‘The Bible,’ The Devil And Obama

I’ve been laughing ever since I heard about the uproar that was created over “the devil” in the History Channel The Bible miniseries looking like Barack Obama.

For the record, I’ve been watching – and enjoying – the programs. I saw “the devil” and – as much as I despise Barack Obama – it never occurred to me to see Obama in Satan.

I suppose the liberals who managed to do so are experiencing a guilty conscience.

The thing is that liberals are saying things like, “There are NO other black people in the whole show other than the devil!  It’s racist!”  And of course they claim that The Bible creators deliberately made “the devil” up to look like Obama.

Well, as usual, liberals are slanderers and liars.  Yes, there ARE black characters in the movie.  Samson, for example, was not only black, but he was TWICE as black as Obama.  I was actually stunned when the liberal Bill O’Reilly had on his program to debate this topic at least TWICE falsely stated that there were no other “black” characters in the movie other than “the devil.”  Just as I was stunned that O’Reilly was ignorant of the fact that the liberal woman was factually wrong in her slander of the movie series.

As for any resemblance between Obama and the devil, let me just say this: I was pointing out something to that effect back in December of 2011

And, of course, this will be an election between a Mormon who believes that he will one day be God (Mitt Romney) versus a man who already believes he is God (Barack Obama).

It will be an election between a Mormon who believes that Jesus Christ is the spirit brother of Lucifer and a man who actually IS the spirit brother of Lucifer.

It’s just beyond sad.

– and I hadn’t even HEARD that there was going to be a History Channel miniseries on “The Bible.”

I suppose I was just born ahead of my time, wasn’t I?

Obama Is The Devil

That having been said, I very seriously doubt that any “resemblance” between “the devil” and Obama was anything other than unintentional.  For example, people are saying that “the devil” is black.  He is NOT black; he’s a Moroccan actor named Mehdi Ouazzani.  Nor did they actually make Ouazzani “black.”  On my television screen, he is decidedly pale gray and ashen in tone rather than “black.”  And that and all the facial features – such as “the devil’s” sunken cheeks – are much more in line with the devil being the source of plague and disease than they are with being Obama.

It’s kind of funny that liberals – again, apparently possessing the guilty consciences they ought to have – saw Satan in Obama.  I wouldn’t have if they hadn’t thrown it into my face.

I submit that the producers of The Bible tried to make “the devil” look like the personification of diseased evil.  How could they help it if that description ALSO matched Barack Obama???

Other than the fact that both Obama and the actual devil are a) evil and b) individuals who think they should sit above God, it’s the standard movie disclaimer: “Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.”

Whether Obama is a “real person” is much more debatable.

Liberals slandered The Bible miniseries trying to gin up a controversy to undermine God and undermine the actual Bible in addition to trying to undermine the miniseries.  Judging by the enormous ratings the miniseries has received, the effort – rather like Obama’s sequestration demagoguing – apparently backfired big time.

Oh, oh, I just saw a whole new controversy.  As I was watching the final episode of The Bible, I saw what I imagine will be a whole new reason for liberals to bitch.  Saul “waterboarded” a man – who wouldn’t talk until after his “waterboarding” – into giving up the city of Damascus  as being the city where the Christians were hiding.  You know, just like the CIA waterboarded terrorists into giving up Abbatobad to find out where Osama bin Laden was hiding.  Such a superficial “resemblance” is all the left needs to draw demagogic conclusions.  I’m guessing liberals will be whining that these evil conservatives will stop at nothing.

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8 Responses to “‘The Bible,’ The Devil And Obama”

  1. Anna Bennett Says:

    All the pictures I have seen of Satan he isn’t black nor gray. He’s RED with Horns & a Tail…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Bill O’Reilly is a liberal? Say it ain’t so Joe!

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    As for Bill O’Reilly being a “liberal,” no, I don’t think O’Reilly is a liberal. He’s most assuredly not as “conservative” as I am, but on my view of him, he’s a “traditional populist.” By that I mean that when he sticks his finger up to the wind, he generally tries to be the voice of the common, traditional-minded American. Which is significantly more “conservative” than it is “liberal.”

    What I was really trying to express is that he should have been more prepared – and at least have watched the miniseries he was going to discuss with the liberal woman he had on the show – such that he would know that when she said there were no black people in the miniseries (other than “the devil”), he could have rightly asked her why she was such an ignorant idiot.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Anna Bennett,

    Of course, few of us have ever actually SEEN the devil. And whether he’s depicted as having red horns and a tail, or whatever, it is somebody’s conception of him.

    The devil is as real as you or me. The Bible makes that very clear. But he doesn’t have a physical body; he has a supernatural body that human eyes can’t see unless God allows us to see into the supernatural layer of reality.

    One of the descriptions of Satan that is most revealing of him is that he “masquerades as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). Satan doesn’t WANT you to see him for what he truly is; he wants to deceive you into believing that he’s good – or at least another form of “good.” He wants to undermine the credibility of God and get people to distrust God’s character, morality and intentions, and he wants to deceive people into thinking his demonic way is a “good” way.

    In the last days, prior to the Tribulation, he will deceive the whole world. Which is why America is where it is right now.

  5. cccooperagency Says:

    Oh we’ve all seen the devil, we just don’t always RECOGNIZE him,
    especially the times we might catch a glimpse in our mirror.
    We must choose daily to put on CHRIST and make no provision for the flesh.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    That’s a great way to put it: Oh we’ve all seen the devil, we just don’t always RECOGNIZE him.

    Now, I believe that the devil is REAL and is a person being, and NOT just some kind of literary device that we can “glimpse in our mirror” as it were. But I didn’t take you to deny that.

    Whenever we put on the flesh, we are making ourselves vulnerable to the influence of the devil. Whenever we put on Christ, we are making ourselves impervious to him.

  7. Anna Bennett Says:

    I have Jesus in my Heart at all times.I never go any wheres with out him.

    I have given Jesus my Heart & Soul.

    The devil can not touch me.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    The devil can not touch me

    Anna Bennett,

    Well, given the content of the article here, that theory will be sorely put to the test as you face “the devil’s” demonic health care system that is now 20,000 pages and growing like the cancer that it is.

    But, of course, theologically speaking, everything you say is 100% correct. The devil (and his useful idiot tool Obama who somehow looks just like him even according to liberals) can harass and oppress us on this earth. But our souls are safe with Christ and neither the devil nor his stooge Obama can harm us beyond what Christ allows.

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