Hey Unions, SHUT UP: Messiah Obama Just Gave WalMart Divine Absolution. So Begone, Ye Racist Paupers!

Unions are more than slightly upset that Barack Obama is spurning them to be the whore of the environmentalists.  But they probably should have read the fine print before supporting the Whore-in-Chief.

Note to liberals: what’s good for the goose is just as good for the gander: unions only oppose Obama because unions are racist:

Flanked by bargain-priced displays of women’s wear and patio lighting, President Barack Obama came to a Wal-Mart store in Silicon Valley on Friday to praise new steps by businesses and communities to deploy solar energy.

The President was showcasing efforts to combat climate change that don’t rely on a disinclined Congress.

But in choosing the giant retailer as the backdrop for his announcement, Obama also triggered a backlash from labor unions and pay equity advocates who say low wages paid by Wal-Mart fly in the face of Obama’s vaunted push on pay equity.

President Barack Obama poses for a photo after speaking at a Walmart store in Mountain View, California on Friday

‘What numbskull in the White House arranged this?’ former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who served in the Bill Clinton administration, said on Facebook.

Obama said more than 300 companies and state and local governments have pledged to use solar technology, and he unveiled his own executive actions aimed at increasing energy efficiency with a goal of reducing U.S. reliance on carbon fuels.

The two tracks underscored Obama’s strategy of sidestepping Congress to advance his own agenda, but they also illustrated the limits of his reach in a bitterly divided government.

‘The commitments we’re announcing today prove that there are cost-effective ways to tackle climate change and create jobs at the same time,’ Obama said at a sprawling Wal-Mart store in Mountain View.

President Barack Obama speaks at a Walmart store in Mountain View, California, on Friday

President Barack Obama speaks at a Walmart store in Mountain View, California, on Friday


The solar effort will power the equivalent of 130,000 homes, the White House said, while Obama’s administrative actions could reduce carbon pollution in an amount equal to taking 80 million cars off the road for one year.

The White House also announced that long-delayed energy efficiency standards for walk-in coolers and freezers have finally been completed.

Ticking off a list of economic and environmental benefits he attributed to solar technology, Obama cast the commitments as part of a broader campaign to reduce American energy dependence, create jobs in renewable energy and lower heat-trapping emissions blamed for global warming.

‘This is what you call a win-win-win,’ Obama told about 250 store employees as he wrapped up a three-day swing through California focused heavily on raising money for Democrats in advance of November’s midterm elections.

Obama announced new steps by companies, local governments and his own administration to deploy solar technology


Tweaking the mostly Republican opponents of his energy policies in Congress, Obama lamented that lawmakers have ‘not always been as visionary on these issues as we would like.’

That’s why he’s seizing opportunities this year to act unilaterally to advance those goals, Obama said.

‘Unfortunately, inside of Washington, we still have some climate deniers who shout loud,’ Obama said. ‘But they’re wasting people’s time on a settled debate.’

His policies unable to generate momentum in Congress, Obama has increasingly gone outside the federal government to press his agenda.

He has won commitments from colleges and universities to expand access to more students; he has created innovation hubs that link businesses and education institutions; and he has drawn attention to companies and state and local governments that have increased pay for workers.

President Barack Obama waves after speaking at the Walmart store


Still, that choice of tactics has severely limited what Obama may be able to accomplish, a reality the president acknowledged the night before as he spoke to donors at a fundraiser in La Jolla benefiting House Democrats.

‘Regardless of how hard I push, regardless of how many administrative actions I take, we’re not going to be able to go where we need to go, and can go, and should go unless I’ve got a Congress that’s willing to work with me,’ Obama said.

The White House said it chose Wal-Mart because the company has committed to doubling the number of solar energy projects at its stores, Sam’s Clubs and distribution centers.

The Wal-Mart location he visited gets about 15 percent of its power from solar panels.

Wal-Mart’s president, Bill Simon, said. Obama is the first president to visit one of the chain’s warehouse stores.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2624149/At-Wal-Mart-Obama-praises-steps-solar-power.html#ixzz31Fi78NuT
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Sorry your messiah betrayed you, unions.

Now please shop at WalMart.  Otherwise you’re a racist (or the rhetoric of liberalism is pure demagogic slander).

Boy, this is probably the biggest leftist betrayal of leftist since Hitler started murdering the homosexuals who had brought him to power

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5 Responses to “Hey Unions, SHUT UP: Messiah Obama Just Gave WalMart Divine Absolution. So Begone, Ye Racist Paupers!”

  1. FMC Says:

    ” ‘Unfortunately, inside of Washington, we still have some climate deniers who shout loud,’ Obama said. ‘But they’re wasting people’s time on a settled debate.’ ”

    This is really disgusting….. just something else to add to the huge mountain of lies. As far as being a settled debate, I highly doubt that. In fact, the alarmists never allow a debate in the first place. They refuse to debate because global warming/climate change it is all lies. It is but a tool to redistribute wealth, promote world government and bring on the resurrected Judas, the antichrist.

    I can’t wait until Obama’s failed presidency is over. Unfortunately, when it is over, America will be just that closer to being over.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Obama just got revealed for the despicable slanderous liar that he is when he demonized Republicans with lies again: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/wp/2014/05/09/four-pinocchios-for-obamas-claim-that-republicans-have-filibustered-about-500-pieces-of-legislation/

    This IS the most dishonest and treasonous president in American history, bar none.

    A New York Times journalist – that’s the New York Times, even – just said that Obama is (I quote): ““the greatest enemy of press freedom that we have encountered in at least a generation.”

    Obama is a truly dark and evil man. And this nation bears God’s curse for voting for such a transparently evil man.

    America will collapse because it deserves to collapse. And the beast is coming and every Democrat will eagerly worship him and take his mark on their right hand or on their forehead as he seizes totalitarian control over the government and the economy in fulfillment of liberals’ demonic dreams.

    As for climate change, what I find most interesting is that the Bible said that in the last days just such “climate change” would come. God didn’t that 20 years ago; He said it more than 2,000 years ago. And so when God’s Word is proven to reveal truth what do liberals do? Seek to hijack God’s divine warning and instead of obeying God exploit God’s warning to impose yet MORE homosexual sodomy and MORE baby murder in America.

    The reason that hell will be eternal is because Democrats can’t suffer ENOUGH for their individual responsibility in murdering more than 55 million innocent human beings. These liars will get theirs in the end because there is a God who is just.

  3. dog walker Says:

    I hate Democrats


  4. dog walker Says:

    Economic benefits of solar? Wasn’t there an article in the paper just a few days ago about consumers getting shocking electricity bills during this winter’s period of record cold? To a government aristocrat that doesn’t mean much. In a rare moment of telling the truth a couple of years ago Obama mentioned “that electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket.” [sic]

    Another great economic benefit he touts is the creation of jobs. Um, yeah, I’ll bet the Chinese are really grateful for all of the solar panel manufacturing jobs.

    In his speech he says that the deniers are “wasting time on settled debate.” Um, would that be the debate on whether to call it global warming or climate change? You know, in case people actually were having trouble surviving in the cold.

    Oh, yeah, sorry. The planet actually has been warming as evidenced by the disappearance of the glaciers that used to cover this continent. Was it caused by man? What are the consequences of that wild guess? A better life or a worse life? There is supposedly a kink in the historical temperature record. But the thing of it is, there were no temperature records from back then. That supposed temperature record is extrapolated data. All of the government aristocrats that fancy themselves as having a scientific aptitude know nothing of the significance of the difference between interpolated and extrapolated.

    The debate is settled? According to an honest guy?

    Is that the honest guy who told us that our insurance premiums would go down because of the innovation of Obama care? Um yeah, maybe we better say climate change instead of global warming.

    Honest people? Some 90 million people have permanently left the labor force but “honest” people from the government and the press can tell us that unemployment is only 6%?

    So we are obliged to think that science is the domain of objectivity and “good faith?” You know, who would lie about a cause so noble as the environment? Well a creepy guy once said that “the ends justifies the means.” That means lying is ok and building a consensus on a lie is ok. Lying on behalf of the environment, let’s call it the Demogogues Aesthetic.

    There was a bumper sticker back in the 70’s that I thought was kind of ridiculous at the time. it said something to the effect “if you are cold and starving, in the dark, eat an environmentalist.”

    One thing about the debate that is settled. The Government Aristocrat will never suffer any inconvenience from the policy he imposes while he expects everyone else to get by on a leaner and meaner subsistence. He can pretend to throw a bone to that dog saying how great it is when local governments give their employees raises but for the benefactor sector, that is really just a tax increase. Inflation on top of inflation.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    dog walker,

    I didn’t even bother to comment on Obama’s slobbery love affair with the environmentalist money that drives him more than anything else; I merely focused on his betrayal of the unions. Because that’s what this is really about: Obama abandoning one uber liberal group to kowtow to another liberal group.

    But you make the points of the stupidity of these “green energies” for me, and I thank you.

    It’s not that we shouldn’t be continuing to make solar better or have solar; it’s that we shouldn’t be allowing government to pick winners and losers and reward an energy source that is VERY CLEARLY A LOSER on such a massive scale. If government wasn’t subsidizing solar so massively, and it were forced to compete on an equal playing field with fossil fuels, solar would be gone and gone fast.

    The funny thing is that these people – the left – primarily get their ideology from their atheism and their secular humanism. They believe in Darwinism. But being the most gargantuan hypocrites who ever lived, they REFUSE to allow “survival of the fittest.” NO way; THEY demand for themselves the right to “select” winners and losers. THEY want the power. And they don’t CARE how much it hurts the economy or how many people can’t survive in the incredibly inefficient “green” economy they artificially create.

    And of course we ultimately find that they aren’t even all that “green.” California liberals mandate MTBE to help the air. Maybe it does – but at the expense of poisoning our water (and Obama said it was Republicans who preferred dirtier water?). The left has tried to outlaw lead bullets on the grounds that it kills few vultures every year – while they kill 39 MILLION birds every year with their wind farms.

    All you’ve got to know about liberalism comes down to this: it all comes down to liberals figuring out “how to control the people.” That’s ALL liberalism is about and nothing more.

    So you think of the holocaust of jobs that Democrats have created and you’ve just got to think of their fellow leftists and their attitude toward the unwashed masses:

    Mao: “The atomic bomb is nothing to be afraid of. China has millions of people. It cannot be bombed out of existence. If someone else can drop an atomic bomb, I can too. The death of 10 or 20 million people is nothing to be afraid of…”

    Mao: “I’m not afraid of nuclear war. There are 2.7 billion people in the world; it doesn’t matter if some are killed. China has a population of 600 million; even if half of them are killed, there are still 300 million people left. I’m not afraid of anyone.”

    That’s North Korea’s attitude, too. MILLIONS of their own people can starve to death under this system, but Kim Jong Il and now his son can feed the military well enough; and that’s all they care about. That’s all they need to remain in power. To hell with the rest.

    Stalin of course murdered more than forty million of his own people. As Putin tries to annex Ukraine, if those people had any brains they’d think about what happened the LAST time Russia owned them when Stalin murdered 10 million of them with forced starvation after seizing the grain THEY’D farmed.

    But Mao – whom the Obama White House has repeatedly adored – has the best lines of all:

    LEE EDWARDS, CHAIRMAN, VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM MEMORIAL FOUNDATION: In 1959 to 1961 was the so-called “great leap forward” which was actually a gigantic leap backwards in which he tried to collectivize and communize agriculture.

    And they came to him after the first year and they said, “Chairman, five million people have died of famine.” He said, “No matter, keep going.” In the second year, they came back and they said, “Ten million Chinese have died.” He said, “No matter, continue.” The third year, 20 million Chinese have died. And he said finally, “Well, perhaps this is not the best idea that I’ve ever had.”

    CHANG: When he was told that, you know, his people were dying of starvation, Mao said, “Educate the peasants to eat less. Thus they can benefit – they can fertilize the land.”

    So why in the hell would these people give a flying DAMN if their “green” agenda hurts millions of people??? Helping people has NOTHING to do with their agenda to seize control over the state and then use the power of the state as a club to destroy their political enemies.

    And as to your last paragraph, it’s no fun being able “to control the people” if you don’t get to reward yourself and your friends through your corrupt system.

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