Fascist Hillary Clinton Has An Enemies List So She Can Exact Revenge (‘Punish Her Enemies’) When She Gets Power

Richard Nixon is back.  He’s every bit as ugly and every bit as evil as he ever was.  Right now he’s inhabiting Barack Hussein Obama.  But soon he’s planning to don a pant suit.

We have NEVER heard this kind of talk from any president in history – not even Nixon who had least only talked about it in his office rather than in public.  But it’s clearly a regular mantra on the part of today’s fascist Democrats: “Punish your enemies and reward your friends.”

What is amazing is just how much energy and effort Hillary Clinton put into categorizing and formalizing and systematizing her enemies list.  The lady serpent has big, big plans for when she becomes the next Führer:

Hillary Clinton’s 2008 enemies list: John Kerry, Claire McCaskill, et al
posted at 9:21 am on January 13, 2014 by Ed Morrissey

This list comes from her failed 2008 campaign, not any she may (ahem!) be building for 2016, but it’s a useful reminder of the Clintonland landscape in any period. Cross a Clinton, make the list — and it doesn’t matter how well-established one might be, either.  According to a new book coming out from Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, the Hillary Clinton Hit List was short but distinguished:

Inside a cramped third-floor office of Hillary Clinton’s once-bustling presidential campaign headquarters in the Ballston neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, Kris Balderston and Adrienne Elrod put the finishing touches on a political hit list. …

Almost six years later most Clinton aides can still rattle off the names of traitors and the favors that had been done for them, then provide details of just how each of the guilty had gone on to betray the Clintons—as if it all had happened just a few hours before. The data project ensured that the acts of the sinners and saints would never be forgotten.

There was a special circle of Clinton hell reserved for people who had endorsed Obama or stayed on the fence after Bill and Hillary had raised money for them, appointed them to a political post, or written a recommendation to ice their kid’s application to an elite school.

On one early draft of the hit list, each Democratic member of Congress was assigned a numerical grade from one to seven, with the most helpful to Hillary earning ones and the most treacherous drawing sevens. The set of sevens included Sens. John Kerry, Jay Rockefeller, Bob Casey, and Patrick Leahy, as well as Reps. Chris Van Hollen, Baron Hill, and Rob Andrews.

Claire McCaskill made the list for telling the late Tim Russert that Bill Clinton was a fine President, “but I don’t want my daughter around him.” She apologized directly to Bill Clinton, but when she endorsed Barack Obama, all previous sins were unforgiven, too. Team Clinton carefully noted each perceived slight and betrayal — in Excel spreadsheets! — and exulted when their nemeses stumbled.

Even years later:

“Bill Richardson: investigated; John Edwards: disgraced by scandal; Chris Dodd: stepped down,” one said to another. “Ted Kennedy,” the aide continued, lowering his voice to a whisper for the punch line, “dead.”

Now, none of this is exceptionally different than what other politicians do. Everyone keeps track of friendships, betrayals, and chits owed and on call.  It’s just that, as Parnes and Allen note, the Clintons are particularly good at it — and have the power to make it count:

“It wasn’t so much punishing as rewarding, and I really think that’s an important point,” said one source familiar with Bill’s thinking. “It wasn’t so much, ‘We’re going to get you.’ It was, ‘We’re going to help our friends.’ I honestly think that’s an important subtlety in Bill Clinton, in his head. She’s not as calculated, but he is.”

It would be political malpractice for the Clintons not to keep track of their friends and enemies. Politicians do that everywhere. The difference is the Clintons, because of their popularity and the positions they’ve held, retain more power to reward and punish than anyone else in modern politics. And while their aides have long and detailed memories, the sheer volume of the political figures they interact with makes a cheat sheet indispensable. “I wouldn’t, of course, call it an enemies list,” said one Clintonworld source when asked about the spreadsheet put together by Balderston and Elrod. “I don’t want to make her sound like Nixon in a pantsuit.”

Perhaps not. But perhaps it’s not the healthiest thing for Democrats to give her the opportunity to become one, either.

There are two amazing things, with one more amazing than the next: the sheer wickedness of the modern Democrat Party and the willingness of the American people to vote for their own suicide-by-socialism as they listen to the biggest lies in American history.

I’ve said it over and over again: Democrats are fascists.  The only difference between the Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers Party) and the Democrat Party (National Socialist American Workers Party) is the fact that the Nazis were able to seize absolute power and impose all the wickedness and viciousness in the dark, shriveled souls and the Democrats are still hoping for that chance.  Why do I say that?  Because the Nazis, the Stalinists, the Maoists, the North Koreans, the militant Muslims and the Democrat Party ALL have ONE thing in common: they exalt the State to the point of deity.  They ALL desire and demand and seek to impose a massive, totalitarian State with absolute power.  And as we saw in the case of Obama and his repeated abuses of power, power corrupts.

Hillary Clinton is pure evil.  This is a woman who is now documented (along with Obama) in being so cynical and so utterly uncaring about the American people or the security of the United States that they were willing to destroy a sound war-fighting policy that accomplished our mission and saved American lives for nothing more than sheer political benefit.  She will stop at NOTHING to get power.  And she will stop at nothing once she TAKES power.

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6 Responses to “Fascist Hillary Clinton Has An Enemies List So She Can Exact Revenge (‘Punish Her Enemies’) When She Gets Power”

  1. AKA John Galt Says:

    Reblogged this on U.S. Constitutional Free Press.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Thank you much, AKA John Galt

  3. FMC Says:

    I’ve always wondered what Vince Foster would say if he could speak!

    I can now hear the demonic witch Hillary in the distance shrieking wildly, “what difference does it make.”…..

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    The demons who shrieked that through the mouth of Hillary Clinton will be shrieking those same words when the United States completely collapses and the Antichrist seizes total power, too.

    “What difference does it make?” No difference at all – to one completely lacking in honor, or virtue, or decency, or integrity.

    To everyone else? Yeah, it makes a big difference.

  5. truthunites Says:

    I haven’t looked at Hilary’s enemy list, but it would be curious to see if Obama was on Hilary’s list.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    Of course, as far as it goes, EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN is on Obama’s enemies list. With his NSA checking those on the naughty list twice.

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