What Liberals Now Openly Admitting About The Radical Green Enviornmentalist ‘Gospel’ Ought To Outrage You.

Note: The print edition of the Los Angeles Times’ March 4, 2013 AA1 top front-page story posted below was “Spreading California’s green gospel.”  The fact that this is ultimately an issue of religious belief for the left is thus reflected in my title.

I will bold face the part that admits the one thing that liberals despise the most – the truth – for your perusal:

Gov. Jerry Brown works to spread California’s green doctrine
California is a leader on the environment, but it needs other states — and nations — on board to keep down economic costs.
March 03, 2013|By Anthony York, Los Angeles Times

SACRAMENTO — When Gov. Jerry Brown called on his fellow governors at a conference in Washington last week to embrace a California-style pursuit of cleaner air, he was doing more than reinforcing the state’s image as an environmental trailblazer. He was trying to protect its economy.

Brown needs other states and the federal government to adopt key elements of California’s environmental agenda, such as reaping more energy from renewable sources and capping greenhouse gas emissions, if those programs are to be successful here.

The state’s aggressive pursuit of environmental goals has provided a new impetus for green jobs and federal subsidies. But the programs are costly to businesses, raising the price of their energy and forcing them to upgrade to cleaner manufacturing technologies.

If others don’t go green, California could become an outlier, saddling businesses with costly new power while neighboring states continue to use traditional, cheaper energy, experts say. If the efforts under way in California spread to become the new normal, however, all will benefit from economies of scale.

If more states order power companies to limit their use of fossil fuels, for example, the incentive will grow nationwide for firms to develop cheaper alternatives, leaving California consumers less exposed to spikes in electricity rates.

Likewise, if greenhouse gas caps are widely implemented, the state’s landmark climate change law is more likely to be successful. Cleansing the air is “clearly not something California can do on its own,” said Severin Borenstein, director of the University of California Energy Institute.

The authors of California’s emissions law said as much in its text: The ultimate goal is “encouraging other states, the federal government and other countries to act.”

Brown has vowed to keep pushing to “decarbonize the economy.” He wants to advance the state’s mandate for renewable energy — already the most ambitious in the nation — further so California will receive as much as half its power from renewable sources within 20 years. In the courts, his administration is defending a state law, challenged by some oil and ethanol companies, that requires gasoline to contain 10% less carbon by the end of the decade.

In Washington, Brown pushed for others to join in. “We can’t do it alone,” he told state leaders gathered for the National Governors Assn. meeting. “We need other states…. We need China. We need India.”

You see, contrary to what “experts” have really been saying all along, liberals assured us that their “alternative” energy sources weren’t any more expensive than the “traditional” sources of fossil fuel that they despise so much and have tried so hard to literally criminalize.

Green energies are STUPIDLY more expensive than fossil fuels.  Period.  Thank you for pointing out at least one true thing in your paper today.  And wait, they revealed an even bigger truth: they also pointed out that if everybody else in the world doesn’t agree with us that the emperor looks incredible in that brilliant outfit and of course he’s not parading around in his underpants, the entire liberal green energy boondoggle will fail BECAUSE OUR COMPETITORS AREN’T AS STUPID AS OUR LIBERALS ARE.

Californians are paying more for their electricity than anyone in America with the exception of the also-liberally dominated Hawaii and the Northeastern region of the country.  North Dakota – a state that doesn’t criminalize fossil fuels – has residential rates of 7.97 cents per kilowatt hour, as opposed to California’s nearly double 15.3 cents.  It’s not that simple, obviously, given regional phenomena, but that’s an in-your-face fact.

As California dives in to the incredibly inefficient and expensive green energies by criminalizing fossil fuels and tax-funding their green energy boondoggles, our rates our going to skyrocket.  And even MORE actually-born-in-America citizens are going to flee this insanely stupid people’s republic.

Jerry Brown and California Democrats did what Obama is doing to the rest of America: they have bet their economy’s future on green energy.  And either every other state does it so it doesn’t make California’s investment look stupid and evil, or California goes bankrupt.  And as California goes, so goes the nation.

Either the entire world – including China and India which are actually building an average of four coal plants every single DAY in their countries rather than “going green” – goes Obama-stupid green worship – or America goes bankrupt.  Those are your choices now.

Liberals gambled everything on this one – and the facts show that they are going to lose our bet for us.  Obama made a bet, America got bit.  Bit by a poisonous snake that is going to kill us.

It’s amazing.  Even the Europeans who thought of this incredibly stupid green energy garbage in the first place are now beginning to flee this stupidity even as under Obama and Democrats we’re diving into it like no one ever has.  The Europe that embraced this crap is bankrupt because of it and closer to complete fiscal collapse than we are only because we were never this stupid until now.

Spain led Europe in diving into green energy.  It went bankrupt.  And now Spain is one of the most bankrupt nations in the EU.

And that’s the model we’re following.  Seriously.

One of the big reasons that our manufacturing fled to China is because the energy needed to manufacture something is dirt cheap.  They are leading in the manufacturing of all the green energy gizmos that liberals promised would create American jobs because of their energy cost and labor cost and cost of doing business are so much cheaper.  Chinese aren’t “pro-green” in the sense that they’re ever going to require their people to use it; they’re “pro-stupid” in the sense that they will build whatever stupid Americans want so they can take our jobs and our money from us.  If Americans want to bankrupt themselves with idiotic green energy, China will be only too happy to build our suicide machines for us and create more jobs for China in the process.

I mentioned coal and the fact that that’s the energy source that China is using to economically bury us with our own stupidity.

Nearly half – 48.2 percent – of the electricity generated in America came from coal when Obama took office.  And what was it that Obama said would happen to these producers of half of the nation’s electricity?  He promised to bankrupt them.

Please understand, we voted for our suicide.  Either we knew what we were doing and willingly chose suicide in voting for Obama, or we were so stupid that we proved ourselves unfit to survive by any Darwinian standard and voted for suicide by proxy.  But we voted for national suicide in 2008 and we confirmed that decision in 2012.

It doesn’t matter that coal is an incredibly cheap and efficient power source.  It doesn’t matter if America has more coal by far and away than any other nation on earth.  It doesn’t matter if bankrupting coal production is a synonym for bankrupting America.  We’re going to bankrupt coal producers and we’re going to bait and switch America to our green energy.

It is a truly amazing fact that three of your very most important elements to businesses – the cost of energy, the cost of labor, the cost of complying with government corruption and regulation – are THE most important things any employer bases business decisions on.  Liberals make all three plus many other costs of doing business MASSIVELY more expensive.  And then liberals are constantly shocked and appalled that businesses would respond to the middle finger that Democrats just gave them by taking their operations somewhere else.

So now you understand, as even acknowledged by liberalism: either the whole world decides to quit using cheap, abundant energy and chooses instead to only use expensive, production-intensive green energy boondoggles, or else America is going to go broke on the bet just as Europe went broke on pretty much the same bet.

But don’t worry about it, liberals.  The one thing you slandering liars know how to do is blame other people for your disasters.  You’ll get away with it again just like you got away with it in 2008.

Because the beast is coming.  And evil must blossom like a corpse flower to make straight in the wilderness a highway for their god.

You secular humanist liberals will be able to take his mark soon.

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27 Responses to “What Liberals Now Openly Admitting About The Radical Green Enviornmentalist ‘Gospel’ Ought To Outrage You.”

  1. Anna Bennett Says:

    Michael,you know my feelings about that Garbage in the White House.
    You know just how I feel about him & where I wish the Republicans
    would send him.
    That is all I’m saying for now.

  2. FMC Says:

    Been hearing that Obozo is considering the Keystone Pipeline only if there is a carbon tax to go along with it. This guy is pure evil, the king of snake-pit devils.

    We better start praying that the Republicans can hold onto the House in 2014 and/or possibly take the Senate. Losing the House will definitely seal the coffin lid and send us hurling into the depths of hell. Gosh, we are in such a precarious position, just teetering on the brink of total chaos and destruction. God help us!

  3. FMC Says:

    Oh, almost forgot. I see Hugo Chavez passed away today. I wonder how he is enjoying eternity, probably in shock realizing what a complete fool he is…. In the end, the arrogant are always humbled.

  4. Beeker D. Says:

    California is a lost cause. Anyone with any sense of morality, self
    reliance or self respect should leave as soon as they can. I’m headed out, and to let people in other states know, it’s NOT to spread
    the vileness of LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE/SOCIALISM. That is what I am fleeing.
    I fought back against these Liberal Blood Sucking Parasites for over 50 years now but alas they’ve won. What they’ve won is no pretty picture and a future with no promise or rewards.
    Enjoy you’re ‘Detroit’ On The Left Coast’ you bunch of Socialist Vultures YOU VOTED FOR IT, YOU DESERVE IT!

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    Just remember,

    Republicans can’t send Obama to anywhere NEAR as fit a place for Obama as Obama will ultimately be sending himself.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    Well, we’d certainly better start praying. I sure agree with you there.

    I don’t know. How long can a people be stupid and God still hear prayers for them to quit being stupid?

    At this point it seems like we’re in the zombie movie and the zombies just caught us and are just about to eat their way into our brain cavities and we start praying that none of this is happening.

    Is anybody out there hoping the entire Barack Obama presidency is just a really bad B movie and we’ll wake up and Thank God none of it really happened?

    There is no theological question: if God doesn’t want the beast to come yet, He can surely inspire one more revival and pull us back from the abyss. But it seems to me that the flushing sound all around us means that we’re heading down the toilet bowl just in time for the beast to come.

  7. Michael Eden Says:


    Yeah, Hugo is one bug-eyed-with-terror little turd right about now in his new digs in hell.

    And I’m sure his biggest shock is that Bush isn’t the devil AFTER all.

  8. Anna Bennett Says:


    The Republicans will not end up in hell know matter what obama does or says, even the good Democrats will not end up there. only the mean spirited Democrats like obama will end up in hell.

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    Enjoy you’re ‘Detroit’ On The Left Coast’ you bunch of Socialist Vultures YOU VOTED FOR IT, YOU DESERVE IT!

    Beeker D.

    The thing that keeps me somewhat fearful of calling down fire and brimstone from heaven on these people is the fact that I live here, too.

    Dang, you’re right: California is a lost cause. And yeah, anybody with any sense OUGHT to leave.

    But while it’s easier to flee California than the Iron Curtain Soviet States of yore, it’s still awfully hard to leave.

    And I’m still here, like poor, stupid Lot watching the Sodomites and wondering what the hell these evil psychos will do next.

    America deserves to be judged by God. And I mean judged HARD.

    But a lot of people I love live here. And I don’t want to see them suffer in the aftermath of the economy Obama will ensure is our future.

    That’s one of the reasons I believe in the Rapture: one day soon Christ will bail us out of the hellhole liberals have made planet earth.

  10. FMC Says:

    Michael Eden,

    LOL. You sure do have a way with words.

  11. Dog Walker Says:

    “Congress did not reach an agreement and Congresswoman Maxine Waters said 170 million jobs could be lost. There are only 155 million workers in America. Are you beginning to understand why we’re in this situation in the first place?” –comedian Jay Leno

  12. Dog Walker Says:

    “What is so astonishing about liberals is that they aren’t just wrong occasionally or even wrong more often than not. What is truly amazing is that they are always wrong about everything.” –columnist Burt Prelutsky

  13. Michael Eden Says:



    I can’t say that this qualifies me as funny, but I sure do make myself laugh a lot.

    And it’s even BETTER when I get to laugh at what somebody ELSE did that was stupid.

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    As long as everybody agrees with Obama that he and Democrats clearly didn’t demagogue the sequester, of course.

  15. Truth Unites... and Divides Says:

    “Republicans can’t send Obama to anywhere NEAR as fit a place for Obama as Obama will ultimately be sending himself.”

    I’ve observed two phenomena:

    #1. Obama states that he’s a Christian.

    #2. Many folks in the Church, both liberal and conservative churches, say that it’s wrong to say that someone’s headed towards Perdition (assuming no repentance).


    My own take is this: based on what I’ve observed about Obama… he’s no Christian. He may profess to be one, but I feel no obligation to accept his profession, despite the vociferous and stern cries to be charitable and to generously assume that he’s a brother-in-Christ.

    Second, that it’s actually *MORE* loving to honestly say that Obama’s not a Christian, which in turn is of immense benefit to his unreflecting enablers to take a long look at their co-dependent enabling behavior as unwitting pawn for the enemy.

  16. descriptivegrace Says:

    “But while it’s easier to flee California than the Iron Curtain Soviet States of yore, it’s still awfully hard to leave.”

    Yeah, its such a great place, what with the earthquakes and the lunatics, an the outrageous housing prices and sky-high taxes. I can’t imagine how anyone ever pulls themselves away.

  17. descriptivegrace Says:

    “#2. Many folks in the Church, both liberal and conservative churches, say that it’s wrong to say that someone’s headed towards Perdition (assuming no repentance).”

    After you’ve purposefully destroyed an entire nation, will repentance avail? After you cut funding to either (by his own admission) “the poor kids or the disabled kids” when you could have just not given the Muslim Brotherhood their “foreign aide” (I refer of course to the Sequester and his choice on what to cut) will repentance avail? Deciding to pay terrorists and cut funding to the disabled…I mean TERRORISTS!!! how is that not blasphemy against the Holy Ghost? That’s the unforgiveable sin right there. Besides, he’s a Muslim Atheist anyway. He’s about as Christian as Ishtar egg hunts or getting drunk on Christmas and banging your neighbors wife to honor Christ’s birthday.

  18. Michael Eden Says:

    its such a great place, what with the earthquakes and the lunatics, an the outrageous housing prices and sky-high taxes.


    Gosh, you almost make California sound bad…

    I was born here. A lot of family lives here. Those are the real ties that connect people to places.

    But, yeah, other than the fact that I may actually very well be one of the “lunatics” you’ve heard about, the stuff on your list are all very good reasons why a person who had ever at leat once in their lives had a common sense thought would run from this state like Jason Vorhees was chasing you. Other things would be the $500 billion – as in half a trillion – dollars in unfunded liberal union pension benefits that will bankrupt this state such that we’re dead men walking.

    This, of course is money that liberals arranged to pay to other liberals. But when our debt crushes us, you just watch Democrats blame Republicans for it.

    There’s one advantage to my living in the California that came out of a movie called “War Games”: the genius scientist who created the brilliant Pentagon master computer retired and moved to one of the places on the target list where the Soviets would hit him with one of their very first missiles. Because in the hellish fallout of this war Obama declared on the former constitutional republic called the United States of America, do you really want to live through Armageddon and spend the rest of your life eluding brain eating zombies??? I mean, why not just get laid back and mellowed out enough to move to California knowing that it’s the place that liberals are going to destroy first so you can get it over with???

  19. Anna Bennett Says:

    I would never move to Calif.I never had any interest in visiting Calif. the same way that I will never go to Florida.The one thing that the two States has going for them is Disney Land.

    Sorry,way to many people for me. I do not like crowds. It is to hard to breath when there are big crowds of people.

    And then you are hearing hundreds up on hundreds of voices all at once.

    Enough said.

  20. Michael Eden Says:


    As for your “#2” comment,

    Obama is of course a slandering liar. He is the man who has led America to this conclusion: if you cut ONE PENNY from his nearly $4 trillion budget, 170 million poor children in America will perish (and understand that ‘170 million children’ is actually very good Democrat math!). Any substantial government spending cuts that are halfway intelligent are impossible because the mere thought of budget cuts makes the rabies in the brains of every liberal start to itch. They will NEVER allow it. So this sequester which was thought of in the first place by Obama as an impossible alternative is the only possible way America will ever make even a trivial cut in our spending.

    The way this issue is framed by Obama and his mainstream media propaganda – the way EVERY issue is framed, in fact – is how the Book of Daniel says Antichrist will govern. The other side will never get an honest playing field in any debate on any issue. Antichrist will be a master of rhetorical deceit. His words will promise everything and deliver nothing but hell on earth. And he will spend the seven years of his alloted time as world dictator blaming others for the earth’s descent into that hell. There are so many lies masquerading as truth in this deceived nation it is unreal. I mean, what’s going on now is right out of the plot of a Peretti novel with demons lurking behind every bush.

    Bad people invariably tend to prefer lies to the truth. That’s the ultimate determiner of the righteous and the wicked: the response to the Truth. One side welcomes it and the other side hates it and wants to pervert and slander it. And Obama is able to get away with this because the bad people in America now outnumber the good people. And so Obama’s lies are like a carcass to maggots for them as they are drawn to the lies.

  21. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    Yes, but Californians can crow about having Disneyland the way Arabs crow about having all the oil.

    Actually, I think you’ve got a misconception of California – AND Florida, though. When you say:

    “Sorry, way to many people for me. I do not like crowds” you look at the population (over 30 million) and conclude it’s crowded.

    The thing is that it’s a HUGE state. And the other thing is that California is that it has enormous population centers cramped along the coastline and very few inhabitants per square mile pretty much everywhere else.

    I go for a four-plus mile walk every day; I walk across a couple of streets and I am out in the open desert. There are several places along my walk where I can’t even SEE any sign of houses or streets. And at the foot of the Little San Bernadino Mountains as I am, if I walked over one hill, there would be mile after mile after mile where you wouldn’t see any signs that human beings had ever been on the planet.

    And a LOT of Californians are in California precisely BECAUSE they “do not like crowds.”

    What happened was that all the losers who crammed themselves into the giant cities live wildly failed lives and somebody else has to pay to keep taking care of all the farm animals also known as “Los Angelinos.” And of course, there’s millions of them crammed in there, and they can vote to screw with everybody who is living in his small town not hurting anybody and definitely not wanting Obama’s socialist welfare society.

    With the Democrat Party, “crowds” tend to impose themselves on you whether you like it or not. And now that is a problem for pretty much everybody with Obama as messiah in chief.

  22. Anna Bennett Says:

    Okay,you got me there.. But no matter where i visit or live,I can not go any place unless there is some one who can drive me & once we get to a destination I have to have a Wheel Chair to get around in.
    No I do not drive & that is because, I do not have any Confidence in my self & there for I am afraid to drive.

  23. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    I see quite a few people like that. There are many old saints in my church who make it to church ONLY because of their faithful spouses who help them into and out of cars and help them get from point a to point b.

    California is not euthanizing such people – at least not yet. But rest assurred as the most liberal state they will be the FIRST to “abort” the elderly under the rubric of “the young voters whose vote we now seek have a right to choose to let the elderly die so they can have our socialist health care (that we of course as liberals initially promised to the elderly whom we’re now turning on).

    I always marvel at the love and dignity elderly husbands and wives show in taking such loving care of their spouses.

  24. FMC Says:

    Oh, California, such a beautiful state with a plethora of natural resources that is being destroyed both politically and economically by rabid, insane liberals. At one time, I think California was the seventh largest economy in the world. Not sure what it ranks currently, but despite its economic problems, it somehow still ranks high. Unfortunately, someday the state will need a bailout with a 500 billion dollar unfunded pension liability looming, among other problems.

    Like France, California thinks the answers lie in raising taxes instead of cutting bloated, out-of-control government. As a result, businesses and people are leaving the state in droves for greener pastures. L.A. is going the way of Detroit and San Fran, Sodom and Gomorrah. California is the greatest example of failed liberalism in the history of the world- not that there is a successful one – and Chicago and New York are not far behind. This is a shame, because it is such a great state and only a truly great state could survive this long while being brutally savaged by liberalism.

    I have been to California once. Starting from Tucson, AZ, we drove all the way up the coast. I remember taking a tour of the Hearst Castle, set in the rolling hills of San Simeon. I would love to live in rural California, but would never because of the wacko liberalism that dominates that state.

  25. Michael Eden Says:


    It seems that we actually made it to the SIXTH largest economy at one point.

    California is one of those places that has every natural advantage imaginable. Perfect ports and harbors that allow us to dominate the shipping lanes. Oil. The most productive agricultural region on earth. And of course not just the sun and the weather, but the ability to easily ski and surf on the same day.

    And we pissed it all away on liberalism.

    That’s what happens. Liberalism thinks in terms of excess. Things are going so well! Surely we can afford to [fill in the blank]. And we can surely afford ALL the fill in the blanks!!!

    I’m reminded in this profanity-deleted script from Platoon:

    King: Hey, Taylor. How in the [blank] you get here anyway? Why, you look educated.
    Chris Taylor: I volunteered for it.
    King: You did what?
    Chris Taylor: I volunteered. I dropped out of college, and told them I wanted the infantry, combat, and Vietnam.
    Crawford: You volunteered for this [blank], man?
    Chris Taylor: You believe that?
    King: You’s a crazy [blank], giving up college.
    Chris Taylor: It didn’t make much sense. I wasn’t learning anything. I figured why should just the poor kids go off to war and the rich kids always get away with it?
    King: Oh, I see. What we got here is a crusader.
    Crawford: Sounds like it.
    King: Shit. You gotta be rich in the first place to think like that. Everybody know the poor are always being fucked over by the rich. Always have, always will.

    And that’s what happened to California: you had to be rich in the first place to think that crazy.

  26. Anna Bennett Says:

    Michael Eden.

    I live with my daughter & youngest granddaughter as my daughter will not let any one but her & her two daughters take care of me.

    she as well as my eldest granddaughter when she is here takes me not only to Church,but any place that I have to go to.

  27. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    May God bless your daughter and granddaughter as well as you.

    Many people do not understand that the 5th commandment is to TAKE CARE OF YOUR PARENTS IN THEIR OLD AGE.

    God says that if a son or daughter takes care of his elderly parent, God will take care of that son or daughter.

    God did NOT tell “the state” to do these things; he told the PEOPLE to do it themselves.

    Liberalism is the belief that the State ought to replace God as Savior and Deliverer; that human beings are Darwinian farm animals who ought not to be allowed to take care of themselves (and that somehow liberals evolved into gods and NOT farm animals like the rest of us); and let’s not forget the contradiction of liberalism: that people are essentially good and all they need is education; but that people are essentially evil and will not care for their own.

    Like I said: God bless your family for practicing the 5th Commandment. God bless you for raising such a daughter, and God bless your daughter for being faithful. And God bless your granddaughter for your and your daughter’s sake.

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