Leftist CBS Celebrates That ‘The American Empire Was Destroyed’ By Having ‘Amazing Race’ Contestants Dance Around A Shot-Down B-52 In Hanoi

Maybe CBS can have stops at the Hanoi Hilton to celebrate the crushing of the spirits of American POWs next: “And in this cell an American imperialist with untreated broken bones was tied into the shape of a pretzel between meals of the maggots we fed him.”

CBS had their contestants dancing around the wreckage of a shot-down B-52 in Hanoi.  Four crewmen were captured and endured hell at the hands of North Vietnamese torturers.  Two were never found and listed as MIA, presumed dead.  The plaque CBS had stupid Obama-voting punks dance around declares:

“At 22:00 hours on December 27, 1972, the capital’s anti-aircraft forces shot down this B-52 in the area of Ngoc Ha Village. This is one out of 23 B-52s shot down from Hanoi’s skies. The strategic surprise attack against Hanoi by the B-52s of the American Empire was destroyed”

CBS also required that the contestants attend a musical celebration of anti-American propaganda.  You know, just in case the B-52 thing may have been too subtle in declaration of the hatred CBS has for America.

The program amounted to a victory lap for everything communist in celebration of the conquest of everything that our founding fathers dreamed of when they forged America and enshrined its Constitution.

Just to let you know how patholigically despicable and evil our mainstream media propagandist machine truly is.

It was only two days ago – and I am directly quoting the United States Marine Corps here – that Harry Reid as the leader of the Democrat-possessed Senate enaged in “pure political posturing on the backs of these dead Marines.”

Evil is being spread on top of evil on a giant cake of depraved evil in what was once the greatest nation in the history of the world.

The left are a bitter, demonic group of whining entitlement whores who won’t be happy until America is destroyed and a hammer and sickle flag rises over the ashes of our Capitol.

We can go back to the fact that liberals regarded America’s defeat and humiliation in Vietnam as a great victory.  We can go back to the fact that Bill Clinton – the first president to grow up during that Vietnam era dodged the draft by writing of his loathing for the U.S. military.  We can go back to the fact that after writing himself up for a bunch of medals he didn’t deserve, John Kerry slandered the U.S. military by falsely claiming that he had personally witnessed war crimes that he later admitted he had in fact NOT witnessed (confessing his slander of our miltary when he realized that he himself was in fact a war criminal had he witnessed atrocities but not reported them at the time).  John Kerry further demonstrated that he despised the U.S. military by throwing away medals as if they were garbage.  We can go back to the fact that Harry Reid stated that the U.S. military had lost the Iraq War (which we won in spite of his and his fellow Democrats’ treason) while our soldiers were sacrificing to secure victory.  We can go back to the fact that Barack Obama has absolutely gutted the United States military even more than Bill Clinton and before him Jimmy Carter did.  And of course we can go back to just a few days ago when Harry Reid – and again I’m quoting the Marine Corps – engaged in “pure political posturing on the backs of dead Marines.”

Democrats have a history of being shameful treasonous vermin that goes back nearly fifty years.

This is God damn America, kids.  Not that you godless little punk kids have the moral intelligence or decency to care as you vote for a socialist turd and dance around celebrating America’s humiliation.

I keep saying that the beast of the Book of Revelation is coming.  But there are beasts aplenty already here.  And these beasts are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Antichrist.

P.S. To his credit, liberal Bob Beckell was outraged by this appalling display of disgusting anti-Americanism on the part of CBS.  Which pretty much means that the other four conservatives on the cast of “The Five” are beginning to get to him.

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4 Responses to “Leftist CBS Celebrates That ‘The American Empire Was Destroyed’ By Having ‘Amazing Race’ Contestants Dance Around A Shot-Down B-52 In Hanoi”

  1. Beeker D. Says:

    It’s a wonder CBS didn’t hire Jane Fonda as the narrator for that particular episode?
    She would have, FIT RIGHT IN!
    MSNBC will probably want to sponsor this episode in schools as “Required Viewing For 4 to 12 Years old’s”!

  2. Dog Walker Says:

    This is nasty. Off topic. Sorry.


  3. Michael Eden Says:

    Beeker D.,

    It’s amazing.

    In 1968 the radical wing of the left basically destroyed the Democrat Party.

    Now they OWN the Democrat Party and they are trying to destroy the rest of America.

    And, yeah, Jane Fonda sums these people up quite well.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    I don’t know what “ethanol” is ON topic for. Certainly not “viable fuel source.”

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