Obama Can’t Hide In Hawaii: Even In The Farthest Stretches Of His Realm, The ObamaCare Debacle Haunts King Obama

Personal note to King Obama: Notre Dame business law professor Laura Hollis nailed it: you really aint a king, and I certainly am NOT one of your “subjects.”

I say knowing I say it in vain.  Malignant narcissist that you have been diagnosed to be by the leading psychologist authority on the subject of narcissism, no one will ever be able to tell you ANYTHING that doesn’t suit your incredibly vain ego, President Selfie.

It also, tragically, doesn’t matter how much of a costly, colossal and catastrophic failure your signature legislative accomplishment a.k.a. ObamaCare truly is, in your arrogance and in your self-centered wickedness you will NEVER allow it to be overturned until you’re either out of office or rightly impeached.

But you can go to the farthest reaches of your realm, Hussein, and you STILL can’t run from your “signature legislative debacle,” can you???

Obama fled to Hawaii, where (even according to the liberally-biased New York Slimes:

The executive director of Hawaii’s state health care exchange announced her resignation on Friday amid delays in getting the insurance marketplace off the ground.

The director, Coral Andrews, who has led Hawaii Health Connector for two years as the state worked to build the exchange, will step down on Dec. 6. Tom Matsuda, the Affordable Care Act’s implementation manager in the governor’s office, will take over as interim director. […]

From its outset, Hawaii’s exchange has faced many of the same problems that have plagued the federal health care website and other state exchanges around the country.

The (very slightly less) liberally-biased AP said slightly more:

HONOLULU (AP) — The director of Hawaii’s health insurance marketplace under President Barack Obama’s federal health care overhaul has resigned after delays in getting the exchange running and low signups in the first month. […]

The exchange had a two-week delay in starting open enrollment, then signed up only 257 people in its first month of allowing people to buy coverage.

The delay led to complaints from consumers, including some turning directly to health insurance companies to buy plans. Those who bought plans directly from insurance companies are unable to qualify for tax credits and other rebates.

Hawaii is the place where numerous healthcare industry leaders have actually been stepping forward and saying “we’re not going to have any health care.”

The pattern of debacle is going on even in many of the bluest states, such as Maryland and Washington.  Liberals point to California as a shining example of ObamaCare’s wonderfulness, but not so damn fast, you reality-denying idiots: not when the figures released by the executive director of the California Exchange (for ObamaCare) indicate that premiums are going to increase, on average, by between 64% to 146%.  Because if THAT’S “going well,” if THAT’S “succeeding,” then we can claim that as the Titanic plunged stern-first into the ocean and sank toward the bottom, it made really good time aaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll the way down.

In California, more than ONE MILLION Americans have had their insurance policies CANCELLED because of ObamaCareTHAT’S “going well”????  Seriously????

Similarly, liberals point to New York state and say, “See how well ObamaCare is working?  Praise messiah!  Praise him!  Worship him!  Adore him!”  But consider that:

A headline about the health care law driving down premiums, by this level of magnitude, is a rarity. But it shouldn’t be shocking: New York has, for two decades now, had the highest individual market premiums in the country.

Do you get this?  Your health premiums may actually go down, provided that you live in the state with the very highest premiums on planet earth.  But that’s a “success.”  Praise Obama!  Worship him!”

In the similar industry of auto insurance, the justification for some of the highest rates in America is that:

“the higher rates are justified by the high costs of doing business in New York.”

How about Oregon?  Surely things must be going well there.  I mean, after all, Obama gave Oregon more money to build a website than he gave to ANY other state with the exceptions of New York and California (notice how all the bucks somehow ended up in the blue states???).  But hold on a moment:

The Orgeon website STILL isn’t working, so if you want your ObamaCare fix, you have to fill out a 19 page form to get it.  It’s a shock that it isn’t working, because the same “pros” that built the federal ObamaCare site were brought in.  Nothing but the best for Hussein and his libturds, you know.  And yet in spite of all those millions of dollars to create a “success story” (you know how Democrats are blaming the red states that didn’t want ObamaCare for all the problems, I’m sure), the situation in Oregon is so fouled up that Oregonians are now getting robocalls advising them that if they think they’ve got health insurance, they probably DON’T.

There aint NOWHERE where ObamaCare doesn’t suck the life out of the universe.  Liberalism is by its nature a parasite that just sucks and sucks until the host is dead.

There is nowhere Obama can hide.  He can be the emperor strutting out in his tighty-whiteys, but he is still a very naked scrawny pencil-necked little weasel wherever he goes.

At this point the only possible way to save America from implosion is if the people rise up as one and, with pitchforks and torches if necessary, storm Castle Obamastein and drag the monster-in-chief out with their bare hands.

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6 Responses to “Obama Can’t Hide In Hawaii: Even In The Farthest Stretches Of His Realm, The ObamaCare Debacle Haunts King Obama”

  1. Beeker D. Says:

    Saw this someplace: Welcome to `The 0bamaKare Market Place`;
    Where People ,Held Hostage, Are Forced To Buy ‘Compulsory Insurance’ And In Many Cases With Other Peoples Money.
    About sums it up for me!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    There will be those who make out like bandits in Obama’s health care socialism (which of course redistributes money in the form of health care from the young and the middle class to those who’ve never bothered to have insurance.

    Most will LOSE. Health care will become both more expensive and less available at the same time under ObamaCare.

  3. truthunites Says:

    I wish Obamacare was only for Libs. If you could show proof that you never voted for Obama, then you’d get an exemption.

  4. FMC Says:

    I I just recently turned 40 and the only health insurance I’ve had since I was twenty was a catastrophic plan that I picked up a few years ago. Unfortunately, that plan is no longer available to me. Since my early twenties, I’ve been to the doctor once. Some say I am lucky, but I have always taken care of myself. I don’t smoke and do the obvious things that will destroy health. I have always watched what I eat and gotten enough exercise. I know that a tree could fall on me, but that is why I got the catastrophic plan a few years ago, just in case.

    Since the plan that I’ve enjoyed is now somehow illegal, I’ve looked at some of my alternatives and it doesn’t look so good. I figured I would need some more time to figure this all out and to decide what is best for me, so I missed the deadline. Aw shucks! I will not sign up for the Commie Care and definitely will not use their sh*tty website. The only insurance I will get will be from a private insurer. Hopefully, they are still around. In the meantime, I pray that Commie Care is somehow repealed.

    All those years that I was uninsured, I was never without healthcare. Somehow our benevolent government can’t figure out that there Is a difference. During that time, I sought medical attention once and that was a trip to the emergency room and they accept cash. I figured that was cheap compared to the premiums that I could have paid all those years.

    Regardless of what insurance choices that I make in the future, I will continue to take responsibility for my own health. I think one of the major problems with healthcare these days is that few take responsibility for their own health and now we all get to pay for other peoples’ sins.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    I wish Obamacare was only for Libs. If you could show proof that you never voted for Obama, then you’d get an exemption.


    I suddenly feel the need to “one up you.”

    Oh, yeah, those who never voted for Obama should most certainly get an exemption – in Obamaese a “waiver” – for life.

    BUT those who VOTED for Obama should be compelled to buy completely into this abomination for life. And to the extent it completely crashes – and every doctor and every insurance company bails as a result – they should go down with the ship and die the death of medical neglect that they voted upon everyone else. To continue, as the rates get stratospheric due to the “actuarial death spiral” that we’re starting to see happening, they should be compelled and put in damn prison if they don’t keep making premium payments even though they will be bankrupted as a result. Because, again, THAT’S WHAT THEY VOTED FOR AND THEY SHOULD GET THE HELL THEY VOTED FOR.

    There. I feel better now.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    I know that a tree could fall on me, but that is why I got the catastrophic plan a few years ago, just in case.


    Don’t be talking smack to trees. I hear they hold grudges like nothing else. Last thing want is a bunch of trees gunning for you…

    Your distinction between being “uninsured” and “being without healthcare” is a good one. It is just one example of distinctions Democrats are stupid and evil for not making. Another one is the distinction between “having health insurance” and having health CARE.” Dishonest, deceitful, demon-possessed Democrats have been trying to warp reality with the assertion that one is tantamount to the other. That is a lie. If you’ve got “health insurance” for a plan with a $5,000-PLUS deductible in a tiny network with very few doctors and ZERO specialists, you may have “health insurance” but what you DON’T have is “health care.”

    We’re going to see most of these new “insured” people going to the emergency room for their health care and stiffing on the bill just like before. Because how many of these families can afford a $5,000 deductible PER YEAR PER FAMILY MEMBER????

    Fortunately, this year “paying the fine” is a good option, as it isn’t that egregious the first year.

    Fwiw, the way the law is written, you NEVER have to worry about the fine. The IRS can’t actually collect any money from you unless you have a tax refund coming. And if you pay attention to your income taxes and structure them so you do not receive a refund, the IRS will never be able to collect the fine.

    Mind you, I’m NOT giving tax advice and you didn’t hear nutin’ from me…

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