The Democrat Party’s War On Women Continues With Joe Biden Instructing Women To Buy Shotguns…

Keep in mind, this IS from the number two man of a political party that says women should murder all their female babies…

The very first woman firing a shotgun actually didn’t just knock the woman down; because I must admit that her shot knocked me right out of my chair as I began laughing my ass off.  And the only reason I lived to tell about it was that I was fortunately not drinking coffee when I saw it.

What’s REALLY funny about this is that every single woman in this video actually had better shooting form than Obama displayed in his portrait trying to shoot a shotgun.

It’s too bad they didn’t show Obama lying on his ass crying – which was what undoubtedly happened about two nanoseconds after the picture the White House released was taken.

Here’s the thing: shotguns have an ENORMOUS powder charge and a lot of recoil. And the only thing more stupid than telling women to rely on them for their defense is to rely on the type of shotgun that holds only two damn rounds in it.

Democrats are flagrantly dishonest people, which is why they’ve falsely and deceitfully depicted so-called “assault weapons” as slightly less powerful than nuclear bombs. In reality, they have nowhere NEAR the power of the rifle they replaced – the M1 Garand with its incredibly powerful 30-06 cartridge. The assault rifles which replaced the M1 had much smaller and lighter bullets and powder charges and therefore much less recoil.  Short of a .22 rifle, they are about as easy to shoot as any weapon you could buy.  THEY ARE IDEAL WEAPONS FOR WOMEN for that very reason.

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