Will The ACLU And Liberals Come After Louisville For The Crime Of Praying When Kevin Ware Lay On The Court With His Shattered Leg?

Many of you saw the crime being committed on national television.

The crime happened during the NCAA basketball tournament game between Louisville and Duke.  A player named Kevin Ware, Jr. sustained a gruesome compound fracture of his tibia.  The bone was sticking six inches out of his leg.

That’s when the crime occurred:

The past 24 hours, Ware said, were mostly a blur. When he suffered the injury in the first half of the Duke game, planting awkwardly on his right leg as it snapped like a toothpick, he thought he had just sprained his ankle.

Then he saw the look of horror in Cardinals coach Rick Pitino’s eyes. Then he looked at his leg and saw the chunk of bone that had punctured his skin. Then he immediately went into shock. Ware Sr., watching from New York, said he thought he was going to have a heart attack in his home.

Ware Jr. remembered Louisville forward Luke Hancock coming over and comforting him. He remembered Hancock saying a prayer, a powerful moment in a suddenly silent arena.

“And that made me just go into Kevin mode,” Ware said. “I just told Luke, ‘I’m good. Just win this game.’ I just kept repeating that. I got louder and louder and Russ was there and I’m pulling their jerseys, trying to get in their face like, ‘Ya’ll got to win this game.’ When they took me off the court, I heard so many cheers, and I’m like ‘When I’m out of surgery, there’s gonna be some good news.”

How could that villain Luke Hancock do such an evil thing.  He prayed!  At a college activity!  Surely state funds were involved somehow!

If you didn’t already think Luke Hancock was evil enough for praying, this ought to cinch it for you: he’s white.  And therefore a bigoted, intolerant racist by definition.

Who shall right this incredible evil?

Who will save America from God and the religious intolerance of people who see suffering and pray for those in need?  Who will stop these white people from intolerantly inflicting their religion on others?

In God damn America, a country in which public schools are literally criminalizing the word “Easter,” that is where we are clearly heading.  And one morning we’ll wake up and be there.

But not yet.  We still have a little more time before the Antichrist comes.

I congratulate Kevin Ware for his testimony of how powerfully a teammate’s prayer affected him and encouraged him.  And I congratulate Luke Hancock for being a man of prayer at a moment when prayer was desperately needed.

God bless those who bless the Lord when the forces of fascist intolerance are going stronger and stronger and stronger in their rabid determination to criminalize Christianity.

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5 Responses to “Will The ACLU And Liberals Come After Louisville For The Crime Of Praying When Kevin Ware Lay On The Court With His Shattered Leg?”

  1. Anna Bennett Says:

    You know I’m thinking that just maybe the ACLU And Liberals should not have been there in the first place..

    After all they know that sooner or later there will be prayers said.

    Do they think that they can stop the National Anthem at Baseball & Football Games? I think not.

  2. Truth Unites... and Divdes Says:

    It’s not okay to open a city council meeting in prayer.

    P.s. any posts coming about bankruptcy in Stockton and San Bernardino?

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    It’s not okay to open a city council meeting in prayer.

    P.s. any posts coming about bankruptcy in Stockton and San Bernardino?

    Truth Unites… and Divdes,

    All I can say right now is that I doubt those bankruptcy proceedings were opened in prayer, either.

    It is amazing. Europe used to be the most religious – and most powerful – continent on earth. They abandoned God, and in doing so they have abandoned the success and power they used to have. The sun never set on the British Empire when that empire was a Christian one. But now they are a pathetic weak joke in virtually every respect. The sun set on them when they abandoned God.

    Now we’ve done it, too. And we desire nothing more than to become like the nations whom God has fled from. And share in their failures as well as their socialism.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    The ACLU has two goals. The first, expressed in the founder of the ACLU’s own words, “is communism.”

    The second is to purge God from America.

    Both actually are the same goal, of course. Because “communism” is “state atheism.”

    The ACLU has been working hard to do the very thing you said since their beginning. And one day they will succeed.

  5. Anna Bennett Says:

    Prayer at Sports events of any type has nothing to do with city council meetings & visa verse.

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