Barack Obama, The Liar Without Shame, Integrity Or Honor

We’ve seen Obama take a GIANT hit in his approval/disapproval polls in the last few weeks.  He is now at his lowest level of approval (and highest level of disapproval) since November 2011.

What we saw four years ago (when we voted for this turd the first time) was a man who dishonestly promised to be something completely different from what he really was.  And last year when we re-elected the same turd we now know that we fell for the same trick again.  The American people finally saw through the media filter of propaganda and saw the vile lies that were constantly drooling out of the mouth of Obama over the sequester.  And they voiced that they didn’t like what this lying fraud was doing enough that Obama changed his “war on the Republican Party” with his “charm offensive” where he finally meets with the Republicans after YEARS of refusing to meet with them.

Obama assumed his new term on January 20; it was only a month later that the American people started to turn on their Liar in Chief.

Democrats believe that they will retake the House (as well as keep the Senate) two years from now in 2014.  But they have already forgotten the historic ass kicking they suffered in 2010 when Republicans surged to historic gains both nationally and across the states.

The same thing is shaping up again for 2014.  Obama and Democrats are fascists who will go beyond both the acceptable level of restraint every single time they’re trusted with power.

On my view, it’s too late.  The beast is coming; we made certain of that in our stupid and depraved vote for Obama.  And the American people have demonstrated levels of ignorance, foolishness, wickedness, and an inability to do anything but emotionally react such that we sway from one party’s victory and then go the exact opposite direction in the very next election.

Ultimately, until the soon-coming collapse of America, the “electorate” will be increasingly composed of a people who have been sold a) the Marxist class warfare lie of a “State” that will redistribute the wealth and b) the racist and race warfare lie that black people and Hispanic people in particular will get to benefit as Democrats punish white people and buy their vote with other people’s money.  Even if they’re illegal immigrants.

When we collapse under the sheer weight of our debt and our moral stupidity, the beast will come just as we deserve.

The beast will be the fulfillment of every single big government dream that Obama ever had.  He will literally seize complete power over the economy, instituting a mark that will completely control access as to who buys and who sells.

We’ve already voted for that vision.  We’ve already voted that one day we want to take that mark of the beast as a society.

And in the ensuing collapse of America – that liberals have been dreaming about creating and exploiting for fifty years – the people will demand that the State take care of them and help them.  In doing so, they will be turning to the very thing that destroyed the economy in the first place.  But in the last days, the Word tells us that the world will be gripped by a spirit of delusion.

It’s interesting how media propaganda works.

Liberals – and even more importantly liberal “journalists” who are constitutionally required to be objective but are now nothing but political propagandists – have been telling us for YEARS how Bill Clinton created a surplus and George Bush squandered it.  They didn’t bother to tell you that we got to a “surplus” only AFTER Republicans historically took control of both the House and the Senate two years into Clinton’s presidency, or that Bill Clinton first had to admit that “the era of big government is over”, or that it had been the Republican Contract with America that brought Republicans to power that promised balanced budgets.  Liberals and “journalists” are simply pathologically dishonest people, and facts are things that must be denied or ignored altogether as they fabricate new “facts” in the place of the truth.

But it is actually even WORSE.  For years and years, Democrats have been talking about a “Clinton surplus” THAT NEVER EVEN EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

It turns out that the entire Clinton budget “surplus” was the theoretical existing-ONLY-on-paper CBO PROJECTION that was based on erroneous assumptions that resulted in a “surplus” that NEVER HAPPENED.

The CBO projected a surplus that actually became a DEFICIT.

And Democrats then perverted their fantasy “surplus” into a war against tax cuts, arguing that Clinton gave us a “surplus” with his higher tax rates and Bush gave us a deficit with his lower tax rates:

President Obama and congressional Democrats are blaming their trillion-dollar budget deficits on the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. Letting these tax cuts expire is their answer. Yet the data flatly contradict this “tax cuts caused the deficits” narrative. Consider the three most persistent myths:

The Bush tax cuts wiped out last decade’s budget surpluses. Sen. John Kerry (D., Mass.), for example, has long blamed the tax cuts for having “taken a $5.6 trillion surplus and turned it into deficits as far as the eye can see.” That $5.6 trillion surplus never existed. It was a projection by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) in January 2001 to cover the next decade. It assumed that late-1990s economic growth and the stock-market bubble (which had already peaked) would continue forever and generate record-high tax revenues. It assumed no recessions, no terrorist attacks, no wars, no natural disasters, and that all discretionary spending would fall to 1930s levels.

The projected $5.6 trillion surplus between 2002 and 2011 will more likely be a $6.1 trillion deficit through September 2011. So what was the cause of this dizzying, $11.7 trillion swing? I’ve analyzed CBO’s 28 subsequent budget baseline updates since January 2001. These updates reveal that the much-maligned Bush tax cuts, at $1.7 trillion, caused just 14% of the swing from projected surpluses to actual deficits (and that is according to a “static” analysis, excluding any revenues recovered from faster economic growth induced by the cuts).

The CENTER of the Democrat Party’s attack against Republican Party economic policies was A LIE.

It was a lie that was reported as a “fact” by a completely dishonest and evil mainstream media again and again and again and again.  And they are STILL generating that lie as a “fact.”

I wondered about that “fact” given that liberals kept claiming a “Clinton surplus” when the debt went UP every single year of Clinton’s presidency.

I also historically documented the FACT that tax revenues have INCREASED every single time the tax rates have been CUT because allowing people to actually keep their own damn money is a powerful incentive to invest and start businesses and expand and thus grow the economy and the overall tax base.

I am somebody who interacts with the news dang near every day as well as somebody who is particularly interested in topics such as the so-called (and now we know is FALSELY so-called) “Clinton budget surplus.”  And yet I did not see that admission that the whole thing was a “projection” that amounted to smoke and mirrors.  It is amazing how difficult it is for truth to filter through in these last days.

Other than “the devil” and “evil”, the complete dishonesty and bias of the mainstream media is probably the single leading reason that the beast will come.  You need to understand that God ordained the coming seven years of pure hell on earth called the Tribulation to judge mankind for its wickedness.  We’re smiling on homosexual sodomy marriage that produces no children while we pile the tiny carcasses of the most innocent of all human beings on the alter of “a woman’s right to choose” to burn in hell.  And we’re doing it with a defiant annoncement that it is a good thing to rebel against God.  The seven years of Tribulation is coming because the world has reached that point.  And I greive to say that the United States led the world into debauchery and open defiance against its God.  And when you’ve got these kinds of lies all around you every single day that we BELIEVE “the Clinton budget surplus” because it’s become a fact through sheer Big Lie repetition, we’re ready to receive the mark of the beast that will be sold to us the same way.  And we are seeing more lies passed off as “truth” today than ever before in this nation.  The media is leading us to hell every bit as much as the Democrat Party is; if anything the Democrat Party is the constantly shifting political wing of the cultural monster of the mainstream media.  We’re fish swimming around in the toxic brew of our culture and our gills are clogged with its muck.

Obama, of course, has repeatedly cited the “fact” that tax cuts massively increase budget deficits as the centerpiece of his Marxist class warfare demand for higher and higher and higher taxes.  And he is a liar for having seized that big lie.

We just saw Obama resort to so many outright lies in his sequester demagoguery that it was beyond unreal.  The man literally counts on the mainstream media’s ability to obliterate facts and substitute lies in their place.  Thank God that lies haven’t completely covered this land and most people KNOW Obama lied about the sequester that despite his lies was actually HIS creation in the first place.

In the same way that Obama kept talking about “balance” during the sequester debate when all he was in fact doing was drooling out one wicked lie after another instead of manifesting ANY “balance” whatsoever, Obama has also routinely said that he was personally responsible for the increase in oil production.

That’s as big of a lie as his slandering George Bush with a four trillion dollar debt over four years before Obama himself ran up SIX TRILLION DOLLARS of debt in only FOUR years.

Oil production has massively declined on the federal lands under Obama’s jurisdiction.  The only increase in production has largely occurred on private lands where Obama has little sway.  But to the extent he’s been able to, Obama has thwarted all the private oil harvesting that he could kill.  And the increase has occurred IN SPITE of his aggressive efforts to destroy oil whether we need it or not.

We know all the damn lies this liar told us to sell his damn ObamaCare fascism.

Because of the domination of the mainstream media that is throughly and in fact pathologically dishonest and biased, and thanks to the presidency of the most vile liar that America has ever seen, we are being led by the nose and duped by lies just as has happened so many times to nations whose wicked leaders had defied God.

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9 Responses to “Barack Obama, The Liar Without Shame, Integrity Or Honor”

  1. AKA John Galt Says:

    Reblogged this on U.S. Constitutional Free Press.

  2. benabu Says:

    Before he was elected I ask people around me what they think of him, everyone said they loved him, but when I ask what about his policies, no one wanted to comment. They voted out of ignorance and now too far in they hold on to their pride. No most people are yet stuck on hope in this deceiving president.

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    In God damn America, just like when God judges any nation in the past, the people sink to the level of moral idiocy which then enables them to systematically destroy themselves. In God damn America, we get to vote between a man who thinks that Jesus Christ is the spirit brother of Lucifer and a man who actually IS the spirit brother of Lucifer. In God damn America, we have chosen poorly so many times before that God has taken away any actual “good choices.” We have to vote between two evils and try to determine which is the lesser evil; good becomes impossible to us. And then we grind ourselves into the dustbin of history just as all the mighty nations did in the past.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    AKA John Galt,


  5. benabu Says:

    Yea we need to look at the past and do better. America is gone I know, once mighty now we are going backwards. God bless and keep our families safe.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    We’re fine. We’re peachy. Gay marriage, more murdered babies than many nations have as their entire populations, and liberals say if someone has a gun to run and hide except in schools where they can use scissors to defend the children. And our actual dead is a mere $225 trillion.

    Why worry?

  7. Adam C. Weber Says:

    Obama WAS and DID what he promised from the start….he promised to fundamentally transform America and that’s exactly what he is doing…his other lies, hidden history and radicalism was all there for anyone who wanted to find it out and realize who and what he was and what was coming. Most people just didn’t want to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and now want to blame him for not living up to promises when that is exactly what he is doing….and living up to as well as emanating the one he serves, The Father of Lies. The people elected a Liar that promised radical reform and that’s exactly what they got…judgment upon themselves and everyone else that opposed him which probably outnumbers those that support him….in this case the minority won through election fraud and a conservative base that refused to vote for any monster on the ballots.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Adam C. Weber,

    I completely agree. Anybody who followed what Obama actually did and said and stood for knew long before the 2008 election that pretty much all the lies the media spouted about the Turd-in-Chief was the worst propaganda ever.

    Obama was a demonizing, slandering demagogue from the very getgo, but somehow the media depicted him over and over again as some kind of transcendent bipartisan who would rise above political differences.

    It is frankly one of the most amazing feats in all of the history of propaganda. Even Goebbels would have been stunned that the media could have pulled off such a lie.

  9. Eric Pearson Says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor.

    The treasonous acts by Obama start with him and his conspirers hijacking the political process by registering as Democrats when, in fact, they make up a combination of socialists, progressives, communists, Marxists, anarchists, and UN-American detractors. A prime example of this is how Obama originally campaigned with the “Democratic Progressive Party” (DPP) scattered all throughout America, although they are not legally recognized as a valid political party in America to enter campaigns which would gain them enough votes to be seated. Therefore, they deliberately schemed to hijack the Democratic Party. This was led previously in part by Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and others who believed the Democrats were too timid to put forth their agenda, in 1991, they formed the progressive caucus within the halls of the United States Congress and used that status as a means to lend false credibility to their cause and illegitimate platform.

    Read more at:

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