Man-Caused Global Warming Alert: Giant Hurricane Discovered On Saturn (Good Thing Obama Gutted U.S. Space Program, Isn’t It?)

Well, Obama has brought me around to realize the error of my ways.

A couple of years ago I wrote a scathing article about how Obama has fundamentally gutted the American space program in his “fundamental transformation” of America into a third-world banana republic.  And I was particularly pissed off (please pardon my language, but I’m trying to accurately describe my state of mind at that time) over the political correctness of the gutting of the space program that America had taken so much pride in before Messiah Obama.

I now realize how wrong I was.

But look, for the official record, I wasn’t the only one to be angry and appalled.  The former astronauts who made the American space program the greatest in the world – household-name astronauts such as Neil Armstrong – were just as livid as I was:

Updated: 13 May 2010 12:54 | By
Ex-astronauts slam Obama space plan

The first man to walk on the moon has told senators that new plans by Barack Obama will cede America’s long-time space programme leadership to other nations.

Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan, the last astronaut on the moon, told a Senate Commerce Committee hearing that the US president’s plan to revamp the human space programme was short on ambition, including the decision to alter the Bush administration’s goal of establishing a permanent presence on the moon.

Mr Cernan said that he, Mr Armstrong and Apollo 13 commander James Lovell agreed that the administration’s budget for human space exploration “presents no challenges, has no focus, and in fact is a blueprint for a mission to ‘nowhere'”.

Mr Lovell, while not present at the hearing, issued a statement opposing Mr Obama’s Nasa budget.

[See also here]

So I’m in great company in my error.  Well, to the extent that Neil Armstrong isn’t disgraced for playing the role of Winston Smith vs. Big Brother in 1984.  I mean, look what happened to Winston.

But now we know why Obama’s magnificence is so magnificent.  And why the merely mortal such as myself and Neil Armstrong can only grovel at his feet.

Obama – as Messiah – knows what no merely mortal mind can know.  He knew that humans in space mean the pollution of space and the transportation of man-caused global warming to other worlds.

Are hurricanes caused by man-caused global warming?  Of course they are.  Just ask any liberal.  Ask Al Gore:

The images of Sandy’s flooding brought back memories of a similar—albeit smaller scale— event in Nashville just two years ago. There, unprecedented rainfall caused widespread flooding, wreaking havoc and submerging sections of my hometown. For me, the Nashville flood was a milestone. For many, Hurricane Sandy may prove to be a similar event: a time when the climate crisis—which is often sequestered to the far reaches of our everyday awareness became a reality.

While the storm that drenched Nashville was not a tropical cyclone like Hurricane Sandy, both storms were strengthened by the climate crisis. Scientists tell us that by continually dumping 90 million tons of global warming pollution into the atmosphere every single day, we are altering the environment in which all storms develop. As the oceans and atmosphere continue to warm, storms are becoming more energetic and powerful. Hurricane Sandy, and the Nashville flood, were reminders of just that. Other climate-related catastrophes around the world have carried the same message to hundreds of millions.

Okay.  So we have established fact here, don’t we?  Hurricanes are caused by man-caused global warming.  And bigger hurricanes are caused by more man-caused global warming.

So what do we make of a hurricane on Saturn that is TEN TIMES LARGER than any hurricane in the history of planet earth?

NASA’s Cassini probe discovers giant hurricane on Saturn
April 30, 2013
By: Matthew Reece

On Apr. 29, 2013, NASA announced that its Cassini probe had discovered an enormous hurricane in the atmosphere of Saturn. The hurricane is located at the north pole of Saturn, and has wind speeds of 530 kilometers per hour. Its eye wall is about 2,000 kilometers wide, nearly ten times larger than the eye walls of hurricanes on Earth. The large size of the hurricane is made possible in part by the fact that Saturn is just over nine times larger than Earth in diameter. A similar polar hurricane on Saturn’s south pole was spotted by Cassini in 2006.

“We did a double take when we saw this vortex because it looks so much like a hurricane on Earth,” said Andrew Ingersoll, a Cassini imaging team member at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. “But there it is at Saturn, on a much larger scale, and it is somehow getting by on the small amounts of water vapor in Saturn’s hydrogen atmosphere.”

Scientists hope that studying the hurricane will give insight into hurricanes on Earth. There are important differences between storms on Earth and storms on Saturn; for example, the Saturnian hurricane is locked into position over the planet’s north pole, while hurricanes on Earth tend to drift toward the poles, but never manage to get there. “The polar hurricane has nowhere else to go, and that’s likely why it’s stuck at the pole,” said Kunio Sayanagi, a Cassini imaging team associate at Hampton University in Hampton, Va. This suggests the possibility that at times in Earth’s past when the climate was warmer and more capable of producing strong hurricanes that long-lived polar storms could have developed on Earth.

Obama, in his sublime deity, knew this before the astrophysicists.  Those damn humans have already polluted Saturn – and we haven’t even BEEN there, yet.  Just imagine how big that damn hurricane would be if astronauts drove around in their giant NASA SUVs.

Oh, yes, the left rightly worships its Messiah:

Michelle Obama’s Speech: Red And Yellow Black And White, All Are Precious In Jesus-Obama’s Sight. Barry Loves The Little Tea Partiers Of The World.

Seriously: ‘I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Of The Obama States Of America, And To The Messiah For Which It Stands…’

More On Liberals Worshiping Their Messiah: David Axelrod Privately Calling Obama ‘Black Jesus’

Separation Of Church And State Only Applies To FALSE Gods: Valerie Jarrett Pimps Worship Of Messiah Obama The Savior At A Church

Liberals Glorify Their Messiah Obama By Defiling American Flag

Barack Obama Proclaimed As “The Messiah” – The Beast Is Coming

Obama’s Democratic Talking Points: Remind People I’m The Messiah

And Democrats don’t need the God of the Bible, having replaced Him with the greater and more magnificent Obama:

Demonic Bureaucrat Democrats Kick God Out Of Party Platform To Become Official Party Of God Damn America

Science should now be defined as that which agrees with and justifies Obama.  For Obama is the standard of all reality.

Well, either that, or these idiotic pompous fools are dragging America and anybody else dumbass enough to listen to them into dodo-bird extinction.

Because these liberal climate screamers are lunatic morons.  And the more degrees they write after their names, the more “lunatic-moron” they are for believing this idiocy.

I mean, again, you global warming buffoons who follow King Buffoon AlGore: what does that piece on Saturn’s hurricane say?

 “This suggests the possibility that at times in Earth’s past when the climate was warmer and more capable of producing strong hurricanes that long-lived polar storms could have developed on Earth.”

You know, remember back when there were no damn humans and earth was WARMER THAN IT IS NOW???  Remember that, you abject liberal dumbasses?

Which kind of points out that either actual science is bogus or every single liberal who ever lived ought to be sterilized lest they give birth and produce more of their pathologically stupid kind.

Once in a while the Obama “scientists” actually say something that reveals the truth.  Where does “climate change” come from – whether here, or on the damn planet SATURN, or any where else in our solar system where no human has ever been?  It comes from changes in the sun, rather than whatever the demon-possessed left says.

Jesus, the REAL Messiah, talked more about catastrophic climate change than ANYBODY.  He said it would happen just before the ultimate big government liberal – the beast – emerged to put the entire human race into the slavery of government tyranny.  But liberals, like their boss Satan, have made it their plan to hijack the Word of God and pervert it to their demonic ends.

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5 Responses to “Man-Caused Global Warming Alert: Giant Hurricane Discovered On Saturn (Good Thing Obama Gutted U.S. Space Program, Isn’t It?)”

  1. Dog Walker Says:

    Gotta love them environmentalists. Yeah, hey, help me coin a new word here. Enviro-fraud-alists… fraudamentalists.

    Quoting my sister, “I think in some places it is actually getting cooler and in some places it is getting warmer, so it is perfectly reasonable to speak in terms of climate change rather than global warming.”

    Nevermind that. It is anecdote time. Did I tell you about the time I worked a contract on an Air Force base for a few months?

    There was a civil servant there who claimed that she was allergic to the aromas in soap. Eh, the smell of soap.

    Of course since civil service or government employment is the land of special privilege, this public servant was able to impose the condition that no soap could be used in the building by the cleaning crew. Pretty weird eh?

    Anywhere else we would be all like “that sounds like a personal problem to me.”

    But government, that is all about accommodation of the ridiculous.

    Me, I never used to wear cologne or aftershave. Well, I developed a taste for the stuff back then. I used to slather it on.

    The cleaning crew of those days, they were um, developmentally challenged. They did all right with the cleaning considering the no soap challenge. What was weird about that whole scene was that these government types would hire the handicapped and then spend all of their “free time” patting themselves on the back for their magnificence.

    I don’t know, I am not introducing this right but it was like everyone had a problem that needed recognition. And that stuff of personal problem recognition was actually more important than the task at hand or the job.

    As weird as it got, this stuff of hiring the handicapped, we had a blind accountant! This is no kidding. I worked with him a bit. You guys that know your computers pretty well know what I am talking about. He would set the magnification on his monitor up to where he could see like 5 or 6 numbers. Everyone else is like looking at a spreadsheet. Imagine trying to draw a conclusion from a column of numbers when you can only see a portion of one number.


    But hey, when you are so magnificent as to accommodate the people who can’t really do the job because of a physical limitation, somehow the rest of the staff is able to slip and slide around as though the bar were measurably lower. A lot lower.

    In government, how perfect is that? A blind accountant and management that is able to pride themselves in hiring people who “can’t” do the job.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Quoting my sister, “I think in some places it is actually getting cooler and in some places it is getting warmer, so it is perfectly reasonable to speak in terms of climate change rather than global warming.”

    Dog Walker,

    I’m not the one who demagogued “global warming.” It was the left who popularized that phrase. And then they disingenuously altered it when the facts began to come in and document that “global warming” was simply bogus.

    “We spent ten years hyping ‘global warming’ but we really didn’t mean it. What we MEANT to hype was ‘climate change.'”

    I don’t doubt that filthy, vile liberals are allergic to something that would clean either their minds OR their bodies.

    We need to start demanding that Americans be forced to hire terrorists. After all, if we hired them, then Obama could close Gitmo like he wants to do so badly.

    THAT’S where this morally idiotic nation is going, after all.

  3. Dog Walker Says:

    Time on your hands?

  4. FMC Says:

    Caught part of Al Gore’s psychotic climate change rant today. Needless to say, I was laughing hysterically. He is the ultimate snake-oil salesman peddling his environmental insanity.

    In the real world, Russian scientist have recently been quoted as saying that the earth could be entering a cooling phase that could last 200-250 years. I wonder if that will somehow be made out to be man made. My hope is that someday, someday soon, Mr. Gore will end up in an insane asylum where he belongs. I can see him bound in a straight jacket, secluded away in a white room with no windows, ranting maniacally about some imminent man-caused apocalypse.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Russian scientists have recently been quoted as saying that the earth could be entering a cooling phase that could last 200-250 years. I wonder if that will somehow be made out to be man made.


    Given the FACT that we’ve already listened to the same “experts” – such as NASA’s leftist goon James Hanson – go from screeching about a man-caused ice age to screeching about man-caused warming, there is absolutely no reason that they wouldn’t have the balls to go back to screeching about the “man’caused” ice age again.

    Liberals are people without integrity, or decency or honor. They are utterly wicked people. And wicked people prefer lies. So when liberals get caught in a lie, it never hurts them. They just start telling another lie knowing that the wicked people who now make up the majority in this country will continue to prefer lies to the truth.

    The same rule applies to ObamaCare. Republicans are licking their chops at the mega-demonic disaster this ObamaCare hell will surely be. But they’re wrong. Because no matter how bad it gets, bad people still prefer lies. And Democrats will just start telling new lies and offer something even WORSE to “fix” ObamaCare. Ultimately America will collapse under the weight of Democrat socialism and the panicked (and did I mention wicked?) American people will demand the government take care of them. That was uber-liberals’ idea dating all the way back to the 1960s. They KNOW what they are doing will collapse America and they WANT that collapse because they know that as a result of it they will get the communist Utopia they always dreamed about.

    That’s the situation we face in “God damn America.”

    The beast is coming. And Democrats will worship him and take his mark on their right hands or on their foreheads.

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