Train Wreck Time Coming: Obama Is About To Do To America’s Education System What He Did To America’s Health Care System

Nancy Pelosi expressed the essence of ObamaCare marvelously when she said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.”

What was in it was an unmitigated disaster.  What was in it was the complete socialism of a system that was already reeling under the giant millstone of socialism.  What was in it was the mass retirement of physicians.  What was in it was the grand bait and switch as Obama decided that nurses and pharmacists and other lesser trained and less competent medical practitioners were every bit as competent to treat you as any highly skilled medical doctor.  What was in it was the robbery of $716 billion dollars from Medicare – which was already well on the way to bankruptcy.  What was in it was hell – the hell that the American people richly deserve for not only electing but foolishly re-electing this wicked man.

And what was in it, as a key Democrat Senator recently expressed, was “a huge train wreck coming down”:

“I am very concerned that not enough is being done so far—very concerned. When I’m home, small businesses have no idea what to do, what to expect, they don’t know what affordability rules are, they don’t know what penalties may apply…

A lot of people have no idea about all of this.… I just see a huge train wreck coming down, and you and I have discussed this many times and I don’t see any results yet.”  — Senator Max Baucus, Democrat

But allow me to quote Obama’s failed Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton (who was speaking about the Obama administration refusing to accept responsibility for any of the lies it directed its underlings to tell the American people when it was attempting to cover up the Benghazi fiasco before the election):

“What difference at this point does it make?”

I loved Rush Limbaugh suggesting that as the title of Hillary’s new book to correspond with her run for president in 2016 so she could complete the destruction of America just in case Obama isn’t able to pull it off.

And of course, it doesn’t make any difference if ObamaCare results in the deaths of millions of Americans any more than it didn’t make any difference that Obama callously allowed the first U.S. Ambassador since the failed Carter years to be murdered under his own failed leadership.

While Obama tries to hamstring America’s ability to defend itself, he has the confidence of knowing that he was the greatest and most powerful propaganda arsenal ever assembled.  He knows that the mainstream media will tell any lie and ignore any fact in order to defend their messiah and undermine their political enemies (otherwise known as “Republicans”).

He knows that he can lie over and over and over again and never be held accountable.

And so Obama knows that, in his “fundamental transformation of America” from a successful nation to a third world Marxist banana republic, he was to throw his monkey wrenches into far more than just the health care system.

Read what Obama has done to ruin America’s public education system (even more than liberals had already ruined it).  And I want you to note that the description of the coming train wreck that Obama will create for our education system comes from one of the most liberal editorial boards in the entire nation:

A curriculum crunch for California
The new Common Core State Standards are supposed to be implemented in schools in 2014. But the state is far from ready.
April 22, 2013|By The Times editorial board

While education reformers in Sacramento continue to obsess about how easy it should be to fire teachers and how important tests should be in evaluating their performance, almost no one is talking about the central issue of what students are supposed to be learning in the near future.

A sea change is coming to schools in California, one of the 45 states that have adopted what are known as the Common Core State Standards. The idea of the new standards is to bring some consistency to education from state to state, and to better prepare students for the work they’ll be expected to do in college and their jobs. Though the Obama administration couldn’t legally force new standards on states, it threatened to deny grant money under the federal Race to the Top program if they didn’t create and adopt common standards.

The standards are designed to push students to deeper levels of understanding and analysis. They call on teachers to cover fewer topics but to delve into each more thoroughly, and they discourage rote learning in favor of fuller understanding of the material. In math, for example, it might be less important for students to give the correct answer to a problem than to be able to describe the best process for reaching the solution. In California, the curriculum standards and the new tests that go with them are supposed to be implemented in the 2014-15 school year.

That’s soon, and at the rate California is going, it won’t be ready. The core curriculum standards lay out extensive guidelines about the knowledge and skills that students should master in each grade of public school, in both reading and math. But there are many complicated steps involved in turning those guidelines into a day-to-day educational plan for California schools, and the state isn’t even close to halfway through them. It hasn’t figured out how to go about training teachers, and won’t begin to adopt new textbooks — a slow and politically rancorous process — for at least two years.

What’s more, common core is expensive, requiring extensive new training for teachers, new textbooks and computers on which the new tests must be taken. It’s unclear where the state will find the money.

At the rate the state is going, teachers will end up being trained before the English curriculum is even in place, and instruction would start before the new textbooks are in anyone’s hands. Yet if the school reform movement has its way, teachers will be evaluated in part based on how well their students do on the very different standardized tests that go with the new curriculum. Reflecting the concern that teachers throughout the state have been expressing, one California teacher recently tweeted that within a couple of years, “we start testing on standards we’re not teaching with curriculum we don’t have on computers that don’t exist.”

Teachers justifiably fret that they’re being set up for failure. Schools worry about finding the money to make all this happen.

The situation led Arun Ramanathan, director of the reform organization Education Trust-West, to write a recent commentary for an education website saying: “Is this the best time for reformers to focus so much attention in Sacramento on teacher evaluation legislation incorporating student growth? Or should we be working to focus policymakers on the investments necessary to prepare all teachers to successfully teach the new standards in order to accelerate student growth?” Considering that one of Education Trust-West’s major objectives has been to include test scores in teacher evaluations, these are remarkable — and crucially important — questions.

Experts are divided over the value of the new curriculum standards, which might or might not lead students to the deeper reading, reasoning and writing skills that were intended. But on this much they agree: The curriculum will fail if it isn’t carefully implemented with meaningful tests that are aligned with what the students are supposed to learn. Legislators and education leaders should be putting more emphasis on helping teachers get ready for common core and giving them a significant voice in how it is implemented. And if the state can’t get the right elements in place to do that by 2014, it would be better off delaying the new curriculum a couple of years and doing it right, rather than allowing common core to become yet another educational flash in the pan that never lives up to its promise.

Education is health care, part deux.  Obama is destroying America, entire institutions at a time.

Obama has destroyed America’s economy: thanks to him, we now have the lowest labor participation rate in more than 34 years (again, since the failed Carter years):

And Obama has given us a labor participation rate that is so completely godawful that if we used the same labor participation rate as that which Bush handed over to Obama, unemployment would be measured at about 14% right now.

The labor participation rate measures the percentage of working-age Americans who are employed. And there is no question when one considers it that Obama has destroyed the American job engine (that existed in the private sector until he killed it) with his socialism, his big government crony capitalist fascist state, his war on business.

Again, I talked about that when I pleaded with the American people to NOT choose stupidity and suicide in the 2012 election:

In 2010 – and this was AFTER we supposedly were out of the recession in Obama’s “wreckovery” – the labor participation rate was 64.5%, which was at a 25-year low (i.e., lower than it had EVER been under Bush).

In 2011, the labor participation rate dropped to 63.9%, the lowest level in 27 years.

Last year in 2012 under Obama’s failed policies it fell to the lowest level in 30 years.

And here we are today. You’ve got to go back to the dismal failure of the Carter era in the late 1970s to get such an awful participation rate. It’s now the worst its been in 34 years.

Stupid people can’t see it, I know, but THERE’S A REALLY BAD TREND going on under this demonic administration.

The fact of the matter is that Obama has cursed America with the lowest labor participation rate in American history – because in the 1970s, the labor force largely consisted of men with women largely running the households and raising the next generation.  It is actually FAR worse than it was in 1979.

Obama doesn’t need intelligent, educated children.  The only way he would need that would be if he were creating jobs for those children to fill.  Instead, what Obama needs is more welfare dependency.  Because the more America is dependent on the State, the more it will vote for Obama and traitors like him.

We need to be even MORE stupid to keep voting for the hell that we’ve voted for over the last two presidential elections.  And Obama is delivering on that vapid stupidity by destroying what little “edukashun” that liberal teachers unions and Democrats hadn’t already ruined.

The beast is coming.  And the same Democrats who have worshiped Obama will worship the Antichrist and take the mark of the final big-government liberal who will complete the State’s takeover of the economy.  Only the most wicked and most ignorant generation in history would vote for such a thing.  Which is why we need these liberal education “reforms.”

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    Train Wreck Time Coming: Obama Is About To Do To America’s Education System What He Did To America’s Health Care System

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    Thanks again in reblogging. I just want the truth out and I appreciate the work of all who help make that possible.

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    AKA John Galt,

    Thanks for your effort in reblogging. The more opportunities people have to encounter the truth, the better!

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks again for your work, genomega1.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    And thank you as well, Gunny G. The truth is all we’ve got.

  8. Dog Walker Says:

    Ack! disregard previous. I got the link wrong. Should be …

  9. Lynn Says:

    When will Americans finally “get” the FACT that BOTH SIDES ARE OWNED BY THE BANKSTERS/ILLUMINATI/ELITE????? Why the hell do they think “voting” for one man or the other makes any difference whatsoever???? “Voting” does nothing but encourage these evil bastards to continue their false charade of “democracy.” Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. The “people” don’t vote for a leader “of the people and by the people” if so, these elections wouldn’t be funded by the elite bankers and big corporations owned by the same evil group of 1 % who start and fund both sides of every war. I get so weary of hearing that our problems are because of “who voted for who”. Bull!! Our problems are SPIRITUAL. America is getting a boot on her a%# because America DESERVES it for sitting around watching LIES on TV all day and internet porn and all the other GARAGE and indignities they passively allow their “masters” in govt (supposed to be SERVANTS, remember??) to do to them without so much as a PEEP. NONE of the 2 party PLUTOCRATIC BANKER candidates should be “elected” by the people. These actors should have been IGNORNED TOTALLY while the people put their OWN leader in place and these others executed for TREASON. Remember the Declearation of Independence, anyone? But it’s much easier just to blame the DemonCons or Republocrats (left and right wing of the Beast).

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    When will Americans finally “get” the FACT that BOTH SIDES ARE OWNED BY THE BANKSTERS/ILLUMINATI/ELITE????? Why the hell do they think “voting” for one man or the other makes any difference whatsoever???? “Voting” does nothing but encourage these evil bastards to continue their false charade of “democracy.”


    You’re a little bit right but mostly wrong. You’re a little bit right in that both parties are clearly screwed up, driven by partisan ideology, and dominated by people who are playing a game with democracy. I’ll grant you that.

    But here’s where you’re flat-out wrong.

    Let’s take abortion: is it right or is it wrong? Or are you arguing that abortion is both equally right and equally wrong in the same way at the same time and in the same sense? But if abortion is right, then the Democrat Party is right and you should vote Democrat. And if abortion is wrong than you should vote Republican. There is absolutely ZERO question that one party has life in its platform and the other side has abortion death in its platform, or that one party is so much more pro-life than the other its not even funny.

    You can do the same thing with homosexual marriage. There is NO question that one party is shoving down our throats and the other party doesn’t want it. You could argue that Republicans are afraid of the mainstream media and fearful of the backlash of a wicked culture, but the Democrats are LEADING wicked culture and the GOP would resist it if it just had support from people like you who refuse to support them and leave them weakened.

    Take socialism and government totalitarian domination over our lives by taxes, bureaucracy and regulation. Are you for it or are you against it? Is more and bigger and more powerful human government a good thing or a bad thing? Your choice is crystal clear either way: if you love government and can’t wait to worship the beast, then please vote for hell and vote Democrat. If you think that people ought to have the freedom to live in a nation that our founding fathers said was to be a bastion of individual liberty, then you are equally compelled to vote Republican.

    Are the Republicans PERFECT in their resistance to socialism? No, but that is an impossible and irrational standard to take.

    You either vote for the most righteous party of your alternatives and then vote for the most righteous candidate of that party who can win, or you are part of the problem. Because YOU are allowing the Illuminati and the banks to take over faster by refusing to stand up and vote for the party and the candidates who would at least slow the national collapse down.

    But all this said, your comment is part of the thing I keep pointing out: conservatives are neither so good that the Lord will deliver us or so evil that the devil will deliver us. We’re in the Laodicean “lukewarm” mode. See this article and the comments, especially my attempt to better explain what I mean here. The left is fully rabid and fully evil. And it WANTS the beast and the mark of the beast. The right is largely living in fear and hesitating to do the right thing for fear of the consequences because while we don’t trust the devil like the left does, we sure don’t trust in God or His righteousness either.

    If we were either good or evil, we’d be succeeding far more than we are. But we’re “lukewarm Laodicean” as per Revelation chapter 3 and verse 16. And Jesus is spitting us out of God’s blessing where the Antichrist can own us.

    Conservatives today are too self-righteous to invoke the devil for their power (the way Obama’s guru Saul Alinsky outright did) but we’re not righteous enough to trust in God’s power.

    And so we’re just screwed and doomed.

    All that said, I’d still rather fight with the backslidden right than with the demonic left. And if you’re not fighting on one side or the other, you’re fighting with Satan for the demonic left. Because you COULD have fought for good; you just refused to participate because you had your snooty nose in the air when the battle was being fought and you decided you were too hoity-toity self-righteous to help in the fight when it actually MATTERED.

    But as I say that also keep this in mind: there is NO HUMAN BEING and there is NO HUMAN WISDOM and there is NO HUMAN IDEOLOGY that can save us. Only Jesus Christ, coming first for His people in the Rapture and ultimately in His position as King of kings and Lord of lords, can save the world now that it’s so irreparably broken.

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