Obama Won’t Negotiate With GOP. So WHY Is He Negotiating With Terrorist State Iran (Declared Terrorist Since 1984)???

Barack Obama is a slandering liar who has told many lies in dishonoring his way to the White House, but here was the most cynical one of them all (as recorded in the New York Times):

WASHINGTON — At the core of Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is a promise that he can transcend the starkly red-and-blue politics of the last 15 years, end the partisan and ideological wars and build a new governing majority.

To achieve the change the country wants, he says, “we need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, independents and Republicans together to get things done.”

But this promise leads, inevitably, to a question: Can such a majority be built and led by Mr. Obama, whose voting record was, by one ranking, the most liberal in the Senate last year?

Which is pretty much these days another way of saying that EVERY SINGLE TIME Barack Obama opens his slandering mouth to demonize Republicans, he proves what a depraved, demon-possessed cynical liar from hell he is all over again.

You don’t make that promise that the New York Times recorded as “the core of Obama’s presidency” and demonize your opposition the way Obama constantly does if you are not a truly evil man.

Barack Obama is without question the most wicked, most dishonest, most divisive American politician who has ever lived.

Now, I am deeply opposed to Obama’s decision to exalt Iran with negotiations that the Islamic regime will use merely to continue to play us for the fools that we are while they race toward nuclear capability and the ballistic missile system they need to deliver that capability.  But with fairness we could say that Obama promised that he would talk to enemies and he’s merely fulfilling his promise.  On his view, you should talk with your enemies and try to reach some kind of agreement with them.  Even when they are psychotic and frankly murderous nutjobs as the Iranians have proven they are for the last thirty-plus years.  All we are saying is give peace a chance.  All that crap.

But here’s the thing that blows that thesis up and sinks the ship right down to the muck at the bottom: HE WON’T NEGOTIATE OR COMPROMISE IN ANY WAY WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT BEEN OFFICIALLY DESIGNATED AS ‘TERRORISTS’ FOR THIRTY DAMN YEARS.  The man who promised that at the very CORE of his presidency would be a transcending of politics has been instead the worse political demagogue this nation has ever seen, bar none, and he calls up House Speaker John Boehner just to tell him that he will NOT negotiate with Republicans (see also here).  And then he lies like the demonic liar that he is to justify refusing to negotiate like a grown-up (see also here).

You need to understand: the very same man who has publicly declared that he himself will absolutely NOT negotiate and will fight to the last starving American citizen over issues like the debt ceiling is asserting that the OTHER side must utterly and absolutely cave in to HIS position or THEY are completely responsible for the ensuing chaos and suffering.

I suppose if the Republicans used poison gas to murder thousands of Americans, THEN Obama would compromise and negotiate with them the way he did with Syria?  I mean, he’ll go back on his word on his red line with “a thug and a murder,” but he won’t budge an inch for the party that represents half of all the American people???  Do you understand how truly and completely insane that is???

If you’re a Kool-Aid-drinking liberal who wants to assert that the GOP is worse than the ayatollahs, fine: all you have to do is show me the Republican Party’s plans to build themselves nuclear weapons.  All you have to do is show me all those times the Republicans in the House used nerve gas.  All you have to do is show me that the Republican Party has actively participated in the murder of American servicemen.  The way Iran has been documented to have done (see also here).

Otherwise, just shut the hell up, you toxic, rabid creature.  Because you only serve as one more PROOF that everything Obama said AS I QUOTED IN THE NEW YORK TIMES was nothing more than a demonic lie from hell.  You people never wanted to “transcend” anything; your messiah is about nothing more than WINNING his partisan and ideological war campaign of hate, and you would “fundamentally transform” this nation into a likeness of Stalingrad during WW2 in order to WIN that partisan and ideological war.

At this point, Barack Obama is as much as openly saying that he believes that a good half of the American people who agree with the Republican Party are not only terrorists, but are in fact worse terrorists than the mullahs in Iran and the thugs in Syria.  And that is sick beyond evil.

Is your view, Democrat, that the Republicans would be good negotiating partners with whom you could compromise and reach consensus with if the GOP just gassed a few hundred thousand people to death???  Maybe if the Republicans started a nuclear war of Armageddon they’d finally be worthy of your negotiating???  Have you and your party become that morally toxic???  Because it appears that you have.  It appears that you are saying, “Yes!  Negotiate with mass-murdering psychopath Islamic jihadists!  But DON’T YOU DARE negotiate with those Republicans because they don’t like sodomy marriage and baby-murdering abortions!!!”

Barack Obama is a liar without shame, without integrity, without honor and without conscience.  He is also the worst hypocrite I have ever seen in my life.  He is leading America to ruin day-by-day, month-by-month and year-by-year.  His core promises were ALL a pack of lies.

If he’s going to be the first president since Jimmy Carter in 1979 to directly negotiate with Iran, the least he could do is bring a little of that love for his terrorist ayatollah pals back home and negotiate with Republicans so we can finally get something done.

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4 Responses to “Obama Won’t Negotiate With GOP. So WHY Is He Negotiating With Terrorist State Iran (Declared Terrorist Since 1984)???”

  1. zabar Says:

    Conservative mental impairment only allows for some RWer posters to have a one track mind, yet they have no real argument, just blame one guy they hate for all they see wrong in the world and make damn sure they repeat ad nausea.
    For the past four years, here is a crowd of hateful crybabies who have been definitely the most disrespectful of a sitting President surely in American History (F.Y.I to the extremist right, YES HE IS the President).
    Obama isn’t a great President (personally I think neither Romney or Obama are worthy choices), but the idea that he is Muslim, homosexual, a dictator, evil, anti-American, etc is silly. You clearly don’t agree with his politics, but that is no cause to be insulting and/or invent things.
    I would argue that Obama isn’t destroying America … the ideological impass between the Democrats and Republicans is. The President can’t destroy the US, nor can he rescue it. The reality is that the President can damage the economy but can’;t rescue it. Anyone who thinks Romney … who has only got experience bankrupting companies and moving jobs offshore … can help the economy with a plan he won’t define (but experts say doesn’t hold water) is plainly delusional.
    It’s no mystery here that I’ve been critical of many of Obama’s policies, however, I have spoken out when he has been unfairly characterized or treated by the right-wing media or absurd wing-nuts (some of whom post on this blog) in a variety of ways which contradict each other, and NONE of which Obama is: Liberal, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, A Muslim, anti-American, not American, gay, traitor, Usurper, an Enemy of America, a Racist, a Narcissist, a Liar, and on and on. In an alphabet of lies from the right I posted, I’ve said this fact once, I’ll say it again. The only reason the party of hypocritical louts choose to call Barack Obama a Marxist, Communist, Muslim is for the sole purpose that they cannot call him what they really want to call him, and that is NIqqER!
    Most notably, the patrons of hate radio (or talk radio) such as Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and the worst of all, Rush “The head racist” Limbaugh.
    Finally, the constant calls for impeachment. It seems that the haters need to look up the word, why else explain the sick mentality from the racist right don’t understand that for the last four years, Barack Obama has NOT done a damn thing worth being impeached over, and if they say he has, I assure you 100% that reason is ONLY because he’s black.
    Not because he “Ineligible”. He has proven time and time again he was born in America, NOT Kenya as the racist right falsely claim.
    Not because his birth certificate is a “fake”. It has been proven time and time again that his birth certificate (both short and long form) are legit under the state of Hawaii, NOT ANYWHERE ELSE!
    But only because he’s NOT a War-mongering, Money hungry, oil-loving white man.
    So in closing, you hypocritical racists are in NO position to be calling Barack Obama a liar of any kind, when for the last four years, he has faced constant, unrelenting, mean-spirited, dishonest criticism since before he took office and every day since. He has suffered innumerable lies about his ideology, religion, family and even his place of birth. No other president in the history of this country has faced such unfounded open hostility and disrespect. No other president has ever been called a liar by a member of congress during a State of the Union, no other president has had to show his birth certificate…repeatedly.
    Right-Wing America: We Screwed up the country, but thanks for blaming on the Black guy

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Conservative mental impairment only allows for some RWer posters to have a one track mind, yet they have no real argument…the idea that he is Muslim, homosexual, a dictator, evil, anti-American, etc is silly. You clearly don’t agree with his politics, but that is no cause to be insulting and/or invent things


    I’m going to explain why I’m blocking you from ever having the right to screech your screed ever again on this site.

    You tell me that I don’t have any “real argument” – and then you snidely refuse to respond to even ONE of the points I make on this article. If I didn’t have any “real argument,” it should have been easy for you to show that. Instead you merely arrogantly and idiotically pretend I never offered an argument at all. Then you do far worse: you say I don’t have any real argument – and then you demonically misrepresent my argument and lie about what I said.

    You show me ONE TIME I EVER said that Obama is a Muslim or a homosexual EVER on this blog. You are a liar, pure and simple.

    You accused me of calling Obama a homosexual. Put up or shut the hell up. Show me where I have ever done that. Because I’m calling you out for the liar you are. You accused me of calling Obama a Muslim. Again, put up or shut up. Show me where I have ever called Obama a Muslim. Because I’m calling you out for the liar you are.

    You despicable liberals pull this crap all the time. Here’s an example of me refuting one of you liars named Ramond Gonzales, who said, “You clearly have an anti-Obama bug up your butt, so ANY answer that disagrees with your narrow-minded views will not matter to you… If Obama is a muslim, he’s an awful one.” My response to that liar began with these words: “A few things: 1) I never say in this article – and in fact have NEVER said – that Barack Obama is a Muslim.”

    In another response to someone I said this:
    “By the way, while I think Obama is perfectly at home with the radical jihadist view because he believes America needs to be chopped down just as the terrorists do, I really don’t believe that Obama is a Muslim. Because to be a Muslim he would have to first believe that there is some greater being in the universe than himself. And I truly don’t believe that Obama has that realization in his diseased soul.”

    The thing that always most amazes me about people like you is that you can lie like the devil and feel good about your lies and your total lack of integrity, honesty, virtue or decency.

    There is no point having a discussion with somebody who either ignores your arguments or literally manufactures lies about you. YOU DID BOTH.

    The rest of your leftist screed is the result of listening to MSNBC blatantly demonize their opponents rather than you having ever once bothered to actually listen to the conservatives you misrepresent.

    If you had any virtue at all, you would be ashamed of yourself for your dishonesty. But sadly, your conscience has been seared with a hot iron. And you have filled your soul with lies.

  3. jimmy d (@jimdep) Says:

    Keep up the great work Michael. I look at your posts often and fight liberal mental disorder armed with the facts/links you provide. THANKS. Stick around. Your work is well received.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks, Jimmy D.

    I appreciate the gracious encouragement.

    Your avatar reminds me of Obama sticking his nose – maybe I should say STINKING his nose – into another racial pile of feces (i.e. declaring that messiah demands the Washington football organization change its name of some 80-plus years).

    I live in an area where there are quite a few “Native Americans.” I asked a friend of mine about the polls which showed that 90% of “Native Americans” don’t mind the name “redskins.” He said, “Because when you were calling us ‘Redskins’ we were living free and it wasn’t until you started calling us ‘Native Americans’ that we found ourselves shut up in reservations.”

    It’s only when the government OWNS your ass that liberals decide they can accord you dignity.

    Someday, after they’ve crushed the movement and put all of us into indoctrination camps (you know, like the reservations), I’m sure Democrats will be able to be outraged at offensive slang being applied to tea party conservatives, too.

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