Why The Left Will Never Understand Reality. In One Bible Verse.

My mother loves the Word of God and has always loved the Word of God, which is why she is the greatest hero of my life.  As a result of that love, she has several “verse a day” calendars in her home that she views every day.  And having heard me describe the moral stupidity and blindness of the left, she made sure I knew about the verse for December 28 (the day I wrote this):

This is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it–the LORD is his name: ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you
do not know.’ — Jeremiah 33:2-3

This ties into something I have said again and again and again:

I believe – along with orthodox Christian theology – that man’s nature has been corrupted and we cannot understand truth or reality on our own.  And that the ONLY way we can so comprehend truth and reality is to see the world as God sees it; which is to say see the world through God’s Word.  But liberals despise the Word of God and have tried to replace it with every theory and ideology under the sun.  And the result is that liberal man is stupid; further, he is stupid by sheer brute force of will – he is determined to be stupid.  And the more intelligent the liberal is, the more stupid he becomes – because he is able to even further commit himself to failed liberal ideologies and theories than less intellectual liberals who must still at least partly base their worldviews on common sense because they can’t fully comprehend Marxism or other failed progressive socialist theories.


I too often use the word “stupid” to describe the left.

When I do so, I am not referring to their IQs, their level of education or anything of the sort.  Rather, I am referring to their worldview and what their worldview has done to their ability to comprehend reality.

Understanding the world as it really is boils down to being able to see – at least in part and to a certain degree given our finiteness – the world as God sees it.  The Bible – the Word of God – is the lens that enables us to be able to do that.

Liberals as a whole reject that Book just as they reject the Judeo-Christian worldview that is based on what that Book teaches.

Instead of perceiving Truth, liberals turn to a world of theories such as Marxism (which is fundamentally hostile to the Christian world view).  And as such, they cannot even possibly see or understand the world as it actually is.

They literally make themselves stupid by sheer brute force of will.  They take the image of God that God bequeathed every human being with (it’s something that babies in the womb have, btw) and they piss it away.

That’s how I see the blinders that you describe.  And they are blinding indeed.


I’ve had a couple of insights on the nature of “intelligence.”

1) is that real “intelligence” is the ability to perceive and understand the nature of the actual world.  Ultimately, that is the world as God sees it.  But liberals do not want to see the world as God sees it; and in fact they hate the world as God sees it.  We can begin to see the world as God sees it by reading His Word and believing it; but liberals refuse to do that.  Rather, they live in a world of theories, such as Marxism, or existentialism.  They cannot see the world as it actually is, and they literally end up willing themselves to be stupid by sheer brute force of will regardless of their intelligence quotient.

2) Evil is the ultimate form of stupidity.  And again, it is irrelevant how “intelligent” one is.  Take Lucifer/Satan: he is a super-intelligent being, but in his evil self-will he is determined to try to supplant God (His creator).  His wisdom is far greater than any human being’s, on the measure of intellect.  But in the end, and in the measure of ultimate reality, he is truly stupid.  His perverted will and desire made him stupid.

That’s why a dumb Forest Gump is a hell of a lot smarter than a brilliant liberal.

Liberals love to sneeringly think of themselves as “smart.”  Atheists started calling themselves “brights” as a means of letting us know how intellectually superior they are to everyone else.

The reality is quite the opposite; simply because liberals have inoculated themselves against ever being able to perceive reality.


This in response to your 2/27 comment.

I have always tried to provide links to what I claim.  And even give at least a good chunk of articles for posterity – given that papers like the New York Times have a strange way of purging stories that lead to conclusions liberals don’t like.

But I don’t write to persuade liberals.  Frankly, I don’t think liberals can be reasoned with; they live in their own little self-constructed realities.

On my view, those who do not truly believe in God cannot even possibly see or understand reality as it is.  Such people fabricate their own theories of the world (such as Marxism), and literally use their intelligence to rationalize away the truth in order to “explain” their distorted view of reality.  Only God understands reality as it really is.  And only those who see the world and understand reality through the prism of God’s Word to us can possibly understand the world both as it is and as it ought to be.

J. Vernon McGee put it thus: “Now, you might have a better plan than God.  But what you DON’T have is your own universe.”  Romans 1 is a great chapter that explains that there is a giant group of people who don’t see the truth because they don’t WANT to see the truth.  And so they exchange the truth for a lie.

G.K. Chesterton said, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything.”  Once you rule out the truth, you open yourself up to increasingly ridiculous lies.  It’s as simple as that.  Self-deception becomes like a cancer that eats away more and more of what little truth you ever had to begin with.

Liberals become idiots by sheer brute force of will.  They won’t see the world God’s way.  So they construct alternate realities for themselves, and buy each others’ garbage views of the world.

The Bible, as usual, gets it right.  Look up Romans 1:18, 1:22, Psalm 52:3, Proverbs 8:36, Micah 3:2, 2 Corinthians 4:4, 1 Timothy 4:2 and 2 Timothy 4:3-4 to see the self-imposed blindness of these people.

I want to reach those who are capable of being reached – the independents who haven’t committed their minds to oppose God and His ways.  I want to reach those people who CAN be persuaded with facts.  And just as important, I want


Orwell said that some ideas are so foolish that only an “intellectual” could believe them, for no ordinary man could be such a fool.  And the record of history proves him correct.  20th century intellectuals were especially appalling in this regard.  Every mass-murdering psychopathic dictator had widespread support among the “intellectual” class.  Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hitler all had their admiring sycophants among the Western intelligentsia.

I have often said that some of (most of?) our most educated people are true moral idiots.  They refuse to view the world through the prism of God and His Word, and instead view the world through their perverted theories.  The result is that they cannot even possibly see the world as it really is (i.e., as God sees reality).  And they end up becoming profoundly stupid people through brute force of will.

Nazi Germany was the most advanced nation of the world – and yet it was the most morally stupid culture that ever existed.  This sophisticated, advanced, scientific culture warped and degraded themselves into the most murderous of barbarians never once realizing how profoundly stupid they had become.

Paul put it well: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”


I don’t believe Obama is capable of “teachable moments” myself.

Obama’s worldview is a bunch of “-isms” such as Marxism and socialism and fascism and racism, etc.

The only way to experience truth is to experience it through Jesus Christ and His Word or to at least have a Judeo-Christian worldview.

Obama most certainly does not.  He has radically rejected Christianity while falsely calling his blasphemy “Christian” as though Jesus would have blessed abortion and literally championed the murder of the Son of God in an unwed teenage mother’s womb.  While he has called for an end to marriage that marks the official end of any scintilla of “Christendom” in Western Civilization.

When you think like Obama, you force yourself to be a moral and ultimately an intellectual fool through sheer brute force of will.  You can not see the truth because you WILL not see the truth.

These are just a few examples pointing out how many times I’ve said that the stupidity of the left isn’t intellectual; it’s moral.  These are truly stupid people because they hate God and hate His ways and WILL NOT seek truth from Him.  And the result is that they are the most demonically stupid leaders of the last generation before the beast comes and big-government-worshiping liberals take his mark and worship him.

Mother Teresa, who understood the full horror of poverty more than all the liberals in the world combined, nevertheless the true enemy of peace:

“But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child – a direct killing of the innocent child – murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?” — Mother Teresa

Every single Democrat – and that means YOU, Democrat – have directly participated in the holocaust-murder of 55 million innocent human beings.  And even eternity in hell will not last long enough for the left to pay for their moral crimes against humanity.

What does the counsel of God that liberals love to despise say about unborn human beings?

“For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb.  I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.  My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth; Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written The days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them.” — Psalm 139:13-16

What was it that God sent an archangel to tell Mary?

But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God.  You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.

Liberals have violently and viciously rejected the truest and deepest meaning of Christmas and the Christ who came.  Because what was in Mary’s womb was NOT a nonhuman lump of goop; it was a Child.  And the Child was not a curse to be exterminated, but a blessing to nurture and love.  And liberals have brutally tried to murder that spirit ever since.  And hell will be their reward.

Let me simply come out and state it as a fact: if the Virgin Mary were a young American teenage girl today, the Democrat Party would have encouraged her to have an abortion and thus murder the Savior of the world.

John MacArthur points out the fact that the agenda of the Democrat Party is the agenda of Romans chapter one.  Because the Democrat Party is the party of homosexual perversion and the party of the damnation of God.

Democrats are the most morally stupid people on the face of the entire earth.  Because they grew up in the nation that most allowed and most cherished the Word of God.  And they are the people who have most turned their backs on the truth that God would have given them had they but turned for one moment to Him.

We are surrounded by the colossal stupidity of Democrats at every level today.

We are seeing a categorical rejection of God and His ways as Democrats impose the way of their god, Satan, and seek to ultimately impose their false messiah, the Antichrist, and the curse of his big government upon the world.

Don’t be discouraged.  Don’t become frustrated that they can’t see the blindingly obvious.  How do you expect baby murderers and depraved perverts to possibly understand economic realities???  What can these people understand when they look at a pregnant mother and can’t realize that there’s a baby in her womb?  They can’t even understand the most basic of moral truths; everything else is as rocket science to a cockroach with them.

The Scripture tells us:

“The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” — 2 Corinthians 4:4

These are blind people who have blindly imposed the destiny of their god on the world and on America.  And it’s not like the Bible isn’t filled with warnings about the stupidity and evil that will characterize the last days.

And as a result:

“Many will follow their evil teaching and shameful immorality. And because of these teachers, the way of truth will be slandered.  In their greed they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money. But God
condemned them long ago, and their destruction will not be delayed.” — 2 Peter 2:2-3 NLT

I believe that America has crossed the threshold of God’s judgment.  We are going to go down hard and we’re not going to get up.  And I believe that that will happen whether or not we go off the damn fiscal cliff.

I am now carrying a different message: don’t look to Republican victories in 2014 or 2016; it is too late to save America and neither politics nor politicians ever COULD save America.

Don’t look to America; for it will be burned up.  Look instead to the Kingdom of Heaven and store up your treasures in the new heavens and the new earth that God will create for His people.

Democrats are the enemies of Jesus Christ.  But Jesus told us to love His enemies even as He loved His enemies.  Which is only possible to do through true faith in Him.

My anger over the sheer pathetic stupidity as we rush to welcome the beast and worship him and take his mark isn’t gone; but I rejoice to say it is going away.  If I have one new year’s resolution it is to put anger and vengeance aside and realize that God is telling His people that the last days are at hand and that God will allow the beast to come so He can defeat the evil, the devil and His Antichrist once for all.

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26 Responses to “Why The Left Will Never Understand Reality. In One Bible Verse.”

  1. Millie Says:

    Michael, this is the best column you have ever written….

  2. BeckyC Says:

    I do agree with you whole-heartedly; however, it is very difficult to put away my righteous anger. Very difficult. In some ways, I blame my fellow Christians for much of what we are forced to live in nowadays, because they were silent–they didn’t fight back (or WE didn’t fight back, though I was a little young). They didn’t fight back when judges started ruling contrary to the Constitution. They didn’t fight back when prayer/prayer groups were removed from school. They didn’t fight back when politicians lost their morals and misused our money. Etc…

    I was furious with my Christian friends after the last election, when they kept posting things like, “I’m so happy God is in control!” It’s like they just kept their heads stuck in the sand no matter what.

    Yet, I know from the Bible that this is all supposed to come about. But, are we just supposed to sit by and let it without a righteous fight?

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    And I agree with much of what you’re saying about “righteous anger.” There is without question a time and a place for it, as even Jesus Himself showed in the cleansing of His Temple.

    My premise begins with the fact that the Bible uses the word “enemies” a whole bunch of times to describe the opponents of God’s people and God’s values. The Bible doesn’t pretend for a second that these people AREN’T our enemies; it openly acknowledges that fact and then tells us to love them. Which only Christians can do, because only we have the Holy Spirit in us inspiring us to do what the world cannot possibly do.

    But there’s a tension; because we’ve got our own human natures operating in us as well.

    Did Christians fail to adequately stand up for truth? Of course we did. And yet…

    I am convinced that the Church of Jesus Christ, His Body on earth, has been THE only thing preventing the devil’s Antichrist from revealing himself. And when the Christians are taken away in Revelation chapter 4, the world will IMMEDIATELY choose the devil’s favorite son as their political leader and enact a political system that will bring about hell on earth. As weak and pathetic as we Christians are, we are still the salt and light of the earth.

    One of the things that grabs me is that in Revelation chapter 13 verses 9 and 10 record a prophetic message –

    He who has an ear, let him hear. If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity he will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword he will be killed. This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints.

    – that God IS in control even during the Tribulation, and that believers are to meekly go to their improsonments and deaths focusing only on their capture as the opportunity to share the gospel message one more time. In other words, they are specifically told NOT to fight. And we’re very nearly there now. I’ve tried to fight the political fight for five years, and America chose the false messiah with his divisive message and his big government policies that will lead to totalitarianism and to the mark of the beast.

    I agree with you that Christians should have stood up more and fought harder. I agree that had we done so frankly starting eighty years ago this world would be a very different place than it is now. Christians withdrew from society over Darwinism and then allowed FDR to impose socialism that will ultimately implode America with impossible debt. But I also believe that the time to really fight for godly political change is now past; and God has allowed wicked America to get the leaders and the policies we truly deserve. And in the time we’ve got left, we should be striving to advance the gospel and warn the world of what is coming after the Rapture of the Church rather than essentially complaining about that course history is taking.

    I know, BeckyC. It’s easy to see the pathetic way we are heading toward collapse and to the beast and his mark and get angry at the sheer stupid folly of it all. But I believe it is time to put anger aside and focus on the eternal rather than fight over the increasingly fractured pieces of an increasingly diminished and smaller America.

    As I was fighting for the values that God has taught in His Word to at least be trivially implemented in this election just passed, Becky, I had a realization in my spirit that God might also say, “The time has come to enter the last days.” Because the Book of Revelation makes plain that God will use the Tribulation to FINALLY solve the problems of evil and human suffering. And I believe that is where we are heading now – and we’re not going to be able to stop what God has now ordained.

    Here’s the thing, Becky; there is no punishment on earth we can inflict on these people that could ever begin to compare with the punishment they are inflicting on themselves. It is these very liberals who will take the mark of the beast and burn in hell forever and ever. Which means that we don’t need to be angry at them or seek revenge on them; we’re free to let a just and holy God do that for us. Rather, we have a brief and closing window before the Rapture to reach a few otherwise doomed souls for Jesus Christ.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    Thank you. I want people to understand that, yes, liberalism is a truly breathtakingly idiotic worldview. But it is – as are most worldviews – internally consistent with itself.

    Liberalism is a system of thought; it is a systematic approach to reality, just as the evangelical Judeo-Christian worldview is.

    And given how wildly wrong and far from God they are on so many fundamental issues such as human life and such as human marriage which is the bedrock of civilization, how do you expect them to be right on ANYTHING??? They have a completely flawed and distorted and frankly demonic view of reality and of the world.

    They simply cannot see the truth, let alone comprehend it or choose it.

    The focus of liberalism is NOT on God; it is on man. And therefore they will always emphasize more and more and more and bigger and bigger and bigger human government. And they will steadfastly ignore and label as “intolerant” or “hateful” the calls for the world to recognize God’s ONLY way for salvation and repent with a transformation of personal character and personal responsibility.

    The party that just took God out of its platform only to put it back in to a chorus of loud boos is NOT a party that wants to see God in anything beyond seeking to exploit Him and His Word for false rhetorical purposes.

    And we need to realize that, and quit getting angry that slaves and pawns of the devil (see 2 Cor 4:4) can’t see the truth. Because of COURSE they can’t.

    And that’s basically the attitude we need to take to liberals. They have abandoned God and have spurned the image of God in them and simply have no truth in them. We can blame them till doomsday, but they can’t help it. The only chance they have is to hear the gospel. It’s too late to hope that political solutions will give the world more time before the mark of the beast.

    That realization is the beginning of how we can respond with love. Liberals are like feral animals who can’t understand that we’re trying to help them and will bite us every time we get close to them. But I’m able to respond with pity when I see a trapped, frightened animal BECAUSE I know it can’t help its inability to understand reality.

    Liberals act like rabid rats, but in spite of how they act, they are human beings who are valuable to God. And now that America is lost and the world is merely waiting for the implosion or war that will unleash the beast, let’s focus on the souls we can save rather than the disagreements we have with those who are powerless to choose anything else but evil.

    America is now hopelessly broken and the Bible makes clear that it won’t be a player during the Tribulation simply because it will be too weak and too impoverished to matter. Don’t fight over what is broken and lost; fight for what is eternal and which will last forever. And that is the Kingdom of Heaven and the souls we can bring into that eternal Kingdom. That’s what my spirit tells me now.

    Why did God let liberalism prevail in this election? Because it is only through the Tribulation that God will be able to complete His work in this world and bring about an end to human suffering and to the problem of evil. God has decreed that it is time to go through the Tribulation and through the mark of the beast in order to bring about His Millennium Kingdom and ultimately the new heaven and new earth.

  5. BeckyC Says:

    You’re right. And it’s a constant battle for me.

    On another note, a move to Mexico is looking better and better :)

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    It’s a battle for ALL of us. If I was God I would have come as a ten thousand foot giant rather than as a baby born in a dirty manger in a distant province of Rome. If I was God, I would crush my enemies; no one would dare defy my ways.

    How many of you, if you were God, would choose a plan to die a horrible, agonizing death to atone for the sins of your enemies?

    Fortunately, I am NOT God. And fortunately, only God alone is God. And His ways are very different than human ways. He responds to His haters with love. And He calls for those who follow Him to do the same.

    That’s so beyond radical it’s unreal.

    But then there’s the balancing act; we’re not to be sissies doormats, either. The radical pacifists who wouldn’t fight even to save their wife or daughter from being violently raped are every bit as evil as those who launch violent “crusades” in the name of Jesus. Because Christianity is every bit as far from refusing to stand up and defend your family as it is from waging violent campaigns.

    The Christian life must be lived out moment by moment; and I know what it’s like to be full of the Spirit one moment and weak to sin the next. And that’s on my best day…

    As to your last, just remember that Obama and Eric Holder have given the drug cartels thousands of assault weapons so Mexico is a pretty violent place these days. :)

  7. Dog Walker Says:

    Moving to Mexico, sorry, but that is crazy.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    Well, she did say it with one of them smiley face thingies.

    The saddest thing of all is that America is becoming more like Europe while Europe is imploding and more like Mexico while Mexico is on the verge of burning in a hell of its own making.

    Now Canada, there’s a place that’s looking good. Illegal immigrants trying to escape hell hole states, you see, have a history of migrating north to flee their banana republic homelands.

  9. Dog Walker Says:

    Heh! Try sneaking into Canada and see what happens. Heck, get a visa, go there and try getting a job and see what happens.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    I don’t know how hard it is to sneak into Canada and hope to never learn how hard or easy it is.

    But Canada is BEGGING Americans to come to their country and work jobs that pay twice what the US pays under Obama’s God dam America policies.

    Like I said: Canada is looking pretty good while the US will be looking worse and worse.

  11. Dog Walker Says:

    Man o man! I stand corrected. I thought it was exceedingly difficult to enter and work in Canada. My assumption was based on a Church experience of some years ago. We or they sent missionaries to Canada to do some building or church repair or some such. Those missionaries had to jump through some hoops to get into Canada… background checks just to enter. I thought it was Draconian. Back to saying I don’t know. ‘Course it is still possible that those oil field workers your article mentions had to jump through all the same hoops.

  12. BeckyC Says:

    Mexico is a large country, you know. There are good areas and bad. We have an ex-pat acquaintance who has lived there for 10 years or so, and he absolutely loves it–especially their healthcare system.

    Anyway, I’m not that picky, but I would prefer Mexican/Central American weather climate over Canadian :)

  13. Michael Eden Says:


    You might apply for disability benefits from Obama by claiming you suffer from PTSD (Post Tramautic Solar Disorder). And to please mail your check to Cancun.

    On my own view, Mexico is one of those failing states where the “good areas” are getting smaller and smaller and fewer and fewer and the “bad areas” are getting larger and larger and more and more numerous. Mind you, that is also happening here, but without quite as many drug cartels that happen to be more powerful than the government. But I’ve never seriously considered any of the expatriate regions.

    I’d flee to Canada and rub my hands together in the freezing cold wondering how you made out in Mexico.

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    My assumption was based on a Church experience of some years ago. We or they sent missionaries to Canada to do some building or church repair or some such. Those missionaries had to jump through some hoops to get into Canada

    Dog Walker,

    Which means it isn’t the immigration that’s a problem; just the hostile climate of anti-Christian bigotry.

    That thanks to Obama also now characterizes America, mind you.

  15. Dog Walker Says:

    I wonder if those missionaries announced to the border guys that they were on a church mission. I don’t remember that detail going by. I don’t think there are Christian radio stations in Canada though. Bigotry. Maybe. I don’t know.

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    Among other things, Canada has no guarantee of free speech rights, which is why liberals like Ann Coulter literally can’t go to Canada lest they be arrested. Nor do they have rights protecting freedom of religion, such that if a pastor preaches a sermon from the pulpit about homosexuality, he could be arrested for hate speech.

    I’ve been across a few borders, and if I’m not just waived through I’ve almost always been asked to provide the purpose and nature of my visit.

  17. Dog Walker Says:

    A disgusting border to cross… Honduras. there is an exit tax. So don’t spend all of your money while you are there or you are in trouble. The exit tax varies from day to day depending on who is manning the post. Once, when I was there we called the night before to find out how much it was. So we get a price. In the morning on departure, guess what, it was a higher price. The attendant explained that it was due to currency fluctuation.

    I thought about writing a letter to the mayor or the governor… but it occurred to me that is who appointed the little creep tax collector. Oh, and they give you a receipt for your exit tax at table number one. But the that receipt becomes a ticket that you have to give to the guy at table number two. So it is really a no receipt, no evidence shakedown at the airport.

    This year I am going to say less bad words. How about this? Screw Honduras. I hate to say it but that crap is coming to a country near you.

  18. Michael Eden Says:

    I hate to say it but that crap is coming to a country near you.

    Dog Walker,

    If you flee from Obama’s America, it will be crap coming to a country near you.

    If you stay in GD America, it will be YOUR country; or at least what USED to be your country.

    If you do a search on my site for the words “banana republic,” you’ll see I’ve been predicting we would be just like these turd countries soon. And “soon” just keeps getting “sooner” all the time.

  19. Dog Walker Says:

    Banana republic, just an isolated anecdote.

    My mother in law turned 94 recently. Several years ago, when she was
    like 90, she used to ride a special Senior or handicap bus service in
    our city.

    To ride on this service you had to pay with coupons or tickets. These
    tickets were available at a few locations throughout the city
    including a little office right by city hall. My mother in law would
    ride the service down to the office to buy those tickets whenever it
    looked like she was getting low. She would buy them by the booklet.
    There was like a dollar discount when purchased in the booklet

    Anyway, she is in that office getting some ride tickets and she
    encounters a bit of trouble in that office.

    I should backtrack and put a bit of background. My mother in law has
    good “mentation.” That is not to say that she doesn’t have to be
    careful and avoid being confused. She has to be especially careful
    around those who would deliberately confuse her. On of the things
    that she does is itemize things in her purse in see through plastic
    zip locks. She keeps her ID and credit card in a separate zip lock.
    That way her stuff is accessible, visible, and accountable or
    inventoried so to speak.

    So in that ride ticket office, mother in law gives the clerk her ID as
    requested but her credit card was stuck to it. The clerk returned her
    ID and mother in law returns it to a zip lock and discovers that her
    credit card isn’t in the zip lock. She realizes that it is missing and
    realizes with a degree of certainty that she lost it right there at
    the clerk’s cubicle. She mentions it to the clerk in a manner that
    was polite and careful not to include any sort of accusatory tone.

    The clerk denies having seen it or any knowledge of it. Mother in law
    has the supervisor to attend the situation as well in order to help
    and to escalate involvement to management. Still no avail. So
    mother in law makes the remark to the effect “well, I will just call
    the card company and have it cancelled as soon as I get home.”

    So she goes home and calls in the problem to the card company. The
    card company reports that in the time it took her to get home, several
    charges were posted to her card. One large to a restaurant, and
    several to gas stations. She didn’t have to pay those charges.

    But figure this. Several of those government weasels went to lunch on
    that card. And several of them filled up their tanks.

    I wanted my mother in law to file a criminal complaint. She wouldn’t
    do it. She was afraid that she would lose a service that she depended
    on. She figured that if she called for a ride she would get a
    bureaucratic stonewall or sabotage.

    She also has the experience of an elderly relative having had her
    phone lines cut.

    My mother in law has spent a good portion of her working life in
    central america. She relates that this is the kind of behavior that is
    expected from government in third world countries.

    So am I out of line in assuming that office was populated by
    Democrats “taxing the rich?”

    That office is represented by AFSCME. You decide.

  20. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    Sounds like Obama’s government thugs robbed your mother-in-law.

    As far as unions go, I apologize that I had five other things to prioritize if I were ever to be the president:

    The sixth thing I would do – and here in particular is the reason I would consider myself to be a one-term president – would be to fire every single federal worker that I could. Remember how Bush got viciously attacked for firing seven US Attorneys? I would borrow a page from Bill Clinton and fire EVERYBODY. One of my goals would be to break the spine of the federal government unions that even FDR said were un-American. The other goal would be to decimate the federal workforce by massive restructuring. Government is growing out of control; I would use the power of the president to turn the tide of ever-expanding government.

    The idea that workers for the government need a union because the government is an oppressive force and government employees are helpless victims who themselves somehow AREN’T the government (just its muscle, right, union thugs?).

    If we could break the union – and therefore the liberal – fascist control over the government, we could actually get something done.

    What the government has done to frighten your mother-in-law they do to EVERYBODY who gets any kind of government handout whatsoever: they want you to depend on them and they want you to be afraid of them and they want you to vote the damn way they want you to vote or else.

  21. Dog Walker Says:

    Those predators are municipal employees actually. You probably knew that. What is kind of weird is the hoopla going on with our municipal cops. A couple of summers ago, summer before last maybe, I went to a council meeting for my district. The mayor was there. Police chief was there. Fire chief was there. Police union man was there. They were passing the microphone around so that citizens could voice their concerns. It is always a big disaster when I get the mike. Be sure and remember that if I am ever in your church on karaoke night.

    But anyway, I voiced my complaint about cops driving their take home vehicles on personal business. I told them that I figures as expensive as gas is cops shouldn’t have free reign to abuse the taxpayer in that manner.

    I also mentioned that off duty cops in their take home vehicles ignored reckless and aggressive drivers and red light runners. I mentioned that I made this complaint to my district police commander and that he more or less just shrugged it off saying to the effect that cops are not allowed to make traffic stops when not in uniform. I think I might have said a bad word when I had that microphone.

    “what the fart are those cops doing in their take homes while not in uniform?”

    I am pretty sure I managed to make the point that cops that were doing that were the opposite of a deterrent.

    Anyway it was the police union guy that had the podium when I had the microphone. He was pissed, that I brought the issue up in a public forum. He was especially pissed because the mayor was there. He started screaming at me, which didn’t exactly go to his favor, about how I was to contact him with any complaints about the police… something to the effect how I was to work through the chain of command.

    I told him… “I am not in your chain of command.”

    (I think he was the guy who shrugged me off when I called in with the complaint.)

    About a week or so later there is all this hoopla about the mayor reviewing take home policy. He starts with there ain’t gonna be no take home for cops that live ten miles outside the city limits.

    Cops started shrieking about how they planned their lives and property purchases on an assumption of take home vehicles. Some of these dickheads live 60 miles from town.

    They are all like… oh, the take home was a promised benefit and a condition on which I took the job. Distance was never specified and since it was never specified it can never be specified because that would violate.

    Anyway, the mayor was just looking for ways to get the budget in control. Maybe I just inspired him on take homes.

    Cops went shrieking around that the mayor was trying to take away their cars when really he just wanted cars away from guys that were doing the rural commute or abusing their vehicles on personal business.

    A bit later the buzzword became “morale.” Cops, playing the victim, are all crying “morale is now the lowest it has ever been.” [sic] because the mayor tried to take away their take homes.

    Now in state government the “morale” buzzword has caught on. It is like these guys picked it up from the cops and figure it for an eloquent one word argument.

    In the paper, to the effect… Unions and State employees need more money because they are suffering from low “morale.”

    So now it seems, that the gentle taxpayer is on the hook for state employees’ “morale.”

    I really, really need my bad words. How am I doing so far?

  22. Michael Eden Says:

    As a former cop I can tell you that cops driving their patrol vehicles home was sold as benefitting the neighborhood. After all, everybody knows there’s a cop on your street, and kids know where to go if something bad happens, and your area’s crime rate will go down. That sort of thing.

    Another thing that makes it REAL nice for cops is that they frequently supplement their incomes by serving as paid security at private events. Cops earn a LOT of extra money that way. And having that patrol car as a large symbol of police presence is a big deal to their getting those high-paying jobs.

    Of course, the cop gets to get his very generous union salary, he gets shocking pension benefits, he gets to drive home on someone’s dime, he gets to drive fast and aggressively and what is anybody going to do about it, AND he gets to use the vehicle for personal profit while it’s being expensed on the public dime. So I’m with you on that.

    After I was long out of police work, I would walk my dog at night and watch cops driving like bats out of hell. And no, they WEREN’T chasing any bad guys. So I know what you’re annoyed at. And in my own department, we drove our cars to the station and we checked out our cruisers and we checked them back in at the end of the shift and we drove home in our own cars like ordinary people.

    We’re seeing more and more cynical and dishonest cops the same way EVERYBODY is more cynical and dishonest in EVERY profession these days in God damn America.

    And why are we giving all these bureaucrats and government-hired guns all this power over us? Who decided that this elite class should get all of these benefits that are bankrupting every jurisdiction at every level from small municipalities to the states and the federal government???

  23. Dog Walker Says:

    Heh. I saw a cop park across the street from my house one time. I am all like peeking out the window wondering what is going on. He opens his trunk, hauls out a big ol’ real estate sign and hammers it into the yard. He was working a side job… but guess what else? He was in uniform. How is that for a little double dipping? He was doing real estate work while on the clock for the taxpayer. If I would have called the commander, the commander would have jigged for him. Oh, he just did that on his way home from shift.

    I am not opposed to take home cars and like them for the reasons you describe. I don’t think they should be driving them on personal business. In the car should mandate in uniform which should mean ready and willing to act on behalf of the public.

    I seen too many damn cops ignoring the very stuff that kills us. What? We are supposed to think that they are doing a good job protecting us from bank robbers. Bank robbers aren’t gonna kill me. Red light runners are.

  24. BeckyC Says:

    Dog, you mention Honduras. I have traveled to, from, and within Honduras numerous times–mostly on humanitarian trips. Honduras is truly the armpit of Central America. Excuse the bad language, but I’ve heard other Hispanics refer to Hondurans as the “niggers” of Central America. It is a very poor and uneducated country. Corruption is the norm. Nevertheless, I could survive there, if need be–and it may come to that!

  25. Michael Eden Says:

    He opens his trunk, hauls out a big ol’ real estate sign and hammers it into the yard. He was working a side job

    Dog Walker,

    My guess is that he was working his WIFE’S side job.

    As for the rest, the more power and money you give to government, the more corrupt that government will become. That’ just the way it always works.

    Mind you, there actually ARE bank robbers who would gladly kill you if you were unfortunate enough to get in their way whilest they were bank robbing.

  26. Michael Eden Says:


    “Avoid living any place referred to as an “armpit.”
    — Ancient Chinese proverb

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