Obama: Adding 11 Million Low-Skilled Illegal Immigants To America’s Dependency Roles Will Strengthen Middle Class Rather Than Depressing Wages

There aren’t a lot of laws in economic theory.  But one of them is called “the law of supply and demand.”  Basically, the more abundant something is, the less valuable it becomes.  If you increase the supply of something, you reduce the demand for that something accordingly.

So somebody’s got a brilliant idea: let’s glut our economy with low-skilled immigrants who will be competing with low-skilled Americans for increasingly scarce low-skilled jobs.  It will be great.  Trust your messiah.

Fools believe this, just as fools believed that Bush was inciting the Middle East and an Obama presidency would usher in a reign of peace (actual history alert: the Middle East is in greater turmoil and greater risk of complete meltdown than it has EVER been under ANYBODY).  Fools believe this, just as they believed that under Obama, average Americans would never have to pay more taxes:

Obama Claims Adding 11 Million Low-Skilled Workers Will Strengthen the Middle Class
January 29, 2013 By Daniel Greenfield

Could it be that when Obama was leafing through the thesaurus looking for synonyms for “Destroy”, “Smash”, “Utterly Eradicate” and “Eliminate Beyond Any Trace of Recognition”, he found himself with the antonyms rather than the synonyms?

Right now, we have 11 million undocumented immigrants in America; 11 million men and women from all over the world who live their lives in the shadows.  Yes, they broke the rules.  They crossed the border illegally.  Maybe they overstayed their visas.  Those are facts.  Nobody disputes them.  But these 11 million men and women are now here.  Many of them have been here for years.  And the overwhelming majority of these individuals aren’t looking for any trouble.  They’re contributing members of the community.  They’re looking out for their families.  They’re looking out for their neighbors.  They’re woven into the fabric of our lives.

Obama is confusing Mexican illegal aliens with Cotton Incorporated. They didn’t just break the rules. They broke the law.

They’re not contributing members. They take away jobs from Americans, leech off the social benefits system and commit a number of crimes besides the whole “illegal entry” deal. Jails tend to be full of illegal aliens for a reason.

Every day, like the rest of us, they go out and try to earn a living.  Often they do that in a shadow economy — a place where employers may offer them less than the minimum wage or make them work overtime without extra pay.  And when that happens, it’s not just bad for them, it’s bad for the entire economy.  Because all the businesses that are trying to do the right thing — that are hiring people legally, paying a decent wage, following the rules — they’re the ones who suffer.   They’ve got to compete against companies that are breaking the rules.  And the wages and working conditions of American workers are threatened, too.

So if we’re truly committed to strengthening our middle class and providing more ladders of opportunity to those who are willing to work hard to make it into the middle class, we’ve got to fix the system.

Obama’s solution to employers hiring people under the table for low wages is to legalize 11 million illegal aliens. Which will open up positions for more illegals to come and work under the table, while the newly legal illegal aliens end up eventually going on unemployment once they get their green cards because there’s no work for them. And then we’ll legalize the new illegal aliens because etc…

How does dumping 11 million aliens into the economy, on the social system and into the job markets strengthen the middle class?

It doesn’t. It destroys it.

There’s a lot of talk about a system that will prevent employers from hiring illegal aliens. Obama has been in office for four years, if he genuinely supported such a system, there was plenty of time for it. Ditto for the Republicans. These proposals have been made and sabotaged and then linked to amnesty as a “comprehensive” package.

That’s a scam. There will be amnesty and no enforcement. And Obama is refusing to even tie amnesty to enforcement as a prerequisite. Not that such an agreement would change anything.

The shadow economy is never going to come into the light, because businesses on both sides of the aisle benefit from it. So do politicians on the left side of the aisle.

But because this change isn’t permanent, we need Congress to act — and not just on the DREAM Act.  We need Congress to act on a comprehensive approach that finally deals with the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are in the country right now.  That’s what we need.

That is what Obama needs. It’s what his political allies want. It’s what the left wants. It’s what some billionaires want. The middle class needs this like it needs more tax hikes and more unemployment.

But this time, action must follow.  (Applause.)  We can’t allow immigration reform to get bogged down in an endless debate.  We’ve been debating this a very long time.  So it’s not as if we don’t know technically what needs to get done.  As a consequence, to help move this process along, today I’m laying out my ideas for immigration reform.

Because the problem with our country is that we “debate” too many things instead of just passing bills to find out what’s in them.

It’s funny though that Obama’s ideas appear to be the same Gang of 8 ideas, aside from the trigger. Even the rhetoric is a carbon copy of what we’ve been hearing from the pitchmen selling this on the conservative side.

But it wouldn’t be an Obama speech without some whacks at America as an illegitimate colonial state.

It’s really important for us to remember our history.  Unless you’re one of the first Americans, a Native American, you came from someplace else.  Somebody brought you.

You didn’t build that. You settled it. Now step aside and let the indigenous people of Mexico settle it.

Realize that China is a beautiful model for Democrats.  They get to have their communist cake and eat it, too.  They get to create a world in which the elite liberal “haves” get to prosper from their dictatorial regime and the “have nots” get to suck on the tit of welfare until the complete economic collapse comes.  Theres something in the modern Democrat Party for everybody – except people who want the chance to experience freedom and prosperity by the sweat of their own brow.

If Obama gets these people legalized, they will vote for him.  And they will vote to fund their stays by redistributing the wealth of more and more Americans.  Because if they’re entitled to break the law and live here, they’re every bit as entitled to enjoy the same slavish welfare state that other Obama voters enjoy at the expense of Someone Else’s Money.

Get ready for the Upside-Down-U-Shaped economy as we burn in the hell we voted for.  Because Obama also promised us that he would lead America to growth rather than to a negative GDP and the lowest consumer confidence index in over a year.

And you’d better damn well leave room in the food line ahead of you: because there are going to be 11 million more people looking for their free Obama money whom Democrats need to woo to complete their takeover of the republic.

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20 Responses to “Obama: Adding 11 Million Low-Skilled Illegal Immigants To America’s Dependency Roles Will Strengthen Middle Class Rather Than Depressing Wages”

  1. Anna Bennett Says:

    Obama is a lying sack of Garbage. He is a Racist Prejudice American Hating Bigot….
    If people don’t like America then they should stay the HELL away & let us live our lives in peace.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    I just want to thank you for according to Obama the dignity and respect due him by capitalizing the proper name “Garbage.”

  3. Anna Bennett Says:

    It was my pleasure.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    There are those who would insist that we call him “President Garbage.” But I think that’s going too far.

    This turd has NEVER tried to govern as the President of America; he has been the President of the Blue States and the President of radical liberalism since the first day he came into office and declared, “I won, and elections have consequences.”

  5. Anna Bennett Says:

    Thank you Michael,you have made my day. If you could see all the post I write on other web sights you would see that when I am writing about obama I NEVER type the word President in front of his name.

  6. J.C. Says:

    You need to refer to Obama the dignity and respect due him by capitalizing the proper name “Turd.”

    That shawdow market has already been attacked by the government. Illegal migrate farm hands now get travel money from Uncle Sam-BO (Barack Obama) and the farm owners have to adhear to a form of Davis Baco Wage scale. Dumping 11 million people into the system will only distroy that segment of the work force – Keep in mind that we (Americans) will not go into the fields and pick – not even our prison population

  7. Anna Bennett Says:

    Why Turd? What is wrong with calling obama GARBAGE? After all that is what he is,be sides being a Racist Prejudice American Hating Bigot.

  8. J.C. Says:

    Just picking at Mr Eden

    “This turd has NEVER tried to govern as the President of America; he has been the President of the Blue States and the President of radical liberalism since the first day he came into office and declared, “I won, and elections have consequences.”

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    I thought I’d praised you for your reference; specifically since you capitalized the title “Garbage.”

    Actually, I violated my own rule; I should have had enough basic respect for calling Obama “Turd” rather than my original lower-case usage.

    I apologize, Obama. You’re not a “turd.” In honor of your exalted office, you’re a “Turd.”

    As to “Turd” vis a vis “Garbage,” well, I’ll just go with that being a matter of one’s personal preference to describe profoundly loathsome people.

    P.S. I’ve preferred the term “turd” since the time years back I saw a T-shirt that said, “If you’re going to be a turd, go lay in the yard.”

  10. Anna Bennett Says:

    I don’t know about any body else,but the main reason I did not vote for the TURD is due to the fact that when he first run in 2008 I clearly remember hearing him say that he is following the dreams of his father & that is to destroy America..
    Those who voted for him thought that he was so cool tells me that they too are Racist Prejudice American Hating Bigots ( I don’t care what the color of their skin is ) they should also leave this great Country of ours.

  11. Anna Bennett Says:

    Michael Eden,

    I wish I had seen that T-shirt. Thank you for telling me about it.

    I don’t know if you had noticed or not,but I do not capitalize the o in obama. I never have & I never will.

    That cruel cruel person does not deserve any ones respect. Neither does biden,reid & palosie.

  12. Michael Eden Says:


    If you want to think you’re “picking at me,” that’s fine with me.

    I’d call it “quoting me.”

    Now, there might be someone out there who thinks I said something tantamount to wearing a T-shirt that says “I’m with Stupid” with the arrow pointing straight up at my face.” But in this case, a little more explanation is necessary if you truly think you’re “picking at me” merely by directly quoting me.

    That said, I’m not one of those who say, “Say what you want about me as long as you spell my name correctly.” Nope. Mispell my name all you want; just either quote me or state my position correctly, is all I ask. And I thank you for doing that.

  13. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    the main reason I did not vote for the TURD is due to the fact that when he first run in 2008 I clearly remember hearing him say that he is following the dreams of his father & that is to destroy America.

    We got to the same point at about the same time by different means.

    In my case, when I arrived at my conclusion about Obama, I did not yet understand the context of “Dreams From My Father” and that such “dreams” came “from” a committed Marxist who spent his life railing against America (even after – nowadays more likely “because of” – having benefitted from a pedigree American university education).

    Nope. In my case, it was the Jeremiah Wright videos.

    Obama had spent more than 20 years in a racist, toxic, evil synagoguge of satan. And as I listened to the man Obama said was his spiritual leader shout, “No, no, no, not God bless America; God DAMN America” among other even worse phrases, I realized that the man who had been a product of that “GARBAGE” was a genuinely evil man.

    I don’t know if you had noticed or not,but I do not capitalize the o in obama. I never have and I never will.

    That cruel cruel person does not deserve any ones respect.

    I wrestle with this dilemma: as a Christian, I realize that every human soul is valuable before God and therefore deserves dignity.

    And yet at the same time, the Bible always describes wickedness AND the wicked in clear and frankly graphic terms.

    There is always a balance. And I have tended to fall off the fence on the side of pointing at the evil and denouncing as opposed to the side in which I’m busy trying to accord dignity.

    Frankly, this is one of the main reasons I see us now losing and America on the verge of complete collapse:

    When Phil Mickelson said he was considering leaving California after it passed tax laws that would result in 63% of his earnings being confiscated, the man was viciously and savagely attacked by the left. They came after him with everything they had; they went after his sponsers; they came with a spirit of rage and hate and the intent to destroy him.

    And of course, he collapsed immediately. He came out four times and said, “Please don’t hate me. I was wrong to say anything.”

    Now, when Will Smith and George Clooney and those guys call for higher taxes, nobody on the right decides, “That sonofabitch must PAY for that!!! Let’s destroy him with a boycott and a media hate campaign!” We don’t go after them. We say, “They’re people with a right to their own views.” And we leave them alone.

    So our celebrities are open targets. The left can demonize and slander and attack our people at will. And we won’t reciprocate with THEIR celebrties. The same with businesses; liberals viciously target conservative-businesses all the time, but conservative talking heads say that being pro-business means being anti-boycott – so we never boycott their businesses.

    I’ve watched Nat Geo programs featuring lions attacking herd animals in Africa. All the herd animals run when the lions attack, and then when the lions drag one of them down, they all stop and stand because the danger is over for them. Now, if all the herd animals just stopped standing and charged those few lions, the lions would flee. But they don’t fight back. They CAN’T fight back. That’s how we are now. We’re sheep against vicious, rabid wolves.

    During WWI, do you know how we stopped the Germans from using poison gas? We used poison gas against them until they came to us and said, “Hey, let’s agree to stop doing this.” We’ll never get to that point, though. We’re like the Allies had they never used poison gas; the Germans would have just kept using it as long as it gave them an advantage.

    We’re staggering into the last days and the Church – which is all of Christ’s true believers on earth – are staggering along, too. We don’t have the faith to stand up in spiritual strength, on the one hand, because we’re the Laodicean Church of Revelation 3. But we’re too “moralistic” – and “prudish” is actually a better word – to use any of the tactics of the enemy who is ripping us apart. We can neither fully trust God and live like He calls us to or stand up and fight for ourselves. We’ve hamstrung ourselves.

    I’m realizing in my own personal life and on this blog that I need to straighten up more spiritually and work more at practicing the love that does mean respecting my enemies (realizing that the Bible makes VERY clear that these people ARE our “enemies”). But I’m still angry and I’ve still got the willingness to just stand up and fight in me, too.

    And yet, I acknowledge here that I’m still part of the problem; unable to fully pursue either extreme of either totally trusting Christ or totally fighting by the tactics that liberals routinely use against us.

    I – and many Christians – could be lumped under the banner, “A house divided cannot stand.” We’re products of the Laodicean Church era. When Christ raptures us, it will come as “the Great Bailout.” We’ve lost the fight and God Himself must take it up for us through the Tribulation.

    The left has no such scruples; they HAVE no true morality or decency or integrity or honesty. And thus it is all-too easy for them to totally dedicate themselves to fighting us as viciously as they want.

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    You need to refer to Obama the dignity and respect due him by capitalizing the proper name “Turd.”


    I just scrolled down to see this comment. I hadn’t gone down far enough. I look at all the comments from all my articles at once – and there is usually a fair list of them.

    I now see your point (I acknowledged it myself not having realized you’d already spotted my “error”). We were thinking alike – and you spotted it before I did.

    Which is why I didn’t understand how you were “picking at me.” And that you meant it in jest for my praising Anna for capitalizing her proper name for Obama while I then failed to capitlize my proper name for him.

    I now understand and apologize for my not quite getting your point.

    It’s amazing how often “context” helps us to see reality.

  15. Anna Bennett Says:


    All I can say is WOW,thank you for setting me straight.

    Could you please tell me what the Laodicean Church era is. I don’t recall ever hearing about it.

    I am a Born Again Cristian & a Baptist. I trust GOD with all my Heart & Sole.

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    Pleased to hear that you’re one of the people who belong to Christ.

    The Laodicean Church is the seventh and final church that Christ addressed in His seven letters to the seven churches found in Revelation chapters 1 through 3. You will find Laodicea in Rev 3:14-22. And you will note that Jesus doesn’t have one single good thing to say about it. It is the church of self-sufficiency and spiritual barrenness.

    Many commenters have seen the fact that it is the final church representing its role as “the final church period just before the Tribulation.”

    On my view, all of the churches are spiritually represented today and through the ages, just as they were all present when Christ addressed them in Revelation (written in St. John’s day). But in the last days, St. Paul tells us that there would be a falling away (2 Thess 2) and that perilous times would come (2 Timothy 3). These and a number of other scriptures make it clear that the Church – again representing all God’s people on earth and NOT “the Catholic Church” – will be an exhausted and largely irrelevant force as we enter into the final days before the Tribulation. Which of course is ultimately why the Tribulation comes.

    I have been incredibly angry at the sheer abject stupidity, ignorance, apathy, selfishness and hypocrisy of the American people these four years. Ignorance and apathy, because most Americans have no clue what the truth or reality is but that’s okay because they frankly just don’t care. Selfishess and hypocrisy because the people who demand they be allowed to confiscate other people’s money from them call the people they want to seize money from “greedy” while they themselves are hypocritical and incredibly selfish for wanting to take other people’s money from them. And then there is Obama, who is a truly evil man who is now our grand pharaoh. He has for four years demonized and sladnered in such a hypocritical way that it is beyond belief. He personally viciously and hatefully attacked Bush for his debt and his debt ceiling increase only to demand the largest debt ceiling increses in the history of the human race while increasing our debt so much beyond Bush it is unreal. And there’s just a constant stupidity and hypocrisy that characterizes absolutely every single thing Obama has done.

    And I’ve been angry about it, just as you have.

    I now have come to believe that this nation is done. It is a headless and most assuredly brainless chicken staggering around before it falls down for good.

    And in the aftermath of the collapse that is coming – one that will make the Great Depression look like a sunny holiday at the beach – the beast will come.

    It’s too late to fix our problems. And we have now clearly proven that we will NEVER be able to come together to fix our fatal crises until after it is too late. We’re going to go down. Hard. And then the beast will come riding in on his white horse (see Revelation chapter six).

    I believe that in Revalation, when God tells St. John to “come up here” (Rev 4:1), THAT’S the Rapture of all true believers on earth. God will take His people about before the Antichrist – who is allowed to come as a judgment from God via His first Seal of judgment – comes to power.

    I have just finished posting a series on Revelation, a couple of chapters at a time. Here’s the link to the first: https://startthinkingright.wordpress.com/2012/11/27/a-midlevel-flight-across-revelation-rev-1-3/

  17. Anna Bennett Says:


    Your the one who has been sending A Midlevel Flight Across Revelation: to me.

    I had no idea as to whom was sending them. Thank you.

  18. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    I don’t actually “send” anything to anybody.

    If you subscribe to a blog, you automatically receive links to new articles.

    But yeah, you can definitely now know that those Revelation articles were from me!

    Whether you read my understanding of Revelation or another evangelical’s, THIS is the time to start learning about the last days!!!

    Btw, I notice that I didn’t finish my main point in my last comment to you: I was angry about our failure as a nation to see the truth and the direction we are headed as a result. And I believe we’ve crossed the Rubicon where we’re going too fast to stop our plunge off the cliff.

    Here’s the thing: if that’s so, then it’s TOO LATE for politics to save us. Generic Republican taking the White House in 2016 won’t save us; Republicans taking the Senate in 2014 won’t save us. And as a result of that realization, I am concluding that we are truly in God’s hands and on His timetable. There is no point trying to convert people to become Republican; we need to save the souls we can before it’s too late.

    Anger over what has happened to America has therefore got to transform into a sense of urgency to bring people to the very different country of Heaven.

    I realize that I need to work on my heart and ask the Lord to work on my heart to make me less like Rush Limbaugh and more like Jesus (which is NOT to say that Rush Limbaugh isn’t a believer in Christ – which he has publicly stated that he is). Politics is NOT the answer for our crisis. Our world is lost and going down. We need to grab hold of Christ as the world drowns and try to take as many with us as we can.

    I therefore have a different mindset and need to get my own attitude properly adjusted to that mindset.

  19. Anna Bennett Says:

    Thank you for your answer Michael, it really means a lot to me.

    Ever since I was little my Mom & Dad would tell us that God knows how we will live our lives as well as how & when we are going to die.

    I have been at deaths door more times then I can count & it all started when I was six months old I will be 71 in March.

    God has always been very good to me.

  20. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    God’s brought you through a lot. And when it’s time to finally come home to Him, it will be a celebration.

    It’s interesting to me that the children who are born with the most serious birth defects actually have the lowest rates of suicide of any group. You would of course think it would be the other way around. But God gives them something in their souls to make up for what they lack in their bodies.

    You bring out two important points about God: 1) He is in control. It’s His universe and He knows what He’s doing with it. And 2) God is a Giver and not a Taker. He wants to bless and blesses those who turn to Him and expect His blessing the way a child expects being blessed by her loving parents.

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