Dianne Feinstein’s Liberal Solution For Guns: Treat Criminals Like Citizens And Lawful Gun Owners Like Criminals

One of the bright, shining examples of liberalism in action has been our treatment of criminals in society.  The ACLU and most Democrats believe that it is better for a hundred guilty violent predatory criminals to go free than for one innocent person to be falsely convicted of a crime.

This piece from the Congressional Record gives us the perspective that liberals would now like to accord to lawful gun owners: criminalize them.  And it is better that a thousand lawful gun owners have their rights violated and usurped than it would be for one violent criminal  predator to be shot by a homeowner defending his or her property and family.

It will be an uphill battle–all the way. I know this.

But we need to ask ourselves:

Do we let the gun industry take over and dictate policy to this country? Do we let those who profit from increasing sales of these military style-weapons prevent us from taking commonsense steps to stop the carnage?

Or should we empower our elected representatives to vote their conscience based on their experience, based on their sense of right and wrong and based on their need to protect their schools, their malls, their workplaces and their businesses?

This legislation is my life’s goal. As long as I am a member of the Senate, I will work night and day to pass this bill into law. No matter how long it takes, I will fight until assault weapons are taken off our streets.

Put simply, we cannot allow the rights of a few to override the safety of all. That is not the America that our founding fathers envisioned. And that is not the America I want my children and grandchildren to live in.

So I ask everyone watching at home: please get involved and stay involved.

The success or failure of this bill depends not on me, but on you. If the American people rise up and demand action from their elected officials, we will be victorious. If the American people say “no” to military-style assault weapons, we will rid our Nation of this scourge.

Please, talk to your senator and your member of Congress.

By Mr. FEINSTEIN (for herself,) Mr. BLUMENTHAL, Ms. AYOTTE, Mr. BENNET, Mr.

It’s all summed up by the phrase that turns liberalism completely upon its head and proves once and for all time that liberalism stands for nothing but convenient hypocrisy: “we cannot allow the rights of a few to override the safety of all.”  Unless it helps Democrats, of course.

Tell you what, Democrat, if you want to take away “rights,” then please take away the “right” of the government to grow in size and power and debt.  Take away the “rights” of the government to practice Marxist class warfare and demonize and attack people for the crime of working harder to advance themselves and their families.  Take away the “right” of non-citizens and dead people and ineligible citizens the ability to vote.  Take away the “right” of foreigners to cross our border and enter our country illegally.  Take away the “right” of unions to collectively bargain and collectively strike and collectively shut down businesses while businesses have no right to collectively fire the useless lazy bums who keep demanding higher pay in exchange for less and less work.  Take away the “right” to have unemployment benefits forever.  Take away the “right” to enjoy welfare for five generations.  Take away the “right” for homosexuals to pervert marriage.  And please, PLEASE take away the “right” for a woman to decide to murder her baby and force the father of that baby to stand passively by while his son or daughter is brutally tortured and killed.

And if you really want less gun murders, geez, PLEASE take away the “rights” that the ACLU and Democrats have provided to proven violent animals by executing them like the monsters they are and instituting hard sentencing guidelines that liberals have banned.

There are PLENTY of “rights” you could take away that are not specifically cited in our Bill of Rights.

Just so you understand how incredibly cynical Democrats truly are, and how much they truly do not give one freaking DAMN about saving the lives of innocent children (55.7 million of whom they’ve already murdered in the abortion mills, fwiw), just look at liberals’ reaction to the Fontana Police Department buying a few AR-15s to protect schoolchildren in the event of a targeting of a school in their jurisdiction: outrage.  Liberals are outraged that good and decent people – even police officers – would be capable of protecting themselves against well-armed violent criminals.

This sentence from the LA Times sums up the crazy insanity that will manifest itself in trying to ban all guns:

The rifles are kept either in the trunk of the police officer’s vehicle or in a safe on campus.

“Still, Garcia worries that bringing such a weapon on campus could lead to it falling into the wrong hands.”

If even police departments can’t pass adequate muster to be armed, then what chance do the rest of us have to keep guns if Democrats are allowed the power to ban guns from us???

Mind you, some guns are stolen from gun owners’ homes by criminals because fascist liberals who would never publish the names and addresses of child molesters decided that legal gun owners were a far greater threat than the child molesters or the rapists or the violent murderers.

Police can’t bring guns on campuses that are “gun free zones.”  The mass-murdering psychos know that.  Which is why in every single case but ONE since 1950 in which three or more people were killed in a gun shooting, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM OCCURRED ON A GUN-FREE ZONE.

Democrats have turned our schools into well-stocked preserves where crazy murdering psychos can have plenty of helpless targets.  And they actually have the blue-whale-sized balls to demonize us for trying to prevent them from creating even more carnage as they pass laws to keep law-abiding citizens from defending themselves knowing full-damn well that the criminals won’t bother to follow their stupid and immoral and unconstitutional laws.

The fact of the matter is that there is absolutely NO relationship between confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens and gun crime.  The so-called “assault weapons ban” had ZERO effect of reducing gun crime of weapons that were largely arbitrarily banned.  And therefore what IS now a proven fact is that Democrats are fascists and hypocrites who want to take away the people’s rights to be safe from their government that is under the Democrat Party walking roughshod all over the Constitution.

Why target assault weapons – which was a deliberately misleading title with the intent to falsely connect fully automatic military “assault rifles” with their semi-automatic civilian counterparts so that Democrats could falsely demagogue a straw man?  Because the left is looking for precedents: if they can take away these weapons, they can go after the next batch of guns using their success against “assault weapons.”

You should realize that most of the weapons on Democrats’ confiscation lists are only different by weapons they currently allow by shades of degree.  For example, a Mini-14 rifle is completely legal; but it is virtually identical to many weapons that share the exact same platform that are on the ban list.  The Democrats are savagely attacking what amounts to cosmetic differences such as a pistol grip and a flash suppressor.  The pistol grip was never on any rifle until the first assault rifles.  Why not?  Because it only provided any help for a shooter who was spraying a target with full automatic fire; it is virtually useless for semi-automatic fire that all “assault weapons” have.  To this day, most hunting rifles have a traditional stock simply because the traditional stock provides for greater accuracy and thus greater deadliness.  Flash suppressors were placed on assault rifles so that a soldier fighting at night on a dark battlefield would not night-blind himself with his own weapons fire.  They do NOT make you invisible to detection by others.  If you’re shooting an assault weapon in a city or in daylight, a flash suppressor is useless to you.  All these things are for style, to make the weapons look like the ones soldiers use on the battlefields.  It’s a marketing gimmick, much the way people buy sports jerseys to look more like their favorite athletes.

Democrats are also targeting ammo magazines.  Their primary justification for doing so is to ask the question, “how many bullets do you need to kill a deer?”  As if the 2nd Amendment only somehow guaranteed nothing more than the right to hunt squirrels with an 18th century musket as opposed to its trule purpose to prevent government tyranny over a helpless people.  They are currently trying to ban any gun with more than seven rounds.  The thing is, they are knowingly setting up massive, MASSIVE collateral damage.  That’s because such a ban would criminalize 95% of all semi-automatic handguns.  Democrats are hoping they can ban handguns without even appearing to have tried to do so.

They view “assault weapons” as low-hanging fruit through which they can grab a branch and tear down the entire tree of the 2nd Amendment right.

If you allow them to do so, they will gladly tear down the tree of liberty while the rest of us stand there stupidly gawking.

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10 Responses to “Dianne Feinstein’s Liberal Solution For Guns: Treat Criminals Like Citizens And Lawful Gun Owners Like Criminals”

  1. rmactsc Says:

    Liberals. Wrong on every issue for as long as I can recall :)

  2. Dog Walker Says:

    Here I sit stupidly gawking. I wonder if I have any of those banned weapons under my bed. My cousin says he sold his entire collection a few days ago. Now that I get to thinking about it, so did I.

    I was reading this article …


    What I found interesting about it was Chicago’s approach to eliminating handguns. First they made a law that all handguns had to be registered. Then they declared handgun possession to be prohibited. No more registrations accepted.

    This article is from back in 2009 and it kind of favors the second amendment. The trend has reversed on itself since then.

    But Chicago is one of those places where the elimination of handguns really only made the thugs more powerful and invincible.

    Coming to a neighborhood near you. I don’t remember if I told your forum this story before. Across the street from me is a house that was seized from its owners by way of a tax lien. The owners had it outright. No mortgage. They were retired and elderly. Couldn’t keep up with the taxes. You know, keeping our public safety boys satisfied with their expected level of largess.

    So on that tax lien or default guess who is ready with the capital to snap such a property up? Yup. You guessed where I was going with this. Your friendly neighborhood humble public servant.

    Guess what else? Humble public servant doesn’t occupy said house. He rents it out. He has a few houses like that. Sounds cool in many respects. I wouldn’t mind having a handful of income producers actually.

    But guess who he rents to…? His tenants are subsidized by the taxpayer. So here it comes the amplified feedback loop.

    He gets the rents for his dickhead tenants out of my property taxes!

    Yeah. So, see, maybe we shouldn’t have the right to bear arms.

    Did I mention that our public safety boys don’t pay Social Security tax like the grandma and granpa’s that they get to sieze property from.

    They live in the land where they should only have to worry about what they get out of granma and granpa’s pockets. If they didn’t plan their retirement well enough to protect themselves from the “protection” racket then that is their own lookout.

  3. FMC Says:

    Interesting story, Dog Walker.

    I grew up in rural Ohio where many guns are passed down from generation to generation. These guns often stay in the family and are rarely registered. Many that get new guns often get them at guns shows or events like the Kenton Coon Dog Trials and these are usually not registered either. These people like hunting and just like guns, period. They do not possess these guns with the intention of hurting others and most are just your everyday law-abiding citizens and working-class stiffs. I know one thing, not too many of these folks are going to give up their guns and they are steaming mad at the liberal assault on their 2nd Amendment Rights. Just the mention of Obama or Feinstein could get your ass whipped.

    The parasite Libs hate grandma and grandpa. They want to take everything they have before they are sent before the death panel. They are already killing our unborn by the thousands and it won’t be long before they start doing the same to our elderly. Libs just love what we normal people call abominations and hell will be chocked full of them when this age is over.

    You can’t have guns in a police state. Homeland Security has already purchased millions of rounds of ammunition and I have heard that they are purchasing thousands of assault rifles. I wonder why? Could it be that they eventually plan on using this arsenal on American citizens. Unless conservatives can mount some resistance, it wont be long until it will be completely illegal to own guns. Just look at what happened in England and Australia. Obama will completely trash this country in the next four years. He is a devout student of Alinskey and other radicals. I have read stuff reporting that Obama is homosexual and was seen in the Chicago bathhouses and gay bars before he become popular in the Senate. Not sure if this is true, but it would not surprise me one bit. This guy is a demon possessed snake and it amazes me that there are many Americans who cannot see this.

  4. Dog Walker Says:

    My favorite picture of Obama

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    I can see why. It’s exactly where Obama belongs: in handcuffs and in jail.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    Liberals are like satan. They endlessly deceive in order to get people not to trust God, but to put their faith in government (specifically Karl Marx) instead.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    It would be funny if it weren’t so evil how the left has in region after region disarmed the law-abiding citizens so that only the thugs who don’t bother to follow laws have guns.

    Liberals are people who destroy society and move on to the next way to further destroy society.

    Liberals like Mayor Bloomberg have powerful armed security details while they bully people into surrendering their rights of self-defense and self-protection.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    You’re not a very good Nazi if you oppose the state taking away the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

    For that matter, you’re not a very good Stalinist or Maoist, either.

    You need to realize something, FMC. In order to get the beatific Utopia that socialism always promises, we need to take away all the guns so that only the Government (in capital letters because it is a God-substiture in the minds of liberals) can have all the power and be free to impose itself on all the stupid herd animals that make up society.

    So please get with the program, agree with Hitler, and get with the program of taking away the guns from the people.

  9. Dog Walker Says:


  10. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    There’s a parallel to this story you link to about a black woman who lost four children in various shootings in Chicago.

    Go back to Abraham Lincoln, who wrote a famous letter to a mother who lost five sons serving the Union.

    Her sons suffered and died for the sake of the Union and of preserving freedom; this woman whose article you link to lost her children for the sake of liberal fascist gun control.

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