‘Non-Stop’ Liberal Fascism And The Vileness Of Liberalism Which ALWAYS Twists Truth And Reality

What the hell – and I DO mean “hell” because hell is IN these people – is wrong with liberals?

Here’s the latest outrage in which liberals “twist” truth and reality by making the real-life villains the victims and the heroes while making the real-life victims and heroes the villains:

On Saturday, Breitbart.com reported that the villain in Liam Neeson’s new action thriller, “Non-Stop,” is a 9/11 family member who also served in the military.

“‘Non-Stop’ is a good movie,” John Nolte wrote. “Heck, it is darn near very good. But the left-wing sucker punch at the end is a new low, even for Hollywood.”

Nolte said the villain joined the military after losing a loved on in the terror attack on the World Trade Center, but became disillusioned by the ongoing wars.

So, the veteran decides to blow everyone up on a plane so the air marshal can get blamed, causing airport security to be tightened even further.

Worse yet, Nolte added, the villain’s sidekick turns out to be an American military member willing to murder 150 innocent people for money.

Moreover, Nolte said the “one passenger on the plane who is forever helpful, kind, reasonable, noble, and never under suspicion is a Muslim doctor dressed in traditional Muslim garb including a full beard.”

Glenn Beck also excoriated the movie, according to a post at The Blaze.

“It is really great, until you find out that the killer is U.S. military and a guy who believes in the Constitution,” he said sarcastically. “Oh, darn it. Did I just wreck that movie for everybody? Oh, I didn’t mean to…”

Beck said that even in liberal New York, the ending was met with groans.

“I’m not going to say anymore, except the killer is … a schoolteacher and so you completely dismiss him,” he added. “And there’s a little hole in the bathroom where they do a blow-dart, and they kill the pilot.”

The Blaze added:

Beck said the killer’s rationale was something “nonsensical” along the lines of: “It’s the government that has been putting people like you, you drunkard, on planes and allowing you to be our TSA. And that’s just wrong. So I’m going to blow everything up and take the money. I’ve got a parachute here, so I’m going to live. And I’m going to take all the money, and I’m going to get away with it. A-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha.”

He also said the movie shows that “no amount of research … can help these people in Hollywood,” because they simply do not understand what a “wildly, wildly insulting movie” they made.

Beck’s advise: “Don’t go see Non-Stop.”

Nolte had even harsher words: “Sc**w you, Hollywood.”

“Non-Stop” is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for “intense sequences of action and violence, some language, sensuality and drug references,” and was given two out of four stars by the Associated Press‘ Jake Coyle.

That’s right.  It doesn’t matter if in REALITY Muslims are responsible for 99.99999% of all terrorist attacks and 9/11 victims’ families and the heroes who served are responsible for 0.0000001%.  Because to be “liberal” means to think just the opposite of reality and piss on the truth.

Liberals are the people who constantly assure us that Nazis are “right-wing” because everybody apparently just knows that if there was a “National Socialist American Workers Party” the way Nazi stood for “National Socialist German Workers Party,” it would be a conservative Republican Party.  Because you know how we conservatives adore “socialism” and “workers parties” and how much the left despises them.

Oh, wait.  It’s the other way around.  Not that lying liberals give a damn.

Liberals have managed to assure us that women who want to murder their own babies are heroes and victims and the babies they kill are worthless things that have no right to life.  Babies, liberals assure us, have the duty to die for the convenience of their mommies much the same way that Jews had the duty to die for the convenience of Adolf.

Liberals have managed to assure us that homosexual men who lust after being bending over and being sodomized by another man after sucking him to orgasm are “normal” and the people who recognize that these people are depraved, unnatural perverts are the weirdos.

LIberals have managed to assure us that snarling black men who join the Black Panthers with the following message –

We didn’t come out here to play. There is to much serious business going on in your black community to be sliding through south street with white, dirty cracker whores on your arms. What’s a matter with you black man, you got a doomsday with a white woman on your arm.
“We keep begging white people for freedom. No wonder we’re not free. Your enemy can not make you free fool. You want freedom you’re going to have to kill some crackers. You’re going to have to kill some of their babies.

Let us get our act together. It’s time to wake up, clean up, and stand up.”

I can’t wait for the day that they’re all dead. I won’t be completely happy until I see our people free and Whitey dead.”

“When you have 10 brothers in uniform, suited and booted and ready for war, white folks know these niggas ain’t their niggas. We kick white folks asses. We take it right to the cracker.”

We’re going to keep putting our foot up the white man’s ass until they understand completely. We want freedom, justice and mutha[expletive]‘ equality. Period. If you ain’t gonna give it to us, mutha[expletive], we’re gonna take it, in the name of freedom.”

– aren’t racist at all.  They aren’t racist – morally depraved jackass liberal pseudo-intellectuals tell us – because black people are people who hold both the presidency and the attorney generalship and are therefore victims forever and thus incapable of “racism.”  Do you know who IS racist?  Republicans.  Not ALL Republicans, they tell us out of their fairness and decency.  Just ALMOST all of them:

WASHINGTON — “Not all” Republicans are racist, said Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) on Sunday, but “to a significant extent, the Republican base has elements that are animated by racism, and that’s unfortunate.”

Israel’s comment was in response to a question from CNN’s Candy Crowley, who asked the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee about remarks by Attorney General Eric Holder this week. In a speech to a civil rights group, Holder questioned his treatment by Republican lawmakers at a House Judiciary Committee hearing, and implied that race may have played a role.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also suggested this past week that racism was a factor in the Republican party’s opposition to immigration reform. “I think race has something to do with the fact that they’re not bringing up an immigration bill,” Pelosi told reporters, adding, “I’ve heard them say to the Irish, if it were just you, this would be easy.”

Which of course means that the same “almost” all of the 54% of Americans who voted to have that Republican majority are clearly “racist,” too.

And of course, liberals have assured us that it is “racist” to try to limit or reduce illegal voting in any way, shape or form.  But that it is most definitely NOT “racist” to stand outside a voting place with clubs threatening and mocking voters of the other political party (and see here and here).

Liberals have assured us that Jesus was a socialist who demanded that King Herod and Pontius Pilate be empowered to radically expand big government to “help” the poor with institutionalized welfare rather than saying to His disciples, “YOU feed them.”  In the same vein, liberals have assured us that Barack Obama and Joe Biden – who gave poor people VIRTUALLY NOTHING from their own wealth are “generous” and that men like Mitt Romney and Dick Cheney – who gave 28% and 78% of their respective incomes to charity – are “selfish.”

Democrats and liberals are people who pathologically pervert the truth and slander reality.

I am so sick to my soul of twisted and perverted liberal “morality” that makes a mockery of everything the Word of God declares it is beyond unreal.



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4 Responses to “‘Non-Stop’ Liberal Fascism And The Vileness Of Liberalism Which ALWAYS Twists Truth And Reality”

  1. Dizzyland Says:

    Only a small percentage of liberals *now less then 5 percent* actually want handguns banned. Most of us just want the bigger guns like semi automatics banned.

    Handguns and hunting rifles you can even get in England as permits are not hard to get as long as you don’t have a criminal record over there either. Your even more likely to get a permit if you belong to a hunting club there with like fellow minded people.

    It’s a big conservative myth that *All Liberals want guns banned* since the news only shows the most extreme ones.

    One women when Obama was elected literally said “Obama will pay for my collage fees and my Mortage.

  2. Dizzyland Says:

    I see lots of censorship here going on against anything that isn’t extreme right wing “I HATE PROGRESS!”

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    You’ve aptly named yourself. Because you definitely ARE “dizzy.”

    I am NOT a journalist or a reporter. I nave never ONCE made any pretense to be one. So I do not have the duty to be objective that journalists and reporters have. I write my OPINIONS.

    And apparently you are Nazi enough to hate the fact that I can still do that.

    Something else: I have never ONCE taken down ANY article I’ve ever written, or come back after the fact and altered an article after somebody commented, or for that matter deleted any comment that ever embarrassed me. Because I love the TRUTH. And anyone is welcome to go back over my opinion pieces in which I frequently made predictions and see how often I’ve been completely right.

    Again, anyone who is a journalist has a duty to be completely objective. And that is DEAD today in the mainstream news. We just found out that a Politico reporter literally ran a story by the DNC before running it. And made a dishonest advance agreement to do so with a true fascist shrew named Hillary Clinton who has literally controlled the media with rope lines where they followed her fascist rules like sheep.

    Liberals have MURDERED objective journalism.

    Don’t you DARE come at me with any claim of right wing “censorship.” You prove yourself nothing but a fascist who believes that the left ought to have all their censorship and their bias, but that the right ought to give you fascist socialists (all fascists are socialists by definition, btw), the same control over us you’ve seized everywhere else.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    Then I rejoice to hear that there is no possible way you will ever even CONSIDER voting for Hillary Clinton.

    She calls for gun manufacturers – ALL gun manufacturers of ALL guns – to be held liable for any crime in which a gun of any kind is used.


    In the real world, that would be like me being able to sue GM if a car ran through a red light and crashed into me.

    So thank you for assuring me that only five percent of liberals will actually vote for Hillary Clinton, or that you are an abject liar whose bogus stats will one day perish with you.

    Here is the full article from the Washington Times that I link to above:

    Most Americans disagree with Hillary Clinton on suing gun manufacturers
    By Kelly Riddell – The Washington Times – Tuesday, April 26, 2016


    Seven in 10 American voters do not support Hillary Clinton’s position that crime victims should be allowed to sue firearm manufacturers and retailers if they made or sold the gun lawfully, according to a new poll.

    Seventy-two percent of those surveyed believe criminals who commit the crimes should be punished, not law-abiding manufactures and retailers who sell the product, according to a survey released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation released Monday. Only 23 percent agreed with Mrs. Clinton’s stance, with 4 percent unsure.

    “The concept that an entire industry should not be held liable for the criminal or negligent use of products made and sold legally clearly makes sense to the overwhelming majority of the American public, as these poll results demonstrate” Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel, said in a statement.

    “We commissioned this poll to help determine where Americans stand. They have told us. Now, it’s time for politicians to demonstrate that they have some respect for the good sense of the people and to stop vilifying the hard-working people of an entire industry and exploiting real tragedy that is the result of criminal conduct,” he said.

    Hillary Clinton has made gun-manufacturer liability a centerpiece of her campaign, frequently attacking rival Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders for not supporting the measure. In Connecticut, the site of one of the worst shootings in American history, she used gun control as a main rallying cry for her candidacy.

    Mrs. Clinton has called Mr. Sanders’ stance on the liability issue “unimaginable,” pointing out it’s one of the largest contrasts between them.

    “That he would place gun manufacturers’ rights and immunity from liability against the parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook is just unimaginable to me,” Clinton said in an MSNBC interview.

    Mrs. Clinton’s argument is akin to holding a car manufacturer liable if its owner commits a hit and run, or retail-store Target for selling knives if one is used to stab someone. Furthermore, the Protection in Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, of which Mrs. Clinton is referring, expressly does allow lawsuits based on knowing violations of state or federal law related to gun sales.

    Without the provision, many gun shop owners would be driven out of business due to frivolous lawsuits and an individual’s constitutional right to exercise their second-amendment would undoubtedly come under attack.

    Mr. Sanders gets it — as does the majority of the American public. It’s just common sense.

    “I don’t believe it is appropriate that that gun shop owner … be held accountable and sued,” Mr. Sanders said at the last Democratic debate, adding that “in rural areas all over this country, if a gun shop owner sells a weapon legally to somebody,” the store owner shouldn’t be held responsible for what is later done with the weapon.

    Understand, if more than five percent of Democrats vote for Hillary Clinton, you are a liar. Because if Hillary Clinton gets her way, guns will be sued out of existence in America the way a bad drug that causes people to die gets sued out of existence.

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