Elijah Cummings’ (Incredibly Hypocritical) Rant And What It Means Post-Obama. It Means The Beast Is Coming.

Listen to what Cummings says when Lois Lerner documented that she is a criminal who knows she is a criminal and would be prosecuted as a criminal if she told what happened when she was at the IRS obeying Obama’s orders to use the agency to target nearly 300 conservative organizations:

 “For the past year, the central Republican accusation,” Rep. Elijah Cummings said just before his microphone was cut. “This investigation has been a political collusion directed against the White House.”  When Rep. Darrell Issa got up to leave, Rep. Elijah Cummings exploded.

“If you would sit down and allow me to ask a question,” Rep Elijah Cummings said.  “I am a member of the Congress of the United States of America. I am tired of this. We have members over here each who [sic] represents seven hundred thousand people. You cannot just have a one-sided investigation. There is absolutely something wrong with that and it’s absolutely un-American.”

Well, dude, I’d say you WERE entitled to some kind of right to speak as a United States Congressman.  I’d say you DID have a right to something that wasn’t totally “one-sided.”  But that was before Obama.  Now, because of YOUR party, the Democrats, it most certainly is not true now and will almost certainly never be true again.

Hey, did the Democrats allow Republican representation in a health care law that essentially amounted to a hostile takeover of the government and therefore the private sector by socialists who were hell bent on “controlling the people” and ramming their takeover through with only Democrat votes and using all the procedural gimmickry and by just one (bought) vote if necessary?  How about “not”?

NOT ONE SINGLE REPUBLCIAN IN EITHER THE HOUSE OR THE SENATE VOTED FOR OBAMACARE.  Democrats shoved it down Republicans’ throats.   All of their concerns were ignored.  All of their suggestions were ignored.  The only people Democrats bargained with were a) other Democrats who had to be bribed to vote for the godawful bill; b) unions; and c) the health industry in order to either get their cooperation or stifle their complaints.  Republicans were entirely left out.  Just as YOU should be left out now, Elijah Cummings.

How about Obama’s massive $862 billion stimulus package that only “stimulated” the massive expansion and power of socialist government rather than the economy?  How many Republicans voted for that vile piece of legislation in your House again, Elijah?  What’s that?  Could you say that louder, please?  That’s right, ZERO.

You rammed that garbage down our throats and you didn’t give one lousy damn if it bothered us, either.

And Obama told so many damn lies to pimp that bill that it is downright demonic.

I have seen in Barack Obama the very worst demagogue in all of American history, easily dwarfing McCarthy and his “McCarthyism.”  And I tell you that Obama has spent more time demonizing Republicans than McCarthy ever did demonizing communists.

Oh, but now suddenly it’s “un-American” to treat Democrats the way Democrats have been treating Republicans since Obama took office and began destroying America.  It certainly isn’t “un-American” to take over the nation’s entire health care system on a giant lie, though.  Because that would make YOU and all your Democrats “un-American,” wouldn’t it, Elijah???

Barack Obama has so divided and fractured this nation with his über-hard-core fascist socialism and his radical moral perversion that he will leave a ruthless battlefield that will never be anything but an increasingly vicious nation at one another’s throats.  And it’s about time Republicans understood that.

Following Obama’s fascist hijacking of America as even LIBERAL legal analysts are now openly screaming about as they warn us where Obama has taken America, the presidency is a zero-sum game.  Congress no longer matters, because the president can literally invent laws out of thin air by himself or abrogate laws that were passed by Congress and signed into law.

Politics will never be the same in America again.

And you can thank Obama, the man who also was THE first candidate in history to refuse the matching funds system that exploded the race for president into such a huge-spending money pit.

You can thank Obama, the man who was THE first president in history to actually use the IRS to TARGET his political opponents.  Nixon only talked about the possibility of doing what Obama DID.

And so here is Elijah Cummings, a transparent hypocrite who actually has the balls to be angry that the spirit of his party’s hate and anger would come back at him like a boomerang.

Get used to it.  Because thanks to the Democrat Party and thanks particularly to Barack Obama, Americans are going to be at each other’s throats until we implode and collapse under the weight of our debt and our unsustainable socialism.

And then the beast will come, and Democrats will worship him and take his mark.

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10 Responses to “Elijah Cummings’ (Incredibly Hypocritical) Rant And What It Means Post-Obama. It Means The Beast Is Coming.”

  1. The MAD Jewess Says:

    We are at each others throats. I hate it :(

  2. truthunites Says:

    Polarization at least has the benefit of providing clarity on where folks stand.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    The MAD Jewess,

    Yes, and my point is that Barack Obama – who promised he would “rise above the political divide” – was a treacherous liar who instead brought America so deeply INTO the political divide that I don’t see us ever getting out of it.

    This is exactly the kind of thing you see when God damns a nation which is what we voted for when we voted for the “No, no, no. NOT God bless America! God DAMN America!” president. Harmony comes from God, but when He withdraws His grace, people end up at each other’s throats.

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Cursed is the nation who rejects God.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    There is that.

    God used adversities and trials to reveal who we are and what we truly value most.

  5. The MAD Jewess Says:

    Mike, I believe we are a cursed nation. If you read (you already know) but Deut 28 explains it all.
    Just sitting ducks now :(

  6. FMC Says:

    Prior to his insane outburst, I had never heard of Elija Cummings. I think I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio at the time. I wasn’t fully paying attention after the skank had pled the 5th when I heard Cummings ramble. My first thought was that a mentally ill person had somehow got access to the proceedings. Then it finally dawned on me that this is an actual senator, because he plainly stated that he was in the rant.

    Later that afternoon, Rush played the sound bite, too, so I listened more closely. I thought to myself, how many congressmen and women do we have in office that are this retarded; I know we have blabber mouth Shultz, Maxine Walters, the guy that thought Guam would tip over etc. With a congress this stupid, we have little chance I reason.

    Later that evening, I seen television footage of the mentally ill outburst. My first impression was that this guy definitely looks the part and that he probably eats rocks, too. What does this guy’s constituents look like, I wonder. They must be pretty stupid to vote this miscreant into office and I bet they might eat rocks, too.

    As far as the one-sided investigation, isn’t that how it is suppose to be in this case? You have the accused or person in question before you and she is suppose to answer tough questions. Of course, she invokes the 5th, but Mr. Cummings has no point and I don’t blame Issa one bit. Mr. Cummings is an idiot. Does he think he is her lawyer or something. After all, despite the president’s comment that there wasn’t a smidgeon of corruption, there is definitely ample evidence that warrants an investigation at the very minimum.

    In my humble opinion, there is no way that this IRS targeting didn’t come down from Obama himself. He was the one that ordered it. Not only were Tea Party groups seeking exemption targeted, but so were high profile proponents like Ben Carson, Dinesh D’Souza, and even Billy Graham. Obama’s hit list must be quite extensive.

  7. Michael Eden Says:


    I’ve unfortunately heard the name “Elijah Cummings” many times. He is a pathologically angry black man who pretty much believes that black people are helpless victims and will ALWAYS be helpless victims and its whitey’s fault that black people are so helpless and such victims.

    But in this case, I actually would accept the premise that a United States Congressman ought to be treated better. There used to be at least an effort at “decorum” and “respect.”

    But my point is that that is no longer true because the party of Elijah Cummings and Elijah Cummings’ messiah destroyed ANY and ALL such “decorum” and “respect.” We will now and henceforth be at each other’s throats until the republic fractures and implodes. The same way we will – in the aftermath of the most wicked man in American history – never be able to regain control of the money in politics after Obama became the first candidate in history to refuse to accept the matching funds which served to provide some control.

    Now, of course, this demon-possessed man Obama wants to break the Koch brothers and prevent them from shaping politics. It doesn’t matter that they are 59th on the list. It doesn’t matter that UNIONS are mostly on the 58 spots above the Koch brothers. Because Obama is a pathologically dishonest ideologue and hypocrite who wants to use the illegitimate power of government to break Republicans’ effort to raise money while guaranteeing Democrats ability to raise money.

    The Democrats are the party of genuine evil. They are the party demanding the wrath of God on America. And they started a war that can never end as long as there is so much as a tiny piece of America left to fight over.

    That was bef

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    MAD Jewess,

    Yes. Here is a good summary of the warning of Deuteronomy 28: http://crossroad.to/HisWord/verses/signs/Deut28.htm

    I read a book a year or two ago called “Moral Combat” about morality and ethics during WWII. It really opened my eyes.

    One of the points that came out early and became a dominant theme was that Europe’s real problem was that there simply WERE no good options or good leaders. Everyone and everything was tainted, or weak, or corrupt, or as extremist as Hitler. A Hitler Führer could always pit one group against another group or a bad policy against his policies and demonize his opposition and win by division. Which is precisely how Obama has won: by division. And of course by lies.

    That’s where we’re at now – even with the Republican Party. We’re tainted and weakened in addition to the Joseph Goebbels-esque propaganda coming out of so much of our media and culture. Our weakness and taint were exemplified in the 2012 election when we had to choose between a man who as a Mormon heretic believes that Jesus Christ is the spirit brother of Lucifer the devil or a man who actually IS the spirit brother of Lucifer the devil. Was that truly the best the Republicans could come up with? It boggles the mind.

    In God damn America, there ARE no good alternatives. There IS no Ronald Reagan to save us. Because God has turned His back on us.

    I believe that God protected America because America stood by Israel. Obama has destroyed the sixty years of trust that we developed with the State of Israel. Israel would be a nation of fools to trust us now, after Obama said, “”What I do believe is that if you see no peace deal and continued aggressive settlement construction and … if Palestinians come to believe that the possibility of a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state is no longer within reach, then our ability to manage the international fallout is going to be limited.” Which means either cave in to your enemies while I break your will or be left alone against a Jew-hating world.

    Israel is like Ukraine. It will find that any commitment the United States made was meaningless.

    This nation no longer has any reason to exist in God’s eyes. Particularly when it invokes the full wrath of God according to Romans Chapter One in the Bible.

  9. The MAD Jewess Says:

    Well, we’re an evil nation.
    God will take it apart and not put it back together,

    Re. Crimea: They are better off with the devil they know as Crimea is voting to go with Russia. Crimea is 60% plus Russian.

    If they were to go with EU, EU is leaderless. Russia is not leaderless. Eu would demand that 25-35K Muslims be integrated into Ukraine. They would want the Orthodox Christian country to become LGBT friendly.
    So, have to say I disagree with the writer of that post as I have been posting on Ukraine for many months and have watched this situation since Nov 24, 2013 when the fake revolt started.
    John McCain was involved in the violent protests in Kiev and went there in December 2013, Victoria Nuland said that the state dept gave 5 billion USD to fund the revolt in Ukraine. She was also there 3x (In Kiev)
    These are facts.

    Yes, sadly: Deut is our future.
    I have known this most of my life, just never knew it would get this bad.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, we’re an evil nation.
    God will take it apart and not put it back together.

    MAD Jewess,

    I completely agree with that. Very well said. America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy because America will implode under the foolishness and wickedness of socialism.

    I disagree with you re: Crimea, but not in the way you state it. Yes, Crimea is largely ethnically Russian and in many ways those people would be a better fit with Russia.

    Partially, as a Californian, I don’t think I’d want a popular vote of the state to determine if I became Mexican or stayed American. At this point, we’d likely go back to Mexico. Nope, I think I prefer our Constitution which protects us from what the founding fathers called “the tyranny of the majority” as bad people vote to redistribute your stuff.

    And that is a big part of the reason that Crimea ought to remain with Ukraine – regardless of whether Ukraine goes into the EU or not. It is specifically in Ukraine’s Constitution that they remain united and don’t get split apart by Russia.

    But here’s an even bigger one, which I wrote about: the USA signed a treaty guaranteeing to assist Ukraine KEEP its borders from a hostile Russia.

    Joseph Stalin intentionally murdered over 10 MILLION Ukrainians. These are NOT a people who want Russia. Or who want to have their most critical and valuable region seized from them.

    If the US can break its commitment to Ukraine, why should the US not be able to break its commitment with Israel? I mean, THAT is the real issue as far as I’m concerned. Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons at a time when they were the THIRD largest nuclear power on earth. It was a good thing they gave them up, as the nation couldn’t afford to maintain that arsenal and couldn’t even keep it safe from terrorists. They feared Russian invasion – which of course the giant arsenal protected them from – so we helped them resolve their dilemma by giving them assurance that we would stand by them, oh, just in case SOMETHING EXACTLY LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW HAPPENED.

    We have to honor our commitment to Ukraine.

    Of course I agree with you about the “fake revolt” stuff, because that “revolt” was an engineered event by Putin to give him a pretense to invade and steal the part of Ukraine that he wants (i.e., just like Adolf did). Russia wants Crimea because it is his port to the Black Sea so that Russia is connected with the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

    From my point of view, this isn’t ABOUT Ukraine; it’s about the treaty and the assurances we made with and offered to Ukraine. We either keep our word and our commitments, or we don’t.

    And Obama has “fundamentally transformed” the United States into a nation that no longer honors its commitments.

    Which, interestingly enough, brings us right back to why God is turning His back on us: because we’re a nation that no longer honors its commitment to HIM. And it even brings us back to why Putin believed he could get away with this: because the United States is no longer a nation that honors its commitments to pretty much anyone.

    Before WWII, the United States and Britain had all kinds of measures in place to prevent Germany from rising into a threatening tyrannous force again. But we got too weak to enforce them and did nothing as a tyrant began to devour whatever he wanted.

    That’s going to happen again. And for the many of the same reasons.

    China sided with Russia on Ukraine. That’s because China is on the verge of seizing land that IT wants, too.

    We’re in a new world order shortly before the beast of the Book of Daniel and Revelation rides onto the scene on his white horse.

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