In Honor Of SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle, Murdered By A Man He Was Trying To Help

There isn’t a warrior who doesn’t at some level admire a man like Chris Kyle – who could successfully engage an enemy with a rifle from 21 football fields away from his position.  There isn’t a warrior that doesn’t respect competence as demonstrated in the highest number of confirmed kills in American military history as a sniper for the most respected elite military force in the world.

I honor that.  That deserves to be honored.

But I honor Chris Kyle because he was a man who had written a best-selling book and very easily could have made himself a millionaire many times over by doing “motivation seminars” and such.

Chris Kyle could have cashed in on his well-deserved fame as a Silver Star-wearing Navy SEAL war hero and lived a life of ease and comfort devoid of responsibilities.

He didn’t.

Instead he reached out to his fellow veterans who were physically or psychologically suffering and tried to help as many as he could.  Including the PTSD-suffering man who turned on him and shot Kyle and his friend to death.

I think Kyle would want to use this moment to ask questions as to why there are so many military suicides going on right now.

I think he would want to use this moment to ask why there are so many homeless veterans.

Something is going sorely wrong with the finest military in the history of the world.  There are too many destroyed lives.

Chris Kyle didn’t die in vain.  He died on a shooting range because he loved to shoot and shooting was something that all soldiers have in common.  He died trying to help a veteran. He died serving.

And therefore he died a hero’s death, as surely as if he’d died in a hopeless firefight resisting an enemy overrunning his position.

I say a prayer for Chris Kyle’s wife and his children, for his brother and his parents.  The rest of us lost a great man; they lost a great husband and father and brother and son and are all sorely needing God’s comfort and grace right now.

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