ignorant.

  9. Michael Eden Says:


    And Merry Christmas to you, my good and and even better brother!

    I rejoice that eternity will last long enough for me to look you up and chat with you face to face.

    Washington D.C. is the “model education system” for liberals. It sucks up more money per student than any other school system on earth – and turns children into idiots who will need welfare the rest of their lives.

    Meanwhile, my church supports a Christian school that is located in the lowest performing county in the lowest performing state in the country. But BECAUSE it is a Christian and a private school, it produces children who are in the top ten percent in the entire nation in learning at a fraction of the cost that liberals want to parasitically suck out of taxpayers so they can “fundamentally transform” children who could have been educated into idiots who can’t read pr understand math but are über über believers in global warming.

    We are in that downward spinning phase as a culture in which liberals spectacularly fail, and then use their failure to demand more power so they can fail even more spectucularly. In a vicious cycle that will result in our complete implosion.

    We can read our Bibles and look at the Jews in the Old Testament to readily see that people always want to choose evil over the good. The difference between Israel and America is that Israel destroyed itself with sin and God resurrected it 2,000 years later. God won’t be resurrecting America when it flushes itself down the toilet of history.

    I thank you for your words about “rest.” I spent the last several years angrily fighting; but since the election I have felt that anger ebbing away like a sludge-bearing tide.

    We belong to a better country, don’t we? We are citizens not of America or Sweden, but of Heaven. And our Leader will NEVER lie to us and He will never fail us.

    So I can say with joy MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, my dear brother in Sweden.

  10. Penumbra Says:


    Thanks for the nice words! You are my true brother in faith and conviction.

    The state-organized school is the main propaganda tool for liberals and socialists, where they can shape our children into new liberals and socialists. In Sweden, it starts already in kindergarten.

    But the results are poor and our children just get worse and worse at reading and arithmetic. It is statistically proven. And at an unemployment rate of 8%, on average, the unemployment rate among young people in Sweden today is 25%! Our schools bring about not only idiots, as you say, but lazy idiots.

    We do have free schools, but they are not appreciated by the government, which however is obliged to accept them because we are after all a democracy…. so far.

    I pray for Sweden and the United States, so that at least your country will once again become “a nation under God,” as it was intended from the very beginning.

    And how wonderful you have put it in words – our prime leader is in Heaven. We belong to Him, first and foremost – above all.

    Happy New Year to you, my brother in faith and conviction!

  11. Michael Eden Says:

    Education is a tremendous gift. Too bad liberals despiste true education and invariably favor propaganda and ideology and shouted slogans.

    The purge of conservatives from academia is complete. I have personally experienced it in my life both at the elementary school level and at the university level. Because to be a liberal intellectual is to be a fascist. There is simply no room for any rival thought that runs counter to liberalism. And so the very institution that most pats itself on the back for its “tolerance of ideas” is actually THE most ridiculously intolerant of competing ideas of any institution.

    And as the universities that teach the teachers follow the broad highway to hell, the indoctrincated teachers will surely take the children in their classrooms with them.

    I’m just praying for God’s will to be done.

    There comes a point when something – be it a car or a house or a nation – is so broken that it cannot be repaired. I believe that America and Europe alike have that fatal disease. Take our fiscal cliff: what should we pray happens? The situation is so broken it is unreal; and if we get a “deal” it will be a backroom deal by cynical politicals that will merely make the ultimate collapse worse when it comes.

    I believe that we are now truly in the last days and that God has now given us the leaders we deserve so that we can usher in the Antichrist and the mark of the beast.

    That said, I am content that I am not going to the hell that the rest of the world is choosing to embrace. I’ve got a better country to belong to as a citizen of Heaven. And I can therefore watch my country choose hell and then choose to go deeper into hell without fear.

    As I pursue Christ, I WILL have a Happy New Year. And I pray that God blesses you the same way.

    Keep preaching the truth, brother. We are like Noah, who preached to hearers who would not listen for 120 years until the flood that he warned about overtook the world. All we can do is stand up for the truth in these evil times and know that God will take care of us.

  12. Penumbra Says:

    Thank you my brother! The new year has started and I will serve our Lord Jesus Christ as I have served him the past year. I am sure that you will do the same. We are His people and we shall not fail Him. God bless you!

  13. Michael Eden Says:


    It is interesting that you phrased it just the way you did:

    The new year has started and I will serve our Lord Jesus Christ as I have served him the past year.

    I have a different view and a different emphasis this year than last year or frankly in the past five years.

    I tried to explain it in these two responses to the same article: here and here.

    I truly believe that God has decreed that we are in the last days and that we should emphasize the gospel and the warning of the coming Rapture and Tribulation rather than trying to educate people about right and wrong and political differences.

    But I understand your spirit as well as your meaning, my brother. And I wish you a Happy New Year serving the Lord.

    Christ’s Body the true Church is – in spite of her “issues” – both salt and light in a rapidly decaying world. May God bless you with an abundance of both salt and light this coming year as you do good work for your Master Jesus.

  14. Penumbra Says:

    Thank you brother!

    I believe in what we can read in Matthew 24.

    I am also convinced that we must fight evil to the very end. The evil spirit is working meticulously in corrupting mankind. Each time it succeeds it wins in strength. For every baby that is killed in abortion, for every senseless murder, for every woman who is beaten by her husband, for every divorce, for every abuser of alcohol or drugs, for every Christian born who abandons Jesus, etc, evil is gaining force, becoming stronger and growing in power.

    We must fight it here and now (within the limits of our laws, of course), to increase the chances of its ultimate destruction when the glory day has come and the final combat is upon us.

    I will continue to follow your blog and give you my support, the best I can.

    Blessings to you too!

  15. Eaton Meinfartz Says:

    There is something so deliciously ironic about a bunch of “good, god fearing christians” getting together with the sole purpose of bashing their liberal brethren.

    God doesn’t care about your feigned moral superiority, he cares about what you do.

    [Deleted by moderator for profanity] off with your “holier than thou” [Deleted by moderator for profanity]. When you call a good, honest man who serves god a “baby murderer” you have done evil on this earth. And God doesn’t like that

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    Eaton Meinfartz,

    If you can’t control your filthy language I’ll just block you. People who are unable to control even their speech, let alone their writing, can yank on somebody else’s leg.

    First thing I notice is that you are a proud, unabashed hypocrite. You attack me, saying, “There is something so deliciously ironic about a bunch of “good, god fearing christians” getting together with the sole purpose of bashing their liberal brethren.” And then you proceed to do to me the very thing you accuse me of doing. You demagogue me for criticizing and tell me how wrong it is and then you criticize me up one side and down the other. And then you even go much farther, because I don’t recall singling out “Eaton Meinfartz” to make sure I called you evil. You know, the way you just did to me.

    So you’re a complete, abject hypocrite, and you don’t mind everybody seeing you wave your “Look at me, I’m a big hypocrite!” flag. Good for you, I guess. But not a guy I want to get my next fix of moral wisdom from.

    Then you proceed to launch into a completly worthless tirade in which you assert without bothering to offer any evidence that: 1) “my moral superiority” is “feigned.” 2) that I don’t do anything that God cares about me doing. 3) That after somehow claiming the mantle of Christ you can mock holiness with your vile profanity. 4) And that abortion is most definitely not murder and anybody who says it is is doing evil. Don’t bother asking you to explain why or anything, because reasoning is rather clearly way above your paygrade, but we should trust you over the Bible and trust your judgment over God’s Word.

    This is one example of God’s Word declaring unborn human life precious:

    “For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth; Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written The days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them.” — Psalm 139:13-16

    Just in case you thought that first one was just some kind of fluke, here are a few others:

    Your hands made me and formed me. — Psalm 119:73

    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. — Jeremiah 1:5

    My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. — Psalm 139:15-16

    This is what the Lord says – he who made you, who formed you in the womb. — Isaiah 44:2

    When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. — Luke 1:41

    From birth I was cast upon you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God. — Psalm 22:10

    Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you even at my mother’s breast. — Psalm 22:19

    From birth I have relied on you; you brought me forth from my mother’s womb. I will ever praise you. — Psalm 71:6

    All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. — Psalm 139:16

    I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the LORD your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. — Deuteronomy 30:19-20

    Yes, Eaton, I’m afraid your side is a bunch of murderers. And Barack Obama literally supported infanticide when the baby had been born and survived outside the mother’s womb.

    God called a spade a spade plenty of times. When His prophet John the Baptist looked at his religious opponents and said, “You brood of vipers,” he was serving God. God calls evil evil and He calls good good, and so do His people when they are faithful.

    He called the heathen who sacrificed their babies to their god Molech murderers, all right. And it doesn’t matter if you call me “holier and thou” or whatever other profanity you want to throw at me. The truth testifies against you and against everything you stand for.

    Do you know what God hates aside from your hypocrisy, Eaton? He hates people who call evil good and call good evil. Like you do with me and with the murder of abortion.

    Read this:

    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! — Isaiah 5:20

    Because that woe is for you.

    55 million of God’s precious babies murdered. And one day liberals are going to stand before the full wrath of God and explain how they’re going to repay those lives they brutally stole.

  17. Penumbra Says:

    Abortion is a matter of conscience and a hard decision for most people. Bad conscience after an abortion causes many to overreact, sometimes with bad language.

    When such an influential authority, as a president, supports the free abortion right, it becomes a very important statement for those with bad consciences. We have such high abortion rates, in our world today, that there are many who need conscience relief. It is also why the resistance against the pro life movement is so strong, almost hysterical.

    We are judged according to our deeds, absolutely, but abortion is undeniably a murder of an unborn baby. The women who have abortions, the men who force their women to have abortions, the medical personnel that make their living by abortions – all will answer before God, and will be judged accordingly.

    To suggest otherwise is to make the devil a service. That is also why pro choice activists are either atheists or practice some new-age junk religions.

  18. Michael Eden Says:


    First of all, greetings, brother from the wintry North! It’s been under 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) here,and we’ve been complaining bitterly about it. Old Man Winter is a brutal terrorist attacking Southern California, one might conclude.

    On my view, the answer to the question of “who’s responsible for the murder of abortion?” goes beyond men who “force” women to have abortions. It goes to all the men who want their “partners” to have abortions. I’m of course talking about the fact that the only reason the guys aren’t having the abortion is due to the fact that the baby is in the woman’s body. But he’s just as guilty.

    I state that crystal clearly to point out that I’m not demonizing some poor girl as a guy who has nothing to do with the birth of babies and therefore has no right to speak.

    I vividly remeber a quote by Soren Kierkegaard that a Christian father owed his child a Christian view of the world as much as that child’s mother owed her milk. It’s not like mothers are the only ones with obligations to their kids. We’re both parents: we’re both on the hook for the crime when we both decide to kill our baby.

    Is an unborn baby a human being? Well, first of all, philosophically, that baby is “human” by virtue of his parents; he’s a “being” by virtue of the fact that he exists: he is a “human being.” Scientifically, let’s consider the DNA. Is a human fetus’ DNA monkey DNA? Is it pig DNA? No. It is HUMAN DNA. Also consider the taxonomic system by which all living things are rigorously classfied: what is an unborn human baby? He or she is 1) of the kingdom animal, just like any other human being; 2) of the phylum chordata, just like any other human being; 3) of the class mammalia, ust like any other human being; 4) of the order primate, just like any other human being; 5) of the family hominid, just like any other human being; 6) of the genus homo, just like any other human being; and 7) of the species sapiens, just like any other human being. Those last two scream: That unborn baby is a homo sapiens, a little human being with his whole life and future in front of him if his mother doesn’t crush his skull with forceps, tear his body to pieces and then vaccum his little corpse out of her womb. And religiously – particularly from a Christian view – consider the Scriptures to see how crystal clear the argument is on that front. You know, especially given the way the Bible describes the fact that all human beings were created in God’s image and that children themselves are a blessing from God with God opening and closing wombs, etc.

    The most contemptible sin of the Old Testament is when parents “made their children walk the fire” in human sacrifice to a pagan god. People wanted better crops back then – and they were willing to murder their own children to get what they wanted. And here we are a few thousand years later and we are still just as willing to kill our babies to get what we want as we ever were when God wiped out the Philistines and the Amorites and the Caananites, etc. etc. for their brutal wickedness toward their own children.

    Democrats have murdered 55 million innocent human beings. But I’m the bad guy because I said that murder is a sin.

    My crime is that I’m “intolerant.” I think I’m right and this Eaton Meinfartz is wrong. And that qualifies me as “intolerant” according to the left. The problem is that the same Eaton Meinfartz who so condemns me rather very clearly thinks that he’s right and I’m wrong. So his hate – let’s call it what it is, given what he said about me – is not really directed at my “holier than thou” ideas; nope, in fact as every BIT as “holier than thou” but merely from the other side. In fact, he hates me merely because I don’t agree with him and he’s rabidly intolerant to go with being hypocritical.

    Saul Alinsky – the liberal activist who dedicated his book to Satan – stated as his 4th rule , “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.” This is exactly the tactic that Eaton Meinfartz – who if he is a liberal HAS no morality and no book of rules – is trying to do to me. The guy’s soul clearly reaks with the stink of profanity and intolerance, but hey, he can say, “How DARE you say stuff like that and dare to call yourself a “Christian”!” And he’s every bit as filled with pseudo-indignation as Saul Alinsky who only sought to exploit other people’s morality rather than practice it himself.

  19. Penumbra Says:

    Hello my dear brother, on the other side of the globe!

    First I want to say that I do not feel sorry for you, not the slightest. +10 C is the temperature on a beautiful day in the spring, where I live, and I have to wait for that day until May. Reverse the sign to -10 C and you will come close to our temperatures.

    But I love my country, just as I’m sure you love yours.

    You are absolutely right in what you are saying, that fathers are equally guilty when their unborn children are murdered by abortions. I just used the wrong word, when I wrote “to force”.

    The liberal system prefers to liberate the individual from its responsibilities instead of doing the opposite. It contributes to the general decay that we are seeing in our communities. The massive abortion ratings that we see today are a clear indicator … and a nightmare on par with the Nazi and Communist concentration camps.

    My view is that the human life starts when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the woman’s uterus. When that has happened, the life of the human embryo becomes sacred and inviolable. Interrupting it by force is equivalent to murder. The little human life in the mother’s belly must be protected by law in the same way as the born child’s rights are protected by law.

    Thanks for yet another detailed reply! It has inspired me to a new post on my blog. I take up the subject of abortion from time to time, but the support for the free abortion is massive here in Sweden, so the struggle is difficult. I need all the backing I can get.

  20. Penumbra Says:

    P.S. I meant “mother’s belly”. Sorry about that.

  21. Michael Eden Says:


    14 F. You must remember, Penumbra, that we Americans prefer our system for the quite logical reason that “fahrenheit” is significantly more fun to spell. I bet it rhymes with more words than “celsius,” too. Sadly, the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate the importance of those two great things about degrees fahrenheit.

    And, of course, that’s not the only area in which Europeans are sadly ignorant. Most Americans are “weather weenies.” If it starts to rain, our lives run the gammut of classic tragic angst. Our entire lives change for the worse. We can’t go outside. It’s just so, so hard. It’s just such a shame that you have such a stoic view of weather that you don’t wail and sob about it like we do here. It’s all that melodramatic angsting practice we have that is the real reason behind why “Hollywood” is in my own state of California, USA.

    Yes, there are places in America where the word “cold” actually means “COLD.” But most Americans believe that it’s easier to love your country if your country happens to be WARM.

    And all I have to say is that’s what you get for not being sorry for me in the slightest. You’ll NEVER be a great Hollywood actor with that kind of attitude!

    I’m holding out hope that you’ll one day come to your senses and move to California where you will cry every time a cloud blocks your sun. Let’s see some EMOTING. And… ACTION!

    Actually, I would say this: I have lived in several places in the United States as a soldier and as a civilian. I’ve been all over the southeast and all over the southwest and all over the northwest parts of America. I’ve been all over all kinds of different terrain in all kinds of weather, and the thing I’ve learned is that there is something beautiful about every patch of land on God’s earth. I loved the rain forests of the Pacific northwest; I loved the trees, I loved looking up at the enormous continuous canopy of gaint Douglas fir trees. I loved the rivers and streams and creeks. I loved the way everything was lush and green. I loved being able to see so many rainbows. The rain was what made it all so green. I had great rain gear and my ride most of the time was my motorcycle. I went backpacking at least once a month fall, winter, spring and summer. Now I live in the California desert, and I love the enormous wide-openness that most people on earth have never seen. I go on a four mile hike in the desert every day, fall, winter, spring and summer. I love the way the foothills I live under become bigger and bigger hills and then become mountains; I love to imagine just going for a walk and going on and on and on without meeting a single soul. I love the blue skies and the clouds and the sunrises and the sunsets. I love the way the passing clouds cast their shadows over the hills. I love being able to look in several directions and see snow-covered mountains (one very close and several others within about an hour-and-a-half driving time away) on several sides of my end of the valley. I love the animals that are hardy enough to scratch out a living in the desert. I love the tribal lore that is so much a part of my area’s history.

    If I were in Sweden, yeah, I’d find a lot to love real quick. It’s my nature. One thing I can guarantee you I would like would be cross-country skiing. That and snowshoeing. Your country would become my exercise yard.

    Probably wouldn’t ride the motorcyle anymore, though…

    In America, anyway, the land is magnificent. I’d give my life for it. It’s just those darn people living on it who tend to mess things up.

    “My view is that the human life starts when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the woman’s uterus,” you said. I would agree with that definition. It DOES raise the area of “is it all right to intentionally kill a fertilized egg and prevent it from attaching to the uterus?” and I would say no it is not right. Once that zygote attaches to momma’s uterus, there is no question that we’ve got everything we need to bake ourselves a baby.

    I’m not my body; I’m the kind of being that has a body. I can imagine myself living outside of my body after my body dies, and that would be a category fallacy like “imagine a square circle” if physical materialism were true.

    It comes down to the soul. When does the soul arrive? How is the soul formed? I don’t know the answer to these questions for certain, and would not want to allow any attempt to kill a human soul if I had the proverbial magic wand. On my view, the soul is formed when the sperm of the father and the egg of the mother become one. And on my view, the soul is that entity which carries out the task of telling what cells to go where in the body. DNA is just an alpabet with four randomly-repeating letters; it needs an arranger. That’s the soul. The soul is like a marching band; if you gave a hundred guys instruments and they went out on the field and started marching around, what are the odds that you would form the letter “S” for Sweden by chance alone? DNA needs a marching band director to tell the various cells where to go in order to be arranged in the individual shape of that individual soul. Another way to look at the soul on my perspective comes from computers: You need something else to read the instructions and assemble the being. DNA needs a driver in order to generate that person.

    I guess the ultimate issue to someone who believes abortion is okay is, “Just how is it that you know for certain that you are not killing a unique, innocent human soul? And how do you justify abortion if you are killing a unique and innocent human soul?”

    I met a Chinese woman who had been a laboratory technician in China. One day she observed something that shocked her to her core: she was looking under a microscope and saw two cells. As she was looking, one died. And she realized that at that moment the two cells were absolutely chemically identical in every single imaginable way. The only difference was that one was alive and the other was dead. But of course that meant everything in the world. And it was then she believed that there had to be a soul and that we cannot just be our bodies. And she fled to the US and became a Christian. Neat woman to talk to. She had sense enough to flee to California and I have no doubt that she’s crying hystericaly every time it rains by now :)

    The world is as grim as it is because few people believe in the soul or care about the soul or seek to properly nuture the soul. And they prefer the random chance of “DNA plus environment plus nothing equals a human being” because if they make life random they aren’t guilty any longer. It wasn’t their fault; it just happened. But if the soul is allowed, you aren’t just a meat puppet, after all. You’re something more. You’re something created in the image of GOD. And you’re something that is invidually responsible to God for how you live your life on this earth. And the righteous and the unrighteous will both face their proper judgments.

    May God bless you as a warm light among the many cold hearts that surround you as you try to explain life and Life to them, brother.

  22. Penumbra Says:

    What a wonderful reply, Michael, filled with humor, love of nature (God’s creation) and very interesting views on the beginning of life and the soul’s place in all this. Thank you my brother! God bless you!

    P. S. I have an MSD in mechanical engineering which has been my profession for more than 30 years. To say the truth, I still can not handle Fahrenheit without a calculator or a unit converter. But do you know what – the temperature calculations that we are making, are done in….. degrees Kelvin. :-)

  23. Michael Eden Says:


    You know when the aliens take over earth you slave engineer humans will have to learn THEIR temperature units, don’t you? And if they’re as crazy as we are, you can bet they’ll have several different ones, too.

    Of course, the slave engineer humans will probably be the only ones the aliens decide are worthy of life. The rest of us useless humans will all end up being ground up into the alien food supply.

    Or at least that’s my brother’s fantasy. He’s an engineer, you see.

    I’m not sure what he thinks about having to learn the aliens’ temperature units, though. I’ll have to remember to ask him.

    Yeah, I’ve got a unit converter, too. It’s an HP business calculator, actually. The thing is jam-packed with finance, business, investment and economic formulas where you simply enter your values. And you can enter your own equations, too.

    I’m fascinated with the idea of the soul. Just how is it that we aren’t meat puppets that are entirely conditioned by DNA and environment? Just how is it that I have free will? Just how is it that there is a “me” inside of me, such that I can imagine life after the death of my body? How is it that I am in an animal body but can appreciate a beautiful sunset when my dog and every other animal only sees it get dark?

    The answer is all in the soul we have and the type of souls that we are (human, created in God’s image and morally responsible to live up to that image).

    Once you consider that we are embodied souls, it becomes a matter of trying to understand how our souls interact with our physical bodies.

    This understanding manifests itself in many ways. For example, let’s say I have a mental illness such as schizophrenia. On the view of the soul, there is something wrong with my brain, in a way that there could be something wrong with my heart or bones. But I am not my brain; I am something that has a brain. Otherwise I’d be defective, because I would be my brain and my brain didn’t “evolve” correctly and ought to be destroyed for the good of the rest of the herd. Or say I have dementia. In that case, on my view, it would be like being in a car, restrained in a modern seat-belt system, that became defective and malfunctioned such that I am trapped in the car. In this case, I would not be able to move, but it would not be because I am the car. Rather, I’m trapped by a physical thing that has gone wrong. But I am not that physical thing (a brain); I am something that has a brain.

    And, of course, what about aborted babies? God says in His Word that such babies go to heaven (2 Samuel 12:22-23). David says he will go to his unborn son. He is also the man who wrote the 23rd Psalm which famously describes faith in a God of life after death. David will be in heaven, ergo sum his son will be in heaven waiting for him. But what is it in an unborn baby that survives the death of its tiny body? Obviously, the soul. The soul is there and present. And I believe our bodies develop as our souls interact with our bodies and unfold our DNA. And if there’s something wrong with the DNA, the body does not form correctly. But the soul is there, functioning exactly as God created, present with God when that little body perishes.

    It’s also why we can be in great pain or great emotional distress and yet be at peace. Because our souls are at peace.

    Such a beautiful thing, the soul.

  24. Penumbra Says:


    You seem to have thought carefully through the mysteries of the soul. Very interesting comments from you, as always.

    I have also given a thought about the fact that people who suffer from severe dementia seems to have lost their souls. My only explanation so far, is that the soul does not appear to have any active memory. The active memory is the brain, but we are not just active memories. There must be something more than memory that makes us humans human and that “something more” is our souls.

    But the idea that the soul can be captured in a virtually “dead” body, the same way that you can be caught in a crashed car, is frightening.

    To me, the existence of the soul is still one big mystery. I think some things can remain unexplained mysteries without questioning our faith in the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ and an internal life, as He has promised us.

    And now to the less serious:

    Tell your brother that your brother in faith, in Sweden, agrees with him. The aliens will surely prefer us useful engineers. I just hope that the aliens have more money than our heavily indebted governments, in order for us to get some new exciting projects to work on.

    I am convinced that the extraterrestrial temperature scale will have its zero point at 2 K, because it is the lowest temperature in the universe. I have already programmed a conversion formula for it, so that I am ready when they come. You should do the same for Fahr… whatever.

    Finally, my first professional calculator was a programmable HP41, and I had everything else to it: extra memory, memory card reader, printer, rechargeable battery – the lot. And all my engineering knowledge at the time could fit in it, plus the additional memory. Well, I had access to a whole library with books, too.

    HP41 was a fantastic thing and Hewlett-Packard was a fantastic company with a lot of good products.

    Nowadays, I have everything loaded in my laptop. It is too easy being an engineer today… Or maybe not… I am glad I am retiring in a couple of years.

  25. Michael Eden Says:


    I’ll have to clarify on what I mean about the soul via a malfunctioning car.

    I used that as an analogy to describe the soul not as being “trapped” but as being transcendent to the body or the brain.

    If I were my brain, and my brain were defective, then “I” would be defective. What I am saying is that my brain may very well be defective (and liberals definitely argue that my brain is defective), but my soul is NOT my brain. And all can be well with my soul even though my brain is highly limited.

    On my view, the soul DOES have a memory. As an example, let’s say I die and am with Jesus in heaven. Have I no mind or memory? That’s not Scripture teaches, I would argue. In the Book of Revelation, the souls of those who were executed as martyrs cry out for justice (Rev 6:9-10). Which means they clearly have to remember what happened to them (i.e., what happened to their bodies).

    I tried to explain that DNA cannot account for our development. Because DNA is essentially just a bunch of building blocks containing the letters A,C,T and G. Something else on a higher level has to carry out the “instructions” that the DNA sequence provides; something has to exist to arrange our bodies, to unfold them. I believe that something is the soul.

    Let’s say that I am an unborn, forming embryo. And that I have a birth defect. My soul – already present from the moment of conception – is at peace and healthy. But because of an error in the physical substance of the DNA, my soul cannot form my body properly – much the way I couldn’t assemble a bicycle properly if it had broken or bad parts even if I followed the directions perfectly.

    What this means is that we transcend our bodies; there is something about us as souls that stands above our bodies. I may be fat, I may be ugly, I may be malformed – but I have a beautiful soul that was created in God’s image. I believe that is incredibly important to remember because our bodies are hardly all there is to us, and there are people who will never have beautiful bodies in this world and yet they are still beautiful souls. So my soul is embodied, but that doesn’t make it “trapped.” Our souls were designed to be in physical bodies, and at the moment of the Rapture our souls will receive new, perfect bodies that will never grow old and will never die. That said, if my brain is defective, my soul would temporarily not be able to properly communicate with my body and thus fully interact with the greater world.

    That becomes important: Genesis 1:27 says that we were created in God’s image. What does that mean? It wasn’t our bodies; God doesn’t HAVE a body (and yet created bodies for us such that He could one day assume OUR image even as He made us in His image). Rather, it is our SOULS that were created in God’s image. While our bodies are not only not that different from the animals, but in many ways they are actually weaker and inferior to the physically superior bodies of the animals we eat for food.

    So when I describe the soul in terms of a malfunctioning car, let me try to be more clear.

    If I have a defective brain-state condition, say dementia or Down Syndrome or serious mental illness, there is clearly something wrong with my brain, right? But that doesn’t mean that there’s “something wrong” with ME – because I am NOT my brain. I am ultimately my soul.

    I view the brain as the physical organ by which my soul interacts with my body and tells it what to do. If I perform an exercise of free will, such as raising my hand to vote, did that come from my brain? Have scientists found “free will” in the human brain? No. The decision to raise my hand came from that part of me that exericises free moral will, and then the area responsible for performing that action in my brain would “light up” on a CAT scan.

    You’ll love this quote from Gleason Archer:

    “But it should be pointed out that consistent atheism, which represents itself to be the most rational and logical of all approaches to reality, is in actuality completely self defeating and incapable of logical defense. That is to say, if indeed all matter has combined by mere chance, unguided by any Higher Power of Transcendental Intelligence, then it necessarily follows that the molecules of the human brain are also the product of mere chance. In other words, we think the way we do simply because the atoms and molecules of our brain tissue happen to have combined in the way they have, totally without transcendental guidance or control. So then even the philosophies of men, their system of logic and all their approaches to reality are the result of mere fortuity. There is no absolute validity to any argument advanced by the atheist against the position of theism.

    On the basis of his won presuppositions, the atheist completely cancels himself out, for on his own premises his arguments are without any absolute validity. By his own confession he thinks the way he does simply because the atoms in his brain happen to combine the way they do. If this is so, he cannot honestly say that his view is any more valid than the contrary view of his opponent. His basic postulates are self contradictory and self defeating; for when he asserts that there are no absolutes, he thereby is asserting a very dogmatic absolute. Nor can he logically disprove the existence of God without resorting to a logic that depends on the existence of God for its validity. Apart from such a transcendent guarantor of the validity of logic, any attempts at logic or argumentation are simply manifestations of the behavior of the collocation of molecules that make up the thinker’s brain.”

    There simply has got to be something about us as image-bearers of God, as free-willed moral beings, that simply must transcend our brains. And I believe the Bible clearly reveals that to be our souls.

    Psalm 139 contains a powerful passage:

    I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth; Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written The days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them..

    If my body was unformed, if I was yet “unformed substance,” then in what way could that have been “me” if I am my unformed body or my unformed brain? In what possible sense could God have known “me” if I am my body/brain and my body/brain didn’t yet exist? It’s because, as the Psalmist said, “my soul knows.” God knew my soul and was at work helping my soul to form the rest of me.

    As to the less serious side,

    I shall tell my engineer brother – who by the way is VERY proud that he (and I) are one-quarter Swedish via our great grandfather Benson – that he is NOT the only engineer geek on the planet… :)

    My brother is an engineer by training and I am a philosophical theologian by training. You’d perhaps think we’d be like cats and dogs, but we make each other laugh to the point where our eyes tear up every single time we’re together.

    I’m just hoping he’ll have enough clout with his alien masters that he’ll be able to stop them from adding me to the meat supply (the alien version of “Soylant Green”). No matter how useless somebody from my field is.

    Your discussion of your HP41 made me remember when I took scientific calculus and spent an entire quarter learning how to calculate derivatives using a complicated equation… only to learn that you could just look the danged answer up in a table at the beginning of the next quarter of calculus.

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