The Worst Christmas Shopping Season Since 2008 As Obama Absolutely Fails To Lead.

The most criminally irresponsible Senate (which just happens to have been controlled by Democrats the entire time) has not passed a budget since April 23, 2009.  That’s 1,338 days, which is edging up to the four year mark since the Democrats in the United States Senate fulfilled their constitutionally mandated duty.  That’s nearly the entire Obama presidency up to this point.  The most fundamental obligation of any legislative body is to pass a budget.  But Democrats couldn’t care less about the Constituton or their basic duty; a budget would expose them for the liars they are.  Democrats will accept ZERO responsibility for their demon-possessed spending and will not allow ANY reduction in spending as America sails into bankruptcy.  Has anyone on the left ever thought that the insane and evil Democrats have caused the impending economic disaster by being determined to spend America into bankruptcy without even providing a damn budget while they do so???

For the record, Obama will have amassed a staggering $20 trillion debt by the time he leaves office in 2016.

Along with the huge tax increase of the Obama Tax Hikes (cf. the Bush tax cut) involved with the fiscal cliff are the biggest tax increase on the middle class in history in the form of ObamaCare.

And Republicans are crazy enough to try to stand in his way of exploding America so badly that no one will never find most of the pieces, let alone put the U.S.A. back together again.

The worst Christmas shopping season since 2008, that’s what we just had right after the hope and the hype of re-electing false messiah Obama:

Gauges of Christmas sales range from dismal to so-so. One group that tracks  shoppers said it was the worst showing since the bleak Christmas of 2008, when  the country was in the midst of a historic financial crisis. MasterCard’s  SpendingPulse, which tracked sales from Oct. 28 to Dec. 24, said sales grew by  only 0.7 percent over last year, but other trackers reported somewhat higher  numbers.

The poor ending to the shopping season forced economists to lower their  estimates for sales gains from the solid 3 percent to 4 percent range originally  forecast. ShopperTrak is expecting a 2.5 percent increase in November and  December sales, down from an earlier forecast of 3.3 percent. The International  Council of Shopping Centers said growth during the final week before Christmas  was only 0.7 percent, but it is sticking to its forecast of 3 percent for the  whole season.

“What could have been a merry Christmas is going to turn to a ho-hum  Christmas, and we can thank our, you know, politicians for getting in the middle  of it all,” NPD Group analyst Marshal Cohen said. “This great unknown puts a big  damper on the consumer feeling confident to go out and spend more.”

Some analysts also blamed the Newtown, Conn., school shootings just days  before Christmas for dampening appetites for spending.

“The Newtown massacre, psychologically I think, spread through the country,”  said Robin Lewis, a New York-based retail consultant. “This event was not  isolated in the Northeast. It slammed the consumer with a lot of sobriety and  made us think about what is happening in this world we live in, particularly  around the holidays, when things are supposed to be wonderful and peaceful.”

Consumer sentiment plunged this month after hitting four-year highs in  November. Analysts blamed growing public apprehension about the fiscal cliff and  the partisan standoff in Washington. […]

Further damage could come during the week after Christmas, which is also a major time for shopping as many consumers go to malls and redeem gift cards. President Obama is returning to Washington Thursday from a Hawaii vacation to restart negotiations, but there is no accord in sight or signs of a breakthrough.

Right after false-messiah Obama was re-elected, America saw it’s worst post-election market dump in generations as the people who make business work pretty much bailed.  As I reported along with the articles that backed the facts up:

Businesses and investors told America what they thought of their idiotic choice for president yesterday with the biggest market plunge in a year the day after Obama was reelected.

The Dow dropped 313 points, or 2.4% of its total value on the trading day immediately following the Obama reelection.

Interestingly, Obama has two of the five worst market plunges on the day after a presidential election, and you’ve got to go back to the 1930s and 1940s to see worse market disasters…

That was because the smart money immediately recognized that the re-election of Obama meant that America just voted to go off the fiscal cliff as the demagogue-in-chief will continue trying to demonize and slander his way to a more divided America so a cynical false messiah can pick up a few more political pawns out of what is left of this nation:

NEW YORK — Stocks ended sharply lower Wednesday, one day after the re-election of President Obama. The Dow Jones industrial average closed down about 313 points, or 2.4%.

Investor reaction is decidedly negative over the defeat of the more business-friendly Mitt Romney and the continued gridlock in Congress that makes it tough for lawmakers to avert a fiscal policy crisis by year-end.

These businessmen also aren’t so stupid as to believe the outright dishonest propaganda being masqueraded as “news.”  They know that Obama’s own White House devised the fiscal cliff deal and that Obama wants to take America off it.

Many merchants depend on Christmas for 40% of their annual profits.  So this is going to be a “God damn America” that keeps on damning because some of these water-treading merchants just went down with their businesses.

Do you know what would have happened if we had had an actual leader?  He would have looked at the Democrat Senate and the Republic House and he would have staked out the center and dragged both sides to an agreement.  Because that is what would have been for the good of the nation.  Instead Obama is actually farther to the left than the Democrat Senate and there is absolutely NO grown-up to bring anybody toward anything.  That’s because Obama believes that the more suffering he inflicts on America, the more ammunition he has to demonize somebody else.  And nobody in the media will hold the president of the United States responsible for anything because he’s a Democrat.  Unlike Bush, of course.

Understand that Barak Obama is going to spend the next four years of abject failure to lead the way he spent the last four years: blaming somebody else for his failed presidency.  The only difference is that Obama spent the last four years blaming George Bush and he’s going to spend the next four years blaming the GOP House.

America is going down.  And Obama is going to demonize his opponents the same way that he’s spent the last five years demonizing his opponents.

Maybe the American people will realize how terrible their decision was and try to rectify it by giving Republicans a massive win in 2014; maybe they’ll keep drinking Kool Aid.  I’m one that says it really doesn’t matter.  Because six years of Obama is more than enough to cripple this country in a way that it will never recover from.  And whether Republicans win in 2014 or not, it will be too damn late to heal the fatal cancer that has metastasized and spread and grown these last four miserable years of Obama.

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