‘Liberalism’ Is A Synonym For ‘Hypocrisy.’ Or To Put It Another Way, Saying ‘Liberal Hypocrite’ Is Redundant.

There is a rather stunning admission of liberal hypocrisy in the following Los Angeles Times article.  Basically, if you go to the most liberal and wealthy county in überliberal California, what you will find there is a bunch of leftwing turds who are only too happy to have programs for the poor as long as a) somebody ELSE pays for it; and b) somebody ELSE has to suffer the effects of the programs that they love to impose on everybody else.

This is Nancy Pelosi’s county, boys and girls.

Do you want to know what Democrats true views of Hispanics are?  It boils down to, “I’m all for illegal immigrants.  I think everybody should own at least one.”

Affordable housing is again a red flag in ‘green’ Marin County
The issue has long produced conflict in the eco-friendly county, California’s wealthiest. Officials are being urged to help workers find housing in a place where the median home price is $650,000.
March 31, 2013|By Maria L. La Ganga, Los Angeles Times

  • Advocates for affordable housing in Marin County protest before a meeting in San Rafael to discuss the issue. The push for affordable housing in California’s wealthiest county has always brought its “green” lifestyle and liberal social leanings into conflict. No Bay Area county has more protected open space — or fewer workers who can afford to live anywhere near their jobs.
Advocates for affordable housing in Marin County protest before a meeting… (Sherry LaVars / Marin Independent…)

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — After George Lucas abandoned plans to build a movie studio along a woodsy road in Marin County, he complained about the permitting process in a place so environmentally friendly that hybrid-car ownership is four times the state average.

His next move, some here say, was payback for what Lucas described in a written statement as the “bitterness and anger” expressed by his neighbors.

The creator of “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” is working with a local foundation that hopes to build hundreds of units of affordable housing on a former dairy farm called Grady Ranch, where his studio would have risen.

Now Marin County is squirming at that prospect — and it is not a pretty sight.

The issue of affordable housing in California’s wealthiest county has always brought its “green” lifestyle and liberal social leanings into conflict. No Bay Area county has more protected open space — or fewer workers who can afford to live anywhere near their jobs.

At a recent planning commission hearing, where possible sites for subsidized housing were discussed, nearly all the heated testimony had some version of: “I’m all for affordable housing, but …”

Nine days later, protesters wearing “End Apartheid in Marin County” buttons demanded that officials do something to help low-income workers find housing in a place where the median home price is $650,000 and 60% of the workforce lives somewhere else.

The irony is not lost on Thomas Peters, president of the Marin Community Foundation, the philanthropy that is collaborating with the filmmaker to build along Lucas Valley Road. The region’s environmentally conscious lifestyle, he said, is built on the long commutes of low-paid workers whose cars choke Highway 101 to the point that “you can literally see the CO2 rising.”

“The community, to some degree, has been lulled by success in its 40-year-old determination to really protect the open spaces,” Peters said. But “it is not sustainable to hold that kind of misperception that this is all beautiful and everything can stay as it is.”

With the Golden Gate Bridge as its front door and Point Reyes National Seashore in the backyard, Marin County is blessed with some of California’s most breathtaking vistas. Indeed, 84% of its land is protected as tideland, open space, parkland, agricultural preserves and watershed.

In an effort to address climate change and cut greenhouse gas emissions, the county in 2010 launched California’s first so-called community choice energy program. Marin Clean Energy purchases power for its customers from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric projects.

But Marin is near the back of the pack in the nine-county Bay Area region when it comes to absorbing predicted population growth — and is the most unwilling, said Ezra Rapport, executive director of the Assn. of Bay Area Governments.

Every eight years, California’s 58 counties are required to come up with a “housing element.” The documents are not guarantees that units will be built, but simply a demonstration that the county is zoned so growth could happen.

After the Department of Housing and Community Development produces growth estimates for each part of the state, regional governmental agencies negotiate with their cities and counties to divide up the responsibility to zone for possible future home building.

Currently, the Bay Area must plan for 187,000 new housing units by 2022, of which 110,000 must be affordable to very low-, low- and moderate-income families.

So how much of that burden is Marin County’s?

A total of 2,292 units, of which 1,400 must be affordable. In other words, 1.2% of the total homes and 1.4% of the affordable ones.

“It’s really a small amount of the Bay Area’s housing needs …[which are] pretty enormous,” Rapport said. “I don’t think anyone’s expecting them to rezone parkland. … But Marin should be somewhat responsible for its own growth.”

The difficulty was plain to see during the March planning commission hearing in the county’s graceful civic center designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Under discussion were 16 sites that could be zoned for 30 units per acre — high density for a county that has fewer than 500 people per square mile, compared with Los Angeles County’s nearly 2,500.

Although residents were dissatisfied with all the options, Grady Ranch and a project called Marinwood Plaza near Highway 101 were among the most controversial. They also paint a stark picture of Marin County’s reluctance to build housing for its low- and moderately paid workers.

Marinwood Plaza’s location — within sight, sound and smell of the 101 — was a stumbling block for several residents who worried it would be unfair for low-income people to have to live near a source of pollution that could increase asthma rates.

“This is NOT a safe environment for humans,” said Steve and Sharon Johnson in a letter to the planning commission. “The proximity to the freeway and the particles of brake that float in the air when people put on their brakes to come down the hill will hit right where this proposed development is.”

Grady Ranch is about 31/2 miles from the 101, but that’s a problem too, said Nancy Lowry, a real estate agent who lives in the Lucas Valley area.

“There’s no public transportation,” Lowry said. “It’s 51/2 miles to the nearest grocery store, seven or eight miles from the high school. There are no buses. …You’re trying to bring in people so they can have a workforce that lives locally. But there are no services, no sewer lines, no electricity. It just doesn’t seem like the place that it should go.”

But Peters argues that the site is more than feasible. It already is zoned for housing, he said, and contentions that it is in the middle of nowhere are “laughable.”

Grady Ranch is made up of about 1,000 acres of rolling hills and bright green grassland, studded with oak trees and patrolled by wild turkeys. In the stretch separating the ranch from Highway 101, there are several subdivisions with hundreds of houses.

More than a decade ago, Lucas donated an estimated 800 acres of the ranch property to the Marin County Open Space District. Of the remaining land, only 20 to 30 acres is “actual, buildable space,” Peters said.

County planners peg the site as appropriate for around 240 units, although no plans for construction have been submitted. That, Peters said, could happen by summer.

Grady Ranch is “a grand opportunity to address a long-standing issue,” Peters said, and anyone who thinks this is payback has never spoken to the filmmaker.

“This is George Lucas. He doesn’t need to engage in small-town pique.”

That’s right.  No rich person EVER held a grudge in his life.  Rich people are your betters, and above such petty “piques” that plague the unwashed masses.  But that isn’t my axe to grind.

Note that the liberal Democrat überrich Marin County whining hypocrites literally state that they haven’t done jack diddly to create “public transportation” for the poor as their grounds for permanently zoning the poor out of their lovely but cockroach-souled leftwing hypocrite world.  We shouldn’t build the poor the homes that we force everybody else to build because we have never built the public transportation for them that we force everybody else to build.  And so being a double-hypocrite actually cancels out our hypocrisy, you see.

George Lucas is probably a hypocrite, too.  The difference is that he is so fantastically rich he will never once in his life have to mingle with these dirty poor people unless he wants to stage a photo-op to bask in their worship of him.  All the other liberals would probably have to stand in line behind these filthy unwashed Hispanics at the grocery store.  And they don’t want to do that because they are liberals and therefore turds without shame, without integrity and without honor.

This is so damn typical of liberal Democrats.  I remember Ted Kennedy – the champion of alternative energy “solutions” – as long as it didn’t block his damn view.  But of course, if it even theoretically affected him in any way, shape or form, it was whatever the current elite libspeak for “let them eat cake” turns out to be.

Let’s call it NIMLBY: Not In My Liberal Backyard.  Liberals do dishonest abject moral hypocrisy quite nimbly, it turns out.  Or maybe PIIRB: Put It In Republicans’ Backyards.  While demonizing them with every breath, of course.

This reminds me of Al Gore, who as he was pimping his green agenda – and become a billionaire convincing others to sacrifice for the environment – flew around on the WORST pollution-emitting private jet on the planet while occupying mansions that all had gigantic carbon footprints.  Oh, and then he sold his television network to a terrorist “news” company called Al Jazeera which is largely owned by oil emirates.  And tried to structure the sale to avoid paying the higher taxes he believed others should be forced to pay.  Because Al Gore is a good person for wanting other people to pay higher fascist taxes; so he shouldn’t be expected to pay the taxes himself.

It reminds me of Warren Buffet, who – in spite of the fact that he owed the federal government over a billion in back taxes (see also here)- came out with a “tax plan” that would have made life more expensive for other rich people, but – contrary to his dishonest claims – wouldn’t have affected his OWN taxes.  It only would have grabbed “other peoples’ money.”  And he deceitfully pimped this plan (along with his greedy rich selfish buddy Barack Hussein Obama who gave virtually NOTHING to charity until he decided he wanted to be president) on the basis of a false claim that he paid more in taxes than his secretary.  As usual, liberals sold their lies by telling MORE lies.

And of course the Obamas and the Bidens go on massively expensive vacations only to return (between massively expensive vacations) to hypocritically claim that we can’t afford ANY budget cuts or they’ll gut poor people’s police and fire protection.  These are people who know damn well that they’ll never be willing to pay this kind of largesse on their own tab.  But hey, they can force other people to pay for their extravagance, and so “let them eat cake.”

Obama is a man who has personally racked up more debt – and more reckelss and immoral and unsustainable debt – than any human being in the entire history of the world.  His last four budgets were so insane and so evil he couldn’t even get a single Democrat to vote for them.  The Democrat-controlled Senate under his control went four damn years without ever bothering to even TRY to pass a budget.  But that doesn’t stop him from getting another massive dose of free air time to “teach young people how to budget resonsibly.”

I could go on and on and on and on and on, ad nauseam.  These are incredibly wicked and dishonest people.  And they are hypocrites right down to the cores of their shriveled little souls.

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10 Responses to “‘Liberalism’ Is A Synonym For ‘Hypocrisy.’ Or To Put It Another Way, Saying ‘Liberal Hypocrite’ Is Redundant.”

  1. genomega1 Says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    ‘Liberalism’ Is A Synonym For ‘Hypocrisy.’ Or To Put It Another Way, Saying ‘Liberal Hypocrite’ Is Redundant.

  2. Michael Eden Says:



  3. Gunny G Says:

    Reblogged this on AMERICAN BLOGGER: GUNNY.G ~ WEBLOG.EMAIL and commented:
    Gunny G: ReBlogged !!!!! !!!!!!

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Gunny G.,

    As I said to two young Marines yesterday (one about to get out today and one who got out three months ago) in my gym: thank you for your service.

  5. FMC Says:

    “And they don’t want to do that because they are liberals and therefore TURDS WITHOUT SHAME, without integrity and without honor.”

    Got another good laugh with TURDS WITHOUT SHAME. I often refer to your comments like these as Edenisms.

    Looks like Owebama’s approval rating keeps on sinking. Maybe America is finally getting it, but it is probably too late, the trap has probably already been sprung.

    By the way, I am about half way through Michelle Malkin’s Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies. Even though this book is making me very angry, just like that book about FDR that you referred to me a little while ago (thanks), I can hardly put it down. I would highly recommend it to anyone that really wants to know what a convoluted turd Owebama really is. Of course most of us already know this, but the book describes in great detail the level of corruption and suffocating smell of this turd. I really like Malkin and think she has done a great job with the Culture of Corruption series.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    I read Malkin’s book a couple of years ago. You’re right: it just blasts Obama’s culture of corruption to smithereens. It is amazing how dishonest people like Valerie Jarrett – you know, the vile slumlord – were in bringing down our housing market and then blaming it on the Republicans whose only fault was that they didn’t fight hard enough to stop the Democrats who destroyed our economy.

    Truth does not matter in this culture. In fact, the more you have truth behind you, the less likely it is that you will be believed.

    I believe it is too late for America. Yes, Republicans may do very well in 2014. But the American people are clearly every bit as foolish as they are fickle. They are incapable of being consistent. They are going to get what they deserve as two Obama terms is two too many for this nation to survive.

    And then the same Democrats who engineered the collapse of America will be the ones who lead the charge in blaming Republicans while a stupid population falls for the same depraved propaganda all over again.

    P.S. One thing I like both about Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter is that they have their own incredibly razor-sharp “Edenisms” that cause me to genuflect to these masters of describing the demonic essence of liberalism.

  7. Dog Walker Says:

    Ugh, I was watching O’Rielly a couple of weeks ago. Daryl Hannah was on the show telling O’reilly how everybody in the country could just put a still in their house, make some alcohol and run their cars off of it. She seemed to be taking herself so seriously and fully expected O’Reilly and his audience to take her seriously.

    So here is ol’ Daryl, she is credible because she has a background in engineering. She spent her whole life contemplating the interesting questions of oh, what is the energy density in a gallon of ethanol?

    Oh, no, wait she spent her whole life contemplating the hard questions like “how much money will you give me to show how much of my flawless legs and breasts?”

    But alas she is past her prime now. So the most attention she can garner is on a show like O’Reilly.

    The question that went begging… “say eh, Daryl, do you have one of them stills in your house? Eh, are you driving around in an ethanol vehicle? How is it you got to the studio to do this show? Does your private jet burn ethanol?

    ‘Course she is like me. She just takes the Gore cop out.

    You know, because of my tireless efforts advocating for a better environment or planet, I deserve a few teensy little perks for going above and beyond.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    Oh, no, say it aint so!

    And I thought that was the bestest episode of O’Reilly EVER! I built my own [hic] still after watching that [hic] program.

    I know the [hic] alcohol was [hic] supposed to go into my car, but for some [hic] reason it never seems to [hic] make it in there.

    I called it “Hannah’s brew” in honor of my new [hic] heroine. It’s less filling AND it taste great.

    We live in the “Age of Kardashian” in which you can be famous for being famous (well, and homemade porn to get you there).

    At the rate we’re going as a culture in our worship of celebrities, we’ll have them flying our planes and doing our brain surgeries before long.

    [And I’m not kidding: if there were a program called “Celebrity Brain Makeovers” people would line up for blocks for an opportunity to have Sean Penn cut into their skulls and scoop out the numb wits they call their “brains”].

  9. FMC Says:

    I actually built my own still way back in high school. I “borrowed” a condenser coil out of the school’s chemistry lab and built the rest in my grandpa’s shop. I fermented a mash that was basically apple wine. The still actually worked, but since most of the piping was made out of flexible plastic, the finished product tasted like rotten apples and plastic. Even though I managed to raise the alcohol content, you would have to be hardcore to drink this crap. Like a good boy, I eventually returned the condenser back to the lab and gave up on making home-made liquor.

    Hannah is like most Hollywood liberals who don’t live in reality. To be able to make a still that could produce alcohol at high enough proof to run a car engine is above most people’s abilities. Also, it is not safe. At the time, little did I know that I actually ran a high risk of blowing my Grandpa’s shop to smithereens, considering my still had several leaks and was slowly filling the shop with alcohol vapors during the process. Daryl Hannah, like all liberals, is an idiot. Is she even “still” good looking these days….

  10. Michael Eden Says:


    Daryl Hannah – the actress who got famous by being a mermaid in “Splash” – doesn’t live in reality?

    You crushed me, FMC. My whole little world is just shattered now.

    Now when you talk about having leaks and slowly filling rooms up with alcohol vapors, you were talking about your still and not Daryl Hannah’s head, I saw.

    I suppose a leak in a liberal’s head would smell a great deal more like methane vapors than alcohol vapors…

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