Saul Alinsky Was RIGHT In The Liberal’s Book He Dedicated To Lucifer: Christians Need To Start Living Up To The Book Of Rules

I was working out in my gym training legs.  I noted that the hack squat machine was in use, so I went over to the squat rack.  I did five good, hard sets.  During that time, the guy on the hack squat machine had done maybe ONE set because he was so occupied with his cell phone and his texting.  Right next to a sign that reads, “Cell phone use is prohibited while using equipment.”

Well, I wanted to use that hack squat machine, but the rude dude was still wasting his time on it.  So I went to the seated calf machine and did six good, hard sets of calves.

You guessed it: when I was done with that piece of equipment, the rude dude was still wasting his – and worse yet MY – time on the hack squat machine.

So I went over to the leg press machine right next to the hack squat machine.  And I was mostly done with the five sets on that before Mr. Cell Phone finally left.

Because I was right next to the hack squat machine, I was able to readily note two other facts: he didn’t re-rack his weight – in spite of the fact that he was literally “exercising” directly under a giant banner with two foot high letters that read, “Re-Rack Your Weight”; and he didn’t wipe down the machine after using it in spite of the sign right next to the banner that read, “Wipe down your equipment after use.”

Basically, there was no possible way this guy could have been more rude or more discourteous.

Well, here’s the rub: this guy, Mr. Cell Phone, is, rather amazingly, a “pastor.”  His church is virtually right next door to the gym.

I thought about confronting him for his unbelievable rudeness, but he’s a black guy.  And you know how THAT tends to go now that Obama has healed the racial divide.

The Bible tells Christians to confront brothers who are acting shamefully.  But tragically, in these slimes that are the times, it’s seriously risky to dare to treat certain people like “brothers.”  And I didn’t want to be the source of a rift – no matter how right I would have been – that very likely would have degenerated into a charge of “racism.”

All I can tell you is that man publicly shamed the name of Jesus Christ.  And it doesn’t really matter what color this “reverend’s” skin is when he acts like that man acted.  At least, not to me.

I wear a Cross or a Star of David every time I work out – and frankly virtually every time I appear in public.  There have been more than a few times that I’ve thought about saying or doing something and changed my mind because of the symbols I was wearing around my neck.

So I don’t even BRING my phone into the gym; I ALWAYS re-rack my weight every time I use a piece of equipment; and I wipe down the equipment I’m using TWICE – once before I use it (because there are a lot of rude people like Reverend Cell Phone) and once again after I’m finished.

I try to publicly live up to that cross – even though I have to confess that I’m not thinking very nice thoughts about the incredibly rude and ungracious people all around me.

When I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I very quickly quit smoking.  Why?  Because I thought of the image of myself trying to tell somebody about how Jesus Christ changed my life with a stinking cigarette hanging out of my tobacco-stained teeth, and it was enough of a visceral disconnect that I knew what I had to do.

More recently, I’ve lost over seventy pounds over the last 11 months.  And one of the driving forces to my success was the fact that I am named “Michael” and it was time to start LOOKING like the archangel I was named after.  Because in this postmodern, secular humanist culture that Hollywood liberalism has bequeathed us with, how you look very often determines more than anything else how people perceive you.  And I recognized that it was time for me in these last days before the Antichrist that it was long-past time for me to shape up in every way I could.

But all that said, it’s time for me to have my own mea culpa: I have too often resorted to name-calling in my articles and in my responses (to hateful comments).  And I was wrong to do that.

Anyone who has read much of what I’ve written has likely come upon terminology such as “turds” and “cockroaches” in my descriptions of the left.  I’ve been called much, MUCH worse myself – usually before my own use of such terms – but that doesn’t justify my behavior.

I’ve also been guilty of calling liberals “idiots” or “stupid.”  And while it is true that many liberals ARE ignorant and frankly stupid people, it is also quite true that some of the most brilliant minds routinely believe the most stupid things, such that George Orwell pointed out that “There are some ideas so absurd that only an ‘intellectual’ could believe them,” because no ordinary man was capable of being such a fool.  And thus it is not always easy to tell whether you are talking to a “stupid idiot” or a “brilliant idiot.”

I won’t call liberals “stupid” anymore because they may be very intelligent people who are merely a) evil and b) deluded.  Which is to say they might be very brilliant moral idiots – but not “stupid.”

Saul Alinsky – in his “Rules for Radicals” (which was dedicated to Satan and which Obama once taught in his days as a community organizer) has one rule in particular that liberals have loved to apply to me:

Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

I’ve had many liberals follow up on my response to hateful comments by liberals such as this one – “You are such a moron. I cannot waste anymore of my time talking to someone who is lost in an alternate universe. I only hope that you get hit by a truck or die a horrible death. You are an enemy of America scumbag. THATS A FACT” – by attacking me as a terrible Christian in my response.

I’ve noted to these liberals who follow the crash and then pile on:

It’s kind of strange.  I wrote an article never ONCE hoping anybody got hit by a truck or died a horrible death.  I never degenerated into that level of viciousness.  And nobody else did either.  Because that level of pure hate doesn’t happen UNTIL THE LIBERALS SHOW UP.

Here’s the liberal game plan for those who haven’t learned it.  Liberal A comes along and just viciously personally attacks the conservative.  Often they show up in rabid packs and just dump hate on the Republican.  And then, when the conservative responds with anger of his own, well, that’s when liberals like YOU show up.  The sanctimonious, self-righteous ones who pointedly ignore the hate that their own side just dished out and instead personally denounce the “hate” of the conservative.  That hateful, divisive conservative shouldn’t have responded angrily to all that liberal hate.  It’s wrong.  It’s evil, even.  And that sanctimonious, self-righteous liberal often proceeds to then attack the Republican’s Christianity.  Which is of course an even MORE hateful attack than the liberal haters that got the conservative to respond with anger, of course, but what does that matter?

And if you were to keep reading Saul Alinsky’s book where he gives his rule to “make opponents live up to their own book of rules”, you find that this leftist who called upon his fellow liberals to demonize others as evil really couldn’t have cared LESS about morality applied to himself or his liberal movement:

The most unethical of all means is the non-use of any means. It is this species  of man who so vehemently and militantly participated in that clasically  idealistic debate at the old League of Nations on the ethical differences  between defensive and offensive weapons. Their fears of action drive them to  refuge in an ethics so divorced for the politics of life that it can apply only  to angels, not men. — P.26

One’s concern with the ethics of means and ends varies inversely with one’s  personal interest in the issue. — P.26

The fifth rules of the ethics of means and ends is that concern with ethics  increases with the number of means available and vice versa. To the man of  action the first criterion in determining which means to employ is to assess  what means are available. Reviewing and selecting available means is done on a  straight utilitarian basis — will it work? Moral questions may enter when one  chooses among equally effective alternate means. — P.32

The seventh rule of ethics and means and ends is that generally success or  failure is a mighty determinant of ethics. The judgment of history leans heavily  on the outcome of success and failure; it spells the difference between the  traitor and the patriotic hero. There can be no such thing as a successful  traitor, for if one succeeds he becomes a founding father. P.34

The ninth rule of the ethics of means and ends is that any effective means is  automatically judged by the opposition as being unethical. — P.35

The tenth rule of the ethics of rules and means is that you do what you can with  what you have and clothe it in moral arguments. …the essence of Lenin’s speeches  during this period was “They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and  for reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns then it will be  through the bullet.” And it was. — P.36-37

Eight months after securing independence (from the British), the Indian National  Congress outlawed passive resistance and made it a crime. It was one thing for  them to use the means of passive resistance against the previous Haves, but now  in power they were going to ensure that this means would not be used against  them. — P.43

All effective actions require the passport of morality. — P.44

And just to ensure that any true morality NOT be pursued by the left, Alinsky wrote:

With very rare exceptions, the right things are done for the wrong reasons. It  is futile to demand that men do the right thing for the right reason — this is a  fight with a windmill. — P.76

So, the bottom line is that liberals acknowledge that they HAVE no “book of rules,” no true morality, and that “morality” for them is “a means to an end” to be invented and reinvented as it suits them in order to attack their enemies.  “Morality” and the Word of God become nothing more than a tool for hypocrites to attack those who actually TRY to follow morality and the Word of God.

That’s just a fact.

But you know what?  It doesn’t matter.  Because, as Saul Alinsky points out, unlike liberals, unlike secular humanists, yes, unlike Democrats, we DO have a “book of rules” that should be our guide to live by.  Unlike the Lucifer-Loving Left, we actually BELIEVE in morality and strive to be moral, decent people.

As I reflected upon the absolutely despicable example of “Reverend Cell Phone,” I had to face up to my own “issues.”  And yes, I tend to get very angry with hypocrites and slanderers who constantly hurt others with vile policies that they then want to exempt themselves from.  And just as one of MANY examples are the Democrat politicians and their staffs, the labor unions, the IRS workers, who – after fighting to impose ObamaCare on everyone else – now fight even harder to exempt themselves from what they just inflicted on everybody else.  I knew that this demonic piece of horror would hurt people.  And, yes, I am beyond LIVID that the very people who imposed this demon-possessed evil on everyone else would say, “Good enough to force on thee, but not good enough for me.”

I am angry at the people who are working so hard to do so much evil, who want to bring the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast upon the rest of us.

And in my anger, I sinned.  And I fell prey to the trap of the rules for radicals devoted to Satan.

I’m going to try from now on not to do that.  I’m going to try very hard to – unlike liberals, unlike secular humanists, unlike Democrats – to actually LIVE UP TO THE BOOK OF RULES.

The Bible says in Ephesians 4:26, “Be angry, yet do not sin.”  We’re not told NOT to be angry.  We’re told that JESUS was angry (Mark 3:5).  And anger can be positive when it is harnessed and controlled in righteousness.  Anger is a “stimulant” that can get you off your rear end DOING something rather than standing idly by gaping while terrible things are happening all around you.  But you can’t allow anger to master you even while hypocrites are actively trying to bait you into it.

I’m going to quit my name calling, even when I’m called so many names.

But I’m going to replace name-calling with HONEST and ACCURATE DESCRIPTIONS of the people who are doing so much evil in these last days before the beast comes.

To wit, I’m no longer going to label Democrats and liberals as “turds” or “cockroaches.”  Because, very technically speaking, these people are neither insects nor are they composed entirely of fecal matter.  Rather, I’m going to call them what they truly technically ARE: government worshiping baby killing marriage-and-family murdering sodomy-lovers.  Because that is simply a fact.

I’m going to stop resorting to name-calling and start using the actual TRUTH to fight for the truth.

When you call somebody a name like a “turd” or a “cockroach,” you are no longer operating on factual grounds.  A liberal can respond, “I am not a turd.  I am not a cockroach.  You’re a liar and you’re hateful.”  But when you simply call these people what they truly ARE – and that is WORSE and more shameful than ANY name you can call them – well, they can call you “hateful” all day long, but that is only because they are people who find “truth” as “hateful.”  But given the facts that they ARE for government that replaces God; that they ARE for the continued holocaust of babies that has murdered more than 55 million children so far; that they ARE for a radical redefinition of marriage and family that has progressively eroded and undermined both marriage and the family; and that they ARE for homosexual sodomy along with numerous other perversions that are specifically condemned as “ABOMINATIONS” by the Word of God that Saul Alinsky wants us to follow, well, they can hardly call me a liar.

There’s a tactical aspect to this decision as well.  I’ll get one liberal who uses all kinds of terrible names on me and just dumps hate on me – literally wishing my death.  And I respond with my own anger.  Then comes the next liberal who is just shocked and appalled that any human being on earth could be so “hateful” as a conservative – conveniently (of course hypocritically) overlooking the liberals who wrote far uglier things.  And of course, given that this second attack from the liberals doesn’t employ such labels as “turd” or “cockroach,” they assign themselves the moral high ground when they call me “hateful.”

So on the one hand I am a) going to start trying to follow what the Bible teaches on hate and anger and b) just not give liberals an easy way to attack me literally about my religion (mind you, it would be a TERRIBLE thing according to secular humanist political correctness for me to attack someone of a different religion qua religion).  It’s never wrong when they do it; it’s always wrong when I do what they do.  But that doesn’t matter, because what matters is that I WILL TRY TO LIVE UP TO MY BOOK OF RULES.  The fact that liberals don’t HAVE a “book of rules” and the fact that they are hypocrites is immaterial.

Jesus famously guaranteed to His disciples that the world would hate them because they hated Jesus first (Matthew 10:22 cf. John 15:18).  And why does the world hate Jesus so?  Because (as Del Tackett so brilliantly pointed out in the Truth Project), Jesus came to testify to the Truth.  And that everyone – and only those – who would be on the side of truth would listen to Jesus (John 18:37).  And what is the truth about these people who hate us?   Their deeds are evil (John 3:19) and the truth is not in them (1 John 2:4).

Liberals can slander me any way they want to.  I don’t follow them.  They can label me as a “hater” because I declare the truth about them and they hate the truth.  And they hate the truth because they are children of the devil and enemies of everything that is right (Acts 13:10).

I’m going to declare the truth and ONLY declare the truth, and let the truth be my defense.  Which is why in hindsight I realized I should have got in that bogus pastor’s face and pointed out how incredibly rude he’d just been and what a lousy example of a Christian – let ALONE a “pastor” – he was and called upon him to either live like a Christian or at least to stop calling himself one.

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12 Responses to “Saul Alinsky Was RIGHT In The Liberal’s Book He Dedicated To Lucifer: Christians Need To Start Living Up To The Book Of Rules”

  1. American Patriot Says:

    And the moral here is simple…. fight fire with fire. Be as rude as you can when you can to rude people.

    I’m serious. Don’t take any guff off these Libtards, get right back in their faces, call them the same names… in fact, PARROT them precisely and you will see them break out in a sweat without the work out.


  2. Michael Eden Says:

    American Patriot,

    As Bill Clinton once famously (though mind you, hypocritically) said: “I feel your pain.”

    In terms of pure tactics, you fight fire with fire. If the Germans use poison gas and start carpet bombing civilian population centers, well, you do it right back. And at least in part the moral reasoning is simple: if we fight fire with fire, maybe the enemy will call a true on their fire in order to avoid your fire.

    The problem with that, ultimately, is that liberals are not reasonable or moral people. Name-calling energizes them. It’s the ground they love to walk on more than anything else.

    The other problem is that Christians really don’t have that option to think purely in terms of “tactics.” We’ve got to think in terms of what Jesus taught and commanded, and live and act the way He lived and acted.

    I’m not going to tell anybody to stop doing anything, but as for me, I’m truly going to commit to NOT acting like a liberal and instead start trying to act like the One I follow.

    Hopefully I can still do a little bit of fighting, because the truth is a powerful weapon.

  3. American Patriot Says:

    Truth IS the best weapon and never lowering yourself to the level of the enemy (who is generally an idiot and will simply beat you with experience /grin) is indeed the correct way to “fight”. But that’s a fair fight.

    I grew up in a place that is now bankrupt and abandoned, I fought every time I turned around – and I learned you don’t fight fair or you will lose.

    While I agree with your principles and indeed they were mine as well, I disagree that we must follow the rules. They Liberals do not follow the rules. They break them all – and in their case it is an end which justifies the means.

    In our case using the truth works – but only if anyone LISTENS to it. The fact is, few do. They get an idea in their minds and that’s where they stick, so all the lies told over and over are what kills Conservatism, Christianity and simple, morality.

    In this life we have one shot at it, and my shot is nearly spent. I’ve fought for this nation, for right against wrong and have found the country lacking. We have allowed this country to fall because we were lazy, stupid and allowed the other side to browbeat us into submission.

    Once the chains are on, they are difficult to remove and most Americans are already in chains. We can’t win this war by being “nice” any longer.

    The time has come to use that Bible to beat the living CRAP out of them.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I grew up in a place that is now bankrupt and abandoned, I fought every time I turned around – and I learned you don’t fight fair or you will lose.

    American Patriot,

    As a former fighter myself, I cannot disagree with you. The guy who always honorably waits until the other gunfighter draws and shoots probably won’t have a very long career as a gunfighter.

    But Jesus told us over and over again, “Don’t be like the world. Don’t act the way the world acts.”

    There’s a rather terrifying passage in the Book of Revelation. It says:

    Anyone who is destined for prison will be taken to prison. Anyone destined to die by the sword will die by the sword. This means that God’s holy people must endure persecution patiently and remain faithful. — Rev 13:10

    In other words, these Christians won’t resist. They won’t fight back. They’ll meekly go to prison and they will meekly go to their deaths. And that is literally what God will call upon them to do.

    I don’t want to be there when that day comes, and I don’t believe I will be. I will be raptured before the big government liberal Antichrist beast takes over and imposes his ObamaCare on steroids in the form of the Mark of the Beast.

    I understand how you feel. Because I’ve spent most of my blogging (after being pushed into it by all the vile crap I took from liberals) feeling very much the same way.

    The problem with that is that, again, the Bible just doesn’t give you that right to fight fire with fire and trade insult for insult. There’s just too many examples of “turn the other cheek” stuff to shake a stick at.

    Ultimately, I’m not going to go to your blog and criticize you for being “hateful” et al. I’m not even going to do it here. I think that this is up to where you are in your own conscience. And, frankly, given my own rather extensive use of “fighting fire with fire,” I don’t even feel I’ve got the right to confront anyone else on that issue.

    But in my own conscience, I am going to try very hard not to resort to name calling beyond simply telling the TRUTH. These people aren’t “cockroaches” because they aren’t actual insects; they aren’t “turds” because they are not literally composed entirely of fecal matter; they aren’t idiots because some of them could at least possibly be intellectually very intelligent. But they ARE murderers because they have murdered going on 60 million innocent babies. They ARE sodomy-lovers and lovers of perversion because of their views on homosexuality and the sexual degeneration of society. They ARE liars. They ARE “moral idiots” because no matter how smart they are or think they are, they believe utter crap. I’m just going to tell it like it is – as I can literally technically PROVE that it is – and allow the truth to be my sword and my shield.

    I’m not going to try to defend one part of the Bible while refusing to uphold another part. But that said, I’m going to rightly and truthfully call them what they ARE. And that is more than harsh enough. The truth is a very ugly thing when it is used to accurately describe ugly people.

    It’s not easy to be a Christian ANYWHERE. Most of all, it’s not easy to be a Christian in the blog wars where liberals will often gang-attack you like hyenas and literally try to eat you alive.

    But my own conscience is telling me that this is the way, walk in it. I’ve had that sense before and allowed myself to be dragged back into negative name-calling. And I’m resolving in my own and for my own part not to do that anymore.

  5. American Patriot Says:

    You have my respect, and you’d have my sword were it required of me. I will not let my country die, because I will die first defending it. I am not hateful of anyone, but I pity most here in the US now. Best wishes!

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    American Patriot,

    And you’ve got mine.

    I don’t intend to go the way of pacifists. I have every intention of continuing to fight the battle. I’ll call liars “liars” and murderers “murderers” and hypocrites “hypocrites.” I just won’t call them things like “turds” and “cockroaches” because at least in the most technical sense, I can’t prove that Obama (as an example) or whatever liberal is commenting to my articles is either composed entirely of feces or that he or she is actually an insect. I’m just going to go into battle armed with the truth, and let the truth do my fighting.

    I honor you for your willingness to fight when so many others passively sit by and watch their nation bleed out from a thousand wounds.

  7. Dog Walker Says:

    I hate Democrats. I think it says in the Bible somewhere to “speak the truth in love.” In my case the truth is I am all out of love. Sometimes I disqualify myself from being Christian because I just don’t satisfy all that many of the criteria. Then sometimes I think that all I have to do is “believe.” I leave the loving the unlovely part up to God. I don’t get along with people all that well anymore, even Republicans. Good thing I ain’t a single man, I’d be hard pressed in finding a woman. Good thing I ain’t broke, cuz I am hard pressed finding a job. My wife says if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. Well I don’t go to church anymore, I just ain’t one of them nice guys. I disassociated with all of my old acquaintances that are Democrats, some family as well. Democrats are morphing into Communists. This country used to do war against Communism or the spread of. Now we celebrate and endorse every perversion … and Communism.

  8. Dog Walker Says:

  9. margarita Says:

    I’m with Michael. You can be honest and speak your mind. Jesus never tip-toed around the pharisees and the tax collectors. He spoke His mind frankly and honestly without apology. If our motives are to further His cause and Word and speak truth, I believe it can be done without sinning. Now, if our motives are just to insult the ever living crap out of someone, then He may not see that very favorably. I also firmly stand by our responsibility to not dishonor Him or His name by behaving in a manner that would shame His Church. I’m happy that you’ve taken the higher road Michael! :D It’s a much much tougher road and turning the other cheek is so hard to do, but you will be rewarded believe me!

  10. Michael Eden Says:


    And I’m happy that you’re happy, because you seem to have a righteous soul.

    I’ll explain what led to this “editorial decision” to stop all “name-calling” and simply state the facts and the truth a little better to you.

    When I saw that “reverend” at my gym behave the way he did, my immediate instinct was not to “write it up” on this forum. But as I thought about his “example,” it occurred to me that were I to write a piece about Christians’ need to ACT like Christians, that some liberal would post some of my prior tits-for-tat as a “proof” that I was a phony Christian (much the same way that all the scandals plaguing Obama are “phony scandals”).

    And to some extent, I stood convicted in my own conscience – because while the Bible tells us to declare the TRUTH it doesn’t allow us and even outright forbids us from ugly name-calling directed at other human beings. But there was also a tactical realization that entered in: to just take away my name-calling and thereby take away those grounds from liberals to undermine my credibility. I described how the game works with the liberals: how a) Saul Alinsky told liberals to force their enemies to live up to their book of rules (the Bible) even though the LIBERALS would never bother to do so; how b) vicious liberals would routinely come to conservative blogs and blast away with ugly words and uglier names; and how c) self-righteous liberals would follow in later and stare horrified at the conservative’s responses even while wearing blinders to his/her fellow liberal’s comments. But I realized that arguing with liberals is rather like dealing with a raging fire: you can’t give them any fuel.

    Liberals are incapable of acting morally; they are capable only of denouncing their enemies when they don’t follow their “book of rules.”

    And it turns out that that’s the ONLY sphere where they can turn out to be correct.

    The bottom line is that it is NOT about liberals or even about politics; it’s about us as followers of Jesus Christ and it’s about the Jesus whom we follow. We need to follow Him His way and not allow ourselves to take lower roads into vulgar tactics no matter how logical those roads might seem to pursue in the midst of the bitter war we are in for the soul of this nation.

    We are in the last days. I have an increasingly urgent sense of that. I have had it increasingly upon my heart to ACT like the Rapture was going to happen imminently. Because it will happen at any time now.

    And so, while I intend to remain armed with the TRUTH – and the TRUTH is plenty mean indeed when it is directed toward evil people – I am going to start refusing to go down the low road of vulgarity and instead keep my focus ON the truth. Which means that I intend to keep calling liberals out, but I will devote myself to calling them out by the FACTS rather than by stupid names.

    Thanks for the good words, Margarita!

  11. margarita Says:

    I’ve always been amazed that the tax collectors would invite Jesus to dinner, and while they were yet eating, he would be telling them off! John the Baptist would be calling them a broad of vipers as they were coming to be baptized by him! The Word of God is a double edged sword. I’ve always said that you not only have the intelligence but the knowledge to back up your claims. Anyone that calls a person the B word or the C word has no other means of expressing themselves and that’s comical. You as a Christian have the most valuable weapon and tool. The Word of God makes the devil run and cower. The liberal agenda IS the devils agenda. They get upset when a school shooting happens (which is the proper response!) yet they are in an uproar when they can’t shoot up their own wombs! What insanity. They call God a murderous person for allowing some to die in a plane crash while others are allowed to live, yet they don’t consider the pro choice agenda murder!! Your weapon is The Word of God and the dignity with which you carry yourself as a child of God. The end times are upon us. Politics are a very large portion of the picture. America is filled with atheists who are screaming bloody murder that there’s so much evil out there and therefore they cannot believe there is a God, yet they are doing everything within their means to shove Him out of the picture even more than they already have! This administration is the worst ever!!!! I HOPE AND PRAY JEB BUSH RUNS FOR OFFICE! I’m terrified of the permanent damage this current administration has already unloaded on this nation. It literally scares me. Our president goes on the record stating that he’s offended that Russia doesn’t support his gay agenda. I’d like to see him push that agenda with his Muslim brotherhood. Oh wait, he doesn’t have the guts to do that! We are going to face these people even more as each day passes. He is with you. As you walk in The Spirit and deny the lust of your flesh, He will put the words in your mouth. And there will be no one that can be against you since Christ will be with you!

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    I just wanted to state for the factual record that my new style or tactic is already bearing fruit.

    I was just attacked by a liberal who accused me of using terms that I did not in fact use. And in fact they are the very two terms that I cited as examples of what I would not be using anymore.

    Because I have determined NOT to use phrases such as “turds” or “idiots” to describe the left, I was able to reveal that the liberal attacking me was not only lying, but was in fact attempting to employ the very Saul Alinsky tactic that I describe.

    And I was able to put her in her place with the truth.

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