Why I’m Not A Doomsday Prepper Even Though I Believe We’re Close To Doomsday

There’s a fascinating show on National Geographic called “Doomsday Preppers.”  It is basically a documentary series detailing various people and groups of people who are variously earnestly preparing for any of a number of “doomsday scenarios.”  And while it is undoubtedly produced by Hollywood liberals who think the people they are focusing their cameras on are pretty much all nuts, it is likely that they find everything about the doomsday preppers nuts, such that they don’t feel they need to tip the scales in their favor with the kind of propaganda that they devote to so many other subjects.

A parallel would be the “ghost hunters” crap that started to dominate the Sci-Fi channel.  As an example, I believe that these people are so off that the more accurately you frame them, the crazier they will look.  And I think that’s how the “Doomsday Preppers” series is being filmed and produced.

I came across Doomsday Preppers because it was the channel up from the Military History Channel that I like to watch.  And I’ve watched two or three episodes.

You should understand that if you are a liberal who believes Obama is lowering the level of the oceans and healing the planet, these doomsday preppers are as mentally and emotionally warped as I think the ghost hunters are.

Anyway, I’m a guy who takes his Bible seriously (another subject liberals find crazy).  I believe the Bible is literally true, I believe the Book of Revelation describes our very close future and I therefore very much believe in “doomsday” stuff.

Maybe you don’t.  There are two kinds of people who don’t, though: 1) those who don’t think the human race will end in tragic mushroom clouds, but rather that the human race will create a Utopia and they will climb on board the Enterprise and seek new civilizations with Captain Kirk.  I’m not trying to mock anybody by putting it that way; there’s just two very different views of the future.  And man either solves his own problems and lives happily ever after or he doesn’t and things get really bad really quickly before they get even worse.  People of any intelligence believe in one or the other.  The second group 2) are those who are frankly as much too stupid to consider their world ending as a cow lying in a field chewing its cud could consider its world ending.  They’re just oblivious to anything beyond themselves.

Anyway, I’m in the group of thinking people who believe things are going to get really ugly as the human race systematically destroys itself.

So why am I not a “doomsday prepper,” then?  I mean, if I think things are going to go to hell on earth, shouldn’t I be trying to maybe do something to either escape the chaos or be able to fight it?

On my view of the world, no, I don’t need to do that.  God is in control.  And as our world gets more and more crazy all around us, it is actually proving that the God who predicted it would become crazy knew what He was talking about.

As it became obvious that Obama was going to target the 2nd Amendment and specifically target so-called “assault weapons,” I seriously considered getting myself an AR-15 or an M4.  Why?  Well, because Obama wants to take away my right to have one and be able to defend myself with one if needed.  But in my case, that wasn’t enough justification.

As a Christian, I do not have to go through life carrying a spirit of fear.

Again, if you’re going to even consider buying a weapon like an AR-15, you’d better think about it some first.  That by no means indicates the answer will be, “you shouldn’t buy one.”  But you ought to consider issues from “just where am I going to store this?” to “why am I buying this thing again?”

This is what gets to the essence of doomsday preppers versus Christians like myself.

Since I read my Bible and take my understanding of the world from that, I know that most of the scenarios that the “doomsday preppers” are fearing happen well into the Tribulation – after the Rapture – and I and my Christian brethren will be long-gone when the truly psycho stuff starts raining down upon a godless world ruled by the Antichrist.

Here’s the question: if a bunch of Obama’s jackbooted FBI killers came smashing through your door, would you want to be able to shoot them with your assault weapon?  Well, the doomsday prepper is going to say, “Hell yeah I would.  If it’s them or me and my family, I want to make it them.  No brainer.”

But, you see, my answer to that question is no, I wouldn’t.

I think we should all realize that localized scenarios when a hurricane, tornado or earthquake hits and you are completely on your own are more likely than ever.  People in high risk locations ought to consider buying an assault weapon to either discourage or deal with looters.

But I personally don’t spend my nights worrying about that.

The scenario I see developing is leftist fascists using the full weight of the power of government to “legally” drag me out of my home for my exercising of what had previously been my 1st Amendment right of free speech.  I see that happening as America and the world unfolds according to what the prophets said would happen in the Bible.

Would I want that assault rifle in that scenario?  No.  Let them drag me away and put me in prison and then kill me.  Frankly I’ll be glad if they take me in the very first wave.  That way I won’t have to keep being brave after I see what happens to the other people who were dragged away for exercising what had previously been their 1st Amendment right of free speech.

We find that after they take your guns away, you’ve got to be braver and braver and braver in the face of a government that knows it has all the guns and all the power and the people have nothing but interrogation cells waiting for them if they complain about it.

So why would I shoot armed vandals trying to break into my home but not shoot at government fascists trying to break into my home?  The answer is found in Revelation 13:10:

Anyone who is destined for prison will be taken to prison. Anyone destined to die by the sword will die by the sword. This means that God’s holy people must endure persecution patiently and remain faithful.

That passage tells me that in these last days, when the beast comes for you, God says to let him come and haul you away.  There is a time and a place for everything under heaven, Ecclesiastes chapter 3 famously tells us.  There WAS a time to fight – such as before the most wicked president in our nation’s history was getting elected through slander, fearmongering and demagoguery – but when the beast comes God calls us to stop fighting with our own strength and completely depend on Him.

I truly believe that we are heading for that day.  I truly believe that we have arrived at the point in history when God’s people will have to endure rather than fight back.  And I’m going to live that out in the here and now.

And when that day comes to my door, I won’t fight back.  Because the Word of God tells me to endure patiently by trusting in Him and to remain faithful to His Gospel.

P.S. For the record, while we talk about our “national debt” of $16.5 trillion, our real issue is the unfunded liabilities and the fiscal gap that the US government owes its own people due to Democrats imposing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid on this nation.  Our unfunded liabilities are now well over $225 trillion and they are increasing at a rate of nearly one trillion dollars every single month.  And that isn’t counting the hundreds of billions of dollars in union pension debt that many of our states have accumulated – with California ALONE facing a $500 unfunded pension liability.  And with Illinois facing at least another hundred billion – which is increasing at the rate of $17 million every single DAY.  I say that our unfunded liabilities are our real issue because who do you think Democrats will renege on: China or millions of voters who have a benefit check coming at the end of the month and who will vote them out of office if they don’t keep pumping out those checks whether America can pay the bill or not???  The answer is obvious.  Our politicians will welch on our foreign creditors long before they welch on their voters.  And if we’re talking about having a hard time finding $16.5 trillion, how the hell are we ever going to come up with the hundreds of trillions of dollars that nobody will talk about???

The only thing keeping America financially afloat is the fact that we are the world’s reserve currency, such that most commodities such as oil are traded exclusively in U.S. dollars.  Because we are the world’s reserve currency, we can literally print money in a way that no other nation has ever been allowed to print money without immediate and painful consequences.  China and Russia are already demanding that status be changed.  And Obama and many Democrats are declaring that the United States is NOT the bastion of “exceptionalism” that resulted in America having that world reserve currency status in the first place.  In so doing, our own rulers are actually helping the nations that want to chop us down to size.  Because when we lose the world reserve currency status – that we only deserve if we are the unique, exceptional benevolent superpower that liberals deny we are – it will fiscally implode in very short order as we collapse under the sheer weight of our massive and unsustainable debt.

And then will come our doomsday.

But as a Christian who clings to Christ rather than to Obama or to the America he is “fundamentally transforming,” I need not fear.

That’s why I’m not a doomsday prepper even though I believe we are danger-close to doomsday.

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16 Responses to “Why I’m Not A Doomsday Prepper Even Though I Believe We’re Close To Doomsday”

  1. truthunites Says:

    I haven’t bought firearms… yet, either.

    FWIW, a good number of “preppers” are Bible-believing Christians. I have no problem with Christian preppers or even non-Christian preppers.

    Like you, I also believe that things are getting close to the fulfillment of Revelation, but I also humbly proclaim that I could be totally wrong, and that Jesus might not come for another x hundred of years! I mean, I just don’t know. But the signs sure do look bad according to my fallible brain.

    Anyways, my idea of a Priority-First prepper is to fulfill the Great Commission. Particularly with family and friends. If I do that, and I still have the time and ability to be a “prepper” I’m good with that.


  2. Politijim (@PolitiJim) Says:

    He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy. – Luke 22:36

    I don’t disagree with your personal conviction, but I do believe many Christians have a biblical mandate to trust God WHILE wielding the sword – just as Nehemiah did when rebuilding the 2nd Temple. Here is a great biblical case including an AMAZING video describing that view – http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com/2013/02/black-regiment-resistance-to-tyrants-is-obedience-to-god/

    BTW – love your blog.

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    Thanks in particular for your final line!

    I don’t take your personal conviction away from you, either.

    There are ultra pacifists out there. I’m not one and I don’t think they’re right. I believe that husbands have a duty to protect their families with their lives.

    I agree with the message of Ecclesiastes that there’s a time for war and a time for peace, and understand that there are times when men of good conscience may have their own calling in the midst of these perilous times that are coming. For example, God may call the priest to be willing to lay down his own life, and the same God may call the special operator to risk his own life to save that righteous priest’s life.

    Just keep reading your Bible and praying that God will reveal His path for you, and may God bless you.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    I also believe that things are getting close to the fulfillment of Revelation, but I also humbly proclaim that I could be totally wrong, and that Jesus might not come for another x hundred of years!

    I’ve thought about this a fair amount.

    Our world is logically doomed. When you consider our debt, the fact that a billion Muslims are beginning to increasingly turn to terrorism, the fact that nations like North Korea and Iran are hate-filled paranoid countries with nuclear weapons, etc., we’re toast.

    Could God save this generation? Yes. God could raise up His people just as He has in the past when things seemed hopeless. I think God delights in that.

    It’s possible. God can do that.

    But my knowledge of Bible prophecy tells me that this is the generation that Jesus said would not pass after Israel became a nation. My head tells me that America cannot possibly last through the fatal cancer it has created. And my gut tells me that God has decreed that it is time to bring this world to the good conclusion that He has for it when Jesus ultimately returns as King of kings and Lord of lords.

  5. marlane Says:

    We started with sticks and stones. Then maybe clubs, arrows, guns, then more sophisticated ammo, the atomic bomb, etc.We used to write letters, then came the telephone, cell phone, every kind of computer gadget, etc. We walked, rode horses, then came automobiles…robots doing factory work, even SURGERY today. The list goes on and on. Now people are bitching about drones(war technology that will replace humans in combat).My point? Tech is replacing every natural thing in the human world, but real nature never changes.When all this tech winds up tight enough all hell is going to break loose,ie nuclear holocaust, or the like. Every thing will be gone. Watch the movie, The Road. We will be knocked back to to something way worse than the Stone Age. A nuclear winter, perhaps. Now, you Doomsday guys not only seem to be looking forward to this, but you have this romantic delusion that we’ll go back to Eden-like times and you can all be farmers, etc, and live off the land the way nature intended.Not a chance, guys. Personally, I’d rather be at ground zero than live the way it will be…cannibalism, green money laying around on the ground like dead leaves(worthless, of course). All vegetation will be dead and everything will be black and white. Animall life , humans included, will be all but extinct. Some of you say, “..well, then, let’s do something about it!” Here’s the problem: humans are the only animals with the intelligence to f–k everything up. Thing have gone too far and sadly we are on our way to join the dinosaurs. When? Probably not too long from now. We will all die someday, but if I go this way, I’d rather not know what hit me. I’m sure there are other who agree with me.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    When you say:

    you Doomsday guys not only seem to be looking forward to this, but you have this romantic delusion that we’ll go back to Eden-like times and you can all be farmers, etc, and live off the land the way nature intended.

    I very much personally doubt that you are even describing a majority of “doomsday preppers,” let alone all of them.

    As for cannibalism, well, all I can tell you is that sure aint MY fantasy for a happy future.

    There are people for whom “survival” means winning and “dying” means losing. And they don’t want to lose and they don’t want their families to lose. I don’t think that most of them “look forward” to a terrible future; I think they FEAR it and are determined to fight to survive what they believe is coming.

    The interesting thing is that in many ways, you share the same view of the future that many doomsday preppers have: a genuinely negative view about the future of the human race.

    The only difference can be summed up in a funny line in a commercial I saw today:

    “It’s okay. Some people kill zombies and some people are food.”

    The doomsday prepper wants to kill zombies; you say “I’ll be food and just get my death over with.”

    And of course it seems to be to be a real interesting question which of you are more nuts for either wanting to survive or wanting to die, isn’t it?

  7. Millie Says:

    I’m a prepper. Those stories you watch on tv are sensationalized and try to show these people in the worst light. How can you take that seriously?
    There is going to be hungry. I am like one of the bridesmaids who keep oil in my light. I have food. I have water. I can care for my own.
    With droughts, GMO seeds taking over (that cannot reproduce themselves, so no seed collection, allowing an entity to control all the food in the world, as well as a “leader”, I mean, Campaigner, who signs and order to control and take over what you have in your house) there will massive hunger. Millions will die. I’d like to keep eating, at least. If nothing else, I am battling the battle over rising prices. I am armed against those who would take things from me.
    Preppers I know are for the most part good Christians who take responsibility for themselves and their families.
    I know I won’t go thru the Tribulation but I’d like to be able to eat until then instead of accepting the mark of the best.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    Can I put you down as a “yes” in favor of Obama’s doomsday prepper tax in which he redistributes your preparation for doomsday to the zombies and the cannibals???

    Actually, when I watch zombie movies, I invariably ask myself how this is any different than ANY ELECTION DAY IN AMERICA as mobs of people come to feed off of you and eat you alive.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    having on the rightousness of God by faith that i may know him and the power of his ressurection being filled with the holy spirit and telling others about Jesus yes i am 55 years old and i never thought id see these times i dont know the future but i can see the signs of the times something is close and it aint good butGod is in control.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    Hal Lindsey talked about the need for “combat faith” in the last days. As the world falls apart and liberals demand more socialism and more State control over society, we can’t just be a people who go to church on Sunday and go home until next week.

    We either believe God is in control or we don’t. And in these last days before the beast comes and the world plunges into hell, we need to live like we have a purpose.

  11. shek1na Says:

    Hi all friends. Most of all we must prepare spiritually. The 4 blood moons start up 15th of April 2014. Siri app in iPhone points out 27th of July as something terrible. Please read further: http://wp.me/p3tGFm-4b

    Jesus will very soon return for his Bride.

  12. Michael Eden Says:


    I very much agree that we must prepare spiritually for Jesus’ coming. I don’t even mind people preparing physically for the plunge of the world BEFORE the Rapture. We may very well go through hard times between when the world implodes under the failed policies of all these socialist leaders and the moment of the Rapture. But I’m – and I am specifically referring to myself personally – not going to go buy a bunch of guns for that.

    Thanks for posting the link to the blood moons. I am aware of this phenomenon that will show up this year and next. Basically, what we have is a series of 4 blood moons (that’s an eclipse when the earth comes between the moon and the sun as I understand it) on four successive Jewish feast days. That is fairly rare, and every time it has ever happened it had portended something enormous in the life of Israel happening (usually a war).

    Jews will be persecuted during the Tribulation as they have NEVER been persecuted in all of history. The purpose of the Tribulation, I believe, is twofold: 1) to allow the secular/humanist and atheist world who continually tell everyone it’s the Christians who are making the world system break down (e.g. Republican “obstructionism” from those white Christian conservatives) will get their chance as ALL Christians are removed by Christ in one stunning moment; 2) to bring Israel, currently the most atheistic nation/people on earth, to finally recognize her Messiah Jesus according to Zechariah 12:2-3.

  13. shek1na Says:

    I agree a very much. I dont’ have any guns, but prepare spiritually. But I consider to get 30 days of food and water supply for my family.

    Like David Wilkerson wrote about in his blog:


  14. Michael Eden Says:


    I remember David Wilkerson from his famous “The Cross and The Switchblade” days. Good to still see an old man of God in action!

    THAT is my view precisely. That’s exactly what the Holy Spirit is telling me as well: this is “God damn America,” as “Reverend” Wright put it, and there is no question that God has withheld his mercy from this nation and it is being damned and it is going to fall and fall hard.

    We do NOT know how long after the collapse of America we will have to dwell upon this earth before the Rapture. The Rapture may preclude the collapse of America – which is NOT mentioned in Bible prophecy because it will be too weak and too irrelevant to matter after what Obama has done to this nation – but we may also go through YEARS of a terrible depression before the Rapture. God promised He would spare us from HIS wrath, which begins with the coming of Antichrist (see Revelation chapter six where we see that the beast is part of the wrath of God), NOT from the wrath of man.

    I know that there may be a complete collapse. And that it could happen at ANY time. And I know that the night before the collapse of America, the talking heads will all tell us that everything is going to be fine. And then we will wake up to find that our money is worthless and riots are erupting all over.

    But as a Christian, I don’t need to be afraid. And I am going to trust in my Jesus and not in my guns.

  15. Miss Abby Says:

    I am really glad somebody is giving out a biblical perspective on this. I am still unsure what I believe but this is something that is weighing heavily on my mind and during my prayer time lately.
    I ultimately know that God will take care of my needs and that if I needed to prepare then God will specifically tell me to do so like he did in the Bible. In fact, there are cases where prepping was both a blessing and a sin. Nobody ever seems to consider the time where the Lord provided manna and those who took extra…were punished! But there are also verses that are “pro-prepping” so what to do in this case?
    Back to my original point…As of yet, he has not told me to specifically, physically prep, on the other hand I do also desire to have my light lit ready for the marriage. So is that purely a spiritual reference or is that a physical one? I don’t know. I’m still praying about it.
    I do see that prices are going up though, so having some extra water and food might not be a bad thing. I never think twice to buy a couple extra when something is on sale, so perhaps this is the same case. I am astounded that milk is going up $0.18 and the other day when I was at a fast food joint, I was charged $0.80 for a cup of water. Those two events are kind of shocking to me and with my finances being what they are…can make life difficult in a very short amount of time.

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    Miss Abby,

    I believe common sense is in order.

    On the one hand, there comes a point where we let fear take over and stockpile. We shouldn’t do that, I submit. We certainly shouldn’t be angling for some kind of shooting war, or preparing for our plan to kill any looters who might threaten our horde.

    I know that there are committed Christians who would disagree with me on the guns, and they would rightly cite our own founding fathers who fought tyranny. But I believe that these “last days” are different. Because they ARE the last days, I believe. And there is a time and a season for everything, including a time to fight and a time to abandon fighting.

    But Jesus also said that a wise man counted the costs of building a tower before he built it. And we should have that kind of wisdom, I believe. Having extra food, extra water, and a plan for what you would do if there was a devastating breakdown is wise.

    I think the best example is Joseph in the Book of Genesis. He recognized that God was telling Pharaoh that there would be a famine, and Joseph administered the food that kept not only Egypt but Joseph’s own family alive and thus preserved the line of Messiah.

    So, yes, have extra food and extra water. But DON’T have extra fear or extra paranoia. Because we are NOT to be a people characterized by fear. And ultimately we are destined for HEAVEN and not some apocalyptic future earth.

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